In a historic, precedent setting development, Jan Harzan, MUFON’s Executive Director, has posted an entire page of information on the Billy Meier UFO contact case, ongoing in Switzerland, since 1942, on MUFON’s official website.

Derived primarily from Wikipedia, the information is the first official public recognition of the Meier case from MUFON in over 30 years.

While the information from Wikipedia may vary in its accuracy and currency, MUFON will soon be putting up instructions on the page so that people who wish to pose questions and challenges to me about the Meier case  can do so.

Additionally, Prof. Rhal Zahi has agreed to also answer questions of a technical nature, especially as they apply to his new analyses and protocols that prove the authenticity of both the WCUFO and the “Pendulum UFO”, and which contributes to the overall scientific and legal standards of proof of the Meier case.

This new, groundbreaking development creates an official platform for an alliance between all people who are seeking the truth about UFOs and the Billy Meier case in particular.

My sincere thanks to Jan Harzan for making this possible.






105 comments on “BREAKING NEWS: MUFON Posts Billy Meier UFO Case Information!

  • The President actually has very little authority to do much of anything on his/her own outside of course that which lies within the purvue of the military and its activities. I am simply at a loss at how Humans here will EVER see truth on a global scale. Simple terrestrial probability statistics say we will not see truth. It is an unanswerable quandry at this point and will drive one to the brink of madness if one contemplates this too long. Too many variables are left unaddressed too often. The seeming randomness is quite mind boggling. One day at a time I suppose…

    • Hello everyone , Its nice to see spirited debate of a very serious nature . Its also nice to see everyone able to express themselves . I know that I had a few zingers I posted that I never expected Michael to allow , so thanks for the forum to do so because as we are realizing this is of major importance .
      I understand the idea that the feelings are that a president is of little significance at times almost like the face and heel analogy in fake pro wrestling . Its planned and they deliver the entertainment according to the plot . To a major extent this is true . And to push it further before I get humane , I really did push my own security down the toilet by saying the things I said already so heed my words . The Presidential platform is just that a soapbox to deliver the news . The actual candidates the posturing and the playground are what I call conditioning the turf . The presidents are born and groomed . Most go through Yale , Princeton and Harvard and follow the great footsteps of the social engineering mindsets that have come before . Instead of becoming very detailed in this lineage . Its just too complex . But its fact , and its way out in the open . When you realize how out in the open it is and find the trail it clearly explains the arrogance regarding these crimes being commited out in the open all across the globe . The plans have been continuously enacted since a good part of the 1800’s encompassing every president along the way . Things just do not just ‘HAPPEN’ . That would be called happenstance . Things to generalize are planned like the most amazing scenario you can probably NOT imagine . It is true fact trumps fiction . A writer could not compete with this complete insanity . I say this stuff , because I am in hyper drive now . I stepped in a lot of do do . Its changed my life . NIcholson was not kidding when he said ,” you can’t handle the truth”. Its like that . Big power , big egos , sick plans of delousional grandgiour . It is NOW coming into fruition more so than ever in our long existence on this prison planet . Its a beautiful place , but the gaurdes make it a ever changing marketplace of pain and suffering . Too many of the great life changing events are hoarded and kept from the populous like a sinister plan of power averts promise . All the solutions to our problems currently exist and are being hoarded by power hungry insecure small little people that need to be addressed . My immediate problem is this . When discovering this MASSIVE power play inacted for centuries , where are the heros . NOW! where is the response to this tyranny ? I talk people into an about face and now I am the guy who is off his rocker . The mind control has been so successful , WHY has their not been a more significant positive to this negative ? I can answer this myself and its cynical , BUT what say you ? What do you think . Their is no way without organization we cannot expect to see absolute MAXIMUM DISASTER .

    “We knew that. That is right, yet because of your constant insistence we agreed, and over the decades we made it our duty to undertake the fathoming for predictions. Additionally, we also thought that we perhaps erred with our probability calculations, and the predictions and calculations could indeed bring about something with the Earth human beings – that they would just prick up their ears and at least change certain serious things, or even prevent them. All of our hopes, however, were a serious delusion to which we had succumbed, because the majority of the Earth human beings are so narrow-minded and high-handed that they build only upon their own unintellect, their own irrationality and illogicalness, and therefore they disregarded all warnings and good advice. In truth, there are, in all the countries of the world, only minorities who know how to profoundly use their minds, their reason and their logic, and who are willing to turn to the reality and its truth, and also to learn, to understand and to implement the creational-natural laws and recommendations.”

    “Earth human beings are so narrow-minded and high-handed that they build only upon their own unintellect, their own irrationality and illogicalness, and therefore they disregarded all warnings and good advice.” That includes some on this blog, who have demonstrated these faults towards me and others, especially narrow-mindedness and illogicalness.

    • I’d be careful about using Ptaah’s words as any kind of club to defend or support one’s own subjective perceptions about their interactions with others.

      If we just focus on applying the information, perceptions, advice, etc., to ourselves we’ll benefit…and understand that we’re all in this together.

      • That’s your opinion. I don’t share your opinion. I’ll remain with what I said.

        • That is my opinion. To try to use any of the content of the case that was specifically not directed to any personal interactions, difficulties in communicating with each other, is a misuse of the information, teaching, etc.

          It would be far better to contemplate such things as expressed here:


          …which are constantly applicable to our misunderstandings about what love is. I think that contemplating this etching can give us greater understanding ad perspective, as well as introspective insight, which also can positively affect our interpersonal relationship and communications, including how both/any/all parties can handle disagreements, challenges, etc.

          • I easily could have used my own words to say something very similar to what Ptaah said, but I know his words hold more weight with the participants of this blog. My point is that he is correct in his assessment of the vast majority of Mankind, including some on this blog. That is my objective opinion, uninfluenced by emotions or personal prejudices.

          • Opinions and objectivity are not always companions. You may be just as likely to have yourself viewed in the same way by others on the blog, with the same risk of subjectivity, degree of accuracy, etc.

            And in truth all of us as part of humanity probably have had our moments, at one time or another, of being aptly described by Ptaah as, “…narrow-minded and high-handed that they build only upon their own unintellect, their own irrationality and illogicalness, and therefore they disregarded all warnings and good advice.”

            Who knows, maybe even my own suggesting that we shouldn’t be high-handed with each other could be seen as…good advice.

    • Tony Vasquez,

      Throwing around subliminal attacks doesn’t make your point any stronger maybe you should name names. You seem like someone that hates to be corrected or doesn’t like when people disagree with your views. Why are you attacking people on this blog? Especially in a subliminal manner when we’re here in support and trying to understand the same information and mission. You have a very egotistical, know-it-all, I’m always right type of attitude.

      How can anyone debate or speak to you? And I’m just someone that’s looking from the outside in because we have never gotten into any battle of words. You take a very religious approach in the way you quote the Plejaren information whenever you try to make a point. The way you come off sometimes its like you’re worshiping Meier and the Plejaren instead of just trying to understand and learn from the information.

      • First of all, I’m not attacking anyone, I’m defending myself intellectually against SOME on this blog. Secondly, everything that you said about me incorrect. I participate on this blog in the way that I see as correct. If you don’t like that, then don’t write to me, because eventually I would have to ignore you.

        I have been involved with the Meier material since 1988, and I will always do it in my way, understanding it in my particular way. I prefer peace, logic, and freedom of speech, but if someone illogically attacks me, I will rebut.

      • Not to get in the middle again… but beyond Mr. Vasquez continued thumping of his own ‘thoughts’ at the expense of the entire reason the Plejaren are here. Which at times seems to thump those with quotes of the information rather than his own words of insight about the information. A seemingly rather ‘religious’ approach indeed. Yet, as we are all inundated within it if we like it or not, we must individually change before anything/anyone else!
        More like the information is the key and we must be the door within ourselves to open it… if we are willing. Some seem to have MANY different doors made of differing materials. Some will be ‘unlocking’ them for century’s to come…
        And again as Dyson has continuously pointed out, most of the information has not even been translated into English. Though as we are all human, there is no barrier to the truth! It is all around us. It just depends on how deep we want to truly see it, acknowledge it. Knowing German would seem to help tremendously in the case of Billy and the Plejaren.
        Tony if you are so concerned about your right to ‘free speech’ why are you not using the same logic with your sisters and brothers? Peace, logic, and freedom for all. It does not mean you must bash us with your illogical stance that truly represents the complete opposite.
        I wonder if Tony V participates in the peace meditation? Something I have personally been building within my own might to participate in.

        I also wonder how Dyson, Vivienne, and FIGU Australia are doing with their translation of ‘The Way of Life’, I think it was titled? Might open up some eyes a little wider for us non German speakers.

        • Correction.. The title to the newest book of Billy Meier’s to be translated into English is called “The Way to Live”. Seems it will be completed in a few months with the tireless help of Dyson, Vivienne, and FIGU Australia.
          As someone highly interested in the matter, it will be a joy to read as a non-German reader/speaker. As I know more thought and work has been put into the whole matter as could ever be mirrored with a monetary value! Something far removed on our world!
          I hope those interested in getting all of Billy’s information translated will see the importance of this work being done.
          If just one picture is real(out of over a thousand, let alone by other witnesses), what does it truly mean for our world! A question all to irrelevant when pondering the 26,000 pages of information written in German by Billy Meier… with only at most 5% being translated into English. It is mind boggling how only 5% of this information has been translated! I know there is a strong urge to learn German to truly understand the entire matter. Yet, with the ‘high hand’ of the English speaking world holding our hand to destruction…. No other language is in need of seeing this information more than the ‘west’. Well, at least in my personal opinion.

    • It does not matter one iota whether some extra-terrestrial Human race condemns us as a whole. This is irrelevant. What is relevant is how we as individuals feel about our world, even though in the end, the material seems to change very little if at all. I personally could care less about the personal critiques of those who do not share in this experience we currently live in, but I also know that it would be unwise to ignore their advice on many things as well. There is an energy here at times that many are not aware of, it is subtle and somewhat fleeting, yet it is there. Holding on to something loving in your life is key to understanding because the global stuff is beyond us as individuals. This I know for a fact. The spirit knows all too well, it’s obvious now but the material psyche is too often wrong, it’s hardly a consolation though. The spirit is well aware of what is occurring, yet we cannot yet interface with it in a concrete way as it would spoil the experience. It makes perfect sense now. This explains the randomness of all Humans. As we evolve, we will become one in our thinking, if we survive this “trip” on this planet. It is a dangerous material game that the spirit has no fear of. The spirit is eternal, the psyche is simply tissue.

      • Indeed, the Plejarans are coming across a little bit like the E-T police. . . they arrested the Giza people and put them on another little planet, where they are being watched. . . . Ashtar Sheran evidently did away with himself in another universe somewhere, so he is out of the picture, and the people living underneath Mr. Shasta evidently have also been moved out. We need to look at all the information, not just snippets of this or that or what pleases us. And please Michael, when I spoke of the Sirians visiting our planet, you might have replied that, “Oh yes, did not Sfath himself come in a little ship that the Sirians had given him. . . . ” We need to look at the BIG picture. Ptaah sounds a bit like an exasperated, out-of-patience-with-the-way-things-are-going kind of a person. And far from doing away with religion, it has been my observation in the city and community where I have lived for 54 years, that it’s the religious people who are making a difference for the better. I’m speaking specifically about Mennonites, Lutherans and Catholics. I like you, Tony. You’re right to question things that we have been told by the Plejarans. Always remember that Billy is the filter through which all the information is going. . .. .

        • Carolyn,

          The Plejaren only acted – were only allowed to act – against the Giza people when their own craft, hovering above the center, was fired upon. So, taken along with the two following examples you give, it appears that they cancel out your own premise.

          As for Ptaah, please be more specific. For a person who’s been working closely with Meier for almost…40 years, I fail to see the accuracy of your comment about him.

          • Sorry, I should not sound disrespectful of Ptaah. I was simply speaking ironically about what Ptaah must be thinking about the last 50 or so earth years. . . . .I am respectful of Ptaah and the other Plejaran leaders. I don’t envy them their position at all. . . .

  • Previously I refrained from commenting on posts of people that tend to constantly demean each other on this forum, but this time I decided to put my words out for their consideration.

    What Billie is trying to teach us? Is it not, that outside world is just a reflection of our individual psyche, which is a totality of our thoughts and connected with them feelings – which constitutes our beliefs, desires, attachments and aversions to the material realm that we live in. They form our EGO, which obscures reality, our true being. If we get hurt by someone’s opinion, it is not reality in us which is bothered, but just that little “me” idea, that we formed in childhood that suffers. The pain comes from the energy locked in our bodies that resonates with the words coming from others. If we allow ourselves to be taken by opinions of others, argue, fight with them, we only add to the garbage located within that limits us. We increase IT.

    Without opinions of others, we would not be able to find within all limitations that we self-imposed on ourselves. If we only argue – we do not progress, as we increase what we should have recognized in ourselves and removed. All EGO is disharmony, limitation and a dead thing which needs to be disposed off, if we want to live a real life. Truth, reality is not bogged by dead ideas – which are only a memory, however beautiful it may look to be. What we fight over is not a living thing but dead opinions, which are static. Concepts about truth are not TRUTH itself !!! If we take our views about reality as really important, to the degree that we trash others that might disagree with our words, we become nothing more than just a parrot repeating ideas which are not understood. It is all EGO based. It is useful only when we can recognize the motive within.

    Are all of you, who constantly argue on this forum, looking within for the faults that you see in others ?

    • I do not think that “ego” is the problem on the earth, rather bad or negative energy that gets into people and manipulates them in a wrong direction. Ego is what protects us against injury. Ego enables us to function in the world as individuals and permits us to learn, get jobs and also which gives us our individuality. How utterly boring life would be if we all acted and thought the same. . . . .why we’d be like a colony of ants (and truthfully sometimes I think that this is what our cities look like. . . . gigantic anthills). The problem with doing away with ego, is that it leaves the person vulnerable to whatever entity wishes to control him/her. I experimented with this “egoless” existence when I was in my twenties. I wanted to be part of everything and everyone. What resulted was that my own life and career, indeed even my instinct of self-preservation took a terrible dive into a negative state of “nothing matters anymore”. It was only after a mental collapse and a period of rebuilding that I realised that the ego is very necessary not only to self-preservation, but also to the positive interaction and social interaction with other people. We have all seen the effects of the communes, where everybody conformed to a certain spiritual mentality. Often what happens in cases like this, is that one personality takes over the group. This is what ego-less life can lead to. Another example is Germany under Adolf Hitler, where again the greater ego took over the lesser. No, we must foster and build up our own personal egos. . . . Only in this way can we contribute to positive development of other people. If I am “no person” I cannot possibly influence anybody else to be a “good” person, because I do not embody that positive person in my own thoughts and attitude, and because I am “empty of ego” and can be manipulated into any other reality by more powerful entities which wish to control me.

      • Ego is not good or bad. It’s the way we develop and use things that matters. But egoism has become a huge problem. THere’s a world of difference between being a New Age “egoless” dope having one’s ego under control to utilize appropriately.

        • Do you recall when we commonly started using the word “utilise” instead of the more usual “use”? The words mean the same thing, however nowadays, due to the techie phenomenon, everyone’s saying “utilise”. So very funny . . . . .

      • In my understanding of things, as of today, ego is the problem. Ego is the totality of accumulated thoughts (suppressed in the body as an energetical image) with connected with them feelings based on a THOUGHT – “I am a separate body”, (next thought) “my name is….” . On that base thought, we custom build a myriad of opinions, ideas, wishes, desires…etc. According to Lester Levenson ego runs on these programs (I found out within me that he is right) : wanting approval, control, security, separation and oneness – all as a mean of protecting the body from dying and coming from fear of dying. When you meet a stranger you want to get his approval so he/she will not hurt/kill you. When you cannot get his/her approval you look for means to control the other person … and so forth. All of this proves that whatever we do in life is based on a selfish motive, of which a root base is fear and separate from totality (Oneness) existence. To prove it in real life, lets take the example of conflicts between people on this great forum. When a person was confronted with a statement in which his/her point of view was ridiculed, he/she did not get approval of the attacker (his/her pride, integrity was in question). He/she tried to win the other person over on his/her side with further elaboration. When approval was still denied to him/her, he/she went for control with verbal attack. When this did not work he/she went for separating himself/herself from the “abuser”. If it wasn’t for a selfish thoughts/feelings (image of himself/herself – in this instance pride feeling) accumulated in the body of a person being attacked, he/she would not have taken the other opinion so seriously and burst out with angry words back. Imagine if this conversation did not happen on the forum where two people were separated , but somewhere else …where they could see each other and had access to sharp objects :). What could be the outcome of it?

        If there is an Ego image with which we identify ourselves, there always will be strife, wars, abuse – as this is inherited in separation based on fear. Benign ego will most of the time grow to harmful one, just give it time. Look at most of the politicians or corporate businessmen.

        What is alternative you may ask? State of being in which there is no separation. All is One and one is all. We keep our separate bodies, individuality but there is no ego based on thoughts. We do not identify ourselves with an image created with thoughts. We use thoughts/feelings as means of communications – but we are not them !!!! All fear is gone. In that state, all what we do is not based on selfishness (wanting to get something from the other to be happy) – but on sharing love, freedom and harmony. To get to that state, which is our true identity, we first have to stop identifying with ego (thoughts and feelings that are within). Second, we consciously need to remove it.

        • The ego is an aspect, a tool of the real person, which is useful for survival, etc. It needs to be used appropriately…and I doubt that we can, or should try to, “remove” it.

          • Is not memory of experiences a tool that we use for survival?

            Memory is fine when we take experience as they are, but we usually try to repeat pleasant things or avoid “bad” ones. Based on memory of experiences we create false images (projections of things – matrixes – that do not exists just to avoid all bad that might happen in the future, or repeat the good ones). Those images (desires, wishes, attachments, aversions) are “parked” in the psyche as a electromagnetic swinging wave and sooner or later are realized in real life, when we give thoughts connected with that energy enough power (attention). We park in the psyche all sort of false images which we identify ourselves with. I am beautiful ..ugly, smart or stupid… you name it. This is what I call EGO. Since these images are swinging energy it can be removed. I do it, so I can say that it can be done.

          • I could not reply to the message from 8:42 as there was no “Reply” button under it, so I am posting it here.

            I never equated “I” with ego. In my understanding there is only one “I” in all of us – and in that sense it may not be removed. In my view Ego constitute all our custom associations with that “I”.

  • I disagree with what was said about me in both posts above, it was entirely incorrect, especially the parts related to religion and arguing. I stated my case and views in my post above, there is no need to say anything else related to this discussion.

  • Ladies and Gents , the house is ON FIRE . Squabble you may on your own personal behalves , but really ? 9 billion people and strategic meltdown very imminent and your all WAY too worried about how you all appear in the mirror ? Really . EGO CHECK TIME. Put your own personal perceptions of yourself on the kitchen table at home . Next , think of Paul Newman in the movie the HUSTLER . He screwed up more than anyone could imagine in the light of that movie . What did he do ? He peeled himself off the strange ground each time he woke up and staggered into the bathroom , splashed some water on his face and looked into the mirror. What did he see ? He saw a human . A real genuine screw up . He also saw behind him in the distance a (house on fire) future and decided to peel himself up off the floor , shave ,wash himself and walk out the door with a new attitude to a new day .
    I say this because the FREAKING HO– — USE IS ON FIRE ! and too many of us are concerned about what WE look like in the mirror . HELLO , if you could look past your own mug in the mirror , you could see the orange glow of the BLAZE in the back ground . SO , go ahead splash your face , peel your junk up off the floor , its a new day . What are you gonna do about it ? Whine again about how so and so perceives you ? I hope not , get a grip and be a part of the hero we need now . Scheez what if super volcano Yosemite unloads today ? you think anyone is gonna care about the last ten miliseconds of time ? Or if the sick powers to be unload a HAARP pulse that causes a Tsunami after an earthquake in Peru that just burned an influence in the atmosphere that causes an extreme extended Tornado outbreak in the US heartland? Really ? Oh and since that Scalar pulse just offset the harmony between the moon and our dying Sun it altered the state of their cycles . We now have a coronal mass ejection on our way and the moon is now altering tide rythems and we have a magnetic tension on the tectonic plates since the core has been altered AGAIN ? So nice to see Oklahoma pass Los Angeles as quake activity becomes THAT obscure , BUT it gets worse now that the Yellowstone supervolcano has BOILED ALL THE ROADS in the park . Oh its shut down BTW. WHY ? Well when surveyors discover that the major lake has been ballooning and the water has been emptying the lake on a quadrant that has succomb to the pressure . HELLO . Fraq . FRAQ some more . Remeber when Battle Star Galactica came back . It was heralded as the best drama on TV period . It had a funny twist . Insteard of the four letter F word . They said FRAQ . The inside joke , not so now . was that FRAQING was so insane it deserved this ‘tweak’ . I get it now , its gonna push that supervolcano . I heard its gonna be St. Helens as a side note . Either way , cars without mirrors are here and were waiting for the buildings to be constructed in the pictures before the destruction takes place in the St Andreas ring of fire . Its almost sad to think , but the destruction in the waters surrounding from FUK U SHI MA courtesty of Tepco have been worse . Lomg term its so painful to think about let alone be a part of the irradiated . I take my radiation and am so mad about it . How dare they . My ocean , my air , my friends my family , my earth . God darn enraged and I am not going to take it anymore . That is the end of my rope . I will do whatever I have to do to be a part of the solution . That includes being crazy and having a rant if I have to on this forum . I will take Michaels advice . Its time I start my own beacon . Jupiter Florida . David Scott , Mad as can be , we have to stop this NOW or its an ugly never …

    • We need to know, that we cannot influence when an earthquake will happen, or a wildfire or a flood. These are quite simply matters beyond our control. We can influence social interactions with people around us and through social media. I think that is about all anyone can be expected to do, realistically.

  • This is an area of ​​rapid duels of words or discussion and cumulative knowledge? If you believe the second option, some repairs:

    1) Ashtar Sheran – The case has been repaired by Billy in other texts or contacts, being the controversial “commander” had as an aid mission or something so. Did not know that? Dyson could search and get these texts. Incredible, but a important a truly repair.

    2) Asket and Nera Photos – No photo of Asket is there, even the alleged photos of her as being different, is another angle of the same dancer, with shadows and clearly the same arrangement of hair around the ears, which can not be confused (photo of Alena with the laser gun shows a portion of the face which curiously is not discussed about some things that would be shown if eyes or what – you are able to look and see wHAT is there look also expanding the strange filigrees added to face up close?.

    3) In the contact or near 151 (Dyson could confirm, he provides a certains good services here unlike others) Plejaren reported that the strange movements of the pendulums 8mm films were deliberate (and I believe other measures) just to cause doubt , a controversial, and people can use reason or intuition. The same applies to much things.

    Certain people need to stop attacking each other when they themselves show a misunderstanding and poor reading material and thinking that they can to gave lessons to others in ignorance to the basic. This is unkind, improdutive an dumb. (Ok, little dogs and pigs, they may bark, swearing and grunting again.)

    • I’m actually not sure about the gist of your comments so I’ll add a couple of notes here:

      1. Current information on Ashtar can be found here and here.

      2. People can evaluate some of the evidence regarding the Asket and Nera photos here.

      3. Information about, and a link to, Rhal Zahi’s analysis of the “Pendulum UFO” can be found here.

    • I don’t know what is to be said about the people that can’t tell the difference between Asket and the Dean Martin Dancer nothing could be more obvious. Just an example of people nit-picking for the sake of argument. Now the coincidence of them having the same type of hair and the Dean Martin dancer having similar features like the lobes coming down by her cheek is very strange, but if you look at the pictures they are two different people. It seems like someone tried to take the picture of the Dean Martin dancer and join it with the photo of Asket to create a fake, if I’m not mistaken.

      This case is still amazing to me who’d ever thought something like this was actually going on in the world.

    • Yes … but doubt in what? The Meier material or the alleged super advanced wonder pancake disco crafts that people go around the UFO field as if they’ve found the Ark of the Covenant?

  • Thank you, it is usefull and and I take the liberty, if you’ll allow me again, some additional considerations.


    Regarding item 1, the information is very good and are the last two contacts that I had not noticed, although until a few years ago I have printed and bound all the material published in this and several sites in addition and support to the numerous books I studied.

    But that does not explain everything, is always a background of doubt and strangeness, sometimes deliberate and sometimes part of the process and as we note in this excerpt from an older contact:

    “Over the last decades, however, Ashtar Sheran and his people have obviously changed to the positive and to the true truth in such a way that they were allowed to remain active on the Earth practically, in a reparation process or in a reparation mission, whereby the Pleiadians have made several of their own older ships available to them. Thus, people of the Ashtar Sheran group already came to the Earth again a long time ago, recently searched for contact here, and worked or work for a certain truth mission, which consists, among other things, of confirming your existence and my mission. ”

    As we can clearly see, it is cloudy and generated doubts and disappointments even in Ps, long, and there is no reason to do, as some have done in my own country, on the internet, stupid cons those assaults were also ensnared by some information. But the more serious websites and magazines published in my language, also warned about these scams, even without knowing the contacts with Meier; have that clear, especially those who commit stupid insults to other people in my country language sites here and there over the years.


    Obviously, his work (Michael) is of importance and value, as recognized by Ps, but both we and they can make mistakes and misunderstandings and for one reason or another confuse things. I’m familiar enough with the dialogues, texts, Billy or them, to be sure, unlike people who read and do not understand what you are reading.

    I have a few things confuse and perhaps even confuse one or another, but I am sure that there is no photo of some Asket or Nera as the link says (item 2). This is confirmed by an unofficial summary of the contact 264, below:

    Contact 264
    [Thursday, May 14, 1998, 00:55 a.m.] Contact person: Ptaah
    excerpt in And Still They Fly!, pages 284-288
    NOTE: full informational reliability on any given topic, quotation or event can only be had from a careful reading of the German-language Contact Reports; the following topical listings do not represent the entire contents of this Contact Report.

    (…) regarding falsified Asket & Nera photos; authentic Asket & Nera photos taken by Meier (see Contact 31) were replaced with falsified photos by the film developer “S” under coercion by the Men In Black (MIB); American “doubles” of Asket & Nera (see Contact 39), television (TV) personalities [as per a private email from Peter Ruffini, Web Director, Dean Martin Fan Center, January 7, 2007: “The photograph is a blurred shot from the Dean Martin Show during one of the concert spots in 1971. The two girls are (with their names back then): Susan Lund (Brunette); Michelle Della Fave (Blonde). Our organization’s founder is still in touch with both (and was there on the set of the Dean Martin Show when these were taken).”; Susan Lund, a.k.a. Susan McIver, a.k.a. Suzan Lund]; fraud discovered by the Pleiadians/Plejaren in autumn 1984 (see Contact 199) when Asket pointed it out; Giza [Gizeh] Intelligences also involved in the fraud ”

    >>I conclude, therefore, that it is far more important, for good public acceptance of this case, it is recognized that the photos (none of them) are of extraterrestrial girls, than this text show where you see a difference and are all the same people. Not me, but the contacts and informations are saying this. I see No difference with the two people like aleged, but I would be glad if two of them really could be Asket and Nera.

    >>And I invite you to review the closeup Alena, with partially cut face, a much more interesting discussion item, extending the dark part and identifying watermarks strange ghostly faces added there (and I’m not having any illusions or fantasies about


    ” (…) many who also suspected that certain elements of the movie footage and photos were either manipulated and falsified by ill-meaning individuals, or that, for very specific reasons, such things as the strange flight maneuvers of our flying objects had been performed to generate doubt, deliberation and this worldwide UFO controversy. They realized that the strange swaying motion and jerky pendulum movements of our flying objects, which you filmed and photographed, were intentionally produced to trigger a particular response in Man’s thinking process.”

    >>Since my initial studies of this material and I realized it is surprising that anyone coming here on this website to challenge and demote others believe they have the truth, does not know it and so basic things that need not be informed by aliens (I’m talking about specific people , and you’re smart enough to know what they are). The correct way of learning is not accepting all at the start; the elements of doubt, ambiguity is added to images and text so you can think and choose the best rationalization and not be kicking up stones that do not move.)


    And in addition this another important passage (nor was invented by aliens, it is known on Earth by more aware):

    Excerpt of Ptaah s explanation:

    “However, electronic devices, books and writings as well as their contents remain, cold, impersonal, relationshipless and connectionless, because the devices are only a piece of lifeless material for the human beings and the content is extinguished as soon as the device is turned off.

    “On the contrary, a book affects the human being as something, with its contents, that he/she is also then still dealing with, on the one hand, when it is put away, then, it is again within reach at any time and on the other hand, the content, through renewed reading or thinking becomes internalized again and understood.

    “Moreover, in no case does an electronic device leave such a variety of lasting impressions, how this is imparted in a book that can be held in the hands and is again accessible at any time when it is put away and with which the human being enters a mental-feeling-based relationship and connection. ”

    >> …That was always told by educators aware, incidentally.
    And although this will displease some, explains the lack of consistency of the allegations presented here by way of annoying other people who have not exercised adequate reading by means of books, prints, and electronic information only as a supplement and support, calling each other donkeys and stupid, even where they are being single-mindedly.

    Have a good day.

    • The photos of Asket and the Martin Dancer are too different people its so obvious it shouldn’t even be up for debate as far as I’m concerned. Anyone telling themselves that they’re the same person is lying to themselves. I can’t make out the picture of Nera because it is blurred but when it comes to Asket and the blond Martin Dancer its clear as day. Sometimes you have to make a judgment for yourself and not run to everything the Plejaren say.

      • All I’m doing is making a judgment for myself in the long text and in everything I write. There followed what they said but patient work study than was there. Asket and Nera photos are just one of the items (and I keep).Everything is enough to show that I know to distinguish things by myself. If you give me an irrelevant advice, I suggest you read the fourth item and improve their understanding of text and think a bit before saying things that are not true about. You seems to play in I want to believe way. It is good at a certain point, but never to obscure our vision of the things. For my part, matter closed. Inversions and superficial discussions are not my game.

  • Congratulations are in order for getting the support of Jan Harzan. Its a major hurdle Michael that should be appreciated by us all. Didn’t think this would happen for another 25 years or longer -( MUFON considering voracity of the Billy Meier evidence.) Let’s hope they’re objective and logical.

    • Well thanks, I hope that it will open the discussion to all concerned and help to get the info out. There is no other authentic contact case and that’s ultimately what the UFO enthusiasts will have to come to terms with.

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