Wake the Hell Up!

Russia and its leader (who many Americans also admire because of his macho posturing) continue to openly march forward towards the fulfillment of their negative role in the Henoch Prophecies, as I’ve been documenting on this blog. Meanwhile, many Americans are busy blaming president Obama for all of their woes, failing to understand just how the power game in the USA really works, which was even explained to us by Billy Meier and Ptaah in the process of hinting at the possible fulfillment of another element in the Henoch Prophecies by 2020.


Now in light of these largely unnoticed, hugely important developments my haranguing of the UFO community/industry (UFOCI) may have been seen as an irrelevant indulgence. But consider that the time, energy and money going into the creation and promotion of what is almost exclusively disinformation and distraction, amounting to a multi-million dollar industry, has effectively prevented the world from learning about the singularly authentic Meier contacts and the wealth of information they contain. This information of course includes vast amount of specific prophetic information, which is intended to alert us to the grave errors of our ways so that we can make the necessary course corrections – in time – to avoid the otherwise overwhelmingly disastrous consequences.

But the parasites and poseurs in the UFOCI who couldn’t resist sucking up all the air in the room – and whose usefulness thereby didn’t escape the notice of the intelligence parties who gladly channeled their disinformation through the witting or unwitting ones – have contributed more greatly than they know to preventing the all important truth from reaching humanity, which actually equates to a form of…suicide. Of course this also goes for the interminably insufferable know-it-alls who proudly refer to themselves as Skeptics. (NOTE: Since the publication of the information here, not a single one of the quacks in the UFOCI, nor the suddenly silent, pseudoscientific skeptics, have come forth to dispute Meier’s now incontrovertibly proven evidence, or of course to apologize for their stupid, stubborn, self-centered, erroneous statements and/or defamatory attacks on Meier.)

Outsmarting the Prophecies

These ongoing developments aren’t really only about Russia and the USA of course. People in Canada, Scandinavia, as well as Eastern Europe, Iran, Turkey, China – in fact people all over the world will be affected by what will otherwise unfailingly occur in accordance with the immutable laws of cause and effect, should we remain passively indifferent to such long foretold and continuously unfolding events. So neither late in the game handwringing, nor ill-conceived attempts to do an end run around the prophecies to attempt to thwart their fulfillment will do anything but assure, and negatively compound, their fulfillment, as I wrote in 2007.

And while the actions of many people, in many countries over time have contributed to what we now all face, the Henoch Prophecies clearly point out that it’s the long established military and economic policies of our own country that have largely set in motion the mighty pendulum that threatens to come back upon us as a huge, unstoppable wrecking ball should we not wake the hell up here in the USA.


The complete, unedited version of this important interview of Dr. Sanford Weinstein is available in the new, award-winning film, “And Did They Listen?

NOTE: I have emphasized Arkhangelsk below in the following information compiled for us by Matt Knight, in reference to what is specifically foretold in the Henoch Prophecies (215th Contact, Saturday, February 28, 1987): “It must still be stated that the Russian attack will occur during the summer, in fact, starting from Arkhangelsk.”

9 July 2014:

“Russia test launches first new space rocket since Soviet era”

“Russia declared the maiden flight of its new Angara rocket a success on Wednesday after it launched from Plesetsk cosmodrome near Arkhangelsk in the country’s far north.”

Related info: Plesetsk Cosmodrome (near Arkhangelsk).

May 2nd 2014:

Arkhangelsk region was included into the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation. The Executive Order #296 listing land areas of the Russian Federation that fall within Russia’s Arctic zone was signed by Vladimir Putin on May 2nd 2014. This order is the most important step in implementation of the “Russian Federation State Policy in the Arctic to 2020”.

Source information.

Related info: Russian State Policy in the Arctic is part of a development strategy of the arctic. “The strategy aims to implement the sovereignty and national interests of the Russian Federation in the Arctic and contributes to the solution of the main tasks of the state policy of the Russian Federation in the Arctic as defined in the Principles.”

March 28, 2014:

“Arctic strategic security centre opens in Arkhangelsk” “Russia’s Institute for Strategic Studies (RISS) and will be oriented to the issues of Russian state policy in the High North areas with strong focus at the national security topics.” “RISS is engaged in the studies of Russia’s relations with the foreign countries. The Institute makes analysis of the trends of political and social-economic processes on the global and regional levels, studies the possible ways of sustaining strategic stability.

May 13, 2014: “Police officers, fire fighters and other law enforcement employees in Murmansk or Arkhangelsk can forget about visiting friends or take a tourist trip to other Barents countries.”





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  1. If you owe someone a $100 , they own you . If you owe someone $1,000,000,000,000 (one trillion) you own them . Wise banker quote;-)

    Deep down Obama might be a nice guy . I don’t know . What I do know is based on his track record and his place in the grand scheme of things . Yes scheme . Because everyone I am her to tell you the system is not broke , It is FIXED . Say it to yourself like its a meditation moment and turn off the emotions . Their is no emotions in business . That is a hard core rule . We are not part of the business per say . We are their business . So that being said , yes you should be so fire eyed mad as hell you should walk over to your window and repeat after me . Open said window , now lean out onto the sill , take a deep breathe . Now take my lead=> At the top of your lungs scream as if your life depends on it (because it does) ” I AM MAD AS HELL , AND I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE!”

    Now that we have created an appropriate mood allow me to be so brief and to the point as to why you should be mad as hell and every damn person on this planet should be feeling the same . The internet is here and their is no longer an excuse for being mis informed and not knowing the truth . So be prepared to accept the truth , much of which will hurt.

    We are here , NOW, at a certain point in time .Much of which has to do with no contribution or fault of our own . Much , however , has to do with MUCH or our own inactivity regarding the truth and how it has been what can be accurately described as an affliction on man , and our lack of reaction to the process that we let happen and accepted .

    In 1913 a group consisting of private banking institutions colluded to have our government accept a private bank united and called the Federal Reserve . Note Private . They agreed to finance the debt of a bankrupt USA . They had permission to be exempt from USA control and no one even the president could bind them with laws .

    In light of this bankrupt country , TAXATION was introduced . In which I will tell you is illegal to this day . Their is no LAW that says you have to pay taxes . This funded the country and linded the pockets of the banks.

    These elite global technocrats belong to no country , however by their banking leverage control them . All Countries . In doing so they already have enough money . It is now about power . So leveraging an entire country or and entire people to attain goals and ascertain power is the normal playground .

    Power . Control . And the main problem they have is that their are too many people on this planet and we are looked upon as reproducing like rats . In light of this for a hundred years that has been the background project called EUGENICS that controls and tailors a society. In history they have used such tools as mass introduction of chemicals , into public water , inoculations , food supplies and the atmosphere . They have used the techno age to control radio transmissions and television transmissions with mind control and surveillance and tracking . They have used medical experimentation on humans , just like animals . In fact they killed over a billion people with this approach . Some were gassed in masses during entire crusades if you will . The wars come into play here with munitions , chemicals , biologicals and nuclear sub atomic detonations leading to more atmospheric long term consequences . Cancer , poisened food supply , poison atmosphere , poison in your genes , your unborn and major long term damage to mother earth . They strive , some day to have a populous of under 1 billion left on this planet with a society they fashion to their likings . They all have underground living quarters and mega yachts to ride out turbulence should it , I mean when it happens .

    If you think for one minute that these heads of state have any control over what is going on at this point your are successfully a victim of programming . Their endeavors have succeeded . The last time our president thought for himself , he was killed during a parade in Texas . You remember Kennedy right . So does ever president after him . He was made an example .

    So essentially Barrack Hussein Obama is a Wall Street trained human being that was selected for the role by Henry Kissinger . Henry gave Robert , ugh I mean Barrack his first job . His role is a public aggitator not a public organizer . He uses high tech communication programming during his speaches to almost hypnotize the receptive masses . He is not a sock puppet , because he accepted his destiny . He is one of ‘them’ .

    I don’t have enough fingers or toes to count how many times Barrack lied to the world . When someone lies you can no longer trust them . He is just the Busch replacement . The sooner you realize that and understand their is no Republican ,or Democrat you can at least have a chance . They all fight in the ring like the WWF and go out for a beer after .

    The idea of a bubble is rediculous . It will be soft , slow and controlled . Its been going on for a good hundred years . We are being molded . Proped up and set up for the firing squad essentially .

    I’ll be back with some bullet points that will really hurt . This is enough for now . Like I said before , the elite know Billy , and you better believe they will do anything to keep you from knowing Billy .

    1. David,
      Good post, but I think the globalists/elite are going to find that a worldwide economic collapse isn’t as manageable as they think it is. These guys aren’t divine, and they’re quite arrogant.

      What you said about the Federal Reserve and the income tax is spot on. It’s not a coincidence they became law at the same time. They need the labor of the people as collateral to support the fiat currency since they were removing the gold collateral. There are other factors, but they key issue is they want a DEBT based currency. Debt gives them more control as they can enslave everyone through it.

      As far as eugenics, yes, they want to depopulate the earth, but through murder. The earth is indeed overpopulated, but we of course need a positive way to address this problem, not through murder. And globalism itself is not bad either. It’s just that they want a global tyranny. If we had global freedom and liberty and could set up a government based on these principles and the Creational laws, then it would be a great thing.

      1. This reply is actually from Anthony because for some reason it wasn’t posting when he tried:

        Dear Hunter,

        You keep telling me that I do not understand the economy and markets; but it is YOU sir that does not understand from a spiritual perspective. That is the route I am taking here. If you want more material perspective, see me on a Forbes or MarketWatch blog.

        “But if I voted against every single politician that ever held power and abused their authority to put everyone in the country into debt, even unborn generations, exactly how am I responsible for that?”

        You are not directly responsible; but as a spiritual person you would want to take a personal responsibility. The reason you do this is to take control of the situation, instead of leaving it to the wind. So that you can improve things.

        Think of it this way. We as Americans are living in the richest country on Earth for the moment. We have for many, many generations, have had a hegemony over the rest of the world when it came to our purchasing power. We have the good life. But the truth of the matter is that our over abundance, is on the back of the poorest people of the world. A good example, if you have ever bought a Chinese made good, you have likely supported slave labor or unhealthy working conditions, essentially human suffering. Scream all you want about banksters, and evil elite billionaires, the reason you (the public) can afford 25 different shirts and 18 pairs of shoes, load up on food, etc., is because you are standing on the back of a suffering fellow human being. Now, do you accept a level of self responsibility? The reason you take self responsibility in this case is to improve as a human being. You might buy locally, you might drive a fuel efficient car to lower your foot print on foreign oil wars, you might recycle your trash so you are not polluting the earth as much. All of these cases it is self-responsibility. There is no straw man. This is common sense, simple logic.

        Best regards,

        1. Anthony,
          Actually it is you who continues to lack understanding. I seek as much spiritual enlightenment as possible, but we live in a material world. Actions have consequences in the material realm, as does ignorance. This is really another Straw Man on your part. You’re foisting up this spiritual argument rather than addressing the facts and evidence of the matter at hand that we’re discussing.

          No, anyone who votes against anyone in power is not responsible for those person’s actions. America is the wealthiest country in the world for now, yes. But WHY?????????? What created that wealth? Initially it was having a stable currency backed by gold and silver and no income tax, along with a limited government that respected some inherent rights. Was it perfect? No. I’m not arguing that. You still had slavery, for example. But people were freer then than they are today.

          Now, certain unethical deals have been made in order for the US to maintain economic supremacy. One obvious immoral change was the introduction of the Federal Reserve and debt based currency – Federal Reserve NOTES – a Note is an obligation of debt. So by indebting everyone and future generations, everyone has been able to live a higher standard of living for now. Just as if you were to go out and take out a loan for a million dollars. Initially, you’d have all sorts of money to spend, far beyond your usually salary. But eventually, it catches up to you, and then you realize you’re in far worse shape than you are before.

          Another trick they used is the Petrodollar standard. When Nixon ended the Bretton Woods agreement and ended the gold convertibility of the dollar in 1971, they needed something else of value to maintain the dollar’s world reserve currency status. Thus, though some shady deals with repressive, criminal countries like Saudi Arabia, the petrodollar was born. We agree to defend them and they agree to only accept dollars for oil on the world market and to buy US Treasuries, thus funding out debt. This is now crumbling because the BRICS nations aren’t going to play along anymore. They know too many dollars have been printed and the US can never pay off its debt.

          As for accusing me of consumerism, I buy American when at all possible and I really don’t buy that much, Anthony. So, please don’t accuse me of materialism. I reject it. And don’t accuse me of in some cases being forced to buy foreign goods because of corrupt trade deals brokered by politicians that you voted for and that I voted against. I didn’t want any of those deals, and I voted against both Republicans and Democrats.

          I’m all for a more spiritual government, but if you’re waiting on Obama to usher that in, you’re going to be waiting a long time.

  2. Per the argument from Anthony regarding the UFOCI, or rather, leaving them alone and focusing on religious heads, etc. The thing about ‘going after’ the UFO community is not about handing them the work to do, it’s about making the information freely available to those already searching in that same direction. We know the Billy Meier Information is not ‘about’ UFO’s however, it is a starting point to get to the real information, ie Spiritual Teaching, Prophesies, Predictions, etc. in the hands of those already looking. Does that make sense? And in regards to ‘going after’ religious heads, Priests, Pastors, Shamans, etc etc, that, to me, would be more difficult to get through. Since those with very religous backgrounds or careers in religion are more impeneratrable because of their deep rooted beliefs and upbringings. ‘Going after’ people in the UFO community seems a logical choice. And I’m so happy to learn that MUFON is opening up and letting the Meier Material on their website, so those looking can find the truth. Way to go, Michael. And as always, you are doing a tremendously good thing for all of us out here who are listening and continue to strive to get the truth known.

    Peace to all,

  3. All the more reason to wake the hell up….Our very existence could depend on it in the very near future. The time for ‘America'(and potentially the world, within the imminent change of world currencies) to taste what it has been ‘cooking’ the world over, is pungent within the air!
    Yet, some like Anthony ones again wish to shut the hell up. Or in a way crawl back into their mental bunkers never to be seen in the light of the truth. Sure there will be room for a TV down there…
    Whom cares…. someone else in another time will have to deal with it, right Anthony?
    Go after the ‘religious’ ha! Might as well start decking out whatever hole one is going to go crawling into because this world within its belief driven delusional diseased thoughts will listen to nothing other than the eternal damnation for those even daring to use the lies name in vane. Truly the epiphany of the analogy of water wearing down stone! Many drips…one grain of rock(sand) at a time, and for and because it was only always meant to be. The straightest path to our destination…. the truth! One individual at a time.
    Someone has to go after those with the audacity to say they are interested in ‘ET/UFO’s’ and spill forth their filth onto the faithful. Michael is going after the ‘religious’… ufo/et belief driven cults! Better at this point in the game in my own personal opinion. Though whom am I to judge ones again while sitting on my hands!? Whilst Billy’s amazing, TRUE story sits out in the open ignored by those supposedly most eager to ‘get to the bottom of it’. Well, if they have time this upcoming weekend….

    1. Dear Philip,

      Please read my post again, never have I recommended, “…shut the hell up. Or in a way crawl back into their mental bunkers never to be seen in the light of the truth.” You are not seeing reality, my friend. My sheer presence on this board is proof that I am NOT being quiet, I am speaking my mind!

      Also Mr, you need to be much better observer. “….someone else in another time will have to deal with it, right Anthony?” You maroon, I have been advocating “self-responsibility” in the majority of my posts. What are you talking about? You are in left field. As a matter of fact, most people here are just as blind as you. So don’t feel bad, you must be on the right page. This blog is for you. I am not religious. I am the least religious person on this board. I work hard at discovering what religion is and how to eliminate it in your daily life. So please friend, don’t ever call me religious unless I deserve it. Thank you.

      1. That’s the spirit!
        As I don’t really understand your stance on things at times…
        We are a ‘special’ breed… the USA
        So you are speaking your mind here and also saying the blogs is not for you? As I guess as what I was saying is that people find religion in everything! Especially around here! So in actuality most humans cant look at ANYTHING and not see it! You like me Anthony, seem to run from anything spiritual as we have been burned by it so heavily. It just erks me as it should when people pop their head in with all the ‘advice’ in the world and then throw out insults and disappear ones again. Why not stick around and find some common ground with those also NOT RELIGIOUS!
        You sure do throw out a different vibe than what you profess to be against Anthony. At least in my opinion. Yet, I am also with you my friend when it come to religion as much as you might not think so. Quite a few of my post around here go into what I think of religion and how it correlates with Billy’s case… with me.
        Self responsibility to help ONES cause! One should be more concerned about themselves than Michael! He has more insight into all of this than you could ever watch on your ‘TV’. How can you profess to call anyone here ‘religious’ when it can just as easily be put right back on your shoulders. Doesn’t feel all that good, does it?

        1. “You like me Anthony, seem to run from anything spiritual as we have been burned by it so heavily.”

          Phil, Phil, Philip, what on earth gives you the idea that I have been burned by spirituality? Do I know you? Have we ever talked outside this blog? You are pulling this out your ***.

          I love spirituality, I embrace it and it has most certainly never burned me! And I take this blog seriously. I really try to post helpful and unique things. I have studied this case for years and years; and I have my own take on things. My views, although I carefully try to aline them with the teaching, usually clash with the Figu people. Although I agree with the spirit teaching, and have studied it carefully enough to practice the basics day to day, I don’t always agree with the Figu group, their goals, and all the rules and regulations. A good example is that I refuse to learn German. I have no interest. AND I think I don’t need it. Of course this is the worst thing you can say in the Figu; you might as well tell them to bleep off. I have demonstrated many logical arguments backing up my ideas with the basics of the spiritual teaching. This clashing may be the conflicting “vibe” you get from my posts. I am indeed practicing the spiritual teaching; but I usually have a contrary view. Sometimes I post contrary views just to see how open minded people are here. When people start attacking me instead of my ideas, I know things are going over their heads and they do not know how to counter argue my points. Should I stay or should I go now.

          Peace, harmony and intelligent and interesting discussion. This is all I want! I don’t want to necessarily be RIGHT! I want the exercise, like mountain biking 20 miles in the forest. And time and time again, I meet with brick walls and burning fires on this blog. I don’t want that. I don’t want the newbees thinking I’m some demon because Michael Horn continues to clash with me. I want progress and creation.

          All of us grew up and around religion before we learned about Meier and realized the spiritual path. So we all have had to shed religion. If we where part of an organized religion, our first step was to stop. Stop going to church, stop praying to Jesus… start thinking of a Creation instead of a creator, try to control our thoughts and feelings to find mistakes and start making corrections. This is spirituality. It is this simple. I think that Figu is making this way too complicated by making people master German, and read through countless contact reports, bulletins, special bulletins, on and on; and after all is said and done, most of the students are left perplexed and feel that they need someone to translate more or get the answer from someone fluent in German.

          I just shake my head. So I have a choice. CLASH with most of the people here; not all of you, of course :0). Or stop coming here AND GO TO OTHER BLOGS and post what I have learned from the spirit teaching. What would you do?

          1. Anthony,
            Once again words have as usual blurred my meaning. I meant as in what 99.9 percent of earth humans consider ‘spirituality’. Of course there is a meaning to being ‘spiritual’ that lies within the truth! What are we here for, about, if not… it. I, if no one else, has been utterly torched by religions mere presence! My entire life has been one of nothing short of rebellion against it. If one is interested I have spelled a lot of my story here at Michaels blog under his atheist post.
            I don’t know about you obviously but I was trying to show a peaceful correlation that we do share if you care or not! Religion…. spirituality as is portrayed on our world is nothing more than a degenerative mental disease that stops the mind from even acknowledging what true independent material consciousness stands for.
            You don’t have to agree with everyone… just ones own path. I don’t speak German either and probably never will! Yet, it doesn’t mean that I am not highly intrigued by getting and supporting new material being translated. I don’t have to have ‘tea and crumpets’ with anyone! Just a common interest that many-most around me physically could care less about.
            What will any of us do! What will I do? A more common question I find myself asking, within my own thoughts.

          2. Anthony there is a reason for everything and everything is an idea.
            It helps to detach yourself from that idea and to reflect upon it from a third person perspective from time to time so as to get to the core of the meaning of the idea and its nature.
            Every experience including clashing is a learning experience where you have the opportunity to gain something from it rather than just deriving discomfort and frustration for not being understoid by others.
            Anthony I hope you persist with it wherever you may find yourself

  4. I was recently reading contact 39 and learning about a time when the earths magnetic field wandered and the poles exchanged places . The north pole became the south pole and such ( what a ride that would have been ) . And in that contact it was with Semjase and later Ptah . I love the interaction with Billy and Semjase . He asked her to draw Jehova for him and during this he actually took control of the Beamship and piloted around the earth and moon and took some amazing footage yet to be seen . But the comedy in Billy had me just totally cracked up for a while . But the exchange talked about Atlantis and its relationship being moved in the pole swap . Greenland and Florida were the two reference points used . And even mentioned that JImmanuel spent alot of time in what is now Florida in his later years . I thought that was amazing because thats where I live and , my spot always seemed pretty charged for some reason.
    So on to my reason I wanted to make you all aware of . Its just sick human stuff , the usual . We see fire in the distance . But actually water is a major issue right now . I commented earlier on India and Pakistan sharing a river between their countries and because its such a dried up source they are ready to go nuclear with each other fighting over it (M.A.D.) Mutually Assured Destruction style . All the weapons aimed at each other already and such . A company has sudden new tech to desalinize for them , so MAD is on hold for now .
    BUT , California and the Western U.S. is in deep do do . They are in red zone drought and wildfire situation with some towns day to day water supply . That is borderline riotous when you run out of water . Try it for a day . Its suffering at its best . Well turns out the Good ol Colorado river is being diverted into the ocean at some points as all these aquifers and Lake Mead are drying up . Its the good ol’ Government caught red handed doing this self sabotage ! Here is where it comes together ..

    Drill all the oil out of Oklahoma and leave cavernous holes in the ground , you get sinkholes and the most active earthquake activity EVER in Oklahoma. Now surpassing …gulp LA! Now keep in mind that equates to millions of tons of weight off the tectonic plate .

    Next we Fraq and Fraq the Dakotas pumping water where the oil was and instead of removing millions of tons of weight from the extraction we are adding it since the water is actually heavier ! What happens , we put pressure on that part of the plate and it does what ? gulp … It puts pressure on the SUPERVOLCANO know as Yosemite national park . Did ya hear ALL the roads in the park were boilded last week because of all the heat . Oh and the lake is draining on one quadrant because its LIFITING UP . ouch . not done yet . Now we just got done mapping the magma flow under the Mt . Ranier caldera . Gotta keep an eye on it too after all St. Helens was just marked for ‘ready’ status and since their connected , much safer to monitor from afar . Now the scientists won’t tell you this because its career suicide , but I will . Now here is where it comes together . The ring of fires edge is where the St Andres faultline runs , you know through San Fran , LA , skirts St . Helens and Ranier and then off to the deep ocean . Well , the active fault lines in California are usually more active because the fluid and water actually lubricates the tectonic plates as the slide and they give more often hence more smaller earthquakes and more frequently . Typical Cali . But with the drought becoming more pronounced and more severe , the aquifers drop lower and lower causing the tectonic plate lines to dry out and become tense and less prown to move . They stick if you will . In these extreme cases they SNAP . This is what causes the big shakers . The shockwave from the snap is a very low frequency rumble that travels faster than the snap causing and even more wicked event . Its like a bomb shockwave . Very low frequency and the wave is miles in size . Think of a fighter plane slung off a carrier and a bomb blast at the same time at point of launch . OK sick human conclusion stuff . Turns out their is a H.A.R.P installation off the coast of California that has been on just diverting moisture north and south of this drought area for a while now . Coupled with the diversion of the Colorado water into the ocean . Someone is ushering in this quake .
    Pause ….All the towns ratcheted the water restrictions and fines and have the S.W.A.T. boys ready for when all hell breaks loose . One cigarette and the whole place is on fire . Now you see where I’m going here . Houston , we have a problem . Turns out instead of telling you the facts as I just have , they just put out in the media , ugh, looks like September is a concern for earthquakes . Really ? Oh , thats right they did the math . A few million more tons of weight off that tectonic plate and sssSSSNAP. Everybody is then screwed . Nice time for the Russkies to take a beached wale . Maybe Obama is trying to fight the plate load by loading it back up with illegals ? <(joke their) sorry . But that is a pretty scary scene right there . Pay close attention to that one its the worst drought in hundreds of years .

  5. Welcome to the planet of the apes! Well, if apes could consciously comprehend, they would feel seriously insulted by that remark…I meant barbarians. Isn’t it obvious that there are agents on tbe loose? How pathetic and childish, not to mention, a complete waste of time. Infiltrating blogs to spread fabricated discord. Yes, do feel ashamed for being so foolish! Overpopulation should be on every bodies lips. But no, what seems to be more important, is to see who is going to be in the finals of Strictly Come Dancing.

  6. Yeah, Meier related blogs, forums, and websites are infested with paid commenters, or astroturfers. How much do you get paid per comment here? Is ot $1 or maybe it’s $10? Absolute scum of the earth, would be too kind of a description, to describe you lot! What a shallow existence you must be living…In the future we will have algorithms in place to block out your borderline criminal behaviour. But, for now, be on your guard, don’t get influenced by these immature individuals, whose only aim and purpose is to divert attention from the important topics. Truly, it is very corrosive, because honest discussion gets broken up and diverted towards whatever the agenda might be of the particular astroturfer. Change can only come around when we start using our brains, not our fists! Aggression and violence will only leed to more death and destruction! Like children, we are surely playing with fire, ignoring the warnings from the older and wiser parents.

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