The Sky Is Falling, the Sky Is Falling!

In response to a comment here from one of the “Dueling Tony’s”, “UFOnthony”, about the prognostications of the other one, “Astro-Tony”*:


Your comment was delayed in posting because I had to run outside and check for myself. I think that you and everyone else will be relieved to know that…the sky isn’t falling!

I think that one of the nice things about this blog is that it seems to be able to handle and survive what could be viewed as divergence and even extremes in viewpoints. As you may notice, I’ve been as clear as I can possibly be in stating that, while events like earthquakes could be unalterable (at least at our current level of evolution) HOW people prepare, react, act, etc., when made aware of warnings, predictions, etc., is entirely up to them. Their own fate and actions are not already set in stone as Astro-Tony seems to emphatically assert, unless they have already long determined, through thought, feeling and action, just how they are going to react/act in certain circumstances, and act accordingly if and when such circumstances occur. In other words, my own point of view is in that regard the polar opposite of Astro-Tony’s.

As you can also see, many other people also oppose Astro-Tony’s perspective, either calmly or coolly, or excitedly, with abrasive words, etc., and no matter their tone and temperament they also clearly make their points.

There is also a difference here between what the UFOCI and skeptics do and what we’re doing. We have an open debate, one implicit, underlying principle of which is that we can handle the truth and divergent opinions…even ones that are antithetical to the spiritual teaching as we understand it. The aforementioned opponents to the case, who we often perceive as opponents of the truth, reject, censor, ignore and suppress the effectively dissenting viewpoints of the Billy Meier UFO case and even its easily self testable authenticated evidence.

My hounding of those parties is my own way of trying to keep the truth alive, to offer a beacon for those who just may catch a glimpse of it amidst the noise, static and distraction of the endlessly churned out disinformation. Perhaps you should also try to insert opposing ideas into their blogs, forums, etc. Let me know how that goes.

So fear not that the truth will be hidden, destroyed or distorted here. It’s alive and well and strong enough to survive. And, unless the forecast is for rain, you won’t need an umbrella here either.


*These nicknames are just that and there is no intent to be anything but mildly humorous in using them. No animals, vegetables or minerals were harmed in the creation of this blog.



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  1. Since about half a year I am getting your blogposts and by today, Michael, I think the best came in just very few words from your newsletter to my Emailadress.

    So, for a free Forum I understand as a possible answer for each question, and a free Blog for a possibility on each claim… isn´t it? – Here´s another one.

    For the coming time there will be much more of Billy´s predictions to fullfill, respectly in case with earthquakes and also maybe in huge gas explosions in Asia – by fireballs.
    Underneath Saudiarabia, the Saudis are more and more freesetting highly compressed fluid gas-stores, wich were sealed by oilfluids in the past (almost until peak-oil-moment) and now freely expanding thru the earths crust – as trigger-unnoticed and moving still highly pressured downwards to inner earth for the first moment, – and then widely expanding into areas underneath the big landscapes of Russia,China, Mongolia and Siberia, lifting all up a little.
    So no wonder, if they find more and more energyreserves, – and therefore most sellable by the Russians, but it is just a question of time when there will happen worldwide movements echoes, or better say the resonances of those actions, where also a little bit of this comes by inner magma-movements on the area of the Yellowstone Hotspot and then also sensible to San Andreas Fault.
    Underneath Bavaria/Germany there were also reported oilgasbubbles in May this year and this not only in case of testing for fracking!
    Hope you get this, and please pardon my bad english.

    Compliments in all cases to you all, and best wishes in positive manner. – Salome

    Joe Koehler – Germany

    1. Hi Joe,

      Thanks for your interest, comments and information. I think you’ve brought to the attention of many of us things that we’d hadn’t given much thought or consideration to.

      Please feel free to contribute and interact here, many thanks.

  2. I know Tony (Astrologer) might get to a lot of people with the things he says sometimes, but lets not make him feel like an outcast. Just my own suggestion.

    1. J.

      Don’t worry, no one can ever make me feel like an outcast. I know what I know is the truth, and I always speak the truth, if anything, it is I that will outcast others. When your life is based on truth, you have no fear.

      1. I absolutely cannot agree with you Tony and you are wrong.
        Whatever you’ve been saying lately you are incorrect.
        It’s totally unacceptable.
        So what’s been happening Tony.

  3. For the resident Professional Astrologer for hire, aka Señor Tony Vasquez, who says “I’m mainly on this blog to discuss the great Meier material”; well, it remains to be seen whether or not you can stand by those words, because I have some ‘Meier material’ for you, Señor Professional Astrologer.

    Now, as if it wasn’t already abundantly clear, that you attempt dis- and misinformation with illogical and irrational insistence that the human being is at the mercy of astrological forces, as if the human being would be like a rudderless ship lost at sea, at the mercy of the currents and winds, this should clear things up for you, even though they won’t.

    From the FIGU forum/Billy answers questions, it is not only more than clear that your insistent, persistent, arrogant, conceited, high-handed, modestyless, egoistic, egotistic claims as such, to borrow some of your favorite words, are absurd, idiotic, dumb, stupid, ignorant, irrational, illogical and just plain WRONG.
    Could you or Christian outline what the other numbers mean and what the other astrological personality characteristics are? I think this may be helpful in understanding others better. Also, If I may ask, as a number 8 Leo, If I don’t learn certain important lessons in this life does that mean I will be born a number 8 Leo again in the next life? Thank you for your answers, they are very helpful.

    Lonnie Morton

    You should not put too much importance into that number(s). Numerology is just a hint on those things that could be, or those we could do something about. Numerology is not equal to determination. It is a means to understand some „things“.
    The human beings have a free will which is „higher“ than any numerical value (or horoscope). It’s in the hands of the individual to decide which way one has to go, or wants to go, etc.
    Hello Billy,

    You, as well as your previous incarnations all share birthdays in early February.
    What is the significance of people born in early February in relation to astrology and their destiny in life as well as the precise days which are appropriate?

    There are some general influences by the Central Sun on the characteristics of human beings, depending on the time of the year a person is born. But these are playing a minor role in one’s life.

    Regarding the prophets it can be said that this has been a “Fügung”, with some cosmic influences. But all of this has nothing to do with astrology as it is understood today.

    It’s up to each human being to get hold of one’s life and be the master of one’s course of life.

    (Note by CF: If you take 5 persons who are born on February 3rd, at 11:00 am, you will notice that not all of them will become a prophet and that they are quite different personalities.)
    Hi Billy, a recent study of over 2000 children growing up, in the sign pisces , some of them even born at the same time, and probably at the same places, showed that there were no similarities at all. Hundreds of astrologers sent their profiles, but no one seemed to be right. How could this be? You also had astrologers to find out your personal characteristics. To me it seems that practising astrology is a waste of time.


    Today’s astrology may explain some really general characteristics of persons who are born under a certain sign. The horoscopes that are published in the newspapers etc. are useless.

    Astrological impulses are a reality, but how they are gathered, judged and implemented by a person is a VERY individual matter.

    (Note by CF: Even if two persons are born by two mothers at the same instant at twp meters distance, the two babies will grow up as two different persons with different views, characters, etc., because it’s not the astrological aspects only that have an influence on one’s own life; in fact, other factors are more important.)
    Greetings Mr. Meier,

    I understand that you regard astrology as a useful discipline for assessing personality/character and for predicting future events when properly applied. I further understand that it possible to determine the time and manner of death through astrology.

    In the event of mass death, like during the second world war with the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, when tens-of-thousands died at virtually the same instant, did the victims have common astrological factors in their chart indicating this manner and time of death? With the prophesized/predicted world war 3, is there a distinguishable astrological signature in the zodiac that portends the beginning and ending of this catastrophic event?

    It is a privilege communicating with you, Mr. Meier. Thank you for allowing this opportunity.

    Michael D.

    Hi Michael,

    Astrology (the real one) is useful for knowing one’s character, or to form
    one’s character, etc. But for predicting the future other means are
    necessary: probability calculations, preview of the future
    (Zukunftsschau), etc.

    Note by CF: If the death date would be determined by astrology, all dead
    persons in Hiroshima would have had the absolutely same astrological birth
    data or horoscope.
    Hello Billy,

    Is there any way to determine or culculate an individual’s spiritual evolutionary level? Is it possible to do this using astrology and numerology, ect? How much influence does numerology have on oneself? I noticed Billy’s life path number is 7 which stands for the seeker of truth into metapyshical areas.

    thx phil638


    It is possible, but not by using astrology or numerology. But the “how to do” will not be disclosed.
    Hi Billy,

    Is it helpful to use astrology and numerology in finding someone compatible for a true love relationship?

    Lonnie Morton


    No, it isn’t, because numerology and astrology, as they are known and used on Earth, are not at all reliable. What one should use is pure reason (Vernunft), human intelligence (Menschenverstand), logic; one’s own thoughts and feelings, and “Empfindungen” from the spiritual realm.

    1. and since Tony Vasquez – Professional Astrologer for hire who is “mainly on this blog to discuss the great Meier material”:

      more of the so-named Meier material and this time from the GoT itself, on free will vs. external influences, which would obviously include impulses from heavenly bodies or astrological impulses.

      “From the very beginning onwards the free will is given you, and therefore you can make it, through your own decisions and determinations, negative, bad, evil or positive, good and noble, so you can also form it to the full freedom or boundedness.

      In any case, it is always up to you whether you let your free will exist as such and use it consciously, intellectually and rationally in a logical wise or whether you make it bound, i.e. unfree and burdened with external influences, so that it is so much disadvantaged that it no longer corresponds to a free will in any wise.

      In the Creation, in the Universal Consciousness, and in all its created creations and in everything existent that it has created, one wheel of the happening interlocks into the other; in strict logicalness one thing is the consequence of another thing and at the same time controllingly turns everything that is connected with it, through which no irregularity can occur; the whole is like a gigantic giant-wheelwork, in which from all sides the cogs of the wheels precisely and sharply interlock and incessantly move everything further and drive it for wards to the development; and you human beings of Earth, you stand with the decision- and determination-power given to you through your free will in the middle of this immense machinery, equipped with an unmeasurable might which is given you and with which you are able to direct the big wheelwork of your own life and destiny in any direction that you choose, that is to your own prosperity or adversity, to your fortune or unfortune, to the negative, bad, evil, terrible or to the positive, good, depending on how you form and use your free will.

      And truly, whatever you do in this respect you only do for yourselves, because you alone lead yourselves upwards or downwards, because for every cause and effect your free will is always the decisive factor, depending on how you form it through your own attitude, decision and determination.”
      upwards or downwards, because for every cause and effect your free will is always the decisive factor, depend

    2. Bruce,

      You said: “Now, as if it wasn’t already abundantly clear, that you attempt dis- and misinformation with illogical and irrational insistence that the human being is at the mercy of astrological forces, as if the human being would be like a rudderless ship lost at sea, at the mercy of the currents and winds…” – That is totally incorrect. I never said that, and you are misunderstanding. In your desire to attack me, you misunderstand, and make a fool of yourself. For the last time with you – there is destiny created by the Creational astrological forces, like the Aquarian Age coming in, and there is also freewill and human thought power. THINK about this before you open your mouth again. If you stupidly attack me again, I will put you on permanent ignore status.

      1. Tony do you have a biography of some kind like an SNS profile such as google +, facebook or twitter?
        If not why do you feel that you need to hide from people and remain anoymous?
        Do you lack the courage to put your real face to the truth?
        What’s the problem?
        Care to share?

        1. Hello Matt,
          I hope all is well with you… must be early in Australia!
          Sometimes I feel like my name should be inserted in place of Tony’s in this nicely worded paragraph.
          Though I have not made the claims Mr. Vasquez has. That is his own ‘war’ he MUST ‘battle’.

          It would be interesting…. mean a little more, if we all used our real full names backed by any kind of data to back it up, when needed. Facebook… as much as I despise it, is a good way to let someone see another within the ‘cloud’.
          Even a picture here, I have thought about adding one. All we get is Bruce’s Toucan… and Michael of course:)

          1. Hi philip how are you going
            I am actually in a similar time zone to OZ but in a different country Korea.
            I couldn’t sleep so what better way to use up some energy.
            Its always a nice idea to keep each other honest so that we know exactly who the real human being at the other end of our exchanges is.
            We should voluntarily do so if we have the avenue available.
            As for Tony its not a witch hunt but I feel that we should all be made accountable for what we say and do.
            We all need the character test from time to time
            The time has come for Tony I think.
            Patience have its limit.
            Mine has met its end by a few things that Tony said that have ticked me off.
            Benefit of doubt or not things have become acute and heads should role figuratively of course.
            What do you think Philip?

          2. Oh Korea… thought you were in Australia.
            I am doing ok… slowly trying to get myself of off this thing to start my day of work. My family owns apartment buildings and have been helping with them since I could remember. Is nice to work for myself but always a challenge in wading through everyone Else’s ‘filth’… mentally, physically.
            Beyond Tony whom is getting everything he so hardheartedly wants here. I couldn’t agree with you more! For a long time I just ignored him as he loves to say he also will do. Yet, it always made me cringe non the less, his ‘thoughts’.
            Hope the rest of your day/night is as wonderful as this moment.

      2. I believe your choice of words – “there is destiny created by the Creational astrological forces” is not correct. Billy calls them astrological impulses and we as humans can use them, ignore them, be taken away by them, influenced, etc … nowhere do I understand his words as ‘destiny’.

        and btw, you and your ignore status, permanent or otherwise, is simply hysterical as well as an honor. So I thank you before hand for both.

        And I have no desire to ‘attack’ you. You invite what you call ‘attack’ through your modestylessness, your boastfulness, your conceit, your psychopathic-like delusional tunnel vision, you ignoring what Christian F. essentially had to say to you as you twisted it into a positive for yourself like any good psychopath would,.. I could go on, but that is more than enough for now.

  4. It’s simply a matter of deciding for ourselves what kind of world we want to live in.
    It seems that human beings have forgotten they can do that.

  5. Seems sometimes when I look up at the sky, I don’t realize that my skivvies are down at my ankles:)
    What else would we have used to determine the ‘weather’ if not that of our thoughts…. consciousness. The only thing that allows me to prepare in any fashion is that within the might of my thoughts. Though I don’t want to prepare, create, that which I see around me unfolding… I want to be a reason for it not to happen above anything. It all depends on how high I set my own zeil in this fashion(which does include the peace meditation!!!!). To not get caught in the rain with my pants down. To strive for peace, love, joy, equality, and happiness.
    All of the things I have done to try and help shield those around me-myself from the impeding world events will mean nothing if they finally come to be. I guess I have always tried to within my thoughts hope that it is and was all for nothing to get a good ‘umbrella and belt’. I hope I can look back someday and say…. man, I did all of that for nothing!
    Yet, every action has its cause and effects.

  6. Hello Tony Vasquez… why don’t you just stop… and give up. This is really a waste of time. who is the wisest of you all. Gooooshhh. Come argue with me on my FACEBOOK and leave this blog [] free of inutile confrontation. Or go read a little more Meier material, we already have a prophet and he is still alive. SO we don’t need another “false” one right now. WE HAVE PLENTY OF THOSE

    This is NOT funny at all.
    I am very angry at you right now. I am.
    And if you want to leave the final word on MH blog…
    then just shut your trap. REALLY, give up! That means not answering my post.
    The whole world is at stake! so please no more innutile predictions.
    Go read the real prophecies instead of trying to invent new ones or correcting your mistaken ones.

    It’s all right, you can breath now. Our prophet as not yet been killed.
    BYE for a while at least one day or 2 so you can ruminate a little.

  7. It is good for people with differing ideas of “what is” to attempt explanation of the cosmic dance of life…. The secrets of Creation…. More entertaining than the latest sports news… 🙂

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