Transhumanism and the Spiritual Teaching

Try becoming a true human being first

I am no expert in the subject of transhumanism, so if I tend to misperceive it as something other than the predictable and nearly inevitable outcome of our trendy over-fascination with technology at the expense of real consciousness related evolution, forgive or correct me.

I think this entire focus should be more correctly called dehumanism, since we’ve so far failed to become true human beings first in our headlong rush for ever more distraction, entertainment and escapism via technology. Simply being able to create more toys, sophisticated weapons and other technological marvels doesn’t guarantee consciousness related evolution.

Mental Cases

It sure seems like many of the human beings of Earth are a pretty disturbed lot, who are hell bent on fulfilling the most dismal and destructive prophecies concerning how people – who haven’t yet become true human beings – make some serious mistakes as they rush to bring their wrongly determined priorities to fulfillment.

And certainly Billy Meier’s warning about the dangers from the independent computerized weapons reinforces our concerns about the overall wrong direction in which we are headed and which, in fact, may actually already be upon us.

Fortunately there actually are a number of thinking people in the industries concerned who take a dim view of the all-embracing enthusiasm and naivette that presumes that all human problems can be solved by what still essentially are…machines. And there’s apparently a movement afoot to try to curb the wrongheaded thinking, such as is of course favored by the strictly militarily minded. I’m sure I’m not the only person who, almost 20 years ago, recognized the very military implications in even the earliest video games, which have no “evolved” to the point of truly subhuman sadism, violence, etc.

So while we aspire to be like the Plejaren apparently are, in terms of having android beings that serve and interact with their human population and have a kind of consciousness, projections as to when we could accomplish this kind of scenario don’t take into account the huge disparity between our consciousness-related/spiritual development and the responsibilities of effectively creating machines that will then take over our lives. And with some of the negative human traits already in evidence pertaining to the ability of robots to lie to each other there is much to be concerned about.

The Spiritual Teaching

This is a good place to note that not only would we have to somehow imbue machines with certain moral and ethical operating systems but that the things that make human beings actually far more than machines aren’t always recognized and valued even now.

So what are the elements of the spiritual teaching pertaining to all aspects of our consciousness related evolution that are at risk of not being developed by us in time to assure truly responsible actions in every step of the creation of advanced robots and androids? Is it already a forgone conclusion that, if we don’t wipe ourselves off the face of the Earth before we manage to perfect this technology (whatever that may mean), that we will eliminate ourselves because we succeeded in this dubious, premature technological development in which the creations destroy their creators…as per the prophecies?


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  1. Howdy Andy,

    This is Michael Horn’s blog, and he is really an expert on the subject, but many other people know a fair amount about Herr Meier’s prophecies, particularly the scary Henoch prophecies. As a planetary whole, humanity had moved in a positive direction away from fulfilling the prerequisites for the Henoch prophecies, but now it seems we are falling back into the pattern again, especially as we threaten Russia with war for not supporting our failing economic system (the Ukraine is just a ruse). Among the prophecies of Henoch, he talks about computerized war-machines and genetically altered artificial ‘people’ which real havoc on Earth, killing many humans, and even possibly wiping out humans entirely. The Federal government is much further along in developing these things than people seem to generally realize. From complex autonomous armored tank divisions and jet squadrons to simple computer programs designed to impact how people think, from small insect-sized drones that gather information and possibly spread biological agents to autonomous ships and submarines capable of lofting projectiles and missiles, humans, thinking feeling living humans, are less and less part of the equation of intel, murder, policing, and war.

    In all sorts of ways, people are less and less likely to be involved, and yet this is being hidden instead of openly discussed. For instance, in the past couple years there was an intel leak about a new NSA computer program, the umpteenth iteration of it actually, that was searching blogs and chat rooms, just like this one, posting comments in order to ‘steer’ conversation in one way or another. Apparently the sophistication of this program has grown to the point where the computer can dominate the conversation quite effectively, using psychological models which are tailored to the profiles it keeps on its audience, yet no one knows it is just a computer program designed to steer the conversation to politically desired ends. Indeed, Andy, how do I know that you are a person? How can you know that I am? Yes, we are much further along than what most people seem to know. The genetically engineered people, devoid of conscience, may be a generation or so away, though.

    The point I was trying to make is that we are heading the wrong way down a one-way street. We need to stop and turn around now, before we speed up so fast that we simply can’t stop in time to prevent an absolute disaster which can even result in a planet devoid of human life.

  2. My apologies, the spell checker musta jumped in and changed my words again without my noticing. Instead of “real havoc”, I wrote “wreak havoc”. Considering what I was talking about, this automated change of meaning is rather ironic (to me). It shows just how orders to destroy only this side or that side of an argument or a battlefield or even a population can be misconstrued, so that everyone gets it in the end.

  3. not so recently a few uber smart and synical scientists posed and touted the future of the robots. They spoke of the brain development and the synical started there. They spoke of how we are amidst the actual super computer brain and how it would easily surpass the human brain that operates within chemical power . Super brains operate in solid mass and light speed . Tens of thousands of times faster . That is the premise of the platform . It means that the human brain can be duplicated and operate light speeds faster within the format . It means that a doctorate could be completed in a few minutes and the entire earths knowledge could be downloaded in the time it takes to reheat a slice of pizza . in addition the bot or robot could download at will anything . So the idea of learned decision making and ultimately in the minds of the phscyo scientists they are hot on the heals of self thinking and ultimately engineering a brain in a robot that far exceeds a human . This means that they are clearly touting that they can provide a fabricated brain that learns at lightning speed and ultimately outlearns anything as well as thinks on its own in milliseconds , where we take chemical speeds to do so . It clearly outlines a situation where the human is no longer the Alpha species on the earth . Or to be clear a brain to propel a self building , healing , evolving machine that is far and I say FAR superior in mechanical ways to conventional humans . In otherwords Terminator robots that find humans as a nuecence . Then they put us as a second rate at best existence . For real . The tech is here and in practice , so do not be fooled by our mind frought shortcomings , the bots are already taking jobs as they should in a progression like this , the mad scientists have spoke and they are for real and they say we are now outdated . For real , look at the auto industry . A programmer makes the program to make the tools for a robot to make cars for instance . Hundreds of thousands of jobs are gone . Look at Detroit and its burned out and earth recovering cities . Literally house upon house deserted and reclaimed by the earth and offered at a hundred bucks for a quarter acre and a full home . The robots took over . The robots can now make their own machines , think , and retool . So real . So unbelievable . Yet , so real . Get it . The largest industry is the war machine . Drone to replace man . Just a start . Its very real and always remember all the technology that we will ever need exists now . The Plejaran identified this as they provided impulses to move us along in the past hundred years . They tried in good will and always said that the evil was the challenge . They also told of how it would be used against us . The bomb . The genetics . The bio . Its no joke . We have tech 400 years ahead of what the public knows . Designer babies , drugs , fuels . Its a global contaction . Their is no longer growth in the economic sense . The evil has been implementing global contraction techniques since the beginning of the tech age . Think that geoengineering of the weather is not happening ? Or GMO or human engineering is not happening , think again fellow human , we are amidst the resistance .

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