I have a new article, under the above title, posted at UFO Digest about my recent experiences with various blowhards who perform James Randi-rivaling disappearing acts when it comes to dealing with the inescapable reality of the Billy Meier UFO contacts.

While the majority of these characters purport to be scientists, they certainly don’t want to apply the scientific method to dealing with the recently authenticated WCUFO photos, nor dare they admit that they tested the nighttime WCUFO themselves and confront their own vastly diminished relevance and authority.

The truth can only be suppressed for so long before it erupts and cascades over the mountainous ignorance and self-serving, profit-oriented ambitions of all those who are complicit in trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes.


  1. Closedminds refuse to post my comment so what are the chances that these brainwaves are going to suddenly come out with the concept of electromagnetics being the source of alien abductions? Time will tell.
    Hi Billy, are you delusional? It’s time you learned the truth as told to Billy Meier:,_Betty_and_Barney
    “What has to be said in respect to the married couple Hill, and all other persons who were allegedly abducted or even medically harmed, or who supposedly had implants implanted, and who under hypnosis exposed these occurrences is, that these occurrences have never happened, and are nothing but illusions, imagination, delusions and deliberate lies, as well as also schizophrenic illusionary products and disturbances of consciousness brought forth through the interference of electromagnetic fields of the earth, through which unrealities, unreal happenings as well as unreal memories and unreal experiences are caused, but also unreal pain, fear and unreal perceptions and so forth. The disrupted electromagnetic fields of the earth have been the cause of the untrue memories of the Hills. All these factors will become or could be knowingly or unknowingly manipulated, which means that the hypnotised describe their unreal happenings and unrealities etc. as reality, or that liars and deceivers are able to maintain their deliberate lies and deceit under hypnosis. Hypnosis, namely, is in no means capable of finding out the truth in such or other cases. Altogether, in earlier time, every incident in this respect we accepted as the truth, like contacts between earth’s human beings and beings foreign to earth as well as abductions by beings foreign to earth; however, they have been proven wrong through our newest technology according to investigations for such incidents that go back to the early times of the 20th, and the 19th century.”

  2. Earlier this year Neil Degrasse Tyson did the remake of “Cosmos” on Fox. It’s for a younger audience but it’s still pretty good, and millions of people watched it. What struck me as amazing is that an organization for atheists had a commercial on television, asking for people to sign up or donate or whatever. Now it must be a big organization, because it is not cheap to advertise with a major network in the prime time slot on a Sunday night. To me, it was a sign of progress. That and that highly publicized debate on creationism vs. evolution. I think atheists and agnostics would embrace the Meier material and spiritual teachings if they only knew about it. Maybe MH could contact the head of one of these large organizations and offer an article or something. It would be great for a well known popular scientist like Bill Nye or Neil or someone to endorse or even just mention the material. Or maybe an alliance of scientist or professors. If one person does it, they’ll be ridiculed, but if a group endorses it, people will have to stop and think about it.

    1. Good idea but the way I’d like to see this work is when people notice things like this, and the organizations, that they make contact and send info, links, references to my my site, etc. It’s actually far more likely to get some traction than if I “self-promote”. Of course you can count on the fact that I’ll give them all that they wish…once I hear form them, get a link to someone there, etc.

  3. I opened the article in a new tab but didn’t read it until after I commented. After reading the article I saw that you contacted Michio Kookoo. Great work! Thanks for your continued efforts. There’s bound to be some who will take a look eventually.

  4. Michio Kaku, Neil Degrasse Tyson and all the other famous scientists we always see on TV would never acknowledge the validity of the Meier case even if they knew the case was real because they know it would take the limelight completely away from them to Meier. They have to protect their ego’s as well as their bank balance.

    1. I have no idea why Americans put their celebrities on a pedestal. They are surely to be toppled, just a matter of time. Personally I find it more interesting to speak to my neighbours. It was interesting that more people tuned into the philae landing on a comet than Kim Kardashian’s big butt. So things are looking up (as opposed to cracking up).

        1. Sil oh yeah, that baby oil will put a stop to Philae’s landing for sure. I can’t wait until Kim’s baby grows up and tells her “ew mom that is gross, could you at least have kept your clothes on, you’ve embarrassed me, my friends and foes shove that in my face all the time”. Things that celebrities don’t like to think about and probably wouldn’t have been able to infiltrate into that pretty little head of hers. But what a good role model (insert sarcasm here), to be famous for leaked sex tapes. We should all be proud knowing that our youth aspire to that.

        2. the latest I’ve heard is it has landed in a dark corner somewhere so the mission will be short lived, but I don’t have a real link or information. Does anyone know where links are?

          1. Sheila. If I were you or your daughter I would be very suspicious because President Obama is still TRYING to “fast track the TPP and TTIP and don`t forget NAFTA too. Theses stupid moronic politians and their cooperate lovers are TRING to do all they can to reduce us vasals/slaves in paying for their expensive defective non-generic inexsnsive low cost altenative products that don`t have theses terrible side effects that oxicoton has!

        1. Sheila, thank you very much! I am very intrigued by this mission. With anything one does for the first time, there are things that go wrong, but to me it’s a really big step in space exploration even through I am not, have not been a big space buff. At the rate this planet is getting screwed up, we will need to find another one in which to live if we as a species of human beings want to survive. Again thank you.

          1. I couldn’t agree more with you Ev. Yes we certainly do need a whole new world to live on and join the Plejaren Fedreation becom members and learn to be more like them by studying the spiritual teachings and meditating more so we can be like the people from Erra,Timers,etc,etc,etc.

          2. Terry, I don’t think this will happen in my lifetime so I’m not holding my breath 🙂 yet, as with anything, we cannot reply on anyone but ourselves, so this mission was quite exciting for me.

            Perhaps they are practicing for the large asteroid, Apophis, supposedly coming in 2029 which will make the nearest approach in recorded history – it will be visible to the naked eye. No one is sure if it will impact in 2036 on it’s return since the 2029 encounter will alter it’s orbit slightly. Ever seen the 1998 movie Armageddon, it’s quite good. It’s about landing on a asteroid and blowing it up to save Earth.

    1. Hi David, I think I realized that back in 2005…I was a little slow okay? Then after I read “Corrupt to the Core Memoirs of a Health Canada Whistleblower” by Dr. Shiv Chopra who was employed for 35 years at Health Canada, I knew it to be true. They only do what’s most profitable for the pharmaceutical companies, to hell with public safety. A few years ago The Public Health Agency of Canada admitted to me by phone that they don’t do any research, they look at news for all their answers. How sad and pathetic is that? But on the other hand, there were no natural cures available for my daughter after her accident except for the medically prescribed kind. So they do have their use at appropriate times. I just don’t understand why the medical industry prescribes oxycontin when hydromorphone works better and does not make one physically ill getting off of it, like the oxy does. Never mind, I answered my own question, it’s obviously more profitable prescribing oxycontin because most can’t get off it without becoming physically ill, therefore the continued use is the profit. I’m thankful my daughter was allergic to it, but it was like pulling teeth to get her medication switched, a full body rash for 5 days and they are giving her benedryl instead of just switching the medication. I would hate to see the outcome, if we had not been there to fight for her.

      1. Sheila, for several years I had a roommate from India. He worked for Merck pharmaceuticals. Basically, they spend all their R&D money coming up with any random drug, and then later try and find a use for that drug in order to justify selling it.

        1. Sheila “Watch out for the TPP,TTIP,NAPTA,etc,etc,etc! They may try to sell you a defective product! If you can look into alternative medicines, 100% organic,homegrown local neignborhood produce in medicins,food, cothing,you name it, read the lables to check before you order and buy due to these nefarious sinister TPP take hold etc.Yoy don`t want your daughter to get sick and die because these sinister TPP and NAFTA cabals will TRY toi get away with their sinister behavours! The`ll TRY to slip ANYTHING through just to get awa with murder!

          1. Hi Terry, I’ve been into that for quite a number of years already, but thank you. Believe me, alternative medicine does not work on numerous broken bones, we had no choice in the matter, she was intubated and in critical condition in intensive care for 11 days. Later on the psychiatrist pre-treated her for PTSD without waiting for symptoms because she was 18 so legally an adult. After a week and a half of being all glued up on anti-psychotic meds I talked to the psychiatrist and told him the same effect could be achieved by just taking Vitamin D3 but he wouldn’t commit to it. Finally I told my daughter that she didn’t have to take anything she didn’t want to. All of sudden Vitamin D shows up in her meds sil. The good news is by the time she left the hospital 3 months later, she was able to quit all the drugs cold turkey once we got her out of there. It was quite a shock to see how things really work at a hospital, I had no idea because prior to this no one in my family had any health issues that couldn’t be corrected by vitamins and bodytalk.

          2. Sorry forgot to add that I received The Psyche during my daughter’s stay in the hospital and it was probably the most instrumental in my daughter’s recovery – having a wish dream that could be realized.

        2. Hi Greg (looks like your name is the same as mine???). Oh so that’s what Merck was up to, thank you for that. I actually had an email exchange with Sheila Murphy years ago who worked for Merck. I outed them on the fact that they were employing “unbiased” doctors who were sending “letters to editors” of newspapers telling them how good the HPV vaccine worked. I actually got Health Canada to change their review of the vaccine because at first they claimed it had just as many side effects as any other vaccine. Well it doesn’t, it has more side effects than that. I worked on my provincial health care to make sure they included in the pamphlet that “90% of women can fight off the virus on their own within 2 years”. The vaccine includes polysorbate90 which makes rats infertile. After reading the contact notes, maybe that’s not such bad idea???

          1. Contact report 260 talks about people on other worldly planets using microwaves to sterilize both male and females to help prevent overpopulation on their planets, however I recommend that we not use our microwave ovens for that job, rather we invent the suitable microwave device.

  5. Remember the world war has been ongoing for many years. We are conditioned to think thermonuclear as world war. Think again my friends, it has begun . Long ago . Putin is a long standing example of patience and planning. Learn of the petro-dollar and the US taking personal sanctions on political figures. Take Putin’s billions and see how long he and his friends like it. Oh and what about foreigners training on our soil? Like KGB in the US? Like NATO in your backyard spewing international law? Like gun control? Wow, you should really consider learning of America 2050 and Agenda 21 , oh and NAFTA. That signature said goodbye to America. We are now known as North America,BTW,slave. Yes we are now slaves. How does it feel? When you have to say bye bye to the internet, you’ll know. Know how far YOU let it go. Do nothing , expect nothing.

          1. We are the limitation because we are material beings living in the material realm of the universe, however we can form a great humanity and perform versatility due to our feelings that form thoughts that can lead to the correct motion of actions so as to invent good reasoning ability that can create logical formulations to resolve horrendous problems starting with the overpopulation and so on and so on and so on.

            1. Can we stay a bit more on topic? Unless she’s either the referred to alien, or has also recently been abducted, for which I personally would be quite grateful.

      1. Darcy, like I wrote to Ev,let`s start to look for another planet in another solar system and join and become members of the Plejaren Federation and be more like the people from Erra, Timers and so on.

  6. My Billy Meier book reports:

    I think about thoughts. A lot. Now, we probably all think about our thoughts, but the Billy Meier material allows us to think in new and more effective ways. If the Plejarans are 3000-7000 years more advanced than us technologically, and 20 million years more advanced than us spiritually, it would be wise to study and learn from every piece of information they have to offer. Now what surprised me is that they see Billy Meier as a resource to them! He supposedly has a spirit form that is 12 billion years old, so he has been there and done that. All of it. And he has written down his teachings for us, and the Plejarans, and they are very thankful, while we still need 800 years to be able to appreciate the value of his works. Here are my personal opinions or analogies of some of the material:

    The Goblet of The Truth: I like to refer to it as G.O.T.T., as in “Oh my Gott!”, or “Oh my Gob!” The GoTT is the complete teachings of all of the true seven prophets of the line of Nokodemion. I’m sure you’ve heard of most of them, either in this lifetime or another. They are Enoch, Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Immanuel, Mohammed, and Billy. To me, the teachings are like a steamroller. A massive machine that slowly flattens out the bumps in the road ahead for all that follow. But only if you read the book and apply the teachings to your life. Billy has lived for billions of years, and was able to recall his past wisdom stored in the memory banks and put it all into one clear, complete, comprehensive book. This book could and should eventually replace the Bible, Torah, Koran, and all spiritual texts.

    The Might of The Thoughts: I like to refer to it as M.O.T.T. The might of our thoughts equates to the engine powering our vehicle. Do we have lots of horsepower? What about torque? How many cylinders are we running on? Do we have reliability issues? How many accidents have we had? Are we wasting gas? Spinning our wheels? Our thoughts are the most powerful thing that determine our destiny, and it is up to us to build this power up while minimizing the maintenance issues and problems that inevitably happen. Reading this book is like getting your engine overhauled, your oil changed, and perhaps even adding a turbo or supercharger. It’s like swapping a four cylinder for a V8.

    The Contact Reports: The contact reports are like the scenery we drive by. Sure, we drive every day, but do we really know what goes on in those buildings, or out in nature? No, we just see the surface or façade of things. Most of us were taught from outdated textbooks by old fashioned teachers. If you read all of the contact reports that have been translated in to English so far, you will definitely look at the world differently, after learning the actual truth behind our past, our politicians, the history of our solar system, the effects of religion and overpopulation, and almost every other area of life. The contact reports explain what is really going on outside our vehicle.

    The Psyche: Now I haven’t read The Psyche yet, but I will within the next few months. However, I’m going to take a crack at it anyways. The Psyche is the driver, but more specifically, our hands on the wheel and our feet on the pedals. We are all individuals, we are all unique, we were all raised slightly differently, and we all have different personalities. As a living created being of Creation, we have free will and make decisions and form our personality based on our thoughts, actions, and experiences. The Psyche will probably help us fine tune our skills, or as we drive through life, our steering, when we accelerate, brake, or if we turn on the cruise control. You are the driver, but how aware are you of your surroundings, your efficiency, and performance? What is your ultimate destination, and do you prefer a Prius, a 4×4, or a Porsche? We are all different, but eventually we all end up back in the garage of Creation after 60 to 80 billion years of road tripping.

    I started with the Contact Reports. If you want to see my favorite excerpts, go here.

    Then I read the Goblet of Truth and Talmud of Jmmanuel.

    To order the Might of the Thoughts and The Psyche, go here and scroll to the bottom of the page.

    I even compiled my own book, which combines a little bit of everything. It’s called We Came From the Stars, And Then From Mars.

    Finally, if you have no idea who I’m talking about, you can read a brief bio here.
    (to see the blog with links attached, click on my name above)

    1. Greg,Your last blog was so beautiful. WOW what beautiful thoughts. I just wish I could afford to read all theses books about Billy. I have read the contact notes and have some of the booklets I sent away for years ago before I got a pc computer.

        1. Doug,

          I have to urge you to take down the link to the Talmud Jmmanuel, as FIGU has requested that this version, which suffered from numerous inaccuracies, no longer be made available. Also, as you can see the top of the document is filled with the inaccurate, erroneous images of the fictitious “Jesus Christ”. None of this would be helpful.


        2. Also, I will read the last document there. In taking a quick look, I noticed the word “soul” used in reference to what we call spirit; they’re not at all the same thing. Did you write/compose this document? Obviously it could be a very good contribution providing certain already discussed inaccuracies aren’t in it. Perhaps our readers can also assist in checking it for you.

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