I have a new article, under the above title, posted at UFO Digest about my recent experiences with various blowhards who perform James Randi-rivaling disappearing acts when it comes to dealing with the inescapable reality of the Billy Meier UFO contacts.

While the majority of these characters purport to be scientists, they certainly don’t want to apply the scientific method to dealing with the recently authenticated WCUFO photos, nor dare they admit that they tested the nighttime WCUFO themselves and confront their own vastly diminished relevance and authority.

The truth can only be suppressed for so long before it erupts and cascades over the mountainous ignorance and self-serving, profit-oriented ambitions of all those who are complicit in trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes.


  1. My Billy Meier book reports:

    I think about thoughts. A lot. Now, we probably all think about our thoughts, but the Billy Meier material allows us to think in new and more effective ways. If the Plejarans are 3000-7000 years more advanced than us technologically, and 20 million years more advanced than us spiritually, it would be wise to study and learn from every piece of information they have to offer. Now what surprised me is that they see Billy Meier as a resource to them! He supposedly has a spirit form that is 12 billion years old, so he has been there and done that. All of it. And he has written down his teachings for us, and the Plejarans, and they are very thankful, while we still need 800 years to be able to appreciate the value of his works. Here are my personal opinions or analogies of some of the material:

    The Goblet of The Truth: I like to refer to it as G.O.T.T., as in “Oh my Gott!”, or “Oh my Gob!” The GoTT is the complete teachings of all of the true seven prophets of the line of Nokodemion. I’m sure you’ve heard of most of them, either in this lifetime or another. They are Enoch, Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Immanuel, Mohammed, and Billy. To me, the teachings are like a steamroller. A massive machine that slowly flattens out the bumps in the road ahead for all that follow. But only if you read the book and apply the teachings to your life. Billy has lived for billions of years, and was able to recall his past wisdom stored in the memory banks and put it all into one clear, complete, comprehensive book. This book could and should eventually replace the Bible, Torah, Koran, and all spiritual texts.

    The Might of The Thoughts: I like to refer to it as M.O.T.T. The might of our thoughts equates to the engine powering our vehicle. Do we have lots of horsepower? What about torque? How many cylinders are we running on? Do we have reliability issues? How many accidents have we had? Are we wasting gas? Spinning our wheels? Our thoughts are the most powerful thing that determine our destiny, and it is up to us to build this power up while minimizing the maintenance issues and problems that inevitably happen. Reading this book is like getting your engine overhauled, your oil changed, and perhaps even adding a turbo or supercharger. It’s like swapping a four cylinder for a V8.

    The Contact Reports: The contact reports are like the scenery we drive by. Sure, we drive every day, but do we really know what goes on in those buildings, or out in nature? No, we just see the surface or façade of things. Most of us were taught from outdated textbooks by old fashioned teachers. If you read all of the contact reports that have been translated in to English so far, you will definitely look at the world differently, after learning the actual truth behind our past, our politicians, the history of our solar system, the effects of religion and overpopulation, and almost every other area of life. The contact reports explain what is really going on outside our vehicle.

    The Psyche: Now I haven’t read The Psyche yet, but I will within the next few months. However, I’m going to take a crack at it anyways. The Psyche is the driver, but more specifically, our hands on the wheel and our feet on the pedals. We are all individuals, we are all unique, we were all raised slightly differently, and we all have different personalities. As a living created being of Creation, we have free will and make decisions and form our personality based on our thoughts, actions, and experiences. The Psyche will probably help us fine tune our skills, or as we drive through life, our steering, when we accelerate, brake, or if we turn on the cruise control. You are the driver, but how aware are you of your surroundings, your efficiency, and performance? What is your ultimate destination, and do you prefer a Prius, a 4×4, or a Porsche? We are all different, but eventually we all end up back in the garage of Creation after 60 to 80 billion years of road tripping.

    I started with the Contact Reports. If you want to see my favorite excerpts, go here.

    Then I read the Goblet of Truth and Talmud of Jmmanuel.

    To order the Might of the Thoughts and The Psyche, go here and scroll to the bottom of the page.

    I even compiled my own book, which combines a little bit of everything. It’s called We Came From the Stars, And Then From Mars.

    Finally, if you have no idea who I’m talking about, you can read a brief bio here.
    (to see the blog with links attached, click on my name above)

    1. Greg,Your last blog was so beautiful. WOW what beautiful thoughts. I just wish I could afford to read all theses books about Billy. I have read the contact notes and have some of the booklets I sent away for years ago before I got a pc computer.

        1. Doug,

          I have to urge you to take down the link to the Talmud Jmmanuel, as FIGU has requested that this version, which suffered from numerous inaccuracies, no longer be made available. Also, as you can see the top of the document is filled with the inaccurate, erroneous images of the fictitious “Jesus Christ”. None of this would be helpful.


        2. Also, I will read the last document there. In taking a quick look, I noticed the word “soul” used in reference to what we call spirit; they’re not at all the same thing. Did you write/compose this document? Obviously it could be a very good contribution providing certain already discussed inaccuracies aren’t in it. Perhaps our readers can also assist in checking it for you.

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