Skeptics Wrong Again: Billy Meier’s “Energy Ship UFO” Authentic

New Documentation, New Award and New Offers!

Skeptics Wrong Again: Billy Meier’s “Energy Ship UFO” Authentic

Prof. Rhal Zahi and Chris Lock have now completed their new photo analysis of the highly unusual Energy Ship UFOs photographed by Billy Meier. Some years ago, a couple of very aggressive, skeptical radio show hosts – one of whom, David Biedney, referred to himself as an expert in PhotoShop, etc. – had quite loudly and arrogantly proclaimed that these photos were deliberately hoaxed double exposures, etc. As is consistently the case…the skeptics have been proved wrong again.

However, you can read the very extensive, detailed analysis of these  photos, which are all the more fantastic now that they’ve been authenticated:

The Energy Ships: An Investigative Analysis of Billy Meier’s Energy Ship UFO Photos

You can see Prof. Zahi’s previous analyses of the WCUFO and the Pendulum UFO Film here:

Prof. Zahi’s Analysis Report on the WCUFO

Prof. Zahi’s Analysis Report on the Pendulum UFO

Another New Award for “And Did They Listen?”

We just won a new award at IndieFEST so you win too with  some special offers on DVDs  on the Billy Meier case:

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If you prefer you can mix and match and  build your own bargain.

And I thank everyone for their ongoing support as we work to bring awareness of the Billy Meier case, and especially the Spiritual Teaching, to worldwide awareness.

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