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Skeptics Wrong Again: Billy Meier’s “Energy Ship UFO” Authentic

Prof. Rhal Zahi and Chris Lock have now completed their new photo analysis of the highly unusual Energy Ship UFOs photographed by Billy Meier. Some years ago, a couple of very aggressive, skeptical radio show hosts – one of whom, David Biedney, referred to himself as an expert in PhotoShop, etc. – had quite loudly and arrogantly proclaimed that these photos were deliberately hoaxed double exposures, etc. As is consistently the case…the skeptics have been proved wrong again.

However, you can read the very extensive, detailed analysis of these  photos, which are all the more fantastic now that they’ve been authenticated:

The Energy Ships: An Investigative Analysis of Billy Meier’s Energy Ship UFO Photos

You can see Prof. Zahi’s previous analyses of the WCUFO and the Pendulum UFO Film here:

Prof. Zahi’s Analysis Report on the WCUFO

Prof. Zahi’s Analysis Report on the Pendulum UFO

Another New Award for “And Did They Listen?”

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And I thank everyone for their ongoing support as we work to bring awareness of the Billy Meier case, and especially the Spiritual Teaching, to worldwide awareness.

58 comments on “Skeptics Wrong Again: Billy Meier’s “Energy Ship UFO” Authentic

  • forto,
    The reason NASA never gives any information UFOs or anything of an extraterrestrial nature – this obviously goes for everything extraterrestrial in the Meier info too — is that the are forbidden to do so by their contract which was written under the “auspices” of the Brookings Institute think tank. It is specifically written into NASA’s contract that any knowledge of anything hinting at extraterrestrial civilized life must not be released to the public. It would help if NASA would hold high a banner informing all of this restriction it has on disseminating information, but the obviously don’t want to be seen as holding anything back even though they must.
    Bottom line: Don’t waste your time waiting on any info from NASA. It will not and cannot happen.

    • Chris, you are the second person from this site I cannot reply to once I get an email from them. I get an error message. How can I receive, but not reply? Anyways, here was my response:
      Hi Chris, thanks for getting back to me. I have been sending you telepathic impulses to email me! I have 40 photos, I got them on Ebay, claiming to be from Wendell Steven’s collection. Many/most of them have handwriting on the back. They feature 1,2,3, or 4 beamships, and there are various types on beamships in the photos- at least 2 or 3 kinds. Here is a linked to the scanned photos:

      If you want I could send them to you, and if you and Rhal did not want to analyze all of them, perhaps you could choose the best 5, 10, or 20, photos to analyze. They all seem to offer something a little different, except one seems to be a duplicate.
      What do you think? You can send me an email again, because I can read it, just can’t reply without an error.
      p.s. If any intelligence jerks are blocking my email, just so you know the photos are not kept on my property.

      • Undoubtedly those are some of the original photos that Billy says were stolen from him. . . . maybe they should be returned?

  • Chris, As fare as I`m concerned I just don`t trust NASA besides their PR STINKS and since they are still living with polluted fire breathing rockets and shuttles that are SO OUTDATED why even bother to listen to their sorded tripe! Since they refuse to even look into flying saucers which would make much more logical dense than theses ancient shuttles and rockets,why bother with NASA at all! Hell they don`t want to believe and bother with Billy and the Plejarens. For years I`v been wanting to see if there would ever be a rival challenge NASA as a competitor. Maby we could challenge NASA and show them just who the Plejarens and us are that is if we can ever get their heads out of the sand etc.

  • Nasa seems to be just a cover for all the folk to ohh and ahh over. The whole entire enterprise is just a smoke screen to hide the real truth. Just look at their budget amongst everything else. Let alone the ‘secret’ craft circling the earth for years now, though I think it recently has landed(Boeing X-37)?
    While ‘they’ inject trillions into black projects and craft. Like so many other aspects to our world within and out…. there is always a polarization filled with lies it mainly seems, at this time in our history. Lies of what our potential truly holds within our technology and far, far beyond. No wonder these aspects of our world can be held secret from the masses with such great two faced liars at the helm. Most will continue to believe Nasa to mean something just like so many other aspects of our thinking creatures created ‘world’. I guess it is up to us as the holders of creations true thoughts to help change these ways of our fellow humans by becoming what the truth truly holds.

    • I agree that NASA, SETI and even UFOIC are smoke screens, but one can actually use their lies to extrapolate the truth when one THINKS about them enough. When applied scientifically, it can all come through with the help of their lies. It’s a funny and delightful thing about probability. There is no way to keep the truth from coming through permanently. All they can do is stall it a bit. But since when is learning to think for yourself bad? That’s the whole point after all 🙂 I didn’t need a big fancy degree or to be a genius at maths. I just had to apply the very basic maths and sciences I had learned in highschool and voila. That’s the problem and the solution. When I was grade 2, I noticed that the adults were obviously not applying the simple maths I was learning to world problems. Just start applying them and see what comes up. It’s genius!! 🙂

      • PS. Learning about the most important case in human history without actually knowing about it by name is about the easiest task there is. When you add religion to the mix of lies to think about (with what NASA, UFOIC, SETI, history, Governments, military’s, secret services and on and on and on), predicting the existence and even much of the basic content of the Meier case comes as easy as just taking the next step. You can extrapolate the timing of it (when it came public [1975 because of technology’s evolution] and the time required before that to educate him) and what to educate him on (things like reincarnation from human to human, unlike Buddhism or even more backwards and unlikely world religious views), also the location of Switzerland being a prime choice based on politics, stable economics, work ethics, high education, geography (center of the world map), and many other things. All of these things would HAVE to be in this case if an intelligent civilization that knew anything about how to engineer a civilization had anything to do with it. Many other things can be extrapolated too without knowing ANYTHING about Billy Meier by name.

        • Very true Daniel. It seems when I first came across Billy’s case over 10 years ago, it was if I had returned to what I always was looking for. That was the interesting thing about it…. within reading and researching this case I was always slanted towards it being true as it was in essence what I always thought as the truth in one degree or another. Though I most certainly did my homework and looked at all angles possible. I can still remember the day, and many fine details of when I first found this case. Something that I will never forget in this life, and there is very few days that my thoughts are not filled with all aspects of what we reside in. As in the end this all is truly about us and how we will change this world into something worthy of harboring the true humans we are destine to be. I for one am ecstatic to be here and to have this chance to be free amongst my fellow humans. We have a lot of work to do together, and more so individually, yet there is still hope! We are destine to strive to the good, better, best it is not a matter of anything but when and how curvy we make the road…. to see that we don’t even need them.
          You are not Daniel Leech by any chance are you?

          • Haha no that’s not me. The name rings a bell though for some reason. Maybe I’ve seen it on facebook somewhere among the figu contacts.

            Well said anyhow. Yeah, in the end it’s up to us to think whether we are given bad or good information. None of it means anything if we don’t think it through. Can’t take anything on faith. In this way, all information is useful. Even if it’s incorrect. Just think of all the lessons being learned out there with the amount of bad information there is. What a wake up call we currently live in! 🙂 Fun to watch. I started challenging religious people I grew up with and who I used to not speak openly to about the various realities. It’s been hard for them but if anybody becomes too complacent in their ideas, chances are they are only beliefs and not knowledges. These are great times to challenge old thinking what with the move into the aquarius age and all.

          • Nice to meet you Daniel, hard to know whom is who with no full name:)
            If there is one subject that rouses the thoughts for me it is definitely religion. Let thy spill forth what these degenerate beliefs have done to our world!
            It is not pretty yet life isn’t always. The only way we are going to change this world is to stand up to it, and for the truth. One individual at a time, one wedding, funeral, etc, etc at a time in defiance of beliefs and in rebellion for the truth.
            As often as I feel alone and in constant defense of the obvious truths, it is nice to know that I am not alone. And that there is a place like Michael’s blog to be with others that see the world as it is. Though it would be nice to meet others from my area whom have come here and are willing to go the next step together.
            Phil B.
            Shakopee Minnesota USA

  • Greg,
    Unfortunately I cannot access your pics from the link here. Do not know why. It’s not a usual problem for me. Anyone else had this problem or is it just a Japan/US computer link-up glitch?

  • Carolyn,
    We are not yet 100% sure of the origin of these photos (not the energy ship photos, all of which were digitally sent to Rhal from Christian, except for the new cover photo to the ES paper v2 which again is not the actual original but a digital version courtesy of Savio). Allegedly they come from Wendell Stevens’ private collection (or copies from it) so they are VERY unlikely to have been some of the stolen photos.

  • Christian just showed the Energy Ships paper to Billy. Billy replied suggesting that the “valuable work should be translated into German.” Christian is unsure whether anyone (presumably at the SSSC) will have the capability and willingness to do this. Therefore if someone has the time and ability to translate this ES paper into German we would be grateful if they could do so. Please let me know either here or privately at if you’d like to take it on. If there are no takers I do have a German friend here who might be willing to do this, but lacking anything more than a passing interest in Billy’s work he might rush through without the best German translation. If your German is fairly incomplete, however, it’s probably best to pass it up. It is a long paper (over 55 pages) and we cannot afford any payment for the translation, so it will be a voluntary effort. Of course, any published German translation will mention the translator’s name.

    Thank you.

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