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35 comments on “Spreading the Wealth

  • I’m doing my best in this sense, many thanks to you all and Salome and salutations to the Prophet Billy Meier on my part, praised be the Creation, for opening the consciousness to this truth.
    Valdemar D.F. Reis

    • You worded that like a religious person. Im just saying thats all.

      Creation as its explained, does not need to be praised, in fact you’d probably be wasting your time praising it especially in an open and public way (you’d be better off praising yourself, and other human beings only)
      It will be you and you alone opening up your own consciousness, and it will only occur from many years of many different lessons you alone have learnt independently (but yes it relies on a humanity around you to help speed up avenues and feedback what to learn and what is valuable to learn aka developing your own and our cultural and societal, world, consciousness)

      • Daniel, I must make a comment regarding your contributions. Please don’t take this the wrong way. It’s people like you who use the words and words alone to make yourself seem more knowing than what you really are as many have done here, that’s called ego or ego-centric. From my experiences, you’ve had zero experience with anything outside your normal five senses and frankly I could give a damn whether anyone believes it or not. Words are simply words without a frame of reference. If people honestly think that others are not contacted in various ways, you have missed the intricacies of the contact notes. Notice that I have never made one mention of anything remotely regarding the Plejeran because in my mind it probably was not. This venue has gotten out of control, it excludes individuals who put a lot on the line to bring their own experiences to light, only to have them crushed by what I call Meierites. You are not to be worshipping Eduard Meier, he is Human like all the rest of us, he only brings a message. This is why he stays out of the public eye, and who can blame him after all that has transpired? If you think people do not have anything to offer in the area of “contacts,” you are a complete fool, a fool of the worst kind. No one here is trying to detract away from the Meier case at all, that’s ludicrous. Even within the purvue of this case, dogma seems to rein supreme in its most strictest of forms. And Michael if you don’t believe me, feel free to cut me off when ever you like, I’ll respect that. But you would be making a colossal mistake. I implore you to re-read certain reports and some things may make sense unless of course your mind is already made up. I do not wish to engage in any more intellectual chess games, either do it or don’t. You’re a good man, but you’re hard headed sometimes and you miss the little things on the side. My advice to people who are just coming to this, curb your enthusiasm, let others find their way as much as possible. Do not ever bring forth your experiences or you will be scorned. Harsh but true. If you want your proof, that can be arranged, but it won’t be here.

        • For to,

          I haven’t seen anything substantiated regarding other so-called contacts. I don’t think there’s much of importance to be gleaned from such claims because the core of the Meier case is the spiritual teaching and I will be very surprised to see that improved upon.

          • Where did I say that I could improve upon anything Michael? I simply was trying to convey to you things most people will never believe, that being the inclusion of other types of contact. I know you think in the back of your mind that I’m some crazy person, but you would be mistaken. I mention these things only to tell you that others know as well. No one in these private circles are making claims such that they equal Eduard’s, but they do exist, you must realize this. The only importance of these kinds of contacts are awareness and feeling, we are not allowed anything else, which is why we struggle to find the source of these things. I swear to you Michael, these are real for whatever reason. I’m not trying to make comparisons, only to include those things that are indeed pertinent, it carries weight in some way. I know it sounds fkn crazy, but please think about it, and maybe even ask Eduard about it when you have the chance. I would never put such engery into a thing if I was not sure. I am of sound mind.

          • Claims that are based on subjective experiences for me do not have the kind of value that is under discussion in the Meier material. And I say that as someone who also has had subjective experiences.

            So perhaps you’re no more crazy than and vice versa.

        • Has Forto been contacted? Because I’m reading a lot of subliminal messaging in his comment but nothing directly specific. It isn’t that people will scorn you for saying you’ve been contacted its more about providing evidence for such claims. If there is no evidence then you’re leaving room for belief which some people don’t like to dwell in.

          • Thought about posting this for some time, as it is interesting that there can be so much activity on our world, from those with higher technology/spiritual understanding. Remember reading that even though the Plejaren had left their earthly bases, they still come back on a daily basis. As much as this is our responsibility to change, we mean a lot to one another, as we are very much connected.
            My only time being very much put in the category of having a subjective experience, would have to be March 13th, 2006, on a boat in the Saronic gulf of Greece. I had taken a trip to Greece with the college I was attending and actually got college credits for going. Let me just say that I am not the type of person that ‘sees things’. As far as can recall, have never had weird experiences of the physical kind, that weren’t of my own doing:). On this particular day in March, we were touring islands all around the Saronic bay. Big boats, lots of people, and a whole lot of commotion. I don’t remember what I was doing at the particular time but very much do remember, seems daily sometimes, what I saw when I exited onto the deck of the boat one time. As I exited I looked up to the sky to see a beam-ship fly between two clouds. It lasted for less than a second, I am sure, but in my mind was clear as day,felt like minutes. Very vivid and no one around me saw anything. Held heavy in my thoughts for days after. Have never even brought it up here before:) Fast forward and it does not matter as much what I saw that day, as much as what I do with all of it for myself today. That was already almost 2 years into this ‘case’, for me, at that point. How will I take this and come back to the truth for me and our world… together, responsibly.

  • I’ll be starting a new job soon which will allow me to contribute to these things. I’ve not been able to read or listen to certain publications, specifically the Arahat Athersata and the official symbols distribution. I’ve seen the released symbols brochure of which one is of particualr importance to me for some reason. So, I will do what I can in the coming days. I have a feeling there are many answers lying hidden within certain texts and videos that I have not been able to review thus far. I wish the official spritual teaching could be made available in some way without having to actually fly to Switzerland as most cannot do this yet. Maybe things will change.

    • “I wish the official spritual teaching could be made available in some way without having to actually fly to Switzerland as most cannot do this yet.”

      The spiritual teaching (info) is all over internet, from TheyFly.com, Futureofmankind.com, Figu Australia site, Figu Canada, Creational Truth site, on and on… And there is MORE THAN ENOUGH translated in English to get a foothold and to walk a spiritual path. Period! If you are complaining or feel that you are powerless, you NOT taking responsibility for yourself. You are acting in a religious manner and not seeing reality.

      • How you reached the religious conclusions is baffling to me. I was referring to the official course materials that FIGU offers. You may want to concentrate on yourself before taking someone else’s inventory, but I appreciate the comment.

        • “Official course materials?” What? Create your own study course!!!

          You are being religious in this case because you circumventing your personal responsibility, and giving it to Switzerland or the spirit lessons in German or your lack of money. Create your own lessons. There is enough already for FREE and in English. Build YOUR own spiritual house. Take responsibility and make it happen!!!

          This is a pep talk not a put down:)

          • wow, calm down there hero. I think you missed the point entirely. It’s pretty much a mute point though. Try not to be so sensitive about other peoples’ perspectives, just a suggestion.

          • Kind of what I was thinking Anthony.
            Like the idea of doing book reports. Especially when it comes to books such as Might of the thoughts. A lot has been given, enough for me to work on the rest of this life, all on my own yet, hopefully someday with more in the physical!
            Though I am not a FIGU member, I most definitely try and do what I can. There is just as much, if not more one can accomplish all on their own. We have been given the key, it is up to us what we will do with it.

  • forto, “I only just wish I could REALY become a member of FIGU and fly to Switzreland ,meet Billy and take part in the FIGU group too but unfortunately I live on a very limited fixed income which doesn’t allow me to even join and become a member of FIGU.:(

    • I dont believe you Terry, and the reason I dont believe you is because several years ago I took it upon myself to experiment with what is possible, learn my limits, more about people, human beings (to learn more indirectly about the past and future) and learn more about the world I live on, and will continue to incarnate on. The reason what I did was a success was because I categorically concluded that I/we have absolutely nothing to loose given the factors; a; humanity is incredibly poor (in everything but money) and b; I will be dead along with everyone else who is currently alive in less than 100 years/50 years mostly.

      I travelled to the other side of the world, with a backpack with less than £2000 for an entire year of travel. The way I did it was by using my creative intellect and spiritual intellect, I worked in many different places along the way, I stayed with many different people, I never refused an invitation, I kept my body and mind clean and healthy a good diet and only healthy developing progressive and real world ideas.

      The way I did it meant that I met several people every day, and I kept everything open and free in such a way that I was not locked into money problems, political problems, problem problems, only locked into the real and my real path I was creating through the world. The way I did it meant that I was able to look into the lives of those people that spend $5000 dollars on a 2 week vacation, and look into their habits, their ideas, and look into their locked-in problem that they voluntarily develop of their own volition.

      It is true that I had to alienate myself from much of humanity and the way we have got used to doing business and living styles, but in doing so I discovered an even greater and more stable vein of humanity, a rich seem of humanity that exhausts their lives, sees the path before them clearly, and in my opinion are the real rich (even though they are monetarily poor), so in conclusion I am recommending that your not both, not monetarily poor and valuable experience of life poor, but only monetarily poor.

      You’ll be surprised how long a day can be, and how much can be accomplished in a single day, if and only if we are able to sort out heads out and live exclusively in reality for the entire day.

      • The most valuable aspect of everything I just said, was that I could see the path before me clearly (which required a substantial energetic momentum by the way). It is only until you can see your own path through life before you clearly that you really and truely realise upon further evaluation that we live on a poor world, or somewhere between poor in ideas and monstrously poor in confusion. But having said that we have plenty of money, infact there is enough money in the world for every single human being to millionaires several times over. Ask yourself whether you want to live or not.

        • I approved your comments here but I really don’t think this is the blog topic. So if you don’t see any more posts approved it would be because they’re off topic. Please find the appropriate place to post them, thanks.

    • You can always participate.

      There is no rule that keeps you from that. As far as FIGU is concerned if you walk like FIGU, talk like FIGU, and most importantly think like FIGU you are FIGU!

      I am not speaking on behalf of FIGU just that out of consideration for the mission.

  • Hey MH, I just ordered the Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life and the Standing im Spirit DVD. I`m really looking forward to seeing those two DVDs so I can learn more about the Spiritual Teaching and learn to meditate more effectively. Thanks so very much. This is my Cristsmas present to me. Sorry I was a little late.

      • Michael, First off, I have never used a credit card. I just bought 6 of them at a local supermarket because I never ever get gifts for myself for my birthdays, holidays etc. I desided to give myself a present for once since everybody buys on line now. As a matter of fact I just ordered a debit card recently for emergencies such as bad weather, hospitalizations etc etc, etc. I did have a credit card years ago but you have to have a lot of money in the bank to be able to use a credit card. Trouble is I don`t have a lot of money in my checking accout so I have to bevery carful and save for emergencies,that is why I have a checking account in case of a real emergency(s). The debit card will just be in case I can`t get to the bank to cash my checks if there is an emergency such as a blizzard and on.

  • I didn’t say I was praising creation, I said in this term, be praised the creation, was a WAY of thanks, and don’t like to praise him, maybe I didn’t get into details and didn’t make my point.
    Praise the creation is not in form of worship, is to take account of, and esteem in our lives and ways of thinking, and comply with the guidelines and laws.
    TALM. JMM. 25: 64, here’s everything-Salome

  • Today I was reading CR 175, it came to my mind that I should point out the fact that if you previously read this report i would recommend rereading it for the fact that this report proves where the truth lies & shows what happened to other people who in the past tried to diminish, change and delude the truth.

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