Bad Research or CIA Shill?

I was recently sent a link to a seemingly unusual place to find an inept attack on the Billy Meier UFO case, the OccupyTheory website. According to the info on the site:

We are a online magazine that focuses on important issues related to the Occupy movement. Our journalists write about topics in the fields of climate change, activism, environment, and human rights.

So exactly why did they choose write a purely skeptical attack on the Meier case, use the outdated and inaccurate information and provide no links to any of our sites? Could it be because someone there was aware that Meier had criticized the stupid Occupy movement in “as the time fulfills”?

Certainly Prof. Zahi’s analysis on the WCUFO was already available when they wrote the article and they could’ve tested a photo themselves. They also could have recently learned that Phil Langdon chickened out of the debate with me, probably also because it’s obvious that he really didn’t – and couldn’t – duplicate the details of the WCUFO.

Still, since the site claims to discuss the pros and cons of numerous social and environmental issues, how is it that there’s no mention whatsoever of Meier’s abundant, prophetically accurate information pertaining to many of these exact topics?

I have only two theories as to why the Meier case is attacked here. One is that they are simply bad, shallow, trendy “researchers”. The other is that they are perhaps a kind of “rat catcher” site for the CIA or some other intelligence gathering agency set up to track people who are interested in quasi-alternative news and subjects. If so, they also want to direct people away from where real, vitally important information can be found.

Something “conspiratorial” to ponder on this Sunday morning.


Thanks to Adam Coate for the information.

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  1. George Noory just had a former CIA guy on who is going to do a TV series on sifi channel I think but I`m not sure which TV channel. He would like to interview anyone who is not from Earth or who is from another dimention beyond Earth etc.You can Email this guy at I Come From I couldn’t get his name but check this It out It`s

    1. Obviously not a too sharp savvy guy then. Because if he was he would already know that there would only be personality that one could possibly glean from such an interview.

      CIAman: “So… how are things in the dimension where mars is habitable, tell me about the social system”.
      DimensionalDude: “Things are good, well my wife, she’s social, she is fine. I try and make the garden as habitable as possible for the wildlife”.
      CIAman: “Sure… ok, tell us the meaning of life, what is the mathmatical equation for free energy technologies and shit like that”
      DimensionalDude: “I am just a regular guy, and I was never really interested in technology, but I could probably write out a mathmatical formula if you have 30 minutes to let me think about it, assuming you’d understand it”

  2. I guess their are more and more of people being born with black iris and eye color surfacing on the planet . And by saying Immanuel had descendants , he was a man , with a family and he has descendants . And regarding a long list , it seems we as a whole were brought here and genetic modifications took place . But in that context , where are we from? I would reason we , who are here now are from here . That’s all .

  3. I love to watch reruns of Star Trek The Next Generation when I can sometimes. Case in point The character Deanna Troi and her mother Luxanna Troi and there are others from what TNG aliens known as Betazed have black pupils and most of those Betazoids are very nice warm and friendly. I DON`T think their ancestors were the Greys. There were origionally ancestors from fish/amphibians which have black pupils. I think anything is possible,who knows?

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