The Seven Principles

A text from the spiritual teaching by Billy Meier

In order to focus more on the core of the Billy Meier case, the spiritual teaching, I’m posting The Seven Principles text for discussion and comments:

1) You should not trust the impulses of your untrained material consciousness, because your consciousness is still untrained and inadequate (deficient) in any respect. Search continuously for the logic in every thought process, and apply this logic when you have found it.
2) You should not let yourself be disturbed or distracted by the unreal impulses of your consciousness. They occur automatically, often come from the subconscious, and you should not try to control them immediately. You can however quickly (in a flash) detect them through your concentrated neutral positive thinking and feelings, to recognize (understand) the insignificant importance of them.
3) You should never allow anxiety, fear and insecurity in any respect to rise in you, nor allow it to prevail in the slightest way. You should never in any way (respect) have the slightest distrust in yourself, as well as in your personality, nor in any way have the tiniest little doubt with regard to your success. All thought “sprouts” and negative-generated (ausgearteten) feelings to this effect must be recognized immediately and banned without compromise.
4) You must lay decisive strength, self-confidence, assertiveness (self-assurance) and triumphalism in the construction and in the realization of your ideas, and construct all of it in a concentrative, clear and powerful manner, let it prevail and bring it all to blossom.
5) You must handle (control) your experiences and events in the material sphere of life – caused by your own thoughts and feelings as well as the influences of vibrations of your fellow human being – and without exception, directly and automatically neutralize them by steering (directing) them into the paths (channels, tracks) of neutral positive thinking and feeling, without in the slightest way being bound by any vibrations and intentions of the other (human being) and make these illogically your own.
6) You must absolutely maintain very strong focus on essential values like love, peace, knowledge, wisdom, freedom, balance, neutrality, harmony, truth and reality, develop them consciously with confidence and motivation, and under all circumstances be aware of them.
7) The bigger the problems and difficulties are that are exposed to, the greater and more powerful you will be able to grow, because you are forced to elaborate (work out) all the solutions and the right and logical way of thinking, through the development of your own rising consciousness, and allow these solutions to dominantly prevail, powerfully and with determination.

Please note that the complete text with the original German can be found here.

Thanks to Billy Wilson for first linking to this information.



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  1. If you could make this pop-up on the screen every time the first letter from a keyboard is entered into the comment box and have it stay until the second impulse arrives for the next character. Great and wonderful concepts would germinate, grow and spread with ease. But I have to learn much to be able to always use such simple Principles with each thought, but is worth giving it a try in this little box in this short moment of time.
    Thank you for sharing this Michael.
    Billy Wilson

    1. Billy,

      I have enough to do to try to moderate the blog actually. You can feel free to include a link to it in all of your posts, as can everyone else if they like the idea.

    1. Hi Joe,

      I’m trying to remember where Meier answered it, it may have been in a Q&A (you’ll probably have to search). Also, please use your full name when posting here, thanks.

  2. Hi Michael , Where’s the Beef? Hee Hee Thanks for the Food for Thought ! I know your on to something by making these types of post. Keep it up ! Because I to have an untrained material consciousness.

  3. Thankyou MH I always wanted to learn the Spiritual Teachings in Everyday. Maby somebody could publish this in a nice small every day booklet to carry with you where ever you go so you can always refer back to the Spiritual Teachings sort of like when peop[le carry the bible where ever they go. Just an idea but thanks for posting the Seven Basic Spiritual Techings. Thankyou.:)))

  4. Michael, Thank you for these, I had not seen these prior. Also, they could not have come at a more appropriate time for me personally, as the last 24 hours for me has been, well, trying, especially in respect to number three of the seven principles. Thank you.


  5. This was a nice treat, I have this pamphlet saved in my cart @ the FIGU Swiss shop, and this snippet lets me know, it will be a purchase well worth it.

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