Using the World’s Military Forces to Establish Peace

Specific advice and recommendations from an extraterrestrial race for our future survival

by Corey Müske

Explanation of terms:

Gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit: Something that is achieved in rationality and logic represents a “Gewaltsamkeit”.  Rationality and logic stand for rightness against the illogical/unright, which is being confronted mightfully; however, in a form that is not destructive but constructive, i.e. gewaltlos (without Gewalt). [*1]

Gewalt has nothing to do with ‘violent’ or ‘violence’, because the Old Lyrian term in relation to ‘Gewalt’ means ‘Gewila’ and this is defined as ‘using all available coercing means, powers based in the psyche, mind, and consciousness, capabilities and skill in order to carry out and wield monstrous (immense/tremendous) actions and deeds’ [*2]

Our planet needs to revolutionize the way we use our world militaries, and the way we punish our criminals. The governments of the US and the EU may stupidly spark off a situation of war-escalation with Russia (which could also lead to a situation of war with Russia’s main ally: China) due to unfair sanctions, not to mention either advertently, or inadvertently cause a situation where the nations of the East may rise up against the nations of the West, and the West against the East (Contact 215 sentence 169), not to mention terrorist extremists such as ISIS, and Al-Qaeda affiliates, both revealed by Billy as “fanatical warriors of Islam” may strategically rise up against Europe and the West, and throw us, and our descendants down to the lowest level of misery (Contact 215 sentences 175-178) which could equal complete enslavement for the Earth by Islam.

Billy has recommended that a multinational force 3 to 10 times the size of ISIS/IS needs to be assembled and deployed to nip this radical Islamic situation in the bud, and just as we need to start controlling our planet’s dangerous overpopulation levels, this potential emerging fourth world-war situation should be considered a planetary emergency and be dealt with swiftly, rationally, and logically by not only the highest levels of terrestrial governments, but also by BEAM’s, and the Plejaren Federation’s recommendation of assembling a true multi-national peacekeeping troop to which every nation on Earth belongs, so in areas of the Earth where uprisings, rebellions, revolutions and war is emerging, the enemy is thus surrounded, disarmed, then separated by gender, and the enemy is thus entirely banished to well-guarded lonely islands, and isolated land-tracts where they will have to work for their own complete survival, only given the basic tools.

In Contact Report 638, Ptaah explained that Vladimir Putin has been attempting to assemble a multinational combat force for some time, and although this is not the global multinational peacekeeping force outlined by Henoch, it is similar to it, a prequel perhaps?  The US and the West seem to be sabotaging any bearable fruit to Putin’s plans, due to open hostilities towards Russia by the US and the West, and advisors to the US and the West, even though Putin has good intentions.  Part of this may be because he may want to use this force against the US-armed rebels in Syria, and Putin openly backs Assad, wherein the US and the West demand Assad step down.

This FIGU recommendation of gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit, and banishment to the places of fulfillment of guidelines thus should also not be used to perpetuate current world-government aspirations of becoming dictatorships like the West/East might want, by crushing the will of the people of Earth to dust, instead the troop should thus stand for a logical Gewalt, thus fulfilling the creative-natural creational laws, and would thus be used against all criminals, terrorists, other power-mad leaders, as well as, all dictatorships that do not democratically fulfill the will of the people, to finally materialize lasting peace on Earth, thus truly and finally this army would thus be fulfilling the will of the people of Earth, thus guaranteeing love, peace, (both inner and outer) freedom, and harmony for the general populace.

Some of the translated contact reports I have included in this PDF contain some negative prophecies if our planet does not materialize the plans in the future, more changeable negative prophecies for the third millennium can also be found in the introduction to the translated “Goblet of the Truth” (which can be purchased here, as well as, the Henoch Prophecies (Contact 215) that Michael Horn generously hosts on his site, one can surely read these changeable prophecies at their leisure.

The solution to the frightening Henoch Prophecies is the manifestation of a troop that fights for peace according to the Henoch-system.  This operation would have to be one of the biggest operations the modern Earth has ever seen, and would have to involve absolutely everyone involved into true multinational intelligence sharing, as well as, the greatest true multinational coordination between the Earth’s militaries the modern Earth has ever seen.  Failure to materialize these recommendations could mean millions, then possibly, billions of people could perish a miserable death at the hands of the Fourth World War, that could escalate to nuclear, chemical, and biological weapon confrontations if we do not act in time to stop the forthcoming madness.

Since the concepts of the use of logical force such as gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit, which is the use of a true multinational peacekeeping troop, and banishment for our planet’s criminals is out of the normal boundaries of thought for the average person, I assembled this document.

This document contains details recorded by BEAM on the ethics of assembling the multinational peacekeeping troop, and how it should be run in the future times before true insanity overtakes the Earth.

Recorded details on the Gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit:

Direct answers from Billy found in the English FIGU-Forums “Questions to Billy-Answered” section:

Question #1, answered on February 24, 2013:

Question: “Is there a definition and a set of procedures for the use of ‘logical force’ that the Plajaren abide by when implementing such an action? In other words, what range of actions are included in the Plajaren’s ‘logical force’ methodology?

I think that your entire Mission and that of FIGUs is the use of direct ‘logical force’, but what else besides the seeding of the spiritual teaching would be considered ‘logical force’?”

Answer: “Everything which is directed against that which is negative/bad, is logical force. In other words: Acting towards, and engaging for that which is good (in line with the spiritual principles etc.) is application of logical force.”

Question #2, answered on April 28th, 2013: 

Question: “It is true and obvious to some human beings that violence does not stop violence and murder does not stop murder. When I was in Switzerland 2 years ago I asked Patric CG member about the conflict in Libya and he said what should of happened there is that a secret group should of gone into Libya and arrested those responsible in positions of power without further killing of human beings. What would be the correct way to end the senseless violence and murdering in Syria?”

Answer: “The intelligent way to deal with all those crazy and war-mongering heads of states and governments and military and rebels/revolutionaries, etc. etc. (which are active not only in Syria, but many other countries) is to found an International Peace-Fighting Troop/Army which takes care that all attempts to start a war are stopped everywhere (= in all countries) at its root by capturing the responsible war-mongering persons and separate them from society for the rest of their lives.”

Question #3, answered on January 29, 2005: 

Question: “Perhaps you can help with this. It is said that a true universal Peace-Combat force would be needed to properly protect all countries and people of the Earth froms wars, terrorsits, criminals, revolutionaries, etc.

If I recall correctly, in an early contact, Semjase also said that the time for humans to establish peace without using force has passed, that the tyrants and warmongers must be forcefully removed, which sounds like revolution.

If that is the case, wouldn’t such be theoretically against the proposed global laws or is there an exception to it under certain circumstances?

Answer: “Not a universal Peace-Combat force, but just a Peace-Combat force.

To remove the warmongers and tyrants from their thrones is not a revolution, but an act of reason.

If the Peace-Combat force (troops) is/are acting along the rule of forced forcelessness (gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit) it acts within the boundaries of the creational laws and commandments.”

Question #4, answered March 01, 2015:

Question: “You advocate for a global police force, which in light of all that is happening today, makes complete sense. The scale of such an undertaking may be small at first, but it would have to grow to an enormous size to truly be effective. Considering the variety of human beings on this planet, and depending upon how strictly the imperative of fairness and corrected behavior is enforced, perhaps 1/100th of the global population would need to be engaged in this police force. Earth currently does not have either the financial nor the industrial capability to support this size police force. Although these are not insurmountable challenges, overcoming them would require that many political leaders change their priorities. It seems to me that, as much as such an overarching global police force is genuinely needed on this planet, it could also be very easily turned into yet another venue and means to further the agendas promoted by some of our planet’s most powerful, duplicitous, and corrupt people who themselves already work for a single world government and culture dominated primarily by their favorite ever-threatened group association.

My question is this: are you at all concerned with the preservation of the planet’s unique societies: its unique cultures and peoples? Or in weighing the need for a global police force, will you accept the destruction of what makes us unique?”

Answer: “To interfere in a conflict, as e.g. in the case of the IS terrorists/criminals, would require that a 3- up to tenfold multinational peace-enforcing troop (which may never consist of mercenaries) would interfere in the region and checkmate the terrorist scum.

Btw: Since terrestrial population has already reached 8.5 milliard (billion), 85 million fighters (= 1/100th) would be too many.

Regarding your question: The peoples and cultures on our planet (on any planet) must be preserved and not unified. Each „Volk“ and culture should preserve its uniqueness. However, this is increasingly threatened because of migration, refugees etc., enforced through wars, mismanagment, famine, etc., all of which is based on the overpopulation catastrophe and the connected religions etc.

Question #5:

Question:  “When is it acceptable for the following to happen:

2. civil wars
3. uprisings that are good for the people because of an oppressive government which results in a formulation of a new and better government that tries to work for the people but can spur further conflict and civil wars of opposing parties as portions of the people want the negative “old ways” and “old leaders” back because they are unknowledgeable about what is good for them?

(I realize that all of the above should be dealt with the recommendations of gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit and the multi-national peacekeeping troop, but since this is unfortunately not manifestable at this current time, I was looking for when it is acceptable for the above examples as we see unfolding everyday in the news.)

Answer: “Neither of the three occurrences is acceptable because in each „scenario“ people are killed etc. The only acceptable way is when peaceful persons are elected, i.e. persons who will not misuse their might as soon as they are in office.

The only acceptable way of using weapons is through/by a multi-national peacekeeping troop which takes actions against the war-mongering parties/countries/persons.”

Other recorded details of gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit:

2:351: “Ihr habt von den Kündern, den Propheten, gehört, dass ihr ein weises Haupt (weisen Führer) zu eurer Lenkung und Belehrung wählen sollt, auf dass ihr in Liebe und Frieden, wie auch in Freiheit und Abgewogenheit (Harmonie) und in Weisheit leben und in dieser Weise euer ganzes Dasein fristen mögt; und ihr sollt nicht im Kampf mit Waffen gegeneinander oder gegen andere Sippen und Völker ziehn; werdet ihr aber durch eine Schlachtschar (Kriegsschar/Militär) mit Waffengewalt angegriffen, auf dass ihr vertrieben oder in Knechtschaft (Hörigkeit) oder Gefangenschaft geschlagen werdet, dann kämpft dagegen mit gewaltsamer Gewaltlosigkeit; wird euch jedoch die Möglich keit der gewaltsamen Gewaltlosigkeit genommen, dann führt einen Kampf in Folgerichtigkeit (Logik), durch den allein die Vernunft entscheidet, ob eine Abwehr in Not (Notwehr) Berechtigung haben kann, also ihr nicht tötet (mordet) in Ausartung; ihr aber sollt euch auch nicht zum Kampfe mit Waffen aufbringen (aufhetzen) lassen, weder in der Familie noch unter Gruppen, wie aber auch nicht durch die Obrigkeit und nicht durch Führer und Herrscher und nicht durch Priester und sonstige Anbeter von Göttern und Götzen; kämpft stets nur mit der Gewalt von Waffen, wenn ihr mit solchen angegriffen werdet, doch seht dabei jederzeit dazu, dass ihr des Rechtens kämpft und nur in Not den Tod der Gegner herbeiführt, wenn

keine andere Möglichkeit der Gegenwehr besteht, auf dass ihr nicht tötet (mordet) und keine Frevler (Gesetzesbrüchige) am Leben jener werdet, welche euch Feindschaft bringen; also sollt ihr euch nur des Rechtens verteidigen und nicht durch Frevel am Leben Schuld auf euch laden.”

2:351: “You have heard from the proclaimers, the prophets, that you shall select a wise head (wise leader) for your guidance and instruction so that you may live in love and peace as well as in freedom and balance (harmony) and in wisdom, and may spend your entire present existence in this wise; and you shall not take up arms and fight against one another or against other tribes and peoples; if you are however attacked by a battle troop (war troop/military) with armed Gewalt so that you are driven out or beaten down into servitude (bondage) or imprisoned, then fight against it with gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit; if the possibility of gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit is taken away from you, however, then conduct a battle in consequentiality (logic) by means of which solely rationality decides whether a defence in extremis (self-defence) may be justified, therefore you do not kill (murder) in Ausartung; however, you shall not let yourselves be stirred up (be agitated) to battles with weapons, neither in the family nor amongst groups, nor by following authority or leaders and rulers and not by following priests and other worshipers of gods and tin gods; only ever use the Gewalt of weapons to fight if you are attacked with the same, but when doing so always ensure that you are fighting rightfully and are only bringing about the death of the opponent in extremis when there is no other possibility of defending yourselves, so that you do not kill (murder) and do not become malefactors (lawbreakers) against the life of those who bring you enmity; therefore you shall defend yourselves only rightfully and not load guilt upon your life through any outrage.” [*3]

4:120: “Gewinnen andere Euresgleichen (Menschen) oder Völker Macht über euch, dann erwehrt euch mit allen euren gerechten (angemessenen) Mitteln, doch greift niemals zu Waffen, um zu töten, so ihr also wider eure Widersacher mit gewaltsamer Gewaltlosigkeit kämpfen sollt, auf dass sich alle jene von euch und eurem Volk fernhalten, die wider euch sind; bedenkt, dass die Wahrheit und Rechtschaffenheit (Gewissenhaftigkeit), der Frieden und die Liebe wie auch die Freiheit keine Art des Angriffs und keine Art des Kampfes mit todbringenden Waffen erlaubt.”

4:120: “If other people of your kind (human beings) or peoples gain might over you then defend yourselves with all your fair (appropriate) means, but never reach for weapons in order to kill, so you shall fight against your adversaries with gewaltsamer Gewaltlosigkeit so that all of those who are against you will stay away from you and your people; consider that the truth and righteousness (conscientiousness), peace and love as well as freedom do not permit any kind of attack or any kind of fight with deadly weapons.”

4:220: “Und also huldigt (beugt euch) keinen Schlachtherren (Kriegsherren), denn ihr Tun ist des Bösen und wider die Gesetze und Gebote der Quelle aller Weisheit (Schöpfung) betreffend des Lebens, der Liebe, der Freiheit, des Friedens, der Gleichstimmung (Harmonie) und dem Erhalt alles von Euresgleichen (Menschen) Erschaffenen; und richten (anzetteln) Obrigkeiten und Herrscher oder Schlachtherren (Kriegsherren) Schlachten (Kriege) aus, dann stellt euch als gesamtes Volk in gewaltsamer Gewaltlosigkeit gegen sie und verweigert ihnen eure Dienste, denn jede Art von Schlacht (Krieg) steht wider die Gesetze und Gebote der Urquelle allen Daseins (Schöpfung), wider die Würde des Euresgleichen (Menschen) und wider alles Recht des Lebens, das da lehrt, dass nicht soll getötet (gemordet) werden in Ausartung, sondern nur dann, wenn die Not des Lebens (Notwehr) es erfordert; Not des Lebens (Notwehr) ist jedoch nicht gegeben durch Schlachthandlungen (Kriegshandlungen) und dergleichen, denn wahrlich bedeuten Schlachthandlungen (Kriegshandlungen) in Besinnung (bewusst) herbeigeführte Bluttat (Mord).”

4:220: “And therefore do not pay homage to (bow down before) any battle leaders (warlords), because their deeds are evil and against the laws and recommendations of the wellspring of all wisdom (Creation) concerning the life, love, freedom, peace, consonance (harmony) and the preservation of everything created by people of your kind (human beings); and if authorities and rulers or battle leaders (warlords) instigate battles (wars) then stand as a whole people in gewaltsamer Gewaltlosigkeit against them and refuse them your services, because every type of battle (war) is against the laws and recommendations of the primal wellspring of all existence (Creation), against the dignity of people of your kind (human beings) and against all the right of the life, which teaches that there shall be no killing (murdering) in Ausartung, but only then if a life-threatening emergency (self-defence) makes it necessary; however, a life-threatening emergency (self-defence) does not arise through acts of battle (acts of war) and the like, because truly acts of battle (acts of war) amount to bloody deeds (murder) committed in consciousness (consciously).

19:46: “Wahrlich gibt es aber auch einen ehrwürdigen (heiligen) Zorn, der sich in Gerechtigkeit und in Gefasstheit (Beherrschung) bewegt und dazu dient, Ungerechtes (Verantwortungsloses) und Unrechtschaffenes (Gewissenloses) durch gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit (Handlungen in Logik und Vernunft) zu bekämpfen (bekriegen) und zu beheben, auf dass daraus Gerechtes (Verantwortungsvolles) und Rechtschaffenes (Gewissenhaftes) hervorgehe (zustande kommen kann). (= Gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit ist der Weg der passiven, logischen Gewalt, denn gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit bedeutet mit anderen Worten aktive Gewaltlosigkeit, bei der gewaltsam resp. aktiv die Gewaltlosigkeit geübt und durchgesetzt wird. Bei der gewaltsamen Gewaltlosigkeit als aktive Gewaltlosigkeit wird gewaltsam resp. aktiv die Gewaltlosigkeit geübt und durchgesetzt. Gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit bedeutet aber auch passiver Widerstand, wobei Passivität in diesem Sinn eine Kraft resp. eine Macht oder eben passive Gewalt darstellt, denn Kraft, Macht und Gewalt auch in gewaltloser, passiver Form als Widerstand stellt eine Form der Gewaltsamkeit dar, die jedoch in gewaltsamer Gewaltlosigkeit ausgeübt wird. Dabei jedoch darf diese gewaltlose resp. passive Gewaltsamkeit nicht im Sinne des üblichen erdenmenschlichen Verstehens von negativer Gewalt verstanden werden, sondern nur im Sinne von einem positiven, befriedenden, harmonisierenden, ausgleichenden, erhebenden und ordnungsschaffenden Einsatz in Form von passiv Widerstand bietender Kraft, Macht und Beeinflussung usw. in logischer Weise.)”

19:46: “Truly, however, there is also a venerable rage which moves in fairness and in composure (restraint) and serves to fight (strive) against unfairness (irresponsibility) and unrighteousness (consciencelessness) through gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit (actions in logic and rationality) and to put a stop to them so that fairness (responsibility) and righteousness (conscientiousness) may come forth (come about). (= gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit is the way of passive, logical Gewalt, because gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit means in other words active Gewaltlosigkeit, in which Gewaltlosigkeit is practised and implemented with Gewalt, i.e. actively. In gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit as active Gewaltlosigkeit, Gewaltlosigkeit is practised and implemented with Gewalt, i.e. actively.  However, gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit also means passive resistance, where passiveness in this sense means a power, i.e. a might or simply passive Gewalt, because power, might and Gewalt also in Gewalt-less, passive form as resistance represent a form of Gewalt, which is however carried out in gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit.  At the same time, however, this Gewalt-less, i.e. passive Gewalt must not be understood in the sense of the usual understanding that human beings of Earth have of negative Gewalt, but rather only in the sense of a positive, peace bringing, harmonising, balancing, buoyant and regulation establishing effort in the form of a power, might and influence, etc. offering passive resistance in a logical wise.)

[*4] (Note re Ausartung: The English explanation from Plejaren language scientists given to Billy by Ptaah on August 27, 2010 of “Ausartung” = very bad get-out of control of the good human nature).

45th Contact  03:04 am: 25th of Feburary, 1976 [*5]:


115: Viele eurer Politiker und Wissenschaftler sind absolut verantwortungslose Kreaturen, denen unbedingt ihre Macht entzogen werden müsste, um sie durch vernünftige und verantwortungsbewusste Kräfte zu ersetzen.

115: Many of your politicians and scientists are completely irresponsible creatures, whom should be removed of their might, in order to replace them with rational and responsibility conscious forces.

116: Dies aber ist leider nur durch logische gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit zu erreichen, die durch die Volk selbst ausgeübt werden müsste.

116: But this is unfortunately only achieved through logical gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkiet , that the people themselves should exercise.

117: Die Erdenmenschheit müsste dabei auch auf verschiedene andere Punkte eingehen, die sich in fünf Werte kleiden lassen:

117: The Earth humankind should also thereby address other different points, the points are contained in five values:

118: Erstens: Auf mehrere Jahre hinaus müsste ein absoluter Geburtenstopp durchgeführt werden, um die Masse der Erdenmenschheit unter eine Milliarde Einheiten zu vermindern.

118: Firstly: For several years an absolute halt-in-births should be implemented, the mass of Earth humankind to be decreased to under a oneness of a thousand million.

(Note: To be exact, it is recommended we humanely get-down to 529,000,000 million Earth human-beings, achieved through a world-wide halt-in-births and 7-year birth-rate checks, per <BEAM>).

119: Zweitens: Ein sofortiges Einstellen aller übermässigen Erdausbeutungen ist von lebensnotwendiger Bedeutung, weshalb jegliche unvernünftige Ausbeutung unterlassen werden muss.

119: Secondly: An immediate cessation of all excessive exploitation of the Earth that is not a necessary to life meaning, which means each irrational exploitation must be avoided.

120: Drittens: Die Atomtests und der noch grössere Wahnsinn mit der Kettenreaktionsbombe müssen mit sofortiger Wirkung eingestellt werden.

120: Thirdly: The nuclear tests and the greater insanity of the chain-reaction-bombs must be ceased with immediate effect.

121: Viertens: Erstellte übergrosse Stauseen müssen zerstört werden.

121: Fourthly: Established oversized dams must be dismantled.

122: Fünftens: Sämtliche erstellten Kernkraftwerke müssen vernichtet und neue derartige Werke verhütet werden.

122: Fiftly: All established nuclear power plants must be eliminated, and new plants of this type be prevented.

Billy: Mädchen, das sind Dinge, die viele Menschen selbst schon gedacht haben, aber die Bonzen in den oberen und obersten Rängen kümmern sich einen Dreck darum.

Billy: Girl, those are things that many human beings themselves have already thought of, but the big-wigs in the higher ones and top ranks care just as they care for dirt.


123: Das ist mir bewusst.

123: That is known to me.

124: Es bleibt dem Erdenmensch nur der Weg durch gewaltsame Gewaltsamkeit.

124: The way for the Earth human through gewaltsame Gewaltsamkeit is waiting.

(Note: something that is achieved in rationality, and logic represents a “Gewaltsamkeit” [*1]).

125: Er hat sich viel zu lange von den Verantwortlichen narren lassen, daher kann er auch nichts mehr erreichen in angemessenen friedlichen Formen.

125: He has for too long let the responsible ones fool him, consequently he also cannot achieve any longer in adequate peaceful forms.

126: Die Macht auf der Erde wird verkörpert durch die Politik, die Religionen und die Wissenschaftler; und genau diese Macht muss gebrochen werden, sonst erleidet der Erdenmensch ein sehr böses Ende nicht nur durch Krieg und Ausrottung, sondern auch durch Atomisieren, Vergiften oder sonstige Zerstören des Planeten.

126: The might of the Earth is embodied through the politics, the religions, and the scientists; and it’s exactly this might that must be broken, otherwise the Earth human will suffer a very evil end through not only war and extinction, but also especially through atomization, toxicity, and other destructions of the planet.

150th Contact 10th of October 1981, 3:15 AM [*6]:


I wish I could change all this madness; there ought to be a possibility.Ich wollte, ich könnte diesen ganzen Wahnsinn ändern, es müsste doch eine Möglichkeit geben.
321. Unfortunately there isn’t one; at least not in the sense that a sudden end could be set for these murders and other inhuman atrocities.321. Die gibt es leider nicht, wenigstens nicht im Sinne dessen, dass diesem Morden und den sonstigen unmenschlichen Grausamkeiten ein jähes Ende gesetzt werden könnte.
322. There would only be one solution in the long run, and in fact through a transnational party, therefore an international peace combat force and a union with enough members in every country of the Earth, which would have ascendance over every other party.322. Es gäbe nur eine Lösung auf lange Zeit, und zwar durch eine übernationale Partei, so also eine internationale Friedenskampftruppe und eine vereinigung mit genügend Mitgliedern in einem jeden Staat der Erde, die eine Domination über jegliche andere Partei sein würden.
323. But this peace combat troop and party, I use this designation for better understanding, should be apolitical in every form and relation and be uniformly aimed, through spiritual leadership and peace combat, to steer the population of each country into the life-correct courses and into the necessary knowledge.323. Diese Friedenskampftruppe und Partei jedoch, ich gebrauche diese Bezeichnung zum besseren Verständnis, müssten in jeder Form und Beziehung unpolitisch und einheitlich darauf ausgerichtet sein, durch Geistesführung und Friedenskampf die Bevölkerung eines jedes Staates in die lebensrichtigen Bahnen und in das erforderliche Wissen zu lenken.
324. Truthfully, such a peace combat troop and party would have to be a uniformly aligned “Free Peace Combat Community,” whereby the framework of the UN and NATO in this amended sense would be exactly right.324. Wahrheitlich müssten eine solche Friedenskampftruppe und Partei eine einheitlich ausgerichtete ‘Freie Friedenskampfgemeinschaft” sein, wobei der Rahmen der UNO und NATO in diesem abgeänderten Sinn genau der richtige wäre.
325. But it cannot be avoided that these organizations and the community would have a top spirit leadership with subleaderships well-informed in the spiritual teaching, after which everything could be truly steered in a creationally-given form through these leading forces.325. Nicht umhin würden diese Organisationen und die Gemeinschaft aber kommen, eine oberste Geistführung mit geisteslehrekundigen Unterführungen zu haben, wonach durch diese Führungskräfte dann alles wahrheitlich in schöpfungsgegebener Form gelenkt würde.
326. Thus, no political machinations must arise in the sense as these are usual on Earth and which lead to wars, murders and manslaughter and revolutions.326. Es dürften also keine politischen Machenschaften in dem Sinne auftreten, wie diese auf der Erde üblich sind und die zu Krieg, Mord und Totschlag und Revolutionen führen.
327. Also, terrorism and anarchy, crime, riots, and demonstrations, etc. would have to be prevented by this, in that all Earth people would have to be treated uniformly and be incorporated into a uniform order and giving of rights.327. Es müssten dadurch auch Terrorismus und Anarchismus, Kriminalität, Aufstände und Demonstrationen usw. verhindert werden, indem alle Erdenmenschen einheitlich behandelt und einer einheitlichen Ordnung und Rechtgebung eingeordnet werden müssten.
That is easily said because again and again, crazy extremists of a terroristic character emerge in the smallest groups, who organize kidnappings, who storm and occupy embassies, schools, and government buildings, murdering people in order to cash in millions of amounts of extorted funds, so that they can make for themselves a happy and comfortable life.Das ist leicht gesagt, denn immer wieder treten in kleinsten Gruppen verrückte Extremisten terroristischen Charakters auf, die Entführungen veranstalten, Botschaften und Schulen und Staatsgebäude stürmen und besetzen, Menschen ermorden, um dafür dann noch Millionenbeträge an erpressten Geldern zu kassieren, so sie sich dann damit ein freudiges und angenehmes Leben machen können.
And the responsible of the countries even help this riff-raff in that they, on the one hand, yield to the blackmailing, and on the other hand, even carry out similar actions, whereby it is still given to them that they have and exercise the damned power to provoke wars, whereby, in this regard, they can even engage the damned religions in this, in particular – the Christian churches, who themselves really do not want to have peace, but by all means seek and advocate that the countries of the Earth produce war armies and war material, accumulate and stockpile these, in order to be able to wage war, always under the guise of the strange and crazy shouting that, indeed, peace according to God’s order, and additionally, love must prevail on Earth.Und die Staatsverantwortlichen helfen diesem Gesindel noch dabei, indem sie einerseits auf die Erpressungen eingehen, andererseits aber auch selbst gleichartige Aktionen durchführen, wobei ihnen aber auch noch gegeben ist, dass sie die verdammte Macht haben und ausüben, um Kriege vom Zaun zu brechen, wobei sie diesbezüglich noch die verdammten Religionen, insbesondere die christlichen Kirchen in Anspruch nehmen können, die selbst wahrlich keinen Frieden haben wollen, sondern mit allen Mitteln darauf aus sind und verfechten, dass die Staaten der Erde Kriegsarmeen und Kriegsmaterial herstellen, anhäufen und horten, um Krieg führen zu können, stets unter dem Deckmantel des eigenartigen und irren Geschreis, dass wohl Frieden nach eines Gottes Ordnung und zusätzlich Liebe herrschen müsse auf Erden.
If one then addresses these idiots and power twerps on this fact, then they say as a response that each country needs an army with adequate weapons in order to be able to ward off an invading enemy.Redet man diese Idioten und Machtheinis dann auf diese Tatsache an, dann sprechen sie als Antwort davon, dass jedes Land eine Armee mit geeigneten Waffen benötige, um sich eines eindringenden Feindes erwehren zu können.
This is a matchless idiocy, for if all countries uniformly have peaceful intentions and act accordingly, then no country needs armies and weapons of war.Eine Idiotie sondergleichen, denn wenn alle Staaten einheitlich friedliche Absichten haben und danach handeln, dann benötigt kein Land Kriegsarmeen und Kriegswaffen.
Then, a regular safety army with appropriate weapons would be sufficient, in order to be prepared for contingencies, such as if inhumane life forms from outer space should undertake attempts toward world domination, etc.Es genügt dann nämlich eine reguläre Sicherheitsarmee mit entsprechenden Waffen, um für Eventualfälle gerüstet zu sein, so z.B. dann, wenn unhumane Lebensformen aus dem Weltenraum Eroberungsversuche unternehmen sollten usw.
Nevertheless, I must say that your idea of a world-wide “Free Peace Combat Community” within the framework mentioned would be very good, and, indeed, should be pursued, but which alone would not suffice in today’s world.Trotzdem muss ich sagen, dass deine Idee von einer weltweiten “Freien Friedenskampfgemeinschaft” im genannten Rahmen sehr gut wäre und ja auch angestrebt werden sollte, was aber allein in der heutigen Welt jedoch nicht genügen würde.
All the crazy warmongers and terrorists, anarchists and protesters, etc. could not be restrained with words and spiritual teaching for the time being and be brought to reason.All die verrückten Kriegshetzter und Terroristen, Anarchisten und Demonstranten usw. könnten vorderhand nicht mit Worten und Geisteslehre gebändigt und zur Vernunft gebracht werden.
It would require, in this case, a special armed army that would have to comprise millions of men and which would intervene immediately in every single country and create peace and order where any rebellions, terrorist acts, and wars, etc. begin to threaten or erupt.Es würde diesbezüglich eine bewaffnete Spezialarmee erfordern, die Millionen von Mann umfassen müsste und die in einem jeden einzelnen Land sofort eingreifen und Ruhe und Ordnung zu schaffen hätte, wo irgendwelche Aufstände, Terroristenakte und Kriege usw. zu drohen beginnen oder ausbrechen.
This army would also have to be responsible that all male and female participants of such acts hostile to peace would be immediately and mercilessly separated for life, within the scope of how it has been handled for thousands of years by you, that those who are guilty are moved to specially guarded and lonely islands, etc., men and women being separated, from where they could never return back to society.Auch müsste diese Armee dann dafür zuständig sein, dass sämtliche Teilnehmer und Teilnehmerinnen solcher friedensfeindlicher Akte sofort und erbarmungslos auf Lebenszeit ausgesondert würden, im Rahmen dessen, wie ihr dies seit Jahrtausenden handhabt, dass die Fehlbaren auf spezielle bewachte und einsame Inseln usw. verbracht werden, Männlein und Weiblein getrennt, von wo sie niemals wieder in die Gesellschaft zurückkehren könnten.
328. That is correct.328. Das ist von Richtigkeit.
329. I also would have given you this explanation in reference to the peace combat troop.329. Diese Erklärung hätte ich dir zusätzlich noch gegeben mit dem Hinweis auf die Friedenskampftruppe.
330. In your speech, you also spoke of terrorism, and precisely on this topic, I would like to make you a prediction, which refers to your home country, Switzerland.330. Du hast in deinen Ausführungen aber auch von Terrorismus gesprochen, und gerade zu diesem Thema möchte ich dir eine Voraussage machen, die sich auf dein Heimatland, die Schweiz, bezieht.
331. In Berne, so my calculations showed, in the year 1982, the Polish Embassy will be taken by terrorists, whereby a smaller number of hostages will fall into their hands.331. In Bern nämlich, so ergaben meine Berechnungen, wird im Jahre 1982 die polnische Botschaft von Terroristen eingenommen werden, wobei eine kleinere Anzahl Geiseln in deren Hände fallen.
332. This event will occur around September 6th of 1982, although, this terroristic game will cause no harm to human lives, and already on September 9th, in the course of the 10th to the 11th hour of the morning, it will find its end.332. Dieses Geschehen wird sich etwa am 6. September 1982 ereignen, wobei dieses terroristische Spiel jedoch keine Schäden an Menschenleben fordern und bereits am 9. September im Verlaufe der zehnten zur elften Morgenstunde wieder sein Ende finden wird.
333. Through a smaller detonation of an explosive by the police forces of a Bernese special command, which is carried out under the name “Star,” the police forces gain entrance into the embassy and, first of all, the four extremists, the terrorists, will be taken into custody, after which then, in the second place, also the hostages will be released.333. Durch eine kleinere Explosionssprengung der Polizeikräfte eines bernischen Spezialkommandos, das unter dem Namen “Stern” durchgeführt wird, verschaffen sich die Polizeikräfte Einlass in die Botschaft, wobei in erster Linie die vier Extremen, die Terroristen, in Gewahrsam genommen werden, wonach dann auch die Geiseln frei sein werden in zweiter Linie.
334. Because these events concern an incident in the capital of your home country, I made an effort, using a time bypass, to monitor closely the upcoming events, whereby I have made a very deplorable observation, which refers to the acting and thinking of the responsible and enforcing personnel.334. Da es sich bei diesem Geschehen um ein Vorkommnis in der Hauptstadt deines Heimatlandes handeln wird, bemühte ich mich mit einer Zeitüberbrückung, die kommenden Geschehen dort genau zu beobachten, wobei ich eine sehr bedauerliche Feststellung machte, die sich auf das Handeln und Denken der Verantwortlichen und der Durchführenden bezieht


Billy and Quetzal’s further elaborations of gewaltsame Gewaltslosigkeit in the 150th Contact continued:

Well, what other pieces of news do you have in stock?Gut, was hast du sonst noch auf Lager an Neuigkeiten?
344. There is still a lot, but before I speak further of this, I would like to bring the earlier initiated topic to an end.344. Es ist noch sehr viel, doch ehe ich davon weiterspreche, möchte ich das vorhin begonnene Thema zu Ende führen.


You mean you still want to explain something with regard to the world-wide “Free Peace Combat Community?”Du meinst, du willst noch einiges erklären bezüglich der weltweiten “Freien Friedenskampfgemeinschaft?”
345. That is correct, I want to speak of it again because we began something with it and did not bring it to an end.345. Das ist von Richtigkeit, davon will ich nochmals sprechen, denn wir haben damit etwas begonnen und nicht zu Ende geführt.
More shouldn’t really be said about it any more; we have chewed through the most important things.Mehr sollte darüber wirklich nicht mehr gesagt sein, das Wichtigste haben wir ja durchgekaut.
346. It was not mentioned exactly what kind of highest leadership such a community would have to correspond.346. Es wurde nicht erwähnt, welcher genauen Art eine oberste Führung einer solchen Gemeinschaft entsprechen müsste.
347. I think that it is important to say a few words about it.347. Ich denke, dass es wichtig sein wird, einige Worte darüber zu sprechen.
348. It would, thus, have to be taken into account that such a leader would be free from material ambitions, so also from self-righteousness, selfishness, illogic, and all other faulty concerns, which could lead to lust for power, arrogance, inequality, and preference for one over another or to other negative incidents and manifestations, as it is now the case, unfortunately, with all governments on Earth, without exception.348. Es wäre so also zu berücksichtigen, dass eine solche Führerperson frei wäre von materiellen Ambitionen, so aber auch von Selbstgerechtigkeit, Eigensucht, Unlogik und allen anderen fehlerhaften Belangen, die zu Machtgier, Überheblichkeit, Ungleichheit und Bevorzugung des einen oder andern führen könnten oder zu anderen Vorkommnissen und Erscheinungsformen negativer Form, wie es leider heute auf der Erde ausnahmslos bei allen Regierenden der Fall ist.
349. Furthermore, it is still to be explained regarding a necessary army, that this would very certainly have to hold a position of power, but in a logical Gewalt, which means that a gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit would have to prevail, in accordance with the creational laws.349. Im weiteren ist noch bezüglich einer erforderlichen Armee zu erklären, dass diese sehr wohl eine Machtposition innehaben müsste, das jedoch in logischer Gewalt, was bedeutet, dass eine gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit herrschen müsste, gemäss den schöpferischen Gesetzen.
Yes, I understand, but this might be a subject that those aside from our group members won’t understand so fast because outsiders have no clue about what signifies a gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit or a logical Gewalt and how these work.Ja, ich verstehe, doch dürfte dies ein Thema sein, das ausser von unseren Gruppemitgliedern nicht so schnell ein aussenstehender Mensch begreifen wird, weil die Aussenstehenden keine Ahnung von dem haben, was gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit oder logische Gewalt bedeutet und wie diese funktioniert.
350. That is correct, which is why we should not render anymore about it and should pick up again with the course of the things of the future.350. Das ist von Richtigkeit, weshalb wir uns darüber auch nicht weiter auslassen und wieder den Gang der Dinge der Zukunft aufgreifen sollten.


246th Contact, 19th of June, 1993 11:17 PM [*7]

Billy: “Dann eine weitere Frage, die sich auf den dritten Weltenbrand, auf den dritten Weltkrieg, bezieht. Lange Zeit war ja immer die Rede davon, dass ein dritter Weltenbrand drohe und dass dieser so guy wie anausweichlich sei Gegen Mitte der Achtzigerjahre jedoch habt ihr immer mehr verlauten lassen, dass die Gefahr eines dritten Weltkreiges eingedämmt worden sei, wobei einerseits auf die von uns betriebene Friedensmeditation zurückzuführen sei, die von vielen Milliarden Menschen eurer Föderation zusammen mit uns getätigt wird, und andererseits auch darum, weil ihr gewisse Impulse auf die Erdenmenschen habt wirken lassen, die die Menschen zu vernünftigerem Denken anregten. Wie steht es nun heute mit der Gefahr eines dritten Weltenkrieges?”

Billy: “Then I have another question regarding the third worldwide inferno, the third world war. For a long time mention was always made of the threat of a third worldwide inferno, and it was as good as inevitable. However, towards the mid 1980s you had increasingly stated that due, in part, to the Peace Meditation we perform in conjunction to the many billions of people from your federation, and also because, through impulses, you and your people influenced certain terrestrials into instigating a more rational thinking mode.  What is the current status of a third world war?”

Ptaah: “Gegenwärtig weisen keinerlei Fakten auf ein solches drohendes Geschehen hin, und wenn sich die gesamte diesbezüglich ergebenen Richtlinien der irdischen Regierungen und Menschen allgemein weiterhin im jetzt gegebenen Rahmen halten und weiterentwickeln, dann dürfte die Gefahr eines dritten Weltenbrandes eingedämmt sein. Der Erdenmensch ist jedoch noch immer ungeheuer wankelmütig, herrschsüchtig, selbstherrlich und unstet, weswegen nicht mit absoluter Sicherheit feststeht, dass nicht in späterer kommender Zeit wiederum ein Weltenbrand ausgelöst werden kann.  Dringend erforderlich ist es nun, dass endlich gemäss dem Henoch-System multinationale Friedenskampf-Truppen erstellt werden, die sofort und unverzüglich weltweit immer und in jedem Land unverzüglich eingreifen und Frieden und Ordnung schaffen, wo Kriege oder Revolutionen drohen und ausbrechen oder wo Despoten und Diktatoren usw. ihr menschenunwürdiges Wesen trieben.  Also aber müssten diese Truppen auch zuständig dein, um die Kriminalität und das organisierte Verbrechertum zu bekämpfen sowie verantwortlich sein dafür, dass alle zu ergreifenden Massnahmen zur Bekämpfung

der Überbevölkerung strikte eingehalten werden.  Darüber jedoch haben wir schon gesprochen in etwas anderem Rahmen.”

Ptaah: “Currently no factors point in the direction that such an event is looming, and if all related guidelines for terrestrial governments and the population in general remain within the prevailing framework and continue to evolve, then the threat of a third worldwide inferno will probably be contained. However, terrestrials are incredibly volatile, domineering, arrogant and unsettled, and for this reason in cannot be confirmed with absolute certainty that another worldwide inferno will not be triggered at a later date. It is, therefore, imperative that multinational fighting troops be organized according to the Henoch [Enoch] system and deployed immediately to intervene in every country, to create peace and order when wars or revolutions loom or break out. The same applies also to countries where despots, dictators and the like perpetrate their inhumane deeds.  Multinational troops would also be responsible for fighting crime and the organized crime system, and they would play a dominant role in enforcing measures to combat overpopulation. We have already discussed this topic in another setting.”

Billy: “Danke…”

Billy: “Thank you…”

Some additional words of wisdom concerning the law of cause and effect, and what will happen if we do not manifest positive planetary changes, spoken by Quetzal in the 215th contact 28th of February, 1987 [*8]:

Quetzal: “Before I give you a clear account of the prophecies of Henoch, I would like to point out that prophecies are always changeable and can be changed for the better if man makes positive changes in his thoughts, feelings and actions, leading to that which is better and positively progressive. Prophecies always rest on specific causes; these again result in certain effects, whereby these effects can be changed at any time if only the preceding causes are changed in their form. Therefore, it is possible that negative or evil prophecies do not have to be fulfilled if the preceding causes will be purposely changed in a manner, that positive and good develops instead of negative and evil. However, this does not apply to predictions, as these rest upon certain events that cannot be changed, are inevitable and surely and definitely will occur in the future. Predictions rest upon a preview and thus a direct viewing of the future and have neither to do with a prophecy nor with a calculation of a probability. So when I make a portion of Henoch’s prophecies for the third millennium known to you, it does not mean that they actually have to be fulfilled, because the prerequisite for fulfillment in each case would be that the already existing causes continue to exist as also continue to be created in the future, so that a fulfillment of the prophecies comes to pass. Thus provided that the human beings of earth will become reasonable, the possibility exists that by a reasonable change in the way of thinking as well as a reasonable development in feeling and an equally reasonable way of acting, everything changes for the better and positive, whereby prophecies do not have to be fulfilled.  However, if this transformation does not occur, a very evil, wicked and negative time lies ahead for the earth and its entire population in the coming new millennium.  


Document Appendix:

*1 = Definition of “Gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit” from page 42 glossary of “Symbols of the Spiritual Teaching -a companion guide” published in Canada by the FIGU-Landesgruppe Canada, copyright FIGU/BEAM

*2 = Taken from page 5 of:,%20Knowledge,%20Wisdom%20and%20Feeling%20for%20Others.pdf

*3 = Verses 2:351, 4:120, 4:220, 19:46 from “Goblet of the Truth” translated officially by FIGU Switzerland, published in Canada by the FIGU-Landesgruppe Canada, copyright FIGU/BEAM.

*4 =

*5 = Translation of 45th contact found in pages 94-95 of KB block 2 (unofficially translated by Corey Müske/USA), copyright FIGU/BEAM

*6 = Translation of 150th contact of KB block 4 (unofficial-authorized translation by βενιαμιν), copyright FIGU/BEAM. See it here @:

*7 = Excerpt of 246th contact taken from page 9-10, and 19-20 of “The Peace Meditation” pamphlet, officially translated by core-group member Christian Frehner, copyright FIGU/BEAM. Contact 246 is also found in KB block 7.

*8 = Excerpt of 215th contact taken from the English only pamphlet: “The Prophecies of Henoch” page 1, officially translated by FIGU Switzerland, copyright FIGU/BEAM.


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Corey Müske

Mrs. Terry Carch, and everyone else: I do not possess a Facebook account, but you all can share this article with whomever your impulses, and ideas tell you to share it with.

This is all the information I know of about gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit in the contact reports, etc, there may be more that I am unaware of, but I feel this article is a good start at getting the information out there to spread the word so our planet can manifest it correctly, unless of course the negative antiLOGO warmongers get their way, and the fourth world war breaks out, then we are all collectively in very serious trouble in the future times ahead.

Corey Müske

Mrs. Terry Carch, and everyone else: I do not possess a Facebook account, but you all can share this article with whomever your impulses, and ideas tell you to share it with.

This is all the information I know of about gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit in the contact reports, etc, there may be more that I am unaware of, but I feel this article is a good start at getting the information out there to spread the word so our planet can manifest it correctly, unless of course the negative antiLOGO warmongers get their way, and the fourth world war breaks out, then we are all collectively in very serious trouble in the future times ahead.

Billy Wilson

Completely new change for how people buried within a belief system can be reached by thousands of instructions groups like is do not need facebook. All of the information is meant to be one way and on a global level..

Corey Müske

Just a note for future generations: It will always remain a possibility that I wrote this piece to try and teach the younger generation in the FIGU underground about gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkiet and banishment, and it could be that some of these very people are those that could bear witness as future nuclear war survivors, survivors of the fourth world-war, etc, that the illogical could have all been avoided by implementing FIGU recommendations beforehand, and if the prophecized death tolls materialize in the future, the survivors will need a road-map to assist in preventing the illogical from ever occurring again., if I am still alive I will do my best to dust off this road-map, and present it anew to the Earth. This piece was published on 07/07/2016 (the creational number 7’s?), I do not know if this is a good sign for the Earth, but I know it will be if we want it to be bad enough to materialize the FIGU recommendations, even if it means we do so in the face of adversity.

Corey Müske

For future ones (a complete repository of information on banishment to a place of fulfillment of guidelines):

Guideline = a general rule, or recommendation, an outline of conduct.

Fulfillment of guidelines is a task, that is set out before you (by the Creation), within an outline of conduct, that you have a duty to complete.

When you partake in a fulfillment of guidelines, you adjust your vibration frequency to match the swinging-waves of the Creation universal consciousness, or RE re-initialize contact with the natural frequency of the universe using your consciousness. A criminal does not lead a life where their vibration frequency is in tune with the Creation universal consciousness, RE: they do not have that natural connection because they vibrate incorrectly resp. are sick/confused/irrational/illogical in (or have had a downfall) of their consciousness, and similar to the staunchly religious, the criminal’s Psyche is out of balance, so in turn, so are the thoughts and the feelings, which could result in the criminal offender harming another person, etc.

“fulfillment of guidelines” is also explained in the beautiful verse 454 (pg 396) in “The Way to Live”.

2000 years ago, the prophet of old: Jmmanuel stated: “Offer your love all around, for it is warranted across all time, and punish through fair guidelines only wherever also the laws of the Creation call for fulfillment of guidelines.”

“Entbeitet eure Liebe rundum, weilen sie über alle Zeit gerechtfertiget ist, und ahndet durch gerechte Massnahmen nur allda, wo auch die Gesetze der Schöpfung Massnahmeerfüllung forderen.” (*1)

A place of fulfillment of guidelines is an isolated place where prisoners are taken, that is removed from society (for banishment), where the fallible ones can complete the task set-out before them by the Creation, of learning from their mistakes and life of crime, that they have a duty to complete: to restore, and also be restored to the natural cosmic law and order. This is a place the fallible ones can safely re-adjust their vibration frequency to be in tune with the Creation universal consciousness, while fulfilling hard-labor in nature separated by gender and from society for the rest of their life. This will all make it easier, and more likely for the fallible ones to be more positive when they are re-born.

Places of fulfillment of guidelines as taught by the prophets of old in “the Goblet of the Truth”: 2:197, 2:233, 2:388, 3:146, 4:25, 4:33, 4:47, 4:82, 4:122, 5:33, 5:50, 5:55, 6:125, 7:04, 8:68, 8:71, 9:99. “The Goblet of the Truth” can be seen as a planetary guide for how to set up your society (planet) to the natural order of the cosmic creational law, so the planet’s citizens can vibrate correctly (both the [law-abiding] full-fledged citizens, and the banished criminals).

A wise man once said “you can judge whether a country is civilized by how the country treats it’s poor”. I think the same thing goes for judging whether a planet is civilized by how the planet treats it’s criminal offenders, and prisoners. This is best seen in Star Trek cinema, where the crew encounters a planet that gives all the appearances of being benevolent, and civilized, and then the crew discovers the planet’s barbaric and hostile penal system, where usually one of the Star Trek crew was falsely imprisoned, and needs a rescue.

The Earth needs to adapt with the times, by adding a fresh cog-wheel (areas for banishment) to the machine that is broken (terrestrial penal system).

The inhumane old adage of “an eye for an eye” is outdated, and worn. A stupid phrase that demands submissive subservience of the law-enforcer to a hazy fabulation (human invented fairy-tale) non-existing God (imprint of delusion). The Gods of ancient history were once human.

As long as humans of Earth see themselves as the “crown of Creation”, and execute prisoners before they have had the chance to learn from their mistakes, and re-align their vibratory frequency to the natural swinging waves of the Creation universal consciousness, the fallible one will be most likely re-born as a repeat criminal offender who did not learn their lesson of rehabilitation (and virtue) in their previous lifetime, because it will be easier for them to fall into criminality then not, based on previous experience stored in the storage-banks, and negative essence of un-virtue, and other negative characteristics, etc (learned in their previous lifetimes) stored in their fresh consciousness-block.
To recap: For our planet to overcome it’s volatile nature, and to prevent future terrestrial casualties, we need to adapt to the gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit, the places of fulfillment of guidelines, and the planetary birth-stop with 7 year birth-rate checks. (3 very ancient Old Lyran/Wegan recommendations provided by Billy Meier that advanced ET civilizations [like the Plejaren] still use to this very day). PS: ISIS belongs in a place of fulfillment of guidelines for the rest of their natural lives, for murder, terrorism, rape, torture, trying to enslave the human race, and for trying to subjugate the human race under Sharia Law (this all deserves the maximum sentence of a full lifetime of banishment).
*1 = “Talmund of Jmmanuel 2011 edition” verse 5:43/translated by Benjamin Stevens/copyright FIGU-BEAM.
Other books such as OM (Omfalon Murado), the law of love, and further in the TJ touch on the places of fulfillment of guidelines as further sources of instruction. (TJ 2011 edition verses that cover places of fulfillment of guidelines 12:1-12:22, 12:48.)
Source: post 43 found here:
See OM 14:21: “And truly by this given that the human being in the life after his life, thus in the next life, is able to reap the fruits of what he has planted in the previous life, because of that he should always take care to lead his life in a manner that complies with Creation, just as a righteous fair one.”

Sehen OM 14:21: “Und warhlich, es ist dadurch gegeben, dass der Mensch im Leben nach seinem Leben und so also im nächsten Leben die Früchte dessen erntet, was er hat gepflanzet im Leben zuvor, weshalb er stetig sei darauf bedacht, sein Leben zu führen in schöpfungsgefälliger Form, und als rechtschaffener Gerechter gleichsam.”

in the explanation to this verse 14:21, Billy roughly said that generally if one lives a good life, one overall lived their earlier lives as good, and if one lives a bad life, one overall lived their earlier lives as bad. In my opinion this is one of the strong reasons why our planet desperately needs the places of fulfillment of guidelines, so banished fallible ones can be rehabilitated, to allow them to learn from their mistakes in an evolutive manner, while harshly requiring them to generate their own existence by farming in free nature in isolated islands/isolated land-tracts, and also the fallible ones would have access to the spiritual teaching. Like the “Goblet of the Truth” 21:17 states, though the law of contrariness and through great effort: “each thief or deceiver can become honest, the angry mild, the immoderate modest, and the angstful courageous.”

Corey Müske

For future ones (a repository of “Goblet of the Truth” verses, as taught by the prophets of old and the prophet of the “new time”, that contain information regarding the Earth’s true master, the causal law of cause and effect. The responsibility for cause and effect lies with the 6th and 7th sub-level of the Arahat Athersata pure-spirit level. The 6th, the Jischna-level [cause-level] = [creation of causes in the material plane], and the 7th, the Kranna-level [effect level] = [effects in the material plane/source = Page 103 of the German only FIGU book “Teaching Script”]):

“Goblet of the Truth” verses that are sources of instruction on cause and effect: 4:112/4:113, 4:147, 4:174, 6:18, 6:180, 7:10, 7:35 (law of condition [cause] and decision [effect = cause and effect]), 7:131 (condition [cause] and decision [effect]), 7:183 (cause/decision), 7:192 (condition [cause]), 10:38, 19:22 (cause and of decision), 25:112, 28:64 (power of interaction), 28:83-28:87 (law of interaction), 28:110 (change effects to positive for a new destiny and new interactions).

[I wish 28:110 finds resonance in the future, so everyone can change the effects in our lives for the positive for a new destiny, and new interactions form from the new positive causes].

Jessy Varghese

Hi Michael,

Is there something wrong with the peace meditation counter which shows the time? The time does not look right to me. Thanks.

Melissa Osaki

Hi Jessy and Matt,

There was an important announcement released from FIGU regarding the peace meditation. Please see below. Salome

“Here are New Guidelines regarding the Salome Peace Meditation from the
Semjase Silver Star Center.”

“The same also matters for the peace meditation (PM), which may now be
performed at any desired and suitable point of time, in a group or
individually. This time-based flexibilisation became possible through
technological measures by Quetzal. Using the meditation pyramids for
the PM is not required any longer, but using one is still recommended
because this enables a connection of the meditating person with the
“relay pyramid” at the Semjase Silver Star Center, which amplifies the
impulses. ”

As far as Michael’s counter, I don’t know if it’s having a glitch.

Melissa Osaki

I should also mention that the time rules still apply for the Core Group 49 at the SSSC in Switzerland.

Matt lee

Hey Melissa yeah I think it’s having some issues as the countdown is not synchronous with the real PM times of FIGU.
I thinks it’s out by over an hour