A Species Too Stupid to Survive?

Protests from anti-GMO crowd yet to materialize

For some strange reason, despite 65 years of specific, prophetically accurate information published by Billy Meier, in addition to independent expert authentication of his UFO photos and other evidence, the people of Earth have seemingly been unable and/or unwilling to grasp its genuineness and significance. In fact, for his troubles, Meier’s been the target of 23 documented assassination attempts.

Identity Crises

However, that a “man” will give birth to a baby, thanks (again) to medical intervention, appears to be acceptable and un-troubling (other than the public funding) to many people. Yes, in this case the “man” was originally a woman who became a “man” but still wanted to bear children. Another case of someone with too much time on their glands who decided to get their plumbing redone. (We won’t discuss whether or not the “man” is now actually a man, chromosomally speaking. BTW, this whole new “identification” thing may complicate other matters, such as supporting this white woman who “identifies” with being black and now could perhaps start “identifying” with litigation, or some such mess. Taken farther, we could start “identifying” with other people’s homes, cars, spouses, etc., and try to take possession of them on those grounds. Wait, I guess we already do, it’s called thievery, adultery, etc. Never mind.)

As one would have it, Meier had long ago written about the next, obvious, peculiar, self-centered aberration and not only described it as an abomination but also said it had been done before in our very far distant past.


It’s been pointed out that fish don’t know that they’re in water. Likewise, many people today don’t have the faintest idea that they’re living in a cesspool, filled to the brim with a wide array of degeneracies that they regard as “normal” and even delightfully trendy. Like fish, they are easily seduced by the bright, colorful, hook-laden lures, trolling through the muck, purposely designed to look like things they want to consume but which lead them to be consumed instead.

In this age of technological advancement, we’ve certainly forgotten that corny ol’ line, “Just because we can, doesn’t meant that we should.” It really could give new meaning to a ruder bit of advice, “Go screw yourself.”

Talk about GMO!

Indeed, in light of all this blatant manipulation…where is the outrage from the anti-GMO crowd, huh? Talk about mislabeling, whoa.

And while it’s also not politically correct to say so, I personally find things like female boxing and MMA to be grotesque and degenerate abominations and an indication of just how devoid of reason and appreciation for the real, true and lovely feminine, human beings have become. Why females want to have “hardbodies” is far beyond my understanding too. I never wanted to date a woman who could bench press me, I guess I’m old-fashioned.

This isn’t to at all minimize the actual conflicts and torment that some people experience, even life-long, not being comfortable with their given gender. While still relatively small in number, there are more people today who may be having these issues and about whom we are being made aware. There are a number of factors at play, environmental, genetic, etc., most all of which can actually, logically, be seen as manifestations of overpopulation. I guess if it wasn’t enough to tread on some people’s sensibilities with the gender issue alone, revealing overpopulation as an underlying cause should do the trick.

Where’s Momma?

We know from the Meier material that – should our species somehow survive our suicidal stupidity – the true mothers of the new millennium won’t be ersatz men, such as many women have aspired to and become in the business world, politics, etc., but true and real women, standing, living and teaching, from a place of real feminine strength.

P.S. Look for the new song, Boys Just Wanna Bear Young.

*See this excerpt from Homosexuality – a Natural Occurrence in Conflict with Nature:
“When the OM on page 69, verse 139, states that the homosexual joining of two men is punishable, it means that homosexual men are guilty then, when they come together in such a way that makes them capable of giving birth in an unnatural and sacrilegious manner (for instance through genetic manipulation etc.), and then have sexual relationships for the purpose of procreating descendants by this means:

139. Thus, a man transgresses against the direction of Creation in these matters if he sacrilegiously joins another man in a procreative, sexual relationship, and thereby he shall be guilty and punished for the remainder of his life to a place for fulfilling the corrective measure. And a similar measure shall also apply when a man or a woman joins with life forms of a different kind that are called animals.”

NOTE: Please read the entire article to understand the actual non-discriminatory teaching about naturally occurring homosexuality.

Further, the actual meaning in the teaching for the inflammatory terms emasculated and castrated is “expelled and banished before the people”, which is further clarified and explained in the forthcoming, final translation of The Talmud Jmmanuel, due for publication in the next few months.

See also: http://www.theyfly.com/gaia/answers.html

Search term: Homosexual

Explanations by Ptaah and Billy: Reality-estranged human beings
Thanks to John Jacobson for the relevant connection

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    This is an advertisement I saw on TV last night for a new super villian themed area at Movie World (Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia).

    And the little kids teachers roll their eyes and imagine a rope ladder miraculously manifesting to climb out of the abyss on and contemplate not opening their eyes again, ever.


  2. I have been preoccupied/bothered with why the EU and the USA would make it their goal to start a world war with Russia starting with the unspecified/unstated 4 years preparations and then another 5 years specified preparations. Beginning in February 2014 in Ukraine the USA and the European union start war with Russia. Why are they so insane? Here is a good answer to why so insane… There are many people on earth and most of them have never experienced civilisation in a past life and if they did then it was not a long enough course of development in order for reason to have permeated at a stable evolutionary long term ongoing state.

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