The Donald Trump Presidency & the Henoch Prophecies, Part 2

Focusing on solutions

As previously discussed, the Henoch Prophecies* have long foretold, have clearly warned of, the unimaginable destruction that will be visited upon the USA, including the coming US civil wars, unless we change our course. More importantly, the HP clearly spell out how and why we have brought this upon ourselves, which is based firmly in decades of insidious policies.

So, it’s appropriate to introduce The Seven Steps of the Education, the simple if not easy way to make the necessary, positive changes and course corrections.Of course, the very long-standing problems we face can’t be “fixed” overnight but must, from here on, be addressed in a step-by-step, fundamental change and evolution in our consciousness, as outlined in these seven steps.


Speaking of insidious policies, why, since the entire raison d’être of the CIA, secret services, intelligence agencies, etc., is already known to be to lie, deceive, disinform, interfere, mislead, as well as overthrow, assassinate, etc. – are they so darn touchy about being “accused” of effectively doing their corrupt, stinking work? According to Richard Thieme, there are even now US Special Forces operatives in…170 countries. So when pondering the Henoch Prophecies, consider also the USA’s over 200 unprovoked attacks against other countries and the futility of trying to outsmart the prophecies, based as they are on the immutable, universal law cause and effect, instead of learning to live in harmony with it.

Left, Right, Left, Right

One hopeful sign that there are people in government trying to make a positive difference is in the bill being sponsored by Reps. Tulsi Gabbard and Thomas Massie.

We already know from Billy Meier’s information, since corroborated, about the funding and support of the IS by Qatar and Saudi Arabia. But the deep US connection to all of these intrigues, including the formation of the IS/ISIS, is motivated by profit, the lust for power and control, etc., which isn’t easily relinquished or legislated away. How sad and ironic that these two representatives need to be so “courageous” for trying to correct policies that never should have existed.

Watching this undercover video, revealing what can only be called leftist terrorists in the process of planning harmful acts against their fellow Americans, it’s also ironic that what a Republican politician said decades ago is now pushed to even further extremes by the current crop of useless, non-productive human beings on the other side of the politically extreme spectrum, who only seek to destroy since they have nothing positive and creatively uplifting to contribute to society.

Again, the Solution

As stated many times before, the real answer – from which all other answers flow  – lies in the study and application of the non-religious, non-political, belief-free spiritual teaching, which can be found in many free articles and published books by Billy Meier, like The Might of the Thoughts from which The Seven Steps of the Education is excerpted. Some of the core principles for attaining peace, love, freedom and harmony within ourselves and in our world are: 100% complete self-responsibility, seeing things as they really are, the application of neutral-positive thinking, and the realization of the interconnectedness of and with all life, etc.

I would also suggest a reading of Semjase’s Introduction to the Spiritual Teaching, as a way to clear the mind and put our lives, and place in the universe, in perspective.


*More about establishing dates for the publication of the Henoch Prophecies, such as in And Still They Fly, in 2004, courtesy of Skyrocket Silver Stacker, showing the specific information pertaining to radical Islam and France and the two coming US civil wars, etc. This validates the existence of the English translation being at least a couple of years earlier, since traditional book publishing requires more time than digital publication, and the English translation came from an obviously even earlier German version.

Thanks also to Greg O’Brien for the information on the proposed bill and to Bill Wilson for the link to Richard Thieme.


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24 Replies to “The Donald Trump Presidency & the Henoch Prophecies, Part 2”

  1. If California voted to secede from the Union, followed by Oregon and Washington State, we might very well have a civil war.
    There has been talk out west of secession, since they can’t possibly be bothered by “rules.” Texas has been mulling over the idea of secession for a while also.
    Adding in millions of people who could be displaced due to abrupt climate change I would say the stage is all set.
    I think it’s safe to say there will be no “honeymoon period” for the 45th Prez.

  2. I also heard years ago about Vermont receading from the US too but that was a lng time ago when W. Bush junor was prez. I rmember MH and Billy saying the two civil wars we be 1. Black Lives Matter and the Flilthy Rich againts the poor and middle simotaniously. As far as I`m concerened oince a p[olitician takes office, all they want is money,greed and lust for war whie nothing else matters! Yes ALL of these politicians,shills,cabals,deep black ops and all their friends and cronies are a bunch iof crumbs,what else is new? You can`t expect anything from these stupid clouns except fighting wores wuith all your hard eanred cash of taxes while these clouns stash all their cash off to Ireland and or the Camen Islands etc and outsorce cheap labor abroad to China and India! Trump wants to star a war with China and I just heard George Noory report Un is sending 2 nuke to kjill Trump which is a not very smart idea. I`m NOT going to watch the inaguration and the news at all because it`s nothing more than military pardes,bible, and ciorporate big wigs besides Trump is NOT a culture person. What else is new? Well this was thousands of years ago to me.

    1. It was a really nice inauguration. I noticed that Trump whispered in Michelle’s ear and shook Obama’s hand but totally ignored the Clinton warmongers. Looking good already.
      NATO has sent 4,000 US troops to Poland along the border with Russia to play their stupid military games. This is probably the most agregious thing currently happening RIGHT NOW. Hopefully Trump will dismantle NATO.
      I tweeted a few days ago to the warmonger McCain – telling him we all saw the photo with IS and he should STFU.

      1. Thanks Sheila, I watched it too. Very interesting, historical and we’ll see what happens from here on.

        And thanks for pointing out that McCain supported the crazed killers who became/are the IS, etc. A warmongering parasite if ever there was one.

        1. Like you said in the interview Michael, you don’t know anyone who voted for McCain, but he keeps on getting elected. Sounds like there’s collusion and corruption happening in Arizona.

          1. Yes, and it’s of course something that can be said about country as a whole, in many ways, and probably holds true for other countries as well.

            Wherever politics and religion have great influence, corruption, collusion, conflict and confusion certainly reign.

    2. I agree with you Terry. Regardless if they are a democrat or a repub, once in office they loose sight of what really is important in order to help people. Greed gets in the way. I just don’t understand how people who voted for Trump think that a millionaire who is putting other millionaires into his cabinet are going to help lower income and middle income people to live a better life. I just don’t get their thinking.

  3. The US along with Iraqi forces started their “liberation” of Mosul at the same time as Russia along with Syrian forces started their “liberation” of Aleppo. Population of Mosul is 664,200 and the population of Allepo is 2,302,000. Russian has liberated Aleppo. Meanwhile the US has let all the “moderate rebels” leave Mosul and it appears they also let Al Bagdadi leave too. Is the US serious about their fight against ISIS? I don’t think so. This is news you will not see in the US.

  4. My boss recently took a psychology course and had finished the part about deciphering handwriting and had been testing it out. I don’t buy into psychology as I have “The Psyche” from Billy but she wanted me to provide her with my handwriting, which I did. After looking at it she said that’s weird. What’s weird? She said I’m neither an optimist or a pessimist, and she’s never seen that before. What does it mean I asked. She said I look at things the way they are, that I’m a realist. That’s good I replied.

      1. Hi Stephen I want to say psychology is half right, or perhaps it’s half wrong, then I realized it’s both, haha. My one and only experience with a psychiatrist made me think that he was getting kickbacks for prescribing anti-psychotic meds because they aren’t waiting for symptoms. The reality is they don’t want anyone to cry in a hospital or have nightmares because it disturbs other patients. They just want to drug them up and keep them quiet. What does that say about the psychology?
        Excellent job you are doing on the index at futureofmankind site!

        1. Well yes, as was said in the above interview, it’s all about business. And, of course, everyone feels too pressured/scared to do things any other way.

          Index; thanks. Hopefully it will be of some use.

  5. The inauguration was not nice. It was a complete disgrace, farce, and a ceremony full of ignorance and hypocrisy. With all of the references to “God” and the Bible it was extremely evil and dangerous. Religion was all over the face of that pile of BS. Anyone who studies the Meier teachings and liked that garbage is grossly mistaken and a hypocrite!

    Trump will be no better than any other politician. He was the lesser of the two EVILS according to Billy. Do you understand that? Evil is Evil. Expect nothing good from evil. Anyone who approves of Trump is ignorant of the facts concerning him. To me you and him are very stupid and dangerous to humanity and the Earth.

    1. All that being said, I found it quite interesting. Things can be interesting, even when they reek of all of the delusional religious and political garbage that has created the mess of the country, and world, we are in.

      “Anyone who studies the Meier teaching” may also recall that neutral-positive thinking, seeing things as they are, is essentially to being able to understand and to create preferred positive, thoughts, feeling and actions.

      Let’s also remember that the greater of the two evils would have soon led us into nuclear war with Russia. As for expectations, well, we’ll see what The King of the Comb Over does.

      Those of us who don’t rely on any outside forces as authorities in our own lives, are, have been, and will continue to forge our lives and destinies through the might of our thoughts, while still being cognizant of the overall play of life, its circumstances, and even its effects on us as fellow humans on the planet.

    2. Hi Abigail, how exactly is that any different from all the previous inaugurations? You just noticed the god talk? Previous ones were just as bad, if not worse. Where have you been?

    3. Sheila was referring to how Donald Trump related to the Obama’s and ignored the Clintons. MH said it was interesting. I don’t think either can be called stupid based on that.

      The speech by the first God botherer was indeed disturbing. As he constantly kept looking up at the sky I wondered if he was actually expecting his God to appear from the clouds or if someone was allowing him to see his/her beamship.

      The new first lady is not of a religious upbringing and can speak German.

  6. Hi Sheila,

    When you said that your one and only experience with a psychiatrist made you think that he was getting kickbacks for prescribing anti-psychotic meds really gives the impression that he was prescribing them to you. Just saying.

    But on a more serious note, you have now transgressed against the rules of the blog for using the acronym “lol” and will be fined $150 for this very serious offense. Since Anthony mentioned that figu can be quite extremist, you can either pay the fine or get 50 lashes. Cause and effect.

  7. Thanks MH & Bob!

    I am so very glad that you chose to be one of the good ones, Bob!
    Thank you both, numerous reminders and several cognitions.

    Let’s look back in 1000yrs because too few can look forward without thinking only of power and Mammon via deception and death.
    Yet it’s only a few who have commanded, suppressed and exploited the rest into this “life”.
    Crazy! It’ll all come out in the wash.

    It’s as if you have two opposite forces at each end of a Gigantic tug-of-war rope and everyone else is swinging along in-between with the fundamental “education” they received.
    Guns and power! Vs Natural Power!
    We know which one of these will win!

  8. I actually did NOT watch the inauguration because as far as I`m concerned these minions don`t deserve my vote of approval! I acually destest politics,relions,coprations, militiarisms big pharma, well you get the picture,haha

  9. Thanks MH! Just learned a bit from that link to that “Silver Stacker” forum. Now I know where to put some of my money into for preservation in case of tough times and hyperinflation hitting soon.

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