My Letter to President Trump

Every voice needs to be heard, yours included

I took the opportunity to send President Trump a letter, using the contact page provided for just such things:

Dear Mr. President,

We tried to bring this to the attention of the last president without success. But because you have already shown a deeper understanding of the worldwide danger of the IS/ISIS, if not dealt with promptly and properly, I offer this information to you. First though, I of course understand that it is extremely unconventional in many ways. However, the impeccable accuracy of the source, over the past seven decades, establishes a firm foundation of credibility, which hopefully will be the important factor to consider.

I provide the following links, which also lead to further information, and support your brilliant foresight in seeking an alliance with Mr. Putin to end this scourge upon humanity:

The Only Way to Stop the IS (

“Paris Will Be Destroyed from Within”: Billy Meier, 1981 (

I am fully aware of the “unusual” nature of this information. So I will add that we now have physicists, NASA aerospace engineers, former Navy Seals, etc., vouching for the singular authenticity of this source. And a…skeptical professor not only facilitated my two presentations at NAU but also thanked me for providing Mr. Meier’s ADVANCE warnings of the radical Islamist attacks in Paris in 2015 (


Michael Horn

Authorized American Media Representative

The Billy Meier Contacts

If you think – we could use the word believe – that your opinion doesn’t matter and use that as an excuse, I ask you think again and to step up, first inside yourself, and recognize that every voice needs to be heard, yours included. This issue is of worldwide importance. Perhaps you have other issues that you feel more passionately about.

Whatever the case, use this opportunity to politely express your opinion. Where you already see bad policies forming, or possible good directions that you want to encourage this president to take, speak your mind.


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Thanks to George Madeyski for the White House contact info.

90 Replies to “My Letter to President Trump”

  1. I just heard some relly bad news about the factthat this belligerent dictator in North korea plans more nuclear rockets and China can`t and or won`t do anything to stop this monster Un,so Trump is going to work with the Chinese president to work with the US otherwise Trump says the US will go it alone to stop[ this sick Un says Jerry Corsi from run by Alex Jones which means another war which we don`t need!!! Corsi suggested the other day that instead of another war in North Korea,ehy not jist outs this Un the same way we did with Gaddafi in Libya back in the 80s and or 90s which would be a better than just fighting another war which could very well lead into a nuclear war with this sicko Un and his gang. Noory thinks if there is somebody in North korea or eve South Korea who is smart enough to do something such as assassinating UN poisoning Un in some way or other, we need to come up with some good ideas if we want avoid an all out war with North Korea as Corsi sugest we did with Gaddafi which is alot safer and less dangerous,etc,etc,etc, that is if the US has to go it alone.

    1. Terry,
      Un and his North Korea are nothing on the world scene! Nothing! China or Bhutan could squash this Un and his teensy weensy country in a nanosecond! Does not the Untied ‘Tates of Amerika have them and China surrounded? Are there not missiles in the good ole’ Japan, Guam, Philippines, Hawaii and Dog knows where else (like Australia, think Pine Gap like).
      What we have here is a failure to communicate with the globalist bankers! and China telling Soros and the likes that they are not interested in what they are peddling.
      What we have here is a misdirection away from the Spiritual Teaching!

    2. Hi Terry, the best solution is a multinational peace fighting force. Maybe you could suggest to your buddies at those websites. The world does not need the USA world police though.

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