Misguided, Part 2

Answering unasked questions about racism, deportation and political obstructionists

I’m surprised that, in response to the previous blog, the question wasn’t raised about what to do about people who came to this country illegally, 10, 20 and more years ago, who now live here and have built their lives, homes, families, etc. It should be obvious that realism and reason must guide our thinking and actions. Uprooting such persons and families is unrealistic and unfair, despite the unfairness of their original actions; they shouldn’t be wrenched out of the lives they’ve built and deported in our fervor to right the wrongs of past policies. Certainly, being vengeful is wrong and serves no good purpose.

The priorities in terms of repatriating people should be the known criminal element, the gang members, murderers and rapists, etc., (we have enough of the home grown variety) and those who are more recent border violators. People in law enforcement and/or government positions who say that they won’t cooperate in the deportation of criminals need to be relieved of their duties, which would also give them time to get their heads examined, and their priorities to defend the citizenry straightened out. Again, look to Merkel’s Germany – and its effect on all of Europe – and pay attention.


What happened at the DFW airport should have been immediately addressed, meaning all of the praying protestors ushered out and treated the same way that the TSA, Homeland Security, etc., would treat anyone else disrupting travel.

Enforcing laws, principles, etc., can be very personally inconvenient, but it’s because many people are misguided in their concern with prioritizing political correctness that we bring these problems down on ourselves. When things happen to you, to us to…me, they take on a very personal nature and are no longer merely theoretical, abstract ideas that only affect “the other guy.” I’d be mad as hell if it happened to me. Actually, in a way…it did and I was.

In May 2003, I was on a flight to Zurich, by way of London, and, a few hours into it, suddenly a bunch of bearded men all dressed in black got up and moved into and completely blocked the aisles to start…praying. They were part of a large contingent of Orthodox Jews who decided that their needs to start yammering away overrode the rights and comfort of everyone else on the flight. Being so much closer to their beloved Sky Daddy at 30,000’, you’d think that they could’ve just thought or muttered their prayers and trusted that they would reach the ears of the All-Powerful Smotemeister, i.e. “The God of love and mercy”.

I immediately got up and made my way to where the flight attendants were all meekly hiding, I mean where they were gathered in the back of the plane. I asked them to immediately send those people back to their seats and clear the aisles of this arrogant group that had effectively commandeered the plane. A couple of them quickly told me that they couldn’t do it, that it was against company policy!

I told them that I was going to complain to the company, American Airlines, as soon as I could. I remember one of the women then grabbed my arm and said, “Please, please do that. We’re all frustrated with this kind of thing. This isn’t the first time, it happens a lot on these flights and we aren’t allowed to do anything about.”

As soon as I returned home I contacted American Airlines and complained about the idiocy. A Mr. Tim Rhodes wrote back with some double-talk that included, “It’s not a safety or security concern…they all went through security like you did…” As part of my complaint, I actually had questioned what would happen, if the airline would be so “tolerant” if some Muslims were to start praying in the aisles…so soon after 9/11.

So, while I got a mealy-mouthed, politically correct response – I haven’t noticed any more such behavior from the publicly pious, hirsute, hubris-exuding Hebrews as we happily float through the heavens together.


We hear a lot about how “our strength is in diversity” but diversity per se is not to be valued above standards, values, ethics, morals, demonstrable abilities, accomplishments, etc. As a test on how much we may value diversity above the aforementioned, to paraphrase an often-posed question, if you need a serious medical procedure, legal representation in a critical case, or if your house is on fire, do you want the person who got their position because of diversity, or because of qualifications (whatever their race, color, religion, etc.) to come to your aid?

So much for prioritizing “diversity” when one’s own butt is on the line.

When looked at objectively, not only do we find that in some ways emphasizing “diversity” contributes to conflicts but we find that condescension and guilt often lurk beneath so-called “liberal” values.

A Little Background

My own parents were both legal immigrants from Europe, having fled both the Nazis and the Communists. They were also liberal Democrats politically, which wasn’t too unusual in predominantly Democratic Chicago. My mother, who was mainly an executive secretary, had helped to break the color barrier in entertainment by helping a Jamaican man, who was a dancer and choreographer, get work in night clubs when there was a predominantly white, discriminatory policy in place. This man, Neville, would ultimately leave Chicago to return to the islands after a particularly brutal, racially motivated assault in his own home.

My father was a jeweler-watchmaker, who was also a union organizer (as well as a violinist). He was concerned with the rights of people and was instrumental in unionizing the watch repair shop he worked in and in getting OSHA to step in to deal with problems caused by benzene exposure to the workers.


With that background, I was quite surprised when as a teenager in the 1950s, I remember my father talking about how white liberals were often…hypocrites, that their supposed support for blacks was often very condescending and that they had an underlying, unconscious belief in their own superiority – and black inferiority – as they presumed themselves to be rescuers, or saviors of the blacks. He was very adamant that people should treat each other as equals, that they didn’t tip-toe around and avoid being real with each other. He said that the guilt and conflicted feelings of white liberals he knew, who were also predominantly Jewish, often resulted in them acting in a patronizing manner towards blacks.

While not as blatant as the outright racism usually associated with right-wing extremists, it’s just as real and insidious, if not violent, because those who are afflicted by it consciously think of themselves as humane, loving, prejudice-free, etc.

Of course, anyone still stuck in racism should look at what Asasel and Ledon (Black race), Saratel and Tet-El (Red race) were said to be up to on Earth around 387,000 years ago, as well as what the Kinten (Chinese) and Niper (Japanese) were doing millions of years ago…and see how “superior” they feel in comparison.


Some of the confused, conflicted ideas of many liberals from years ago are also present, or have influenced, many of today’s so-called liberals, and find extreme and imbalanced expression in the current crop of crazies on the left whose knee-jerk, “righteous rage” is completely devoid of positive solutions, let alone any inner reflection about, or consciously considered examination of, the thoughts and feelings that give rise to their irrational, anarchistic actions. These are the kinds of people who get their kicks from destroying things, not from creating positive solutions.

Some of the more “civilized” of the leftists who hold political/governmental positions and offices still possess the same obstructionist tendencies, born of their delusional sense of “moral superiority” and, currently, the perceived threat of a non-political president and his policies to their continuing to milk the cash cow that was their real goal in running for office, etc., in the first place. Apparently, they don’t care to thoughtfully examine and deal with the president’s policies based on whatever their actual merit may be, if this from Marco Rubio is accurate.

Sit, Beg, Good Dog

All of this is also the result of the institutionalized, pea-brained political partisanship that we so love and value in America. Every few years we have circuses with cheerleaders in funny hats, waving flags, salivating, clapping and screaming on cue as they choose, nominate and eventually elect so-called leaders who have also learned that just by saying certain disingenuous, feel good, platitudes, they can predictably elicit the Pavlovian responses that will result in the winners getting access to all the financial opportunities and perks that can help them to retire as millionaires, etc., despite some inconveniences in the interim, such as real accountability that they can often avoid just be waiting out the public’s short attention span.

It goes along with what Meier said about what he referred to as the “minority”, which we might think of as an actual majority, meaning those who negatively affected by what the powerful and might-hungry do.

The Spiritual Teaching

The spiritual teaching is the belief-free, non-religious, non-political teaching that assists us to take control of our own thoughts, feelings, actions and…destinies. As we consider all the misguided, polarizing, divisive, prejudicial, discriminatory behaviors and do-gooderism, all the confused, manmade laws, religions, politics and other mumbo-jumbo, the internal conflicts and external violence and stresses that all this produces, we can learn how to return to our true humanity and the recognition of our actual oneness, our being equal in value, through the study and application of this teaching.

Looking at all the issues raised in these two blogs, and in the news media, etc., we must take the opportunity to correct our own thinking, our prejudices, consciously and/or unconsciously held. The problems with race, color, immigration, etc., etc., have been caused by a lack of understanding about how life works, and how each culture can and should pursue its development and evolution and live in peace, love, freedom and harmony.

Many of us have friends, loved ones, family members, associates who belong to different groups, cultures, races, religions, belief systems than we do. There should be nothing in our recognition, realization, and rectification of the worldly difficulties that separates us from our true close bonds with these loved ones, or make us forget that we are interconnected to all human beings, to all creatures, to all life on our world and thorughout this universe.

Saalome gam naan ben uurda, gan njjber asaala hesporoona! Peace be on Earth, and among all beings!


NOTE: We filmed The Silent Revolution of Truth in 2006 and released it in 2008. You can see our presentation of Meier’s warnings about asylum seekers and illegal immigration, etc., here (starting at 1:23:00 right after information on the environmental destruction). You’ll see and be able to read some of the texts warning about exactly what’s now upon us. The information has been presented for a long time, perhaps now more people are willing to listen.


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Thanks to Norm DeCindis for the link to Marco Rubio’s information.




34 Replies to “Misguided, Part 2”

  1. Michael, Parts 1&2, long overdue.
    For explicating your thoughts, thank you.

    It’s nice to hear that the developing civil war can still be averted with reason.
    Perhaps with a herculean effort, we can get everyone to agree to peaceful relations once again.

    1. Michael,

      You’re welcome. I have to ask, do you mean explicate as in: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Implicate_and_explicate_order?

      Cause I ain’t that smart!

      But it’s going to take a lot of people willing to reasons and be reasonable. I know that I have lots of opportunities to try where I live, as there are many nice people, young and old, who seem to have an irrational fear and hatred for Trump and could be even further badly misled.

      1. My use of the word explicate was simply per it’s common definition: to develop the implications of; to analyze logically.

        I really think we (FIGU) should directly address the uncomfortably conflated issue of culture, race, immigration, and racism, etc. It seems to me that this has been one our biggest sticking points for the Mission, particularly in the U.S., preventing us from moving on beyond it and building a single center.

        1. I thought FIGU said it was America’s tendency towards imperiousness that is preventing us from building a center here. Furthermore, that we Americans have a truly distorted view of freedom. However, race relations is our original sin and something all Americans need to come to grips with, speak honestly about and actually listen to each other.

          1. Howdy Matthew,
            I agree that an imperious attitude has held us back from building a functioning community in the US. The inability to actually listen to all sides of an issue, coming to a more balanced common understanding, is this not the very definition of an imperious attitude? We do need to actually listen to each other, I fully agree. Hope that helps : )

  2. I don`t think Trump is that conservative though he seems to be selecting conservative people for the most part which is kind of strange considering that Trump is from New Yiork. From what I heard on the news as far as immigration is concrend,you need to have a green card if you want to come to the US otherwise the US customs will turn you away.

    1. Trump is for Trump, which in an ironic way, may be better than being for ‘right or left’ which has been a natural division – almost like a boxing match (or finding an ‘enemy’) We need those willing to stand up for what is *right* and that, is above any party.

      Trump administration are selecting their ‘squad members’ very wisely for the execution of their goals. So far, the goals seem progressive for America and ironically, the world at large. Though not all (IE: Climate change denial) but most.

  3. This may be off topic but I just read somthing very valuable that I personally think is extremely important that we should allbe aware of. This is from StarTrek News and I`v k laways believed that know that we lkearn is far more inportant than just the technoogy itself: The artickle is The Imortance iod Education on TNG by dr. Timothy Harvie Feburary 4,2017 This article may niot be in the correct blog but this is miportant that we NOT let technology become and overwhelm us to the point of us serving technology rather that technology “MUST:” serve us and not let technology tern us into mere servants of technology since that is what the Late Gene Rodenberry instiled in us as humanity.

  4. Michael,

    I must say your writing has improved!!! Happy birthday to Billy!… I have also seen folks praying at the airport and on the plane… I don’t think it is fair to those that are not of that religion… I am for anyone having their religion… I respect their rights… but there is a safety issue… also it makes it more claustrophobic when they clog the isles… I like the use of the three dots… which I learned from Herb Cane… a longtime SF Chronicle newspaper columnist… he had a way of writing that was like speaking and it taught me so much… about timing.

    You are of course correct in saying that we should deport those that are criminals and rapists and have not added to our social security… I mean it is common sense… and those that do not agree should have their heads examined while being banned from all might and power provided to them… unconditionally… for example Hillary has not driven herself for 35 years! Some folks were “knee jerk liberals…” and I never understood that term when I was one… but we learn… we evolve, we become wiser and have the ability to create our way of understanding when we know the truth… it takes a bit longer… when we are told lies… and stare glossy eyed… into the crowd of zombies… intent upon their own destruction by not knowing the truth… now matter it’s popularity quotient.

    I like the way you have presented the other side of the problem… the obvious problem of us not being connected… or should i say: united… and also the personal information is very interesting as well… My great grandfather from Germany… and before that Serbo Croatia… (no longer a country) and played the violin… and worked with Tiffany and made the lamp bases… they were good friends… and immigrated to Chicago… interesting.

    Merkle has allowed 1.5 million refugees… and with no paperwork nor screening… taking a note from Clinton politics… a certain percentage is IS and will not sit well… with Europe or us if we continue to allow folks in just because they want to come in… Hey… we have to protect our system of social security… no???

    The spiritual teaching… yes… the UFO’s, the one hundred and forty BILLION years of history are interesting… but the teaching… that is what is the most interesting, and informative… and helpful for me.

    When in Rome… and like in La la land… the love never dies… happiness does not come from someone else or some thing else… it comes from the result of a goal that has been accomplished properly. We will learn… some of us… sooner than others… Thanks for teaching us the truth in such a concise and humanistic way!


    Be greeted in peace and wisdom from knowledge, to experiential knowledge (using it) to cognition (remembering it, making it yours, making it holy [controlling it]) to the power or might to solve all the problems we see as in our way to our culmination point of consciousness (awareness)… WE have the power inside… — — USE IT!

    Thank you for

    I like your objective viewpoint…

  5. as much as some people may disagree, from the very beginning this country was founded by immigrants who arrived here illegally( weather the rules were on paper or not)and not only did they get here without permission but they robed the natives of their land by force and violence . Now fast forward a few hundred years and this is still the case only the immigrants coming here legally or illegaly for the most part(leaving out the bad apples that grow on all threes of all colors) have come here to work study and make progress in general that could not be done in their own countries for various reasons (poverty,corrupt governments, lack of freedom etc etc…), now these hard working people have contributed greatly to the economy and progress of this country(legal or illegal you still pay taxes) for many decades and i really dont think that this country would be the super power that it is now with out the labor, blood, sweat and tears of the Germans,Mexicans, Irish, polish Iranians Pakistanis, Chinese etc etc etc….. .I think that this country owes a lot of its power to this kind of hard working diversity of all peoples that against all odds make it and contribute for the better . From what i have understood from the Meier case nobody should really immigrate anywhere because all of us that came from somewhere should have really stayed and fought for what we wanted and help change what we disliked so much of our country of origin instead of running away for whatever reason to make it somewhere else( my self included of course). At the end of the day we are all interconnected in this sphere where what happens in north affects south and what happens in west affects east. Black,white green, purple, red you name it it all boils down to self responsibility and to spread constructive energy in a thought by thought basis and to help if we can and to learn if we dont know the truth for the better of humanity.

  6. Great blog here MH and in general.

    I just thought this following article would further confirm what many already suspected or knew. It is a simply explained, easily understood article about US governmental brainwashing of its citizenry through CIA/military industrial complex infiltration in media conglomerates and their shaping of the message/propaganda.


  7. Randy Arena,

    I must disagree with your opinion that Michael’s writing “has improved”. I would rather connect words like consistency, accuracy, vigilance, honesty, patience and determination to Michael’s blog posts. It has always been on a high level.

      1. Thanks, Andrew and Jacobus. I tend to mainly check comments for profanity, or try to answer some (but not all) direct questions and criticisms posed to me, if I catch them.

  8. That is very well said, Michael. We should be respectful of all types of people, regardless of their origins or religion and definitely not demonize anybody! In every group there seems to be a sub-group of people who want to destabilize and destroy the societies. It’s always a group-within-a-group that is the problem, not the large collective itself. Usually when many races mingle, there’s a good exchange of ideas and cultures, with people taking what they like from the other cultures they meet. This has happened to a great extent over the past forty or so years, since the mass-movement and migrations of people after the Second World War.

    I hope that Americans from all backgrounds will pull together and resist a certain brainwashing that’s coming from a certain direction to demonize people from one culture in particular. We all need each other, and we all need to work together to promote a common good for all.

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