Alternative media also suppress Billy Meier ‘s prophetically accurate warnings

As the revelations and battles rage about the fake news of the lying mainstream media, some of the true facts have emerged, courtesy of various alternative news sources.

One example certainly is Alex Jones, who, while injecting large doses of hysteria and pill-pushing, has played a prominent role and gained a large audience. But Jones, and many others, have long received the specific information and warnings from Billy Meier that have proved to be prophetically accurate. Nonetheless, to a person, like the mainstream media they all have refused to publish, or even acknowledge it.

Still Shortsighted

This is due to their holding religious beliefs, and/or a desire to maintain and grow their place in the spotlight, however brief it may turn out to be, and perhaps the fear that they could be endangered by assisting to reveal the Meier case to the public.

They fail to see that only the full and real truth will set themselves and others free and that their own suppressive complicity may help to assure that the non-war agenda of the Trump administration is scuttled, either by a successful, overt onslaught by his political opponents, or by covert pressures and actions to further subvert him and his agenda to work with Russia, as also forewarned by Meier and the Plejaren.

This further reinforces what Meier and Ptaah discussed about the criminal policies of the USA and the world media and could mean the fulfillment of the Henoch Prophecies (HP):

217.Far in the West, it will be different; the United States of America will be a country of total destruction.

218.The cause for this will be manifold.

219.With its global conflicts, which are continuously instigated by it and which will continue far into the future, America is creating enormous hatred against itself, worldwide, in many countries.

220.As a result, America will experience enormous catastrophes which will reach proportions barely imaginable to people of Earth.

221.The destruction of the WTC, i.e., the World Trade Center, by terrorists will only be the beginning.

The Real News

The Meier information is the full and real news (though first published long ago) and just how insidious and deeply ingrained the power hunger, and especially antagonism and provocation towards Russia, is into the essence of the American government, into the real government, i.e. the CIA, is also revealed in this new publication by WikiLeaks*.

While the alternative media indeed sheds some light on the nefarious activities of the government-media conspiracy, they – like Trump – should not underestimate the lengths to which this cabal will go to maintain and extend its power. As the HP show, should they be successful in this, it will result in the destruction of America and other countries.

By the simple, powerful act of informing the population of the Meier contacts, now spanning over 75 years, the people would be able to learn and determine the full and real truth for themselves. This would at once not only encourage individual self-responsibility but also immunize the still relatively small number of effective alternative news sources from being successfully singled out and suppressed…or worse.

Coming Environmental Events

This is just a short introduction to information – provided to Meier in 1948 – about the coming, devastating environmental upheaval that will affect many countries, including Italy, especially through the eruption of many undersea volcanoes and breaks in calderas in Northern Europe, Italy and the US.

The Key to Our Future Survival

Perhaps now this term that I often use to describe the Meier case, and is the title of my DVD in 2004, The Key to Our Future Survival, will be understood as anything but hyperbolic. And having repeatedly handed that key to so many in the alternative media, hopefully some among them will have the courage and instinct for self-preservation to finally put it in the lock, turn and open it.


*As Billy Meier already revealed 10 and 11 years ago:

“Among the various techniques profiled by WikiLeaks is ‘Weeping Angel’, developed by the CIA’s Embedded Devices Branch (EDB), which infests smart TVs, transforming them into covert microphones. After infestation, Weeping Angel places the target TV in a ‘Fake-Off’ mode, so that the owner falsely believes the TV is off when it is on. In ‘Fake-Off’ mode the TV operates as a bug, recording conversations in the room and sending them over the Internet to a covert CIA server.

“As Kim Dotcom chimed in on Twitter, ‘CIA turns Smart TVs, iPhones, gaming consoles and many other consumer gadgets into open microphones’ and added ‘CIA turned every Microsoft Windows PC in the world into spyware. Can activate backdoors on demand, including via Windows update'”.


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Important Notes:

Scubbly is going out of business at the end of this month. So anyone wanting to get digital downloads of the collection of DVDs and ebooks about the Meier case should do so – here – as soon as possible!



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  • DearTerry, don’t worry about your typo, it is a common mistake to write “shat” instead of “what”. Next time, try not to write anything at all.

  • How can anyone still defend the existence of the CIA? It’s history is one crime after another, and yet it survives. American priorities are beyond ridiculous…$56 billion more for the bloated warmongering Pentagon but less money for healthcare. I feel powerless against the intelligence organizations.

    • Hopefully Wikileaks Vault 7 will be the catalyst to destroy the Dark Order once and for all. I honestly think this is America’s last stand and will determine what happens in 2020. So please get behind Trump and help him do it. Hold your nose if you have to but please see this as it really is – Trump against the Dark Order.
      The most interesting thing so far from Wikileaks is not only the CIA’s ability to spy (as we already knew this from Billy’s information) is the fact that the CIA left the back door open so any hacker has access. Imagine those IS hackers having access to infrastructure and nuclear warheads…

      • Trump’s chaotic nature and petulant tweets makes it difficult for him to be taken seriously, in my opinion…however I’ll support any legislation of his that aims to dismantle the CIA.

        • “dismantle the CIA.”

          Extremely unlikely anytime soon, especially considering they have 7 different groups, each of which contain massive power and are supported by the elites, banks and nations alike.

        • Well we did not want a politician and that is what we got. This is what makes Trump Trump. I’ll take that over what we have had over the past 28 years

          • Hi Richard,

            Thanks for joining us here. Please use your first and last name when posting future comments.


    • Mathew “I`m trying to apply for Medicaid but I heard congress is screwing up everything and anything about Medicaid etc and making such a mess that sooner or later sooner we are going to force the single payer system into law if these roudy shills in congress don`t stop this forever warmongering there WON`T be ANY congress left to even bother with!” My 2 perscripoton drugs alone last Christmas came to 225 bucks and I just shelled out another 63 bucks for two more prescription drugs! What a bunch of thugs the congress is turning into,no money for healthcare but trillions of bucks for all the warmonger till kingdom come,you tell me???

      • Sorry about your healthcare situation. It really is a scandal that America doesn’t have a healthcare system on par with most Western nations.

  • It’s sort of like religion: US politics now… on the one hand… “Best country in the world” and on the other… “Watch out for those Russians!” yet we have been sanctioning them (not trading) for at least ten or twenty years and maybe more than that since the “cold war”.

    So the Hillary die hards… want her still to be president? Yet she lost fair and square… I mean you can tell from the rallies: Bernie had crowds on the streets… Hillary barely filled up a girl’s school room… and that was only because they were serving cheese pizza… I understand.

    Even Trump had larger rallies than Hillary… and she feels she can gain importance by stressing due to her top secret understanding that the Russians are out to get us and we need her to nuke them… sheesh. The man behind the curtain… or in this case the woman… like Angela Merkle… who was in league with Hillary… hell bent on ruining their perspective countries or allies… with allowing literally millions of refugees with merely a “Hi how are you” are allowed into the European Union with no background checks no intell. Nothing.

    Folks are all pushed out of shape by Trump… well if nothing else… we know the elections were tampered with. Keeping the IS out of the US is a good idea. Building a wall may not be the best bet… but if the three letter agencies work for the Clintons then I guess he has no choice.

    There was a nice article on Wiegand’s files about a fellow in politics concerning banking and foundations being unamerican. Years ago! We did not listen then… either…

    It is a bit frustrating to see what once was… become what will never be… but we can change that on an individual basis by just being the change that we want to see. Not being overly concerned by the events in the past but looking to the future without fear and having our eyes totally open to what could and will happen if we do not understand: WE CHANGE THE FUTURE BY BEING THOUGHTFUL ABOUT IT… and we will be met with that future… and depending on the truth that it was we will endure or enjoy!


  • The CIA also leaves code behind that makes it look like someone else other than them was doing the hacking. One fingerprint they leave behind is called “pocketputin”. Which explains all the supposed Russian hacking “evidence”.
    I have a Samsung smart TV, a Samsung volume bar and the cable box. Today I shut everything off but this time I also switched off the power bar that everything is hooked up to. I just power bar on, turned on the TV and sound bar, but not the cable box and I was getting audio, but no picture. This is impossible without the cable box being turned on. Oh those Russians lol.

    • Sheila, I just heard on TV that you can put tape on the microphone of your smart TV, smartphone,pc etc too if you don`t want the CIA listening in. I hav a big acer pc and I have no idea where to tape my pc for privacy. Spy Ops anyone? What happened to privacy and free speech now that we live in an Orwellian world turning into a fascist Stasi state?

      • No doubt Terry. We’ve also known about this for a number of years from Billy’s information. I don’t care if they do listen. I still have free speech because they can’t take that away…yet.

      • Hi Terry,

        As a self proclaimed IT Geek you can tape over your webcam (if you have one) on your laptop. Its a small hole located at the mid section of the monitor. Regarding the microphones, your PC will only have one if you have inserted it via the mic port and I don’t really know if Samsung TV’s have a mic already installed?? Don’t use my one apart for watching tv.



        • Hi Gordon I just checked my aser pc. It only has an on and off button,volume control and a headphone port. I leave the on and off button off unless I`m watching Youtube or Democrcy Now which I don`t always watch butr that`s it. So far? As a metter of fact I was going to use email using outlook but desided not to because I`m scared to death of being spied on do to my political beliefs,ect. This US government is tuning into a Stascis government!

          • Last time I ordered a computer watch from China it got lost in transit. 6 months later Apple released their new computer watch. The manufacturer should sue Apple for infringement of intellectual property.

          • Are you back Mahesh? How many names can you think of to use? Why didn’t you just say that your name is Lola?

          • G’Day Sheila,

            As you are very well aware, you have been around the traps a lot longer than I, what is your take on my observation that Evelyn Hannah isn’t posting on the FIGU forum and Joseph_emmanuel isn’t posting here?

          • LOL!
            All these years, tapping away to that song and not even listening to all the words, until now.

          • Well well Lola that’s quite a mouthful, wishing for our demise speaks volumes to where your consciousness is at.

    • One night we had 2 tv’s on, both on CNN, same house, same cable, same everything. But TWO DIFFERENT PROGRAMS were airing simultaneously.
      Something wrong with that picture.
      I put a piece of black electrical tape over my laptop’s camera one night. Right after my machine was hacked, the camera activated, and the image of me sitting in front of the laptop was showing in a box on the screen.
      Something wrong with that picture, too.
      We’ve come a long way since random “clicks” on a telephone line.

  • Greetings Michael,

    This concerns all of the current environmental issues and the Henoch Prophecies, I must say that it is indeed an absolute shock at how quickly these things are soon to come and with the very complete accuracy of the Plejaren and Eduard’s upcoming future prophecies and predictions as described through forewarned global cataclysmic events in the Henoch Prophecies if rectification on a global scale does not take affect.
    For some time now I have been keeping up to date on the current environmental disasters (that are literally getting worse and worse day by day) through these 2 YouTube channels and have decided to share these with you and everyone else on this blog.
    Here they are: (Copy and Paste the link in the URL)

    Angel of Apocalypse –
    (This channel covers a tremendous amount of events that are currently in effect and impacting more and more on a global scale).

    (This channel also covers natural cataclysmic events – *but this user or group of individuals who are in charge of this channel is and are confined under the influence of the erroneous christian religion and believes these are the signs from God and the second coming of the “fictional” Jesus Christ however.*)

    I hope this is of any help to you(MH) and every other blog member here.


  • My mistake I completely forgot that URL links posted on this blog are already linked and do not need a copy and paste. 😉

  • I just heard George Noory onc2c state the Trump and congress just signed an anti-net Neutrality bill requireing third parties and advetizings to spy on you especially ifyou use AT7&T, Comcast, Amizon without your concent,therefore I opted out of outlook and went back to startpage vbecause of my freewill rights to privacy,do I`ll only use startpage and crome for language translations but if all else fails there is Ixquick which is a Dutch comany that does not go by US laws. You may want to contact Civil Liberties in your local area but should all else fail thereis the US Supream Court in Washibgton D.C. though I doubt this stupid law will ever be dump thanks to Trump and congress “Weneed net neutrality if we want to keep They Fly Blog going without all the adds and third party spying on us againts our gree will!!!

  • Well guys guess who is now playing the Devil`s Advocate in the White House ,the one the only climate denigher himself Donald Trump who insist on reviving coal,oil,gas and nuclear power AVOIDING the 2015 Paris Accord on global warming and making a mess of EVERYTHING aka “The DIRTEST president of all time and he want to end net nutrality and SPY on you and me with MORE stupid advetizings than you`ll ever dee on TV so these stupid corporation can tell youwhat to buy and do and what you can`t buy and do on the inernet amd try to infuence you one way or another by brainwashing whether you like it or not,no more free will

  • I just heard on c2c that this spying on the internet by using your IP address to advertisers against your free will is illegal and we need to have our right to pirvacy back NOW You need to call your IP address abd tell them you want your right to free will back because these advertisers will even try to use your email address too You need to tell them this is illegal and that the adversires are breraking the law111Please contact your local civil liberties off in your area and tell them to put a dtop to this spying on your personal email address and that you need to have privacy because they can sell your personalinformatikon such as your banking accouts,medical records and son on! This is a very serious issue that hasd to stop NOW and we NEED to FIGHT this FAST!!! Our righjt to privac and free speach is being invaded by Trump and his stupid cabals in congress!!!

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