Trump: According to Billy Meier and the Plejaren

There would have been a catastrophic global atomic war had Clinton won

In an excerpt from the 663th Contact Report, November 6, 2016, Billy Meier and Ptaah discussed the recent US presidential election (original German transcript here). While Trump is still regarded as “the lesser of two evils”, choosing him over Clinton avoided a catastrophic global atomic war at this time.

US-America’s election campaign 2016

Excerpt from the 663th contact report between Ptaah and Billy from 6th November 2016

Billy …However, what I want to ask now: Some time ago you told me that in the US the most primitive election campaign ever about the US-presidency fortunately decided thusly, that the majority of the US-population would vote for the lesser evil, by which a world war would be avoided. About that however, I was supposed to be silent,, because the ‘walls in the centre have ears’, consequently everything would be carried out into the world and therewith also to the USA, which would not be good and could negatively influence the electoral process if certain elements found out that Clinton will be ‘sawed off’ in the election and that Trump will take over.

Ptaah   It would have been really dangerous if you had told anything, because a very unpleasant and dangerous uproar would have come about in certain inner circles of government and in certain secret services if they had heard about what I entrusted to you. It would have brought about election-manipulations beyond compare, as well as life-threatening attacks against Trump, and indeed in a secret service wise as well as from the ranks of fanatical Democrats*. He would not have received any help from the Republican party, even though he belongs to it, nevertheless, if I want to disclose my opinion on his behaviour, I must say that he really represents a separate party, namely his own, thus his own one-man-party as it were

As you have rightly assessed him, he is, at least as an election-campaigner in his campaign-motives, chaotic and a catastrophic human being. However, about that I must also say that he is otherwise well-meaning and not bad, also in regard to Russia and Putin with whom he, in an honest form, wants to strive for a peaceful political, military and economical agreement. This in contrast to Clinton, who harbours sneaky and evil warmongering thoughts against Russia and therefore wants to carry out military actions against the Russian military in Syria first, and then also wants to carry out war-attacks against Russia itself. A fact in regard to her thoughts of attack, which she, as an enemy of Putin and Russia, has been harbouring for a long time and which she also wants to carry out. And if she won the presidential election then a nuclear war would be unavoidable. But fortunately this will not come about as I already told you on the 30th June**. Of course next Wednesday the world will be shocked when Trump wins the election, because his mode of speaking was, and is, not the most cultivated one, however, he has good basic approaches in various directions, which he intends to implement if he is not interfered with by his advisors and those who are might-obsessed and want to direct him according to their scheme, and most likely also will in certain matters, as it has been the case with all US presidents and will continue to be so.

However, if he succeeds he will set out against globalisation and also against the USA interfering too much in foreign nations, as it has done up to now and thereby neglecting the order in its own country, rather building it up again [the order].

However, time will tell to what extent he will be able to push through his basic ideas, because beside him are all the might-obsessed ones around him, who do not let him act according to free will, but who will try to steer him at their own discretion, as it was the case with Obama also, who was lacking the necessities to be able to prevail.

And because Trump is not really a politician but a man of business, in this regard he will have a difficult standing as president in his own government department. This will also be the case in regard to foreign policies, whereby also the machinations of the EU dictatorship will be decisive for it, because once he has assumed presidency it will make an effort, through renewed negotiations, to restore the close relationships and connections with the White House and the US government which it lost through his election.

And as far as I know the EU dictatorship will try to pull the USA onto its side and together with it form a political, economic and military might-coalition, whereby already very early a forming of a coalition is attempted, indeed as soon as the first shock has passed, which will hit the dictatorship, because it does not expect Donald Trump but Hillary Clinton to win the election, who has an engaging and accommodating stand towards the EU dictatorship.

Billy   We will see what happens, whereby I do not doubt that your prediction from June was right and that the catastrophic human being, that is to say, the lesser evil will win the US presidency – thus Trump. …

Billy   Once more a question about Donald Trump: You said that this man is well-meaning, not bad and in some things completely misinformed – what is to be understood by that?

Ptaah   He is not of low intelligence and not the bad human being that he will be accused of being by his adversaries, who will set upon him and also try to cause riots, because none of them know which insidious thoughts and plans his opponent Hillary Clinton really harbours, through which she would trigger a world-wide catastrophe if she came into power. And in order for this to happen, deceitful machinations will be initiated after the election, in order to prove allegedly false election results, by which Trump has illegally won his office. However, what will result of this planned deception, this we have not yet fathomed, which is why I cannot give any details to this. As far as the election campaign speeches by Trump are concerned, these are, first of all, just campaign speeches, which must not be understood as effective in their entire form, because the entire radical appearing ‘calling-out’ as you have often described such speeches, are only partially or not at all to be taken seriously, because as a rule these are always relativised after taking office. Additionally Trump is in certain things that he champions wrongly informed, as for example in regard to climate change, as well as Obama Care and other things, wherefore however there is hope that he will think of something better in this regard. This will in fact be the case, therefore he listens to reason and will also refrain from non-earnestly meant campaign issues and will revise some wrong values, which correspond in his clumsy campaign speeches only to purposeful platitudes.

Billy   I see, that’s what is behind your remark.

Ptaah  Which in effect I should have explained better.

Billy   Which is done now, so do not make a problem of it.


*The political polarization and violence, mainly coming from the radical left, is already in evidence and could foreshadow the still predicted two coming US civil wars. Those who may now recognize the authenticity and accuracy of Meier’s information may wish to help avert these wars, and other catastrophes, by studying elements of the spiritual teaching, including The Might of the Thoughts and The Way to Live.

**In 2008, Ptaah seemed to hint at Clinton’s defeat also in 2016, when he said the world would be spared her destructiveness.


Thanks to Bruce Lulla, VIbka Walder and Stefan Zutt for translation work.

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211 Replies to “Trump: According to Billy Meier and the Plejaren”

  1. What Ptaah says about Trump’s was very accurate. I wasn’t going to vote at all, but I heard Hillary on TV stating that she will go into Iran. I jumped into my car the day of the elections and voted for Trump.

    The only problem I have is with Obama Care it is a nightmare to all the hospitals. I work in the billing depart so I know how little it pays and how the doctors complain about it. It has to be overturned or it will bankrupt us.

      1. Hey Jo Jo, MH
        I think interesting what you said about obamacare. MH reiterated what Billy and Plejaren said about US finance in future big problems ahead, and other nations Ofcourse, but i never quite knew what it meant until you just said what you said and based on what you said there Jo Jo I had another look. In Europe healthcare and more recently higher education is free and I wondered how it was possible for the Germans to fund higher education and a bunch of other things, never quite worked out how, probably a series of taxes and other methods but they found a way of bringing the money in another way. What your saying on the face of it Jo Jo is that Obamacare was brought in but there is no system of support for the policy and that is weird to me but what do I know. I never have known much about the united states but always wanted to know more, its the richest nation, with the biggest debt, so to me that seems like big business has lots of money but gives very little back and actively fights to give less back and demands more for less every time. To me there is a very serious problem going on there which I assume you all must surely be aware of and then when I look at what is forecast by Billy for America, me despite not quite knowing frankly, this makes sense now, I think there is a culture of big business probably. Usually a good thing, but not if together between them they’re ripping the heart out. I know Europe is going to have some bad events, and I know America is going to have a different type of bad events.

        I think the men and women in the know, know that the various economies are going to have to be recalibrated at some stage or another because what is going on is not sustainable.

    1. G’Day Hope, Just in case you missed it: Trump: According to Billy Meier and the Plejaren
      There would have been a catastrophic global atomic war had Clinton won.

      …While Trump is still regarded as “the lesser of two evils”, choosing him over Clinton avoided a catastrophic global atomic war at this time…

      I will only alliow 1 guess at who chose who

      Can you please prove that Egyptian “goddess” is ancient and it’s whereabouts, right about now?

      1. Hi Peter, I found it in contact report 31. Ptaah discusses his ancestor Ptah, who would have been a different personality than the current Ptaah.

        Semjase’s Father:
        4. Call me Ptaah, because that is my name.
        5. Possibly it has some meaning for you, as in former times it was used on the Earth.
        Billy: ???

        6. I see, you do not know the connection:
        7. An ancestor of mine was, in former times, on your Earth and lived as one of your people at that time.
        8. He was a JHWH and was joined by marriage to his wife BASTH.
        9. He used the same name as I, PTAH.
        10. On your Earth you still have very old traditions, tales and legends about him.

        Regrettably, that is not known to me, but I will search for this in our books to see if I can discover anything.

        164. You surely will if you look at Egyptian and South American stories of Gods because therein lie many leads.

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