There would have been a catastrophic global atomic war had Clinton won

In an excerpt from the 663th Contact Report, November 6, 2016, Billy Meier and Ptaah discussed the recent US presidential election (original German transcript here). While Trump is still regarded as “the lesser of two evils”, choosing him over Clinton avoided a catastrophic global atomic war at this time.

US-America’s election campaign 2016

Excerpt from the 663th contact report between Ptaah and Billy from 6th November 2016

Billy …However, what I want to ask now: Some time ago you told me that in the US the most primitive election campaign ever about the US-presidency fortunately decided thusly, that the majority of the US-population would vote for the lesser evil, by which a world war would be avoided. About that however,I was supposed to be silent,, because the ‘walls in the centre have ears’, consequently everything would be carried out into the world and therewith also to the USA, which would not be good and could negatively influence the electoral process if certain elements found out that Clinton will be ‘sawed off’ in the election and that Trump will take over.

Ptaah   It would have been really dangerous if you had told anything, because a very unpleasant and dangerous uproar would have come about in certain inner circles of government and in certain secret services if they had heard about what I entrusted to you. It would have brought about election-manipulations beyond compare, as well as life-threatening attacks against Trump, and indeed in a secret service wise as well as from the ranks of fanatical Democrats**. He would not have received any help from the Republican party, even though he belongs to it, nevertheless, if I want to disclose my opinion on his behaviour, I must say that he really represents a separate party, namely his own, thus his own one-man-party as it were

As you have rightly assessed him, he is, at least as an election-campaigner in his campaign-motives, chaotic and a catastrophic human being. However, about that I must also say that he is otherwise well-meaning and not bad, also in regard to Russia and Putin with whom he, in an honest form, wants to strive for a peaceful political, military and economical agreement. This in contrast to Clinton, who harbours sneaky and evil warmongering thoughts against Russia and therefore wants to carry out military actions against the Russian military in Syria first, and then also wants to carry out war-attacks against Russia itself. A fact in regard to her thoughts of attack, which she, as an enemy of Putin and Russia, has been harbouring for a long time and which she also wants to carry out. And if she won the presidential election then a nuclear war would be unavoidable. But fortunately this will not come about as I already told you on the 30th June*. Of course next Wednesday the world will be shocked when Trump wins the election, because his mode of speaking was, and is, not the most cultivated one, however, he has good basic approaches in various directions, which he intends to implement if he is not interfered with by his advisors and those who are might-obsessed and want to direct him according to their scheme, and most likely also will in certain matters, as it has been the case with all US presidents and will continue to be so.

However, if he succeeds he will set out against globalisation and also against the USA interfering too much in foreign nations, as it has done up to now and thereby neglecting the order in its own country, rather building it up again [the order].

However, time will tell to what extent he will be able to push through his basic ideas, because beside him are all the might-obsessed ones around him, who do not let him act according to free will, but who will try to steer him at their own discretion, as it was the case with Obama also, who was lacking the necessities to be able to prevail.

And because Trump is not really a politician but a man of business, in this regard he will have a difficult standing as president in his own government department. This will also be the case in regard to foreign policies, whereby also the machinations of the EU dictatorship will be decisive for it, because once he has assumed presidency it will make an effort, through renewed negotiations, to restore the close relationships and connections with the White House and the US government which it lost through his election.

And as far as I know the EU dictatorship will try to pull the USA onto its side and together with it form a political, economic and military might-coalition, whereby already very early a forming of a coalition is attempted, indeed as soon as the first shock has passed, which will hit the dictatorship, because it does not expect Donald Trump but Hillary Clinton to win the election, who has an engaging and accommodating stand towards the EU dictatorship.

Billy   We will see what happens, whereby I do not doubt that your prediction from June was right and that the catastrophic human being, that is to say, the lesser evil will win the US presidency – thus Trump. …

Billy   Once more a question about Donald Trump: You said that this man is well-meaning, not bad and in some things completely misinformed – what is to be understood by that?

Ptaah   He is not of low intelligence and not the bad human being that he will be accused of being by his adversaries, who will set upon him and also try to cause riots, because none of them know which insidious thoughts and plans his opponent Hillary Clinton really harbours, through which she would trigger a world-wide catastrophe if she came into power. As far as the election campaign speeches by Trump are concerned, these are, first of all, just campaign speeches, which must not be understood as effective in their entire form, because the entire radical appearing ‘calling-out’ as you have often described such speeches, are only partially or not at all to be taken seriously, because as a rule these are always relativised after taking office. Additionally Trump is in certain things that he champions wrongly informed, as for example in regard to climate change, as well as Obama Care and other things, wherefore however there is hope that he will think of something better in this regard.

Billy   I see, that’s what is behind your remark.

Ptaah  Which in effect I should have explained better.

Billy   Which is done now, so do not make a problem of it.


*In 2008, Ptaah seemed to hint at Clinton’s defeat also in 2016, when he said the world would be spared her destructiveness.

**The political polarization and violence, mainly coming from the radical left, is already in evidence and could foreshadow the still predicted two coming US civil wars. Those who may now recognize the authenticity and accuracy of Meier’s information may wish to help avert these wars, and other catastrophes, by studying elements of the spiritual teaching, including The Might of the Thoughts and The Way to Live.

Thanks to Bruce Lulla, VIbka Walder and Stefan Zutt for translation work.

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  • Thanks MH So much for the Variable Speed Theory. How can anyone travel at tae speed of light and get anywhere in such a slow rocketship with all the dangerous fossil fuel spewing out the back oif those antique contrapsioin? I once read some where that we alkl have to remember everything we see,hear and do etc happened thousands of years ago. Think about that idea now that we all know about Billy and the Ps. Yes Einstein`s Theories are now very very antiquated and it`s high time for more new updated ieas in order to go into space “FASTER” than the speed of light in order to go from one place and one dimension into another more efficiently using beam ships NOT rockets! How else are we going to live and survive on this degenerative backward woirld called Earth! “I STILL feel and think we should join the Plejaren Federation if we want to avoid a nuclear war! This orld is primitve,antiquated,savage and barbaric and behaving very very childishly! Its high time for the people of Earth to just “GROW UP” and start acting and behaving like mature adultts instead of acting like adolescent warmongers etc!”

    • The message of the spiritual teachings is that the individual humans can change or improve everything for the better through their own thoughts and effort.. Rather than trying to wake others up. The one thing each and everyone that heeds the spiritual teachings can do is develop a i can do attitude, do what You can without being a missionary to others or expecting others to do what you think they should be doing. Internal peace leads to external peace…

  • I just heard 5 minutes ago from george Noory in the opening news that Trump says he will pull out of the global nuclear pack which could spelldisaster even if Billy says Trump is the lesser of the two evils which means we could still be on the verge of a nuclear war.

  • Here is more stuff on Trump and Billy`s prediction for the two civil wars. From for Wednesday December 14th 2016 The Empire Has No Clothes: Trump`s Class War Cabinet the F-Wprd and the Coming Recistance by Paul Street Sounds familiar not to mention the other civil war of Black lives Matter eh?

    • Hi Andrew, I don’t feel that yet. The CIA is determined to start something with Russia. Obviously they knew the agenda and are mad that they couldn’t do it under a Hillary President. The media are their cheerleaders and egging it on. As we know from the attack on Pearl Harbor, it’s imperative to get the American people behind a war. I just hope Americans can see through their lies. And keep in mind the words of Billy, everything that happens in the world today, you could be assured that the CIA started it. Don’t be fooled.

      • I’m sure everyone is aware of the alleged Putin hacking scandal now. The CIA or a faction (Dark Order) within is trying to change the election or at least cast doubt about the results. Which could cause a Civil War or even WW3. MSM are jumping all over this like its fact.

        • I sure hope everyone feels the same as you do Norm. And that most are still not trying to figure out what’s true and not true… The MSM lies everyday, even their so-called fact checking is wrong. Washington Post is the biggest purveyor of fake news, spewing that all 17 agencies in the US intelligence (who knew there were so many?) were all in agreement about the Russian hacking. This is simply not true. Drain the swamp.

      • This is HUGE:
        Rudy Guiliani must be feeling the dying coming on, his suffering conscience has opened him up and he is being honest, for a change, and is talking freely, and is now vulnerable.
        Also, what to make of the UFO down in the Antarctic
        the trumpet noises being heard (Israel is not on a fault line)
        and Buzz Aldrins tweet, “We are all in danger, it is evil itself”, from Antarctica?

  • Hereis more stuff on Trump from The Anti-TRump Uprising: Forging a Path Forward in Uncertain Times by Anthony dimaggio for Thursday Dember 15th 2016 Look like this is turning into one of the 2 civil wars already with the stupid Trump Cabals with their millions and billions of fat cash while the reas of us live on meager means to scoung foir somthing to live on. Guess we`re now living back in the Middle Ages alkl over again with those mean kings and queens whiule the rest of us have to serve the king and queens as cerfs and vasals eh. Guess we`re back in the Dark Ages alkl over again.((((

  • Hi MH I don`t know if this is true but from the way this stupid governmnet is acting,here`s the article about why this horrible US govenrment wats to fight a war in space: FRpm Mysterious Universe: Wikileaks Photos,John Kerry Visit and UFOs in Antartica. These pictures explains wh the NSA,CIA, etc want war with UFOs in space even using nukes.what gives?:-((((

  • “Please check out Democracy Now for Thursday December 29th 2016 about what Trunp plkans to do in 22 days once he becomes president January 20th 2017. No more free internaet and the reinsted muclear threat which wil cause other countries to follow witheir nuclear threats too. There is NO such thing as a good politician. Even Bernie Sanders is a war monger too! When in living hell are we EVER going to stop wars and nukes! Once Trump is president NO more free internet!”

  • We can only hope Trump will have the will power to fend off all the negative influences surrounding him. Hopefully Ptaah and our Plejaren friends can find a way to send him and his cabinet members good-intention impulses so that he can carry on good deeds.
    Hitler originally had good intentions but lost to the negative forces around him. May history not repeat itself ever again.
    Long live the Earthly human race in peace!

  • As far as I’m concerned Obama is the offspring of the former leader of SUBUD in Indonesia. That means that he was NEVER qualified to be our president. In fact, his efforts to destroy America are almost “demonic”. Who has helped him, and why? What do the Plejarens have to say about who Obama REALLY is?

  • This is the weirdest thing I’ve read so far. How can Ptaah say Trump is a good man, when very clearly he is a racist, hates black people, hates Native Americans, lies constantly, and seeks adoration all the time, even to having a fake “campaign” rally AFTER the election and only a month later. He feeds on REAL “fake news” from Alex Jones (a total lunatic) and Fox News and Breitbart (a white supremacist news rag). Yes he surely did surround himself with war mongers and the target is IRAN. THATS where WWIII will start and Billy even predicted that long ago. This makes me question Billy’s authenticity, is Ptaah real and why is he pro-Trump? Worse yet, we have the GOP Congress and Senate who are doing things like writing a bill that says they can fire ANY Federal employee for talking about women’s rights or climate change, or the most recent destruction of Obama’s bill that prevents people with mental problems or history to BUY ASSAULT WEAPONS. They are destroying regulations that protect our environment, and they are money worshippers who are giving the rich an even more free ride, and are going to tax US much more than Obama ever did; Obama kept our taxes very LOW, no one really noticed, but they are going to NOW when we get HIT and hit hard.

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