The Morning After…as Predicted in 2008

Psychopath sent packing, narcissist gets the nod

While already anticipating how skeptics will react to what Billy Meier was told, in 2008, about Hillary Clinton being defeated in the primary by Obama, nonetheless it turned out to be prescient for the presidency in 2016 as well*.

One of the things that is characteristic of the exchanges between the Plejaren and Meier, which also extends to the way in which Meier himself has answered questions**, is that the answer is usually strictly limited to the question without addressing future possibilities, or further speculation. So, to be consistent and at the same time leave the door open for the poor skeptics who are addicted to denial, I won’t hit them over the head with the obvious and complete accuracy of Ptaah’s poignant, pointed, prognostication.

Those who follow this blog know the possibility was raised quite recently. But people have unimaginably short attention spans these days and, as has often been said…repetition is a basic element of teaching and learning. With so many slow learners, it appears that much repetition is necessary, especially in trying to present the vitally important information within the Meier case, pertaining to our future survival, to a world deeply immersed in…superficiality. Also ironically, it must be noted that in an expression of absurdity that often forms the basis for good comedy, as well as occasionally accurate prediction, Donald Trump had been foreseen as president in The Simpsons show, in 2000.

Left, Right

Peaceful leftists are already making it clear that it isn’t the right-wing militias that are going to be the first to rush into the streets and cause mayhem. As pointed out in that article, it was actually elements within the Democratic party who instigated violence during the presidential campaign. Perhaps several decades of carrying around the symbol for death has seeped into the subconscious of a large segment of the population, though the American psyche has been and is bathed in all forms of death and destruction for a very long time.

This is a good moment to note that there’s practically nothing that’s “correct” about politics, aka the art of advantage, when one juxtaposes this dead-end, conflict promoting manmade abomination against true, eternal, principles, ethics, morals and values.

Hopefully the precious sensibilities of the overly sensitive (read: spineless) students and other people who’ve been entertained and distracted, coddled and confused by realities that neither their social media, socialist professors, or online escapism and unrealities have prepared them for, won’t…melt under the oppressive, sweltering heat of such a politically incorrect outcome. With additionally idiotic, escapist practices now being legalized (there’s really big bucks in bud) we should be sufficiently “imaginative”, if not sane and sober enough, to deal with the “barely imaginable” catastrophes Meier warned us were coming to America after the destruction of the WTC. Most people already can’t tell the difference between reality and make-believe, as Meier predicted in 1958 (see 127) so why the hell not check out completely; bio-chipping a compliant, dumbed down, drugged out population is even easier…and more trendy.

What to Expect

There are a few safe bets as to what some of the outcomes and effects of this election will be, such as:

1. The rise of online news – providing the internet isn’t shut down – and the continued decline of the importance of the deceptive, corporate mainstream news. Alex Jones, who really did help carry the banner for Trump to the masses, will not only see increased popularity but may also refine, combine and perfect his weepy, “Praise God, praise Jesus!” histrionics with his relentless product pitching into an art form in itself.

2. We can look for interesting developments when Donald Trump fails to build a wall but begins to deport illegal immigrants who are criminals, gang members, etc. Of course bringing US troops home from all the countries we don’t belong in could provide a force sufficient to enforce the integrity of the borders.

3. The hopeful détente with Russia could bring Trump into conflict with weapons manufacturers and elements in the military, both of whom he’s outspoken in his support of. His desire to unite with Russia to fight ISIS/the IS could also suffer, unless the weapons manufacturers, being pragmatic, would see that they’d still profit.

4. With Trump’s friendliness towards Israel, and antipathy towards the other terrorist supporting states in the Middle East, all of whom are customers for US weapons, there may be a dilemma in need of serious “negotiating”.

5. Of course if Trump is to carry through with his dismantling of environmental regulations, support for a renewed, highly polluting coal industry, etc., further degradation and destruction for dollars would result.

6. As for his promise to “bring jobs back to America”, since more and more robotic automation is already underway, and since it’s unlikely that he can actually force companies and corporations to return and create jobs, this new “man of the people” may not have many possibilities, unless he decides to invest his own great wealth in something like…Trump Taco Towers (at minimum wage – with possibilities for advancement for the industrious and hard working).

7. It remains to be seen if Trump, someone who certainly understands the importance of providing suitable, classy accommodations, will (despite her conciliatory words of defeat – which she contradicted of course when speaking to her supporters) proceed to prioritize providing Hillary Clinton and associates, with comfortable, government subsidized living quarters, three square meals a day and job opportunities making license plates (which actually may not be a perk if incarcerated in a federal penitentiary).

8. As for the Republicans who opposed him, it may ultimately come to light that a number of them did so to protect their own perceived vested interests and perhaps their own ties to the Clinton Foundation, associated pedophiles, etc. Time may tell.

Ah, promises, promises, which ones to keep, which ones to break and let’s not forget that Trump too, invincible as he perceives himself to be, may be treated to a private showing of the famous Zapruder film, along with a couple of nice, pointed “compliments” such as, “You really do have a lovely…family”, by the real string-pullers, Deep State, Dark Order, globalists, etc. He would be quickly reminded of just who he really works for, lest he get too carried away with any of his own delusions.


Let’s take a moment to consider that we also greatly overestimate our own importance, by contemplating our brief, small lives as dwellers upon a piece of cosmic…lint, barely a pinpoint in a tiny solar system at the end of a spiral arm of one of truly countless billions of galaxies, in the fourth belt of the seventh, in an ever-expanding universe that exists along with countless billions of other universes, all floating in the endless…void.

While stated before, this is really a fine time to delve into the spiritual teaching the ancient non-religious, belief-free teaching, as there’s no better way to live and prepare oneself and positively influence the direction of the country and the world, now that we know who follows, i.e. succeeds, Obama as we move towards…2020.

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*Excerpts from the 465th official contact conversationfrom May 7, 2008

Billy: However, do you have still something else about unusual predictions? And what interests me, relates to the presidential primary in the USA; who will ultimately win the race, Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, who in my opinion extremely craves for power? Do you have something yet to say regarding this?

Ptaah: 61. Yes.

62. Barack Obama will win the Democrat primary.

63. And what you say regarding Hillary Clinton corresponds to the truth.She is an extremely power-craving woman, who up to the end does not give up, but nevertheless will suffer a defeat.

64. If she would actually come to power, then the USA and many countries of Earth would be heading for a really unpleasant future.

65. However, humanity can consider itself fortunate, that power is not laid in the hands of this woman.

**You can join the FIGU forum and read through well over 10 years of questions asked of, and answered by, Billy Meier.




94 Replies to “The Morning After…as Predicted in 2008”

  1. Sheila I don`t watch MSM and I hardly ever watch the news. Personally I think most if not all politicians are just plain bad that is most of them. As far as I`m concerned these politicians all seem to want wars to keep the money flowing into the military industrial complex instead of fixing the the broken US infrastructure such as Schools, hospitals,roads,transportations, bridges,etc,etc,etc and getingt he US of fof fossile fuels, nuclear power etc,etc,etc.

  2. I don`t watch TV very much except in the morning when I get up. I think despite Trump`s behavior and attitude toward minorities, wommen and the handicapped he might be less dwillangerous as CF says even though Trump is not the best. Let`s wait and see what Trump will do NOT what he says! Most if not all politicians say one thing and do the exact opposite! Who knows just what Trump wil do next words are meaningless,it`s the actions one does especially in politics. “Actions speak louder than words especially in politics. It`s what one does NOT what one says as far as politics are concerned!”

    1. Hi Terry thanks for admitting you watch TV in the morning as everything you said about Trump is exactly what the talking heads have been spewing for quite some time. There is no evidence that Trump is a racist. None. He was making fun of a disabled journalist that talked crap about him, he wasn’t making fun of the handicapped. And seriously the locker room talk about women, I’ve heard way worse than that, from both sexes. Anyone who pretended to have been offended by it has never been out in the real world.

  3. Thanks Sheila that mkes me fell alot better but I just posted in MH`s last blog from Sfath`s talk to Billy in 1945. I skedMH just how safe will Ibe given the fact that I`m handicapped with multiple disabilities and a senior citizen know just how bad and dangerous things will get with Maybe you can fill me in here if you have any idea how safe I`ll be and how bad things will get. Thanks. Peace Terry

    1. Terry, as many people have also tried to tell you, you are not alone, not the only person who has serious challenges, disabilities, fears and concerns.

      Right now you are fairly safe, you have people here and elsewhere to communicate with many of whom share your concerns, no matter their age or site of health.

      We all face challenges and difficulties, with certainly more to come. So we must work to develop and focus our consciousness in a neutral-positive manner to create preferred thoughts, feelings and actions. That is certainly a much betterouse of our time and energy than pitying ourselves, being fearful and desperate…none of which produces positive results.

  4. Thanks MH But after this past election things don`t look very promising now and even for the next few years given how bad these two candidates are Trump and Hil given the fact that they are both warmongers willing to spend gazillions on arms and wars etc when we realy need to clean up our environment,infrastructure and so on. The money would be better spent on helping the less fortunate and finding more responsible ways to save lives,not destroy lives as is happening with the military industrial complex and so onwouldn`t you agree?

    1. Terry, people can vote and discuss politics, etc. But the fact is that we are each responsible for our thoughts, our state of mind, how we CHOOSE to think and feel about things.

      So, as some others have suggested, don’t focus so much on people and things you can’t do anything about. Read elements of the spiritual teaching, freely available at Decide what you prefer, to concentrate your thoughts and energies so much out there, or to develop your own, more positive ones. We each have that choice.

  5. The point that I`m making as far as politics goes is where is the moral and ethical value in all this wasting gazilions of bucks for wars and not getting and cleaning up these politicians behavior and actions and ascuses for wars? Why not make these politicians clean up their acts and behaviores,pick up and cleanup their own trash and dirty laundry like everone else does and start acting like normal everyday human beings morally and ethically!

  6. What I find interesting is that no one speaks about the real reason I think Trump was elected. For me personally I didn’t vote for Hillary because of her aggressive tone regarding Russia. My vote for Trump was more of a vote against hillary. More of a vote against nuclear war. A vote against corruption. A vote against the Clinton foundation than a vote for Trump. Those protesters don’t realize this. Ignorance is bliss I guess… But I do know that probably with Trump comes a whole new set of problems. 2020 is 4 yrs away. 4 yrs is a term of a presidency right? Civil war in 4 yrs? Coincidence? This civil war prophecy is now something that needs to be addressed,and focused on now more than ever. We need more people participating in the peace meditation and studying the spiritual teaching. Positive vibes are a must right now. Dwelling on the doom and gloom is not what we need. Focusing on the positive in a neutral positive manner is a priority I feel.

    To me this was a victory for those that have accepted the Meier case as truth. This election may have been influenced by us that know and follow this case. By those the practice the peace meditation. The snowball is getting bigger as the days tick by! Keep up the good work everyone!

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