The Secret Plans of the Global Dictatorship

Concerned people have to take measures against the coming war before it is too late

Since 1958, Billy Meier has warned of the European Union (EU) as a dictatorship, which would be involved with the USA in bio-chipping everyone on the planet. (Some people simply can’t wait to be enslaved so they rush to the head of the line.) In 1987, Meier pointed to “a so-called peaceful globalization” that would disguise America’s aspirations to “gain absolute control of the world concerning supremacy in economy.”

A recent conversation between Ptaah and Meier, regarding CETA, TTIP, etc., addresses the now more public discussion about trade agreements designed to further empower corporations and enslave human beings. You can read updates on the ongoing developments regarding the EU, Brexit, the trade agreements, etc., here.

In Other News

Now Anonymous pops up with what could be viewed as a long commercial encouraging civil uprisings, even civil war, etc. We also learn that the power mad candidate for the presidency finds no depths too deep to sink to, while her running mate conveniently changed positions on immigration.

Her narcissistic opponent continues to make promises he can’t keep, endorses environment destroying policies and represents the undeniably rising wave of dissatisfaction with politics. It may be a sad commentary that he’s the best – the only – candidate who rose to the occasion to oppose the status quo.

Nonetheless, whichever candidate becomes president, I think that Meier’s assessment will, unfortunately, once again prove to be accurate, corroborating what he first foretold in 1981 and 1987.

The Spiritual Teaching

The answers for all of our problems lie in learning and applying the spiritual teaching. That being said, there’s no easy and immediate remedy…although to begin the study that reveals how our thoughts determine our feelings and our actions brings with it insight, i.e. answers from within that can help us to navigate our immediate situations and make course corrections for the future.

By turning our attention to the teaching, and to our inner cognitions resulting from our study, the slow but certain process develops itself in us and helps us to make our moment-by-moment choices more consciously and effectively.

We can only know this for ourselves by putting the teaching into practice and thereby testing it in our daily lives. We have to recognize that the troubles of our world didn’t suddenly appear but have been in development for a very long time. The immutable law of cause and effect simply delivers the results, the effects of our individual and collective thoughts, feelings and actions.

Since the truth about how life really works has long been hidden from the people, we now find ourselves in a world of corruption, racism, terrorism, war, criminality, etc., long in development and that will also take some time to completely rectify. That will only come about through the efforts of people who are consciously pursuing the truth and applying the spiritual teaching to the best of our/their ability.

Ptaah reinforced the seriousness of the dangers of continuing the passivity:

“In fact the majority of this populace does nothing, rather simply allows the mighty ones and other responsible ones of the state and so forth, to instigate wars. However, even in nations that are only partially free it would be easy for the peoples to go onto the streets and demonstrate for peace, as well as to wake up the indifferent ones and all human beings in general from their lethargy with purposive texts, and to instruct them about the effective reality and its truth. Thereby however also pressure must be applied to the politicians unfit for office, so that they begin to think and act logically, drop their cravings for might, lead the people to freedom and peace rightly and protect them from war. And at the present time precisely this is in the foreground as a consequence of the criminal and even felonious machinations of the USA and the EU dictatorship, which is why the concerned peoples themselves have to take measures against it before it is too late. And if nothing is done by the peoples themselves and the might-greedy ones of the state are left to rule and nothing is undertaken against their might-behaviour and their war mongering machinations, then it will indeed come to a fourth world war.”

Concerned people have to take measures against the coming war before it is too late. We’ve drawn attention to this and issued our own call for a New Peace Movement.

There’s no time like the present to begin, or continue, the journey.

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Thanks to Bruce Lulla for the translations.


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