Are You a Robot?

Now you can marry your washing machine

UPDATE: April 3, 2017

This idiot actually married his robot, which is not nearly as useful as a good washing machine.

Original Article:

With the mad rush to transhumanism and all of the new gadgety toys it portends, and the joys of being able to marry your washing machine, how do you know if your own sense of self isn’t actually an illusionary element of an already existing A.I. program? Could you already be a robot living in a computer simulation, a virtual reality that space scientist and inventor Elon Musk also has contemplated.

Human Obsolescence

This excerpt from Maureen Dowd’s article about Musk:

“He said that the way to escape human obsolescence, in the end, may be by ‘having some sort of merger of biological intelligence and machine intelligence.’ This Vulcan mind-meld could involve something called a neural lace—an injectable mesh that would literally hardwire your brain to communicate directly with computers.”

…echos what Meier already foretold in Contact 251:

“Due to genetic alterations, these descendants will be born without arms and legs, with their nerve endings already exposed. This will permit easy access to the nerve endings of their extremities, which can then be attached without surgery to various devices and machinery, etc. The robot people will become a true menace to normal humans, for they will possess unforeseen consciousness-related powers. Over time, they will further develop these powers by way of an above-normal application of their consciousness whereby the brain, through unique, painstakingly constructed energy generators, will be endowed with special energies from the outside. All of this will allow the forces of the consciousness to perform at record levels.”

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Such dubious progress may not portend the rosiest of futures, however:

205. If the Third World War will actually happen—as calculations and observations appear to indicate to be probable now and also during the approaching few decades—then, as now, the civilian population will above all have to bear the brunt of the enormous suffering in tremendous numbers in this entire catastrophe and, last but not least, the fault of the irresponsible scientists who by cloning will create human machines for military purposes, devoid of conscience and feelings, and will create immensely deadly and all-annihilating computer-like weapons.

227. Even when the North American continent will be stricken by the most terrible catastrophe which has ever been recorded, evil military powers will wreak havoc with computerised and nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, whereby it will also happen that computerised weapons become independent and cannot be controlled any longer by human beings.

We’ve certainly suggested that Musk should acquaint himself with the prophetic aspects of the Meier case…if he hasn’t already. Perhaps he has and is further encouraged in his pioneering efforts to colonize Mars and play his role to help fulfill a bit of our future history:

“While mass tourism will increase by leaps and bounds, and slowly but surely will invade and destroy the remaining Shangri-Las on Earth, first steps will be taken for a flight to Mars, but will not be blessed with good fortune. However, the next flight, which ensues very soon, will have better luck although it will encounter certain difficulties due to unexpected technical problems.”

Dumb and Dumber

So yes, once again all of this “new”, futuristic information has long been published by Meier. The difference being that Meier’s specific prophetic information, as we can see in Contact 251 and the Henoch Prophecies, etc., continues to be corroborated as humankind plunges ahead into a self-created abyss here on Earth.

And with today’s dumb and damaging decision by Trump to undo many climate protections, adding to the certainty that even more of Billy Meier’s environmental warnings are being fulfilled, we also can understand better Meier’s assessment of Trump and his sorrow over what will further befall the American people during these times.

The Shame of It All

Those who’ve never heard of Billy Meier before may also not be aware of the singular authenticity of his contacts with the Plejaren, now spanning more than 75 years. So, let’s digress and dazzle you a bit with this latest bit of analysis on a couple of his WCUFO photos from 36 years ago.

With that in mind, let’s also reflect on what Ptaah told Meier, during the 498th Contact on July 31, 2010 about what…could’ve been:

Ptaah “That which altogether was completely destroyed in wide sections of Rome, Asia Minor and Greece, and so forth, according to our annals, amounts to about 1,341,700 scientific scrolls. Many of these hand written texts described very valuable medical cognitions and techniques, besides actual technical inventions, which, if these records and plans had been preserved, would have led to the human beings of Earth conquering the outer space and settling on other planets already more than 200 years ago…”

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67 Replies to “Are You a Robot?”

      1. Hi Jed, sort of, but the two phrases Telepathy and Telenosis are different, although sort of connected : My understanding of Telenosis is that it is much more and stronger form of telepathy, comprising of strong impulsations to the subconcious person, that influence and even control the person for good or bad effects ( for e.g. Hitler was telenosis controlled by the gizzeh (or some other ets) Tele as in tele (pathy) or Tele (phone) and Nosis as in Hyp (Nosis) So where as Telepathy is at least a form of recieving and sending of thoughts fine fluidal it like all things evolves and strengthens to the point of mind control of others if one were so inclined, however this would be extreamly hard to achieve against a highly advanced being (Billy for e.g. ) as the persons Might of the conciousness and spiritual power can be utilised as defence against it, it is largely down to frequency, for e.g. if the evil powers that be were able to creat a frequency of 10 to the power of 700 ( our present frequency ) they could control and enslave the whole planet in seconds, fortunately they cant, so this is why Billy was permited to release this figure, after some initial doubts from the Plejaren. That is my present understanding in a nut shell, enjoy your day…

    1. Hi Mat, It actualy says ‘ the possability could become a reality ‘ so my interpretation is that it does not catagorically state that this will happen for sure, although one feels that some contact ( and possibly assistance ) will indeed occur in the future (but not necessarily by the Plejarens ) but thanks for the reminder, as it has been many years since I re read the H.P.

  1. Hear is an article fro Democracy Now for Thursday March 30, 2017 U.S. Boycots U.N. Talks on Nuclear Ban While Spending to modernize Nuclear Arsenal. Recently I`ve been looking up various artic;es and images ofvarious different stargastes to find our what the Plejanren Federation is now doing using stargates instead of beemships and motherships. My question is what if there is a real castrphy say an csidental nuclear explosion, chemichal and or biologicalexplosion,will the Ps PLEASE intervene to stop this madness from spreading into the entire planet and destroying all life on Earth???

    1. Sometimes modernizing anything entails making it better, more efficient, and maybe in this case Terry, more secure, stable, safer, etc. I don’t know, and I don’t know the true intent from the individuals in those particular positions of power. It’s hard to tell what the future will truly hold – due to the will and might of the human spirit/race, good and/or bad – but as the saying goes, we know who holds the future. I have a feeling the P’s aren’t going to be intervening anytime soon into our own troubled creations. We’re responsible for wiping our own asses, not them or anyone else.

      Now, anything that could potentially obliterate Earth and/or negatively affect/damage neighboring clusters of life elsewhere, or seriously disrupt something vital in the universe for that matter, then I suspect an interjection might be warranted. Just because the P’s aren’t interfering into our own matters doesn’t mean they aren’t keeping a close-ass eye on us and all of our causalities. It’s like a free-for-all here on Earth, anything goes, and that’s not necessarily a good thing. It’s highly unlikely though that the scenario warranting such an intervention will occur anytime soon, I could be wrong Terry. That’s just my hunch.

      Yes, the powers that be and the shadow governments around the world have their own agenda and will act accordingly, and in some ways, there’s not a damn thing we can do about it/that. As life teaches us, there are simply some things we cannot control Terry, as much as it may suck. However, that doesn’t mean everything is negative and that any type of positive control is out of our hands, or that we have no power at all. We still have power, individually and collectively. Everything, every situation and everyone is the power that you, I and we give it. If we give in to fear, fear wins. If we give in to negativity, negativity results. If we think, feel, intend, act and stand up for truth, love, harmony, wisdom, freedom and all that is good in this reality, then these results will prevail; it may take some time, but they will win out. The effort absolutely has to be made by all of us to create these intended results, individually and collectively, if we desire them. Granted, it’s not easy Terry, but it all germinates somewhere and it all starts within us, ourselves and in the individual regard. If you go within, you never go without. This is where our true individual power resides. Controlling, strengthening and evolving this energy/power requires controlling our thoughts and feelings first.

      Watch happy and/or funny movies if you can Terry. Watch as many nature-oriented documentaries, informative and thought-provoking documentaries; visuals which will relax your mindset and provide a sense of neutrality and peace for your thoughts, feelings and well-being. See how that helps you. One more thing if you don’t mind Terry, please do what you can to stay off the websites and media channels you feel and notice are creating an angst or anxiety feeling within you when you visit and interact with them. You know, the websites which make you feel angry, sad, disheartened, frustrated, pissed off at the powers that be, and ultimately, end up leaving you feeling scared. I know it may be difficult as negativity can appear to be everywhere, but any media channel that contributes to those thoughts and feelings Terry, avoid temporarily or better yet, altogether and substitute those media feeds with calming ones.

      I want you to know that I’m not judging you by any measure Terry, far from it. I’m no judge or jury and I’m sure as hell no executioner, I’ve simply observed and audited some your postings and felt compelled to relay what I though might be a substantial helping of “food for thought”.

      All good things for you Terry. Keep positive in New York, keep a neutral-positive and positive mindset, think, feel, intend and act good and positive things will result. One step at a time my friend, one step at a time.

      Apologies for the lengthy novel Michael, just felt compelled to post it.

  2. Hi Charles, Thankyou so very much for all the good advice. Bacl in 2001 i joined wbecauseespac because I grew up with the peace movement back in the late 60s early70s becauseI I thought war was wrong and to this day I still feel the same way because it has gotten to the point now where all these stupid politicians are ALL a bunch of warmongers no matter who you vote for they are for military might and nothing else anything else in politics is immaterial to them,that`s it! As a matter of fact I mostly just glance at the titles in Democracy Now and counterpuch and think ether I`ll belive when I see it or I`ll just forget it and move on because Ijust sick and tired of all these politicians and their sick ideas and selling points that I just don`t give a damn anymore! I Used to study ballet so watching ballet on youtube helps me get rid of all that negativity. I also like to meditate with Youtube ambient menditaions too. The only reason I`m still with wespac is because politically things are starting to get very dangeous and a friend told during Christmas that I should stay with wespac for safety reasons because of all the racis anti semiteism going on now that Trump and his shills are causing even more harm tan usually. Personally,I don`t think Trump is all that smart and his gang are just plain nasty etc. So I need to play it safe for now and be very causous. Quite frankly I`m just not that politically motivated. I wish I could really joing figu but fiancially I`m unable to aince I live on a very limited fixed income and can`t use crdit cards so ordering The spritiual teaching and The Goblet of Truth is out of my reach finacially so i try to right down what I read and see freom Billy in notebook for future reference in case there is no longer any free internet. At least I`ll have all this information should we loose our freedom to blog and study the CR, GOTT, Spititual Teaching,etc. I only watch the local news to get the weather reoprt so I can plan for the next day. I won`t watch violent moveis and violent TV shows but I try to stay away from anything that is negative on TV beause this world is just getting to be too much for me and to dangerous! hiow I wish i were living on Erra or Timers!!! I bet life must be very good and very positive on Erra and Timers

  3. Hi MH, Sorry for the very long blog. I just wanted to explain why I don`t listen to the mainstream media most of the time due to the fact that the mainstream media is so negative that I just skip over to other less negative TV. “I think we need more cultrure and lesspolitics in this day and age. Culture helps us to learn to get along with one another with cooperation and respect for one another and this will helps stop wars and fighting with one another and also help stop the violence around the world too.

  4. Even robots can only do what their creator tells it to do! 😉

    And before you go off saying something about how BEAM has informed us about robots getting out of our control, read the previous sentence again.

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