Apocalyptic Consequences of more Arctic Methane Release

Corroborates Billy Meier’s 1989 information on methane danger

In Dahr Jamail’s most recent of several articles dealing with the danger from methane gas, he discusses a recent report warning about the potentially apocalyptic consequences of more Arctic methane release.

Mr. Jamail has been doing important investigative work in this field for some time. His article also quotes Natalia Shakhova, whose comments immediately establish that she too understands the dire nature of the situation and the danger from large, “non-gradual” methane releases. Neither of them appear to have compromised their interest in the truth for material considerations, such as is the case with so many scientists (and others) who are climate change deniers, etc.

This article serves to bring their work to our attention, as well as to inform them of Billy Meier’s specific, prophetically accurate scientific, environmental, astronomical, etc., information.

The People Were Warned

Those of us who’ve long been familiar with Billy Meier’s environmental warnings – he’s the first person to specifically warn of manmade climate change and global warming in the 1950s – also know that he’s provided specific information on the danger of atmospheric collapse from a variety of contributing factors. He also warned about methane gas being released by the thawing of the permafrost, first pointing out that methane was even more damaging to the ozone layer than CFCs in 1989*.

As is the case with so much of the scientific information provided to Meier by the Plejaren, we find that our scientists unknowingly corroborate the information anywhere from a few years to several decades later, with their “new discoveries”.

Perhaps, because of the nature of his other political works, Mr. Jamail would be interested in Meier’s warnings about the two US-Iraq Gulf Wars – and many other things – that he published in 1958. And it is to be hoped that both he and Ms. Shakhova would likewise be courageous enough to carefully examine Meier’s information and its implications.

Our Future Survival

I would be glad to provide them with any further information they need so they can inform other credible, non bought-off scientists who are also truly concerned with helping humankind to assure our own very threatened future survival.

* Contact 229, July 31, 1989:

Thanks, your explanation says more than I expected. Then I still have another question regarding CFCs. Concerning this, you once told me that certain gases, which are stored under the bottom of the sea and which rise up, cause even greater damage to the ozone layer than CFCs. Now, I no longer know what gas this was and out of what it arises.

54. It concerns methane gas, which is stored as methane hydrate under the sea.

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Thanks to Bruce Lulla for Mr. Jamail’s article.


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39 Replies to “Apocalyptic Consequences of more Arctic Methane Release”

  1. Thanks for the warning MH Trying to get a good night sleep is just impossible for me at night for the past 41/2 years. A friend of mine is working on ways to counteract the ship(bed) so I can get a good nights sleep and this will be a very long ongoing project since having my apartment soundproof is too expensive since it cost thousands of dollars to do which I dan`t afford at this point. I just wish we could do away with all these dirty rotten fossil fuels and the radiation poising from nuclear power plants and soon!!! “When will these stupid cabals and shills EVER LEARN NOT to harm people like you and me?” After all this world is so damn primitive,barbaric and discutsting!!! I just hope we don`t go down like the Akart world did,yikes:-((((

      1. Jediah, I did not and I con`t use URL due to privacy concerns. As a matter of fact i was going to use outlook email service but decided to stay with startpage for more privacy on the internet. Trouble is startmail cost $60 a month just to use their email services so I`ll just use my computer only to look up websites now that the US is no longer a free democratic country but if all else fails the is the Freedom of information website(FOIA) should we lose our right to free speach and privacy on the internet,I don`t even use cookies too. “We NEED to fight back against this stazi fascist state that is getting so pervasive, invasive, sinister, nefarious,tec,etc,etc!”

    1. Hi,

      As you seem to be very unfamiliar with this blog, the Billy Meier material, etc., I’m allowing this post simply to give you the opportunity to have a say, and, hopefully, for you to begin to discover the truth.

      There are no “Pleiadians” and so they’re certainly not coming. Such ideas and misinformation are delusional. That being said, you’re perfectly welcome to comment here…so long as you spare us any of the imaginary stuff. You are, however, free to question, challenge, etc. It’s just that we don’t indulge all of the evidence-less, blatantly false info about UFOs, extraterrestrials, etc.

      1. At this time, those with an open heart center will be in line with the energy of the Pleiades Star Cluster M45, of course the home of our Plejaren friends. We also speak of the beings Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, the angelic beings etc, of the entire constellation. Thanks for the opportunity, MH. This energy boost has come in balance to issues of our world, in Korea, Syria etc. We, with the open heart can change these for the light, the better.

        1. Actually, on this blog, we don’t “…speak of the beings Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, the angelic beings etc,” since they are imaginary beings from delusional minds. Just so you know, I won’t post any further nonsense like this.

  2. Overpopulation needs some further clarification… If we were to have a casual ‘observation’ here , I would make the following. First for a population to sustain it would be fair to view a couple having three children would be a sustainable population considering the third child is balanced with various die offs and represents a one to one sustainability ‘rough’ conversational base.

    We take that and look at beyond every woman having two children and in the argument three, many woman have had four children and to get to this point many woman have birthed five and more children.

    So that’s numbers , next we have a lot of agendas going on here and not enough are concerned about their mother (earth). So we have a lot of really stupid people , not productive forward thinking people on this planet. Pure takers. Not planet neutral. We could easily argue that of all the population that has ever existed 99% take from the planet and do not or have not given back. Be it planting , conservation , environmental protection and even simply leaving the place better than they found it.

    So overpopulation is a very shallow answer, I prefer the ‘disease of the planet earth’ . She is rumbling , she is cringing with pain and she is not very happy for what has been done to her by so many ungreatful vile scurge of existence.

    Fukashima is an ELE event , Geoengineering is bringing the gas chamber to your doorstep , Cern is altering the planets energy like a prisoner getting the electric chair , and the concept of toilet water to tap water represents all the collected chemicals and pharmaceuticals being looped back to the population. So their is no shortage of man trying to kill man AND everything else for that matter. Might as well just think of man possibly exploding the entire planet and impose its insanity forever on whomever our remains might drift upon.

    Overpopulation is a cheap word, the appropriate shame every human should personally feel is being overlooked. Think of every person that died and never felt the appropriate feeling of shame and guilt for their part in all these problems. Its disgusting.

    We are a disease of the planet earth. We as a species do not deserve to be allowed here any longer. It is now that bad. Its not an overpopulation problem that is the result of an underachieving wreckless bunch of self greed laden thieves that stole life from this planet for their own endeavours of immediate personal interest. We shit on everything. Had we been wise and appreciative and respectful this situation would have never even been a thought let alone a reality.

    Just saying overpopulation is way to easy and so very wrong on its own.

    1. Could not agree more And even overpopulation has been created by the elite not educating the third world Witch they could have done many times over With the wealth they stole What a mess Its really killing me to watch this go down I have spent my life trying to wake people But most really seem indifferent I really dont know what to say to people any more

  3. 2017 will be the hottest year on record, meteorologists are predicting.
    Methane is not a small problem.
    Severe and deadly heatwaves are predicted for Africa and India, the Middle East may become uninhabitable.
    It’s more than cow farts that we need to worry about.
    While the world is busy watching the new reality show “Trump vs. the whole world” the Climate Crisis rolls into high gear.
    We have destroyed our home planet before.
    Yet here we are.
    Smoke ‘ em if you got ’em.
    “The people were warned. But did they listen?”

    1. If you investigate Haarp you will find the Elite are warming the poles The number one guys name on weather engineering is DANE something you will find him Its certainly not Co2 I hear your concern and thank you for it

  4. I sometimes wonder…

    Is the following from the PREDICTIONS OF ELIA (ELIJAH) talking about more than the forests of Brazil, Canada, Siberia etc., and including the old forests being uncovered by the melting ice, and what is under the ice on Antarctica?:

    “In the new time, the human being will have knowledge about the great continents on earth, and about the huge forests beyond the end of the endless oceans.”


    Use the search engine of your choice to search for the likes of:
    old (or ancient) forests under the ice melts; or your own wording to the same effect.

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