The BP Disaster: Science slowly Catching up to Billy Meier

In a new op-ed piece in the New York Times, two concerned, highly qualified science writers, S. Elizabeth Birnbaum and Jacqueline Savitz, express their concern for the damage done by the BP Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, four years ago. They also express concern for the possibility of new damage from present and future drilling, etc.

Of course soon after the disaster, Billy Meier published information given to him by the Plejaren that already revealed the true extent of the damage, much of which still remains unknown to, or suppressed by, scientists today. The now being reported effects on wildlife are still not fully understood, as is the damage that will continue to the environment, human beings, the food chain, etc. (Meier was also immediately informed of the true extent of the damage regarding the Fukushima disaster, which also is now only beginning to be revealed.)

We are now seeing more and more of the effects of human irresponsibility despite the decades of specific warnings from Meier about the consequences of manmade damage to the environment. His unheeded information, from 1976, about the terrible consequences of extracting petroleum, gas, ores, etc., from the Earth has no led to an irreversible chain of circumstances and events, including the increased frequency and intensity of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, exactly as he first predicted in 1951 and 1958 as well.

And while scientists absolutely abhor any mention of “prophecies and predictions” – although they and others such as weathermen, stock and sports analysts, engineers, pilots, astrophysicists, etc., make “projections”, theories and estimates based on known data all the time – the inescapable fact is that the majority of humankind has abrogated it’s self-responsibility, relied on imaginary gods and delusional religions, false, power hungry leaders, and dead-end political charades, all of which has led to additional Orwellian consequences.

And no, pushing “Delete” will not make all of this go away.

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Thanks to Gregory O’Brien for the information.

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  1. The biggest problem with the oil/gas industry is that they are able to hire the best lawyers in the country. The reason you don’t hear much about spills and contamination is that as part of a settlement they slap a gag order on the recipients to ensure this never makes it to mainstream media. Also trains have their own jurisdiction and are not governed by regular laws, they can basically haul what they want with little accountability (small fine) for spills. This is currently changing due to the Lac Megantic, Quebec oil tanker explosion which killed 47 people last July 6. Years ago I found out our local train was burning used lube oil, I went through all the proper channels until I got an email from AB Environment minister Rob Renner telling me this train uses the same as the other two in this province. When I told him the difference was this one sat right across the street from a residential area…no reply. Used lube oil can be anywhere from 5% to 95% actual oil and the rest consists of anything that cannot be poured down the drain. Now when they blow that crap off I walk over there and ask how long they are going to be stinking up our neighbourhood…that get’s them moving. I found I couldn’t fight them but that doesn’t mean I can’t make them “uncomfortable”.

  2. Elizabeth Klarer, the late contactee, has has documented weather and distaster issues. She predicted these events in the early century. She has been in contact with a man called Akon from planet Meton orbiting Alpha Centuri – our neighbor Sun.

    Her documents also include accusations about covert actions by militaries.She too mentions of potential wars etc.

    She has published letters to communities regarding energy crisis and often lectured at various universities around the world in hope to create this awareness.

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