Will the 21st time be the charm?

Michael Horn will be interviewed* – for the 21st time – on C2C, discussing the singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO contacts, still ongoing for over 75 years, and Meier’s unparalleled, prophetic accuracy regarding such things as the:

Coming American civil wars · EU and worldwide immigration crisis · Danger of war with Russia · Islamist terrorism · Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions · Fulfillment of predictions about Trump ·

Plus: ET & Nazi artifacts in Antarctica, The Talmud Jmmanuel, Vaccines & autism, Future of UFOlogy, New defeat of skeptics!

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NOTE: Please don’t use the sound recordings of the UFOs to scare people.**

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*This interview may possibly be heard live online here.

Products may come in different cases than images shown.

* *To avoid unnecessary panic, we advise against driving through quiet neighborhoods, late at night when people are sleeping, and playing these sounds, at full volume, in your car with the windows rolled down. On behalf of intelligent life throughout the universe, we thank you for your cooperation.

64 comments on “Michael Horn on C2C August 3-4!

  • Dang, I was really looking forward to public midnight beat-boxing sessions with those rad beamship sounds… I guess the “Aliens are among us” crowd will, tragically, have to have their concert another day.

    • Well according to contact report 236…they listen to our Rap music…also our pop music..

      11. You aren’t the only one who can enjoy and be refreshed in the most diverse styles of music.
      12. Even as you love classical music, rock, country, truck songs, folk songs, pop, marching music, rap, soul, spirituals, gospel, and our music, as well as Oriental, Middle Eastern, and Far Eastern music and rhythms of the natives, I, too, am just as versatile and have no fixed boundaries in reference to the style and direction of this very pleasing, loosening, and profound muse

  • Oops, I didn’t see that warning when I bought the Beamship Symphony. That must be why my neighbors give me those looks. =)
    Looking forward to the new interview.

  • That’s the way I’ve got to know of you and BEAM, I remember a night of February in 2013, I get up at about 3 in the morning to go to work every day and on those days for a few years I was listening first thing when I got up to the program C2C with the hope that I was going to find something that I didn’t know what but I was looking for, before that night I was searching every website they’d promoted with nothing to be found, I have done so much research and found absolutely nothing, but that night there you was, Amazing ! Next thing was to search your website and then started the reading and learning of all those thousands of pages that even up to today doesn’t stop the startling feeling about this marvelous teachings.
    As a side note, after that day of February of 2013 never needed to listen to C2C again because I’ve found what I was looking for.
    Thank you Michael ! I hope you get to reach many more like me that are looking for the truth that cannot be easily found otherwise.
    Best wishes!

  • WOW! Can`t wait to listen to you on c2c on the internet not the radio because my local radio station in New York has the Mets baseball game on in the summer on WOR fm 710,so I have to listen to c2c from Toronto,Canada because there are less radio commercials in Canada. I tried Miami,Florida a few years ago but the last time I tried to get c2c there were so many commercials that I had to listen to c2c from Canada instead besides in Canada you don`t have to sign on to I-Hart radio which is a real pain in the neck! Kudos to you MH I hope you won`t scare me with the Prophecies and Predictions. Salome, Terry,

  • Number 21. Maybe. Accordingly, it is a number of the World on the tarot reading. You might accomplished something because Time is running out. This requires balance on all four elements if this is indeed the charmed number. The World (21) is associated with the planet Saturn which, according to esoteric teaching is a planet of time, structure, self discipline, limitations of matter, etc… In order for us to progress as spiritual beings, we must come to terms with the limitations of the physical world. Our allotted time on the planet earth is limited. We waste too much time on a lot of nonsense that takes us away from our true path. If there is a sense of completion and accomplishment after the interview, an old door is closing and a new one is opening. Maybe people will start making changes.
    I am looking forward to listening to this interview. Wishing all the best.

  • BTW, this is where I found you MH. I was taking notes in the middle of the night as I was listening to you. It sounded something familiar to me, like I’m finding my way Home. The following day my late husband did a lot of research and downloaded the materials that I need to start studying. My life is never the same again (21 The World). My rebellion start at a very young age.

    • Very interesting Dolly. I know very little about numerology. Let’s see if this event/experience adds to the overall understanding.

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