The Plejaren reveal the true and false conspiracies over the last 1,000 years


49. Which I can understand very well.

50. But now I want to mention the list you copied from “Wikipedia,” starting with the oldest – up to the latest – officially known conspiracy theory.

51. Those that effectively correspond only to illusory theories, I will simply label FALSE, while one thing must be labeled and explained as TRUE that corresponds to the facts.

52. So the following applies to the conspiracy theories listed below:

List of Conspiracy Theories

This list lists conspiracy theories of recent centuries. It contains confirmed and refuted but also unclear theories that deal with religious, political, cultural or everyday-cultural conspiracies. This list is not intended to be exhaustive.

12th Century

Blood libel: 1144 is the first time it was claimed that Jews had kidnapped a Christian child in order to murder it on Passover in a secret ritual.


14th Century

Well poisoning: Particularly during the great plague epidemics of the 14th century, social marginalized groups, mostly Jews, were accused of having caused the epidemic to destroy Christianity by poisoning the public wells.

54.  FALSE

15th Century

Witchcraft: The popular belief that natural disasters and illnesses are actually caused by black magic spellcasters (witches) was accepted by theologians in the 15th century and developed into an imagination of a secret witch sect in covenant with the devil, which led to persecution of alleged witches for centuries.


16th Century

Exeter conspiracy: King Henry VIII. was supposed to be murdered to undo the Reformation.


17th Century

Popish Plot: Catholics allegedly wanted to murder King Charles II.


17th/18th Century

Man in the iron mask: Person close to King Louis XIV.

58. TRUE

59. The mysterious prisoner was the twin brother of the’ Sun King’, Louis XIV, born secretly in 1643 and deceased in 1703.

19th Century

1. Dunkelgrafen: Among the mysterious inhabitants of Eishausen Castle was allegedly the daughter of the executed French king Louis XVI.


2.Flat-Earth-Society-hypothesis: The Flat Earth Society’s hypothesis still propagates today that the Earth is a disc.


3. The Mystery of Kaspar Hauser: The foundling Kaspar Hauser, who was born in 1812, was the hereditary prince to the Grand Duchy of Baden.


4. World Jewry: Jews allegedly want to seize world domination.


5. Conspiracy of the Bahai: As Zionists or spies, Bahai want to destroy either the state of Iran or the entire Islam.


6. Conspiracy theories around Jack the Ripper: The search for the true identity of Jack the Ripper left room for speculation; for example, that he was a secret child of Queen Victoria.


66. Jack the Ripper was a man named Thomas Neill Cream, a trained physician who, after several murders, was arrested, accused, sentenced to death and hanged in 1892.

67. At the same time, a second man, who came from the royal house of Queen Victoria, was also involved in the same mischief, but was never caught because he ended his murders again.

7. Taxil hoax: Alleged eyewitnesses reported of Satanic rites of the Freemasons.


8. Know Nothing Party rumors: Catholic immigration had served the Pope to undermine the values of the United States, so that a papal army could land in America and found a new Vatican in Cincinnati.


20th Century

1. Agent theory: Adolf Hitler’s actions were guided by the economy.


2. HIV/AIDS denialism: Allegedly there is no causal connection between HIV viruses and the immunodeficiency disease AIDS.


3. AIDS from the US laboratory: HIV is said to have been developed by the US and been exposed or escaped.


73. AIDS is attributed to the species of monkey Chlorocebus, which were abused by irresponsible and deviant people through sodomistic actions, which enabled the transmission of the immunodeficiency epidemic to humans on Earth.

74, However, the plague already existed on Earth 11,000 years ago in the case of the Chlorocebus, whereby in later millennia the plague was transmitted on the chimpanzee subspecies “Pan troglodytes troglodytes” (Note: central chimpanzee).

4. Amero: The governments of Canada, the United States and Mexico are said to be planning a North American monetary union.


5. Area 51: The facility deals or communicates with extraterrestrial life forms.


6 . Doctors’ Plot: Soviet Union physicians allegedly planned attacks on high-ranking representatives of their country; see also Rooted Cosmopolitan.


7. Assassination of Martin Luther King: The assassination of Martin Luther King was carried out or planned by the US government.


8. Nijvel Gang conspiracy: The attacks carried out by the Nijvel Gang were a preventive strike against communism in Western Europe.


9. Barschel affair: Former Prime Minister Uwe Barschel was found dead after an unusually tough election campaign against his rival.

80. TRUE

10. Bilderberg conference: The participants of the Bilderberg conference are said to be planning a world dictatorship or are the masterminds behind events steeped in history, such as the Iraq war.


83. The Bilderberger conferences are not aimed at a world dictatorship, but at economic, political, military and secret service planning and machinations that are absolutely informal and are described as private and, as far as possible, kept secret.

84. The meetings bring together influential people from business, military, politics, media, academia, universities, high nobility, secret services and Christian churches.

85. At the conferences, they exchange views on current political, economic and social issues, as well as make decisions on political, military, intelligence, economic and Christian-religious leadership, etc. – some of which will be detrimental to the populations of the countries concerned – but also on the population and the economy of the countries concerned, etc.

86. The conference was initiated in May 1954 at the invitation of Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands.

87. At that time, the conference was held at his own hotel “de Bilderberg” in Oosterbeek in the Netherlands, after which the name Bilderberg was adopted for these conferences.

88. The original and first reason for the first meeting was based on the fear that Western Europe and North America would not cooperate as closely as they urgently needed.

89. At least at that time this was the opinion, which has apparently been preserved to this day, that secret decisions are being thought up and made again and again, which are also directed against Russia, among other things.

90. And since everything is secret, the’ Bilderbergers’ are surrounded by various conspiracy theories.

11. Chemtrails: Condensation trails allegedly contain chemicals that affect the population.


92. Condensation trails are visible long white stripes, which are caused by water vapor and other exhaust gases, especially in the wake of aircraft. These white stripes are formed especially behind high-flying jet planes when the humidity in the aircraft exhaust gases condenses.

93. These long “strip clouds” or condensation trails have nothing to do with the conspiracy theory regarding “chemtrails,” which are also referred to as “chemical strips,” “poison strips” or “toxic clouds,” and which are intended to correspond to the deliberate release of chemicals into the atmosphere.

94. According to the nonsensical conspiracy theory, airplanes are said to spray chemicals on behalf of states in order to change the weather and climate, poison people or otherwise influence world events, which is nothing more than absolute nonsense.

12. Chronology criticism: Certain sections of the historiography or calendar were erroneous or deliberately falsified.


13. Chronovisor: The Vatican is or was allegedly in possession of a time machine.


14. Stab-in-the-back myth: The defeat of the German military in World War I was caused by opposition civilians.


15. Estonia conspiracy: Estonia’s demise was the result of an assassination attempt.


16. Rumor of Orléans: In the French city of Orléans, 28 young women were allegedly kidnapped and forced into prostitution.


17. Greater Israel conspiracy: According to the doctrine, Israel plans to extend Jewish sovereignty to the entire area between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River.

100. FALSE

18. GSG-9 mission in Bad Kleinen: The GSG-9 mission in Bad Kleinen, in which the RAF terrorist Wolfgang Grams was killed, gave rise to numerous conspiracy theories.

101. FALSE

102. All conspiracy theories regarding this have no truth content.

19. HAARP conspiracy: The US-American research program HAARP is said to have been used to manipulate thoughts or to artificially induce natural disasters.

103. FALSE

104. TRUE is however:

105. The HAARP can have many harmful effects on living beings through vibrations, cause electromagnetic and weather-related disturbances, bring military benefits in a variety of ways, as well as negative atmospheric influences, but in absolutely no way manipulate thoughts.

106. The large antenna system of HAARP shoots energy rays at the sky, which are reflected back by the ionosphere as electric waves of an extremely low frequency (ELF), whereby these waves can then be transformed into an insidious weapon, which is officially denied however.

20. Holocaust denial: The National Socialists’ Holocaust never existed.

107. FALSE

21. Aerolinee Itavia Flight 870 conspiracy: The plane was shot down by French or US planes, all the passengers died. The unknown attackers allegedly assumed that the plane was an aircraft in which Muammar al-Gaddafi was traveling.

108. FALSE

22. Mount Yamantau conspiracy: Russian mountain Yamantau is said to have a gigantic underground complex that is being used for military purposes.

109. FALSE

23. Assassination of John F. Kennedy: The assassination is not the work of a single perpetrator but of a conspiracy; the mafia, the CIA or Fidel Castro are postulated as its mastermind.

110. TRUE

111. Harvey Oswald, who was under the influence of several groups, was not the direct assassin but only one of three other men who were controlled by an interest group involving the CIA, the FBI, the Mafia, a pro-Cuban group, oil barons and the military-industrial complex.

24. Alternative theories for Korean Air Lines flight 007: An aircraft, which was accidentally shot down by the Soviet Union, was classified as a threat according to official information. Theories say that Soviet air traffic control should be tested. Other assumptions suggest that survivors of the accident are imprisoned.

112. FALSE

25. Leningrad affair: Supporters of the Leningrad party system of CPSU were allegedly involved in criminal machinations.

113. FALSE

26. Phantom time hypothesis: Larger periods of medieval history were invented.

114. FALSE

27. Death of John Paul I: John Paul I had been poisoned because he probably wanted to uncover the Vatican’s internal machinations.

115. TRUE

116. John Paul I died of poisoning, causing the heart to stop functioning, which then gave the impression of heart failure.

117. He was murdered because he shocked the noble rule of the Vatican and because his behavior and way of life in the Vatican provoked an impulse.

28. Lusitania conspiracy: The sinking of the ship by a German submarine is said to have been deliberately brought about in order to stir up resentment against Germany towards the US population.

118. FALSE

29. Majestic 12 Committee: The US Secret Committee is concerned with the work of UFOs and extraterrestrials.

119. FALSE

30. Men in Black: Secret US government officials dressed in black ensure that mysterious sightings do not produce testimonies.

120. FALSE

121. Men in Black’ have nothing to do with US government officials, because this is a pure fantasy, unlike the’ Black Men’ who belonged to a group of people who were anxious to destroy the FIGU mission, including assassination attempt at that.

31. Moon landing conspiracy theories: NASA allegedly never landed on the moon between 1969 and 1972, and it was only faked.

122. FALSE

123. Apart from the allegedly first moon landing of Apollo 11 in 1969, which was fraudulently staged on Earth as a “real moon landing” and in the execution of which the participants were hypnotized and deceived, all other moon flights and moon landings actually took place.

124. The first and fraudulent and alleged lunar expedition, which was broadcast worldwide by television, was carried out for political reasons in order to put Russia behind the USA in terms of space technology and so-called space travel.

32. Death of Marilyn Monroe: Marilyn Monroe is said to have been killed by an American secret service because she had an affair with John F. Kennedy.

125. FALSE

126. Marilyn Monroe was murdered by Monroe psychiatrist and therapist Dr. Ralph Greenson on behalf of the brothers John Fitzgerald and Robert Kennedy in the night from August 4 to 5,1962, with an injection of chloral hydrate into the anus, which is why a puncture wound was not found anywhere on the body.

33. Montauk Project: In the Montauk project, the US military tried to control or influence the thoughts of civilians between 1970 and 1990.

127. FALSE

34. Elvis Presley’s afterlife: Elvis Presley did not die in 1977, but continued to live under exclusion of the public.

128. FALSE

35.New world order: Secret societies allegedly attempt to seize world domination.

129. FALSE

130. In modern times from 1844 onwards, there was no known or unknown organization apart from the USA and Hitler that tried to seize world domination.

131. Even today, apart from the USA, there is no state and no secret or well-known organization that claims world power.

36. Oklahoma Connection: The bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was supported by Islamists.

132. FALSE

37. Paul is dead: Paul McCartney of The Beatles died in 1966 and was then replaced by a doppelganger.

133. FALSE

38. Attack on Pearl Harbor: The US government or the US military allegedly knew about the imminent attack on Pearl Harbor, but did nothing, in order to be able to lead a public cause of war.

From the translator: “So in whole, the sentence states that the US knew about the attack, but they decided not to do anything to prevent it, so that they would be able to give the public a reason to justify a war (and therefore push forward their own hidden agenda).”

134. FALSE

39. Philadelphia Experiment: A US military experiment allegedly led to the disappearance of a warship and its teleportation to another location.

135. FALSE

136. Such an experiment has never been carried out in the United States or anywhere else on Earth.

137. A book writer by the name of Berlitz only wrote a fantastical story in this regard, based on the fraudulent allegations of a man named Kal Allen.

40. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion: The protocols pretend to be secret documents of Jewish world conspirators.

138. FALSE

41. Coup d’état against the government of Mossadegh: The coup against the Iranian government of Mossadegh was long regarded as a conspiracy theory until it was admitted by the US government in 2013 (Operation Ajax).

139. TRUE

42. Nazi UFOs: The Third Reich owned a futuristic aircraft.

140. TRUE

141. The Nazi Reich developed disc-shaped aircraft that went around 2000 km/h (1243 mph) and reached an altitude of over 12500 meters (1.24 miles).

142. These flying discs, however, were single-wing aircraft of a completely different nature than normal winged aircraft.

43. Reichsbürgerbewegung: The German Reich continues to exist legally to this day, whereas the Federal Republic of Germany is illegal. A provisional Reich government would exercise jurisdiction over the German Reich within the borders of 1937.

143. FALSE

44. Reptiloids: Reptiloids are human-like intelligent beings derived from reptiles or reptilian extraterrestrials. They had infiltrated the earth and were part of a secret pyramid-like organizational structure.

144. FALSE

45. Roswell UFO incident: A UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico.

145. TRUE

146. This crash actually took place, but for state security reasons it was declared a state secret, as a result of which all facts, reports, records and factual reports were locked up and largely lost over the decades.

46. Black Volga: Between 1960 and 1980, occupants of a black car of the brand Volga are said to have abducted and tortured children after they had asked about the time of day.

147. FALSE

47. Controversy over the seal of the United States: The seal refers to the Illuminati.

148. FALSE

48. Conspiracy for the murder of Robert F. Kennedy: The murder of the US Senator Robert F. Kennedy shows some inconsistencies with respect to the alleged perpetrator Sirhan Sirhan.

149. TRUE

150. There are indeed some inconsistencies in relation to the person of Sirhan Sirhan as a result of careless investigations, but it is undoubtedly clear that he was the true perpetrator.

49. Support of the Bolsheviks by the economy of the German Empire: The Sisson documents allegedly prove that the German Empire supported Russian revolutionaries financially.

151. TRUE

152. For years the Empire supported the Bolsheviks with money, weapons and logistics.

50. Skull & Bones: The student fraternity is not only concerned with occultism and Satanism, but also has contacts with the CIA.

153. FALSE

51. Slav Legend: Slavs in the east of today’s Germany were supposedly Germans from the Middle Ages onwards who decided against Christianization.

154. FALSE

52. Order of the Solar Temple conspiracy: The radical organization of the Sun Templars was allegedly infiltrated by right-wing extremism.

155. FALSE

53. Death of Lady Di: The accident that led to Diana’s death was caused by the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6).

156. FALSE

54. 1999 Russian apartment bombings: The perpetrator of the bomb attacks is unclear and leaves room for speculation.

157. FALSE

158. The bomb attacks were the work of the Russian secret service FSB.

55. Sinking of the RMS Titanic: Allegedly not the Titanic, but her sister ship Olympic sank.

159. FALSE

56. Vril Society: The Vril Society was able to revive National Socialism with supernatural methods.

160. FALSE

57. Fire at the Waco siege: The FBI was responsible for a fire caused during the siege of a Branch Davidians compound. The fire killed a double-digit number of people, including children.

161. FALSE

58. Tupac Shakur’s death: Tupac Shakur is said to have been killed by the US government; alternatively, his death is only faked.

162. FALSE

59. Zionist Occupied Government: A right-wing extremist conspiracy theory states that all important government posts are occupied by Jews.

163. FALSE

21st Century

1. 9/11 conspiracy theories: The terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 are alleged to have been either knowingly allowed by US intelligence agencies or executed by the US secret services themselves.

164. FALSE

165. The US president and secret services had only speculations and vague statements about imminent attacks on the US by anti-American Islamic terrorists, but had no knowledge of how, when and where they would take place.

2. MASCAL conspiracy: In 2000, an exercise called Project MASCAL dealt with the accident in which a plane crashed into the Pentagon. One of the participants then worked for American Airlines.

166. FALSE*

3. Death of Jürgen Möllemann: It is not proven whether the politician killed himself, but there was also speculation about a murder. 167. FALSE

168. Jürgen Möllemann committed suicide.

4. Conspiracy theories on the 2004 Madrid train bombings: The Basque terrorist organization ETA is said to be behind the attacks.

169. FALSE

170. The train attacks in the Spanish capital Madrid were attributed to Islamic terrorist acts.

5. Death of Jörg Haider: The Austrian politician is said to have been murdered.

171. FALSE

6. 2016 Turkish coup d’état attempt: One theory says that the Gülen movement and the “Deep State” carried out the coup attempt.

172. FALSE

Another theory says that the coup attempt was staged by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

173. TRUE

174. This, Eduard, is so far as the facts that penta

and I have been able to find with regard to the conspiracy theories listed in the list for the period from the 12th to the 21st century.

Billy This is more than I expected, and besides, many of these conspiracy theories were unknown to me, not even that there have been conspiracy theories dating back to the 12th century. Only by a reference over the phone did I become acquainted with the fact of this list.


175.We never talked about old conspiracy theories either.

Billy We didn’t, no. And now, as I said, I have only found the list because someone told me something about it.



*16 Years Later – It WAS a  Plane

Recently released photos appear to corroborate what Billy Meier was told by the Plejaren regarding the object that crashed into the Pentagon. It was a plane.

Some people were very upset by what Meier said, to the point that they thought it brought the whole case into question. While the more conspiratorial approach was


Thanks to Stefan Mitterdorfer for the translation.




188 comments on “True or False? 79 Conspiracy Theories

  • Unfortunately there are no conspiracies related to Korea such as about the assassination of dictator president and father of the first female president who is now being impeached.
    The assassin kim jae jyu 김재규
    admited that the CIA was behind him in his plot to kill president dictator park chung hee 박정희
    This story is a big deal yet nothing.

  • So Matt What are we going to have to do with this ugly monster Kim Jon Un “trying to nuke not just the U.S.A but also the entire planet Earth,what if this Un monster not only builds A-Bombs but also H Bombs which could multiply not only in the DERN Universe but possibly also into the DAL(Dahl) Universe and other universes too???:-(((( Any bright ideas from MH,Billy and the Plejaren Federation please???:-((((

  • Don’t worry Terry its all a show yes a big fat circus show extravaganza.
    China probably gave them the green light to distract the US whilst the south china sea can be further consolidated with a promise of more hush hush aid under the table and missile technology.
    This also helps Russia as US is spread too thin all over trying to put out too many spot fires and the spotlight on russiagate is turn towards North Korea.
    This geopolitical chessgame is becoming more interesting by the day

  • Michael Horn,
    Would you be able to tell me what contact report this is from? Also, could you post the link to the original german version?

  • H if you have the English translation posted that is if you can find the English translation that Pat asked and requested posted on the TFB? Thanks,I`d like to know what Billy predicted regarding North korea and WW4(WW3)? Salome Terry

  • I just heard onc2c that China will finally get on board and do what they did in 2003 by cutting off the oil from North Korea and get this crazy dictator to sit down and nagotiate. After all North Korea is connected to China and China is right next door even though China can`t stand that Un dictator anymore than the US can. At list China will finally step up to the plate at last.

  • Sheila Clark,

    I do not accept things that easily knowing the kind of world this is, so things do not seem like it is in such a world.

    Keep in mind that it is possible for Billy to have received helped from government sources ( as the case has revealed he has met with government men in his younger days).

    Also, prophesies are not what it seems as well with those in places of influence are capable of arranging world events over time.

    I kind of look at prophesies as “long range plans” ( and it matters not if it comes out of a religious text or not). We also know that dates of occurrences ( predictions) are not given, which makes this more probable a mere convenience ( as each prophesy has human inputs).

    I am not leaving any stone unturned when viewing all of this.

    • I don’t think that there’s anything particularly “helpful” received by Meier from official government sources, and we shouldn’t skew the understanding of what prophecies are, i.e. they are derived from and accord with the law of cause and effect.

    • Well Nathaniel that’s your perogative but I doubt there’s any evidence left to keep investigating. Everything that was left was sifted through and shipped out shortly afterwards.
      In my short time reading Billy’s material I’ve seen many predictions coming true. I trust Billy. Sometimes you have to look at what’s not said. For example the govt not having prior knowledge of 9/11. It doesn’t say non govt actors didn’t have foreknowledge, did it? Good luck investigating the port authority.

    • You’re perceiving what is right Edwin, well done for it. It takes many years to look into the reality of the subjects you’ve pull out, but with persistence nothing will be left unrevealed to an individual. And usually they go very quiet after that.

      The Plejaren only assess an individual after 10 years of independent study. And because MH will ask for a reference and I can’t be bothered to find it, going to call that my opinion. Also my opinion is that it’s roughly 10 years or there abouts and there is no guarantee you’ll ever no about it, some very much do however, and some even go as far as to develop cognitions of their earlier life and that they’ve been embroiled in the entire suite of learning their entire lives, and this is why group members havn’t even bothered to share photos they’ve taken of the plejarens beamships on occasions and not even told anyone as if it’s normal somehow. Plejaren have learnt (opinion again) to not bother with the vast majority of individuals.

      • Where did you read this: “The Plejaren only assess an individual after 10 years of independent study.”?

        Again, things like, “and this is why group members havn’t even bothered to share photos they’ve taken of the plejarens beamships on occasions and not even told anyone as if it’s normal somehow” are just conjecture without substantiation.

    • At this point I simply have to say…who cares? I’m almost sorry that I posted the Plejaren’s answers to the conspiracies. Of course no ones to accept their answers and maybe they are wrong about somethings. Their track record on all things scientific, as well as other areas, however, has so far been impeccably accurate.

      I highly suggest moving on to the REAL concerns facing the world and its people today. Whatever hit the Pentagon, whatever may or may not being sprayed, etc., are things about which no one can do anything at the moment and certainly pale in importance and urgency to what is unfolding environmentally and geo-politically…which WILL effect almost everyone, sooner or later.

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