What Goes Up

We were warned decades ago of what is now inescapably coming down upon us

There is a great deal of interest in the recent exposé of the deep state and shadow government by Kevin Shipp. It turns out that Billy Meier revealed the real function and extent of what he called “the actual secret USAmerican world government”, the CIA, in 2006, including even its committing murders within the USA. In fact, Meier seems to have summarized what Shipp says (11 years before he stated it), “So the CIA is not only the secret service that governs and controls the USA, rather the entire world.”


In the newest contact between Billy Meier and Ptaah, the 688th, it’s explained that, as was the case with all other US presidents including Barack Obama, Trump will be powerless to enact any good ideas and intentions that oppose the will of the real powers lurking in the shadows, behind the scenes.

Of course, not all his enemies and opponents are hidden from plain sight and certainly not all of Trump’s ideas are good ones, especially those that either ignore, or worsen, the increasing, largely manmade – and now unstoppable – environmental destruction.

And Trump’s recent economic decision regarding suspending the debt ceiling, is simply another signpost telling us that we’re getting closer to what the Plejaren foretold, in 1987 (16. To 22.).

Capital Power

However, even more pertinent to Shipp’s information, and probably as unknown to him as to the majority of people, is this information – from more than 70 years ago – in Sfath’s 1946 Letter:

“However, the future of the financial economy will be difficult, because starting from the year 1988, it will become quite dark all over the world with regard to money, because then the foundation of a capital power takes place in the USA, which will intervene as a worldwide effective shadow-bank and world shadow-government in the entire global financial world and dominate many countries and their structures. In the USA itself, this capital-might will expand to a state-internal shadow government, which – in a secret wise for the population of the USA – will govern the United States of America in accordance with its will, as is also done by another US-American shadow government that has already been existing for a long time and will survive even until far into the future. The new capital might, which will be founded in 1988, as I have already explained, is to set up a global capital network, and indeed in a short space of time, through which then not only are the world’s financial community of banks extensively ruled in accordance with this world shadow government’s own might structures, but also the politics, various political systems and the economies of many countries.”

The 1988 date given by Sfath is significant because of such unpublicized “capital power” entities as BlackRock, Inc. – which was founded in that year.

…Must Come Down

So it will be that continued, unwarranted provocations and actions against Russia will also continue and increase. We already know from the ample, prophetic warnings that this ultimately proves enormously destructive to the US, and many other peoples.

No matter how many warnings about once avoidable events were, and continue to be, published, the successful dumbing down of the overly entertained populace, complacently playing with their techno-toys and imprisoned by delusional religions and dead-end politics, continues unabated.

Universal Laws

Indeed, the gravity of the situation is ignored, despite the inescapable Newtonian concept, “What goes up…must come down.”

There still is much that one can do, by themselves and with other like-minded people. Learn more about the immutable universal laws and The Way to Live in harmony with the non-religious, belief-free, spiritual teaching.



Taj & Nyssa talk with Michael Horn


Thanks to Norm DeCindis for the Kevin Shipp information.

Thanks to Anthony Hall for pointing out the 1987 financial information.


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