Clueless skeptics defeated by 50-year-old UFO evidence

My friend Joe tracked me down in during my recent travels. That’s Joe, the former top US Air Force OSI Case Supervisor, from 1965 – 1971. During this time, Joe personally supervised hundreds of investigations, vetting extremely high level people seeking even higher office, who could attain positions dealing with critical situations regarding issues of national security, etc. Joe led investigations into every aspect of their lives, going back to their childhoods, in many cases.

It’s 1964 All Over Again

Joe used the same, rigorous standards of military investigation, examination and analysis of the 1964 evidence, and about the primary eyewitness, retired UN diplomat, Phobol Cheng, to determine the ironclad nature and singular authenticity of the Billy Meier UFO case,

Joe’d just had a rather heated conversation with our friend Mahesh, the “I-don’t-know-what-I’m-talking-about” skeptic from India, who’s attacked the Meier case for the past few years. He’d had previous conversations with him but today it didn’t go terribly well… at least for Mahesh.

The amateurish, inept skeptic was unable to  refute the historical record of Billy Meier’s 1964 UFO photographic evidence, as established by one of the most well-respected reporters of a highly reputable Indian newspaper.


When Joe asked Mahesh to credibly explain just how Meier, a 27-year-old hitchhiking traveler in India at the time, had 80 UFO photographs in his possession, Mahesh told him “mumbo-jumbo” about Meier having some kind of a “special camera”. I can tell you, from first-hand experience, that the only thing special about 1940s Kodak bellow type cameras was that they worked well enough to take very basic, black and white photos.

Means, Motive and Opportunity

As Joe tried to explain, the importance of determining means, motive and opportunity is a fundamental element of consideration for doing a credible investigation of anyone under suspicion of a crime, hoax, dishonest behavior, etc.

This of course has gone far above the heads of Mahesh and every other skeptic, amateur or professional, who’s come forward to try to put a notch in their proverbial gun. A complete lack of comprehension of the facts, and a strict avoidance of dealing with them, only compounds their utterly futile attempts to take down the unimpeachable Billy Meier case.

Stone Silence

It’s also no coincidence that skeptics who’ve attacked the Meier case have all gone absolutely stone silent in the face of Joe’s refocusing on the 1964 evidence, clinging only to their already discredited, irrelevant and unsubstantiated theories.

Even Joe agrees that no “authority” is necessary in order for any reasonable person to come to the same irrefutable conclusions that he did, simply based on a logical and objective analysis of the 1964 evidence.

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82 comments on “It’s 1964 All Over Again

  • what is it about people who claim to be intelligent to disregard this cases as irrefutable? I think you put it pretty bluntly, MH, that you do not need to be an expert/professional to come to the same conclusion as we and joe have.

    Being able to read and comprehend, simply will lead to the conclusion that Meier’s case is truly authentic. Is it because it goes against mainstream belief systems that earth humans are barraged with early on?

    • I exist George, but there’s no need to go as fanatically far as calling it irrefutable. Individuals who havn’t fanatically limited themselves have been able to discover things such as the many worlds theory.

  • I would dearly appreciate knowing what the ‘Plejaren assessment’ might be of the comments exchanged HERE … a simple question … which hopefully, and harmlessly, deserves a respectfully contoured response. I recognize the ‘species’, to which we are all components of, as comprised of such a multi-layered, polarized dynamic. I ask for the [assessment,] yet, [it] likely wouldn’t become published for reasons I reserve at this time in posting.

      • That doesn’t include traveling through 7 already existing hyperspeeds for Time Travel/ Temponautics also. (Pg. 137 chapter ” The Hyperspace” of Existence Leben im universum)

      • hehe I can just see Quetzal tinkering with his gardening robot trying to get it to pull the weeds out instead of the flowers. Maybe in another say 900 years we might be able to ask him to bring several thousand to earth to clean up the radiation and rubble from the bombed out cities.


  • I believe Meier is absolutely right regard to the truth and that is if we humans of Earth learn to grow up, face the facts and the truth and learn to take full responsibility for our own actions we will survive no matter what happens to us here on earth. “Religions,politics, militarism’s,corporations have no place here on Earth and anywhere else in this huge vast cosmic realm!”

  • MH I love the plejarens but I just wish we all join with them even if the rest of this world doesn`t deserve to. I think all of us who join Billy and the Ps deserve better even if the rest of Earth doesn`t. Seems to me most of this world just doesn`t want ti grow up and climb out of their crib and cry for a make believe god,devel,angels, statues in churches,well you get the picture. We need to through away all our make believe fairyland and join the cosmic club or else perrish as the Akart did around Proxiama Centari along time ago. Sure it`s fun to fantisize and use your imagination reading,watching movies,TV but in the real world there is a whole lot more out there in this vast realm called the universe and other universes that we really need to learn more about and discover and grow if we are going to live a very long life and prosperous life without all this stupid religion,politics, and so on. We need to take these first baby steps out beyond this solar system and grow up to face Creation as it is really meant to be or die trying to believe in a god that is just fantasy that isn`t real where as sun,flowers, flora and fauna are all a part of Creation as is life itself is also part of Creation.

  • If someone told you, in all seriousness, that they talk to invisible beings who control the universe, you’d probably back away slowly, nodding and smiling, while desperately looking for the nearest exit or escape route.

    Billy Meier is not saying that, its similar but not the same, lets be clear, he’s saying the individuals (beings, human beings to be exact) he’s in contact with only have the opportunity of being invisible, are not invisible and only by the use of technology can they be invisible. He’s saying that they then have to liaise with the high council if they want further ‘control’ (perspective) over the universe.

    • Are you even remotely serious? What part of that nonsense needs addressing…again?

      I think you should do some real homework before wasting anyone’s time with attacks from the pathetic, cowardly, lying wimp who couldn’t get his facts straight in the first place. These losers not only don’t have any facts, they don’t have any idea even…WHY they attack the case and Meier, who’s asked nothing of them, done nothing to them, etc.

      This is part of a dent response I posted and to which there has been ZERO response, rebuttal, etc.: The inescapable four points:

      • 80 UFO photos from a remote part of India in 1964: How, where did Meier obtain them?
      • Seen and described by reporter for prestigious newspaper
      • 11 original photos still available to this day
      • Still living, credible eyewitnesses, vetted as credible and truthful

      Instead of wasting time here with this garbage, you should try to get Razimus to respond to those points, in a CREDIBLE, SUBSTANTIATED manner.

      Good luck.

      • So to my point: Did Billy publish these pictures or did the fellow just copy the pictures himself and try to “paint” Meier as a liar? As someone relatively new to this I am only seeking to look at both sides and make a determination of the validity of the data. This should have been an easy “debunk” if untrue?

        • NASA was the one with the painting, Billy had photographs. If Billy had taken a picture of the painting, it would look like a picture of a painting, but it doesn’t.

        • Bill, all of the photos were published by Billy, I am one of the sympathisers and am happy to talk about it where others are not, it’s apparently a combination of the Plejaren deliberately programming the beamships to fly all jaggedly to make it look fake and a special men in black team from another world who interferred with the prints subtly so Billy would publish them without checking, and a bunch of other situations such as government operatives breaking into the developers and replacing the photos with other photos, as well as Billy himself making some photos which were conveniently smoothed into the package to make it look fake such as the energy ships conveniently next to image of a blurry light being swung about and there are a bunch of images which also look so poor that it’s such an embarrassment to me that I have stepped back a far amount myself. Apparently it’s all about curing us of our need for entertainment and to teach us about the nature of reality. There is atleast one actual UFO in the collection I can assure you of it, even if it was taken by someone locally who was not Billy.

          • There really are humans from another world visiting Billy in the early hours of the morning every few weeks or so even today, and that’s all been explained by him in more recent contact reports as well as old ones. It’s all about revealing how pathetic we all our and teaching us about reality in the hardest way they can without it causing other problems, while simultaneously locking away all the maddening individuals in the other crowd to a confinement, like a secret locking system.

    • Bill (or whatever),

      Well, obviously, Billy’s “Special Camera/Models/Synthesizers/Invisible PA Speakers/Cold fusion Welding Workshop/Laboratory/Scientific Team/Library” were inaccessible for a few months and the pressure from absolutely no-one was so great, that Billy copied easily identifiable, publicly-available, illustrations to raise the millions he needed from no-one for hoisting his “special full-sized metal models” into the air on “special wires” using “special helicopters” or something. Yay, skeptics.

      Ptaah called the space photos “…phony…” in 2005:

      “…on the other hand, what hasn’t subsided since the very beginning is the matter with the phony space pictures and dinosaur pictures, for these still circulate worldwide with your self-appointed enemies. Still – and recently increasingly – such phony photos, which do not come from you, are attributed to you again.”

        • I am trying to establish the truth. Meier appears to be mired in controversy….seems logical to check this out….I do not intend to “ruffle” your feathers Matt (or whatever).

          • How does asking for and receiving the opinion of bloggers here ‘establish the truth’ in any way, shape or form?

            Re: “mired in controversy”: So, is the world being round – so what?

            If you want to be logical and check this out, do that and build up an informed opinion and then come back with that.

          • The information has to be looked at as a whole and not just a couple pictures or contacts here and there. It’s a daunting task, but if you have the time, I would start at the beginning and go through as much of the information as possible. It’s interesting, exciting, entertaining and well worth your time. You have to establish the accuracy of the Plejaren’s and Billy’s track record. Once you’ve established in your own heart and mind that they are highly accurate, logical, loving and honest human beings, you’ll have no problem seeing that these frauds and skeptics are wasting your time. As for the controversy, well, it comes with the territory. Imagine that you had the most important information on Earth and many powerful and greedy people didn’t want you to spread that information. What do you think they would do to make sure you looked like a lunatic or at the minimum a liar? They would do whatever it takes. My advice is to look at the material and absorb as much as you can. Honestly think about the information and the time period in which most of the contacts took place. Come to your own conclusions.

          • Bill, are you one of those that say they don’t know why they are reading what they are reading or are you one of those that just causes a fuss for the sake of causing fuss. Well if your from England natively not just educated there and your causing fuss for the sake of causing fuss then well done, that’s what keeps the standards high, proud of you, but with the Billy Meier case be careful not to make too much a fuss because they are smart and have designed it knowing individuals like you turn up. Putting that out there for you. Best way to approach is with honour and respect, calmly, those that don’t, well, as I said its specially designed for several individuals approach methodologies.

  • That being the case MH why won`t the Ps finally really show themselves to the workld? What have they got to lose but all those stupid frauds such as mufon,Steven Greer, etc,etc,etc? Then the Ps can finally put to rest all those frauds,charlatans, know-it-alls,etc,etc,etc! At least we can finally get the REAL HONEST DEAL without all the hocus pocus military UFO stunts as Peter Devinport does once a week on c2c!

    • “That being the case MH why won`t the Ps finally really show themselves to the workld? ”

      This is such arrogant Earthling thinking to the point it’s beginning to anger me. Here’s a better question you should be asking yourself — why the hell would an advanced, universal-traveling federation (who are traveling space on duties, not luxury) give two flying hoots about a bunch of unevolved dimwits confirming or denying their existence?

      Seriously, think for just a brief moment, outside your little earthman box. Do you REALLY think it matters?

    • Only individuals looking at the full reality can successfully assess how that’s not a viable possibility. That’s the reason we, with MH, claim that ALL the UFO people are bunch of reality-estranged-naive, con-men and fraudsters, because we’re looking at full reality, whereby they especially are not. Its only viable under very special circumstances, and you’re talking about the entire world Terry, do you realise how grand a feat that would be to do that, we know how grand a feat it is by looking at the layout of Earth as it is, that’s its already occurred on Earth atleast once before. They’re forbidden from undermining a worlds naturally unfolding evolution, because of the position of the vulnerable, they consider it if they’re forced to but they’ve already assessed the future for a very long time. And Earth is a special case anyway as I have said. The UFO fraudster individuals would know that Earth is an exceptional case were they looking at full reality like Billy Meier is, so this is how we know. They never go far enough like Billy, never. The Plejaren have already done what you just said Terry if you assess it again more successfully, they just haven’t gone all the way like you say might be a good idea, were it a real viability without shaking the world out of its normal course and making us dependant on them. Its very similar to what happened in parts of the world during the colonial era.

      • Please substantiate Daniel “that its already occurred on Earth atleast once before”. Take a second glance at a particularly ignorant teenager with a high technology smart phone next time you see it. That’s not a normal feature for a stable world, blasé to see it everyday but its not normal, very unique.

        • Some individuals look at the word unique about Earth and immediately think sure, course it unique and what do you have to compare it to anyway. They do not know that living for under a hundred years is not only abnormal, it actually damages the universe.

          • It’s something to do with evolution, fine material and knowing more or less than we should know before we know it, something about bending the creative natural laws in such away that they are basically broken, let Billy or Christian explain it to you MH.

          • Ask them about it, your the Billy Meier expert, it shouldn’t be people like me coming along to tell you, should be the other way around, you’ve studied it for enough decades why don’t you begin explaining some of these things that Billy has given plenty of detail about, I think you are just afraid of loosing your audience to be honest.

  • Just to add this doesn’t include Ernst stuhlinger, a nasa scientist who was beamed up into Semjase’s ship with Billy present to discuss the moon landing (Contact 357).

    “Besides, there was still Werner von Braun’s co-worker, with whom I was permitted to have a short conversation in Semjase’s beamship, as she flew with me to America and she beamed the man into her ship.”

    • He was a co-worker of von Braun’s but I don’t recall him being mentioned as working for NASA.

      Plus, there’s no testable evidence remaining for this contact.

  • No problem. I just got an impulse to perplexing question…why hasn’t any one created the sarat alphabet font, for our computers ?

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