Science vs. skepticism, politics vs. the law of cause and effect

  • The DNA Thing: I haven’t forgotten
  • The Spiritual Teaching: Talking about vs. Living it
  • Little Stu Robbins: Running from Billy Meier’s scientific accuracy
  • The Noble Immigrant Lie
  • The Unspoken Terror in South Africa

Michael Horn Live, EP5

Tuesday, November 14

7:00 Pacific Time

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39 comments on “Michael Horn Live, EP 5

  • I feel that the law of cause and effect [at the level of human interactions on this planet alone] needs to be examined more. I say it in those terms because I understand thoughts can become things … they can be generated in a positive or negative fashion. And, for thoughts to be directed toward [anything,] or [anyone,] as [it,] or [he or she] is perceived, then there’s likely going to be a REaction. If something is perceived as a threat, and needs to be met with a defence, then this is where I draw a line as to what is being disseminated as ‘truth’. As it is laid out in the FIGU manifesto, “The fight for truth is a fight against lies, untruths and false teachings, and the battle must be fought with all conceivable means of information and instruction.” For the sake of exchange on this site, there should be no objection to posting these words, after ‘moderation’. Nobody, as of yet, has told me I’m banned from appearing here as a ‘devil’s advocate’. [chuckling]

  • Catherine at FIGU Canada admitted that Meier smoked, even shared peach wine with Ptaah! What’s going on with this whole story?

    • He also shared coffee with Quetzal. Quetzal said that coffee is goooood and relatively safe as long as you’re not drinking more than a cup or two.

    • Tobacco & alcohol are part of the Universe that you find yourself in. As are procreation and masturbation. As are rape and murder. As are flowers and ferns. As are pigs and perch. As are potatoes and chillies. As are oxygen and uranium…….
      If One were to tread the path of destruction, One could not wonder why destruction is at the end of the path One chose to tread. There are other paths to tread, and One can change paths, I’m pretty sure…….

  • Okay so … nice to see y’all siding up. Although I do not partake … if I did consume alcohol, or smoked ciggy’s, or marijuana, or any other substance listed as anti-spiritual in Plejaren terms … but all-the-while followed the Plejaren / Meier / FIGU – theyflyblog 12 recommendations etc etc etc … that I’M a prime example of an Earth human positively evolving … where are all of YOU in these respects?

  • Isn’t it a powerful feeling … to have an online blog presence with an underlying theme, posting topics to present to anyone who might feel they’re ‘on the same page’? And, to weild the power to moderate / edit anyone out, who might not be on the ‘same page’? Yeah, that’s what the internet’s for! When it comes to a human definition of ‘leadership’… it’s all based on flimsy, time-honoured crap! People [the Plejaren included] fool themselves thinking beneficial influence translates to a readership etc, or a following of any sort. I’ve never had any difficulties in simply being ME, treating my fellow humans [no matter their situation] as I treat mySelf. I HAVE though, admittedly, fooled mySelf in being influenced by this blog. I entrapped myself, “suspended my disbelief” so-to-speak … only to LEARN another valuable reality.

  • I will continue to monitor this blog [with some reservations, minus accusation, minus judgement] because I’ve always subscribed to the validity of the Meier case. In ’95 I enjoyed speaking with Wendelle, Brit and Lee, all of them very courteous. I retract a statement I made which was posted yesterday, “The whole FIGU movement has holes!” I will replace it with “there exists some mixed messages.” #1 – I’m unable to accept a movement [not a significant representative population yet] that emphasizes peace / harmony etc. can so easily revert to a ‘defense mode’. It simply doesn’t work well, or look good to onlookers, when a fellow human [ignorant / in denial,] or a group representing resistant disbelief / skepticism, or conspiratorially / verbally attacking the Meier case, is countered by a defensive shellacking that basically mirrors the opposing tactics, EVEN IF the defensive reaction is all truth. IF all humans are here learning life at ‘their own speed’, no matter the reason, then why challenge it, why FIGHT back? Where’s the love, peace, the harmony? I’ve seen clear examples of youtube squabbling between people who represent Meier / FIGU / theyfly … Human foible at its best.

    • Who is fighting back? Where is the defense? There is neither of these things. There is your perception of what folks (who are a piece of Creation) says. The truth needs no defense because it is everywhere, at all times. All is all. All you have to do is look.

      • Respectfully, Jedaiah, using many posts @theyfly as example, truths are defended whenever a ‘naysayer’ [a fellow human] is singled out as detracting from ‘the truth’. And when I review terminology on the FIGU Canada website, I read sentences such as: “The fight for truth is a fight against lies, untruths and false teachings, and the battle must be fought with all conceivable means of information and instruction.” And another sentence contains: ” we rely on outside individuals to fight shoulder-to-shoulder with us …”

        • In that context, sure, but the truth is the truth, whether you, me, or anyone else says otherwise – and what is true, always stands the test of time, whether we defend it or not. Granted, there are times to stand up for what is right.

          …and to identify the truth, one simply has to look. This might sound minimalist, but it’s very profound. The truth (Creation) reveals itself through its creations, even antagonists of the truth, who unknowingly become fuel for the truth’s prominence.

        • John, I don’t see what is ‘wrong’ with the two sentences you have quoted. They don’t appear to be contradictory, illogical, at odds with each other in any way. If you could clarify, thanks.

          • I’m very impressed with the videos Michael U makes and look at the books they’ve translated and published.

            We should ask ourselves what we expect and…why.

        • Hey Mahesh or S. Jan Sumavsky or Phil Langdon, etc… Yeah, I’m talking to all of you numbnuts. What if, just what if, BEAM is what you don’t inform others of? And what is described in the Contact Reports by the Plejaren as technology that can tell the history of and track a Spirt-Form is spot-on and I am there in the NOT TOO DISTANT FUTURE to put you in a place that you have acted in a way that everyone else agrees with me that you deserve to be in? How, exactly (very briefly), do you intend on fighting the truth when I come a knockin’?
          Just trying to get you to think proper, mate!

    • … and to add, I feel I possess a healthy spiritual outlook, which has developed [with hiccups along the way] over the past 20 years. Everyone, everything in one’s environment is like a mirror, reflecting perception[s] back, be they false perceptions or true perceptions. I don’t consider myself having anything advantageous over another. This blog is a great source of information, and when I state, “I will continue to monitor this blog [with some reservations, minus accusation, minus judgement] …” it’s not that I’m assuming a ‘policing’ role. [chuckling]

  • On September 19, 2017, I posted:

    “Whether you now regard me as an announcer of the recommendation-values, as friend or foe, you should truly consider that very precisely, because the might of this decision of yours determines, whether you are willing and trustworthy of the truth. From my part, dear fellow human being, I acknowledge no enmity at all, but rather, only erring friends to whom I have to grant my help at any time, in fulfilment of duty. Consider, if we, as human beings in much need of evolution, are shown erroneous assumptions, we should be thankful for every evidence. We must therefore only concern ourselves with pure logic, which alone is valid as pure truth. We therefore cannot and must not engage ourselves in splitting hairs in unlogical form. All the more, however, we must search for the real truth and find the solutions to the questions of the spirit and the Creation. Nevertheless, the point is that the discord within the human being himself/herself, in the religious communities, the politics and the sciences, be overcome, in order to change the powers, which daily become squandered in the evils against one another, into the good and to the well-being of the entire humankind.”

    An except from the epilogue of Decalogue/Dodecalogue, p.266
    by Eduard Albert “Billy” Meier

    Now available in English here:
    or here:—decalogue-dodecalogue.html

    Rated by me as one of the Top 5 most important books in the world

  • Look at the positive here:
    Ant-Man has a great muddy puddles jumping partner in John and they can hash out ALL the contrariness between themselves! 😉

      • There was a certain familiarity about the comments.

        Thanks for the video Michael. I was also unaware of South Africa.

        I’m sure it wasn’t, but it looked like a rifle propped up in the corner behind you. I thought you had invited Kevin Randle round for dinner. 🙂

      • Well that sucks.
        I’m not surprised though, as I keep getting spam from myself even after changing my password.
        My apologies John, please replace John above with criminal hacker.

      • After talking with a friend who is more in to all-things-computer-related, I may have some criminal who is masking their identity and passing themselves off as me in an attempt to gain access to my computer, identity, bank details or jail. This is more in my friend’s and Jedi’s sphere of interest.

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