James Fox Can’t Find the UFOs He’s Looking At

Poster boy for UFO idiocy with non-existent $100,000 reward

Filmmaker orflimflammerJames Fox still claims he’s offering $100,000 for “credible evidence of UFOs”. One problem is that there’s no credible evidence for Fox’s offer,

since he’s ignored the best, real evidence so that he doesn’t have to pay up.

Not to be personally outdone by the Pentagon’s* spending $22 million to not find the Billy Meier casestill ongoing in Switzerland for over 75 years – Fox takes myopia, and charlatanry, to a new level.

Shortly after this interview, Fox was contacted by, Angela, a friend of mine in Australia ,about Meier’s evidence. He told her that he “doesn’t believe the objects in Meier’s photos are real”.

Even though he’s been provided with all the independent, expert, analyses and authentication of Meier’s photographic and film evidence, including the most recent conclusions by the former top Case Supervisor for the US Air Force OSI…Fox ‘s “beliefs” trump honoring his bogus challenge.

Even former skeptic, Derek Bartholomaus, is falling all over himself promoting Meier’s singular authenticity. So, is Fox competing with Tom DeLonge to be the poster boy for UFO idiocy, disinformation, distraction and fraud? Inquiring minds want to know.

Try the James Fox Vision Test, an eye chart of Meier’s pre-computer, pre-digital UFO photos:





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*Maybe the Pentagon should read this too.





13 Replies to “James Fox Can’t Find the UFOs He’s Looking At”

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  3. Mr Fox and his blindness when faced with facts is just another very good example of religious thinking (belief)… it is extremely difficult to change other people’s beliefs and prejudices. Just look at the flat earth believers — alive and well in 2017! Truly amusing.

    Here’s a fact: One can only change oneself, one cannot change others.

    This is written in the Goblet and is a Universal truth. It is also the reason why the Mission is known as the “Quiet Revolution of Truth” because every person must do the work for him/herself to seek, find and live the Truth teachings.

    Unfortunately people like James Fox are a dime-a-dozen and there is very little one can do but to highlight their illogical/irrational thinking and acting (as our good friend Michael “the Hornblower” does admirably) and then not waste much more time and energy on it. This, at least, is my very own personal opinion.

  4. Hi I believe the bible and we are not alone but Satan and his angels always deceives and has the ability to do amazing deceptions he is a master counterfeiter so of coarse he shows you things want to see some amazing thing of true evidence go to google search and type in archeology discovered with Kevin Fisher on sodom and Gomorrah Then watch his Red Sea crossing stuff

      1. I’ve been around for a couple of years now. I was wondering if I have used up my one shot? That’s a job for you, Jedi, do a search or some such thing! 😉

    1. Gee in this supposed finger flicking access to basically the whole repository of all the human knowledge combined 21st century sadly we still have to deal with this nonsense where people just can’t be bothered thinking for themselves because believing is a lot easier and less brain draining.
      When will people actually wake up out of their dream state and actually look at reality as it truly verily honestly factually and really is.
      For how long is this addiction to phantasmagoria going to drag us down before truthgoria and realitygoria has a chance to pull us back up again.
      Are the voices in your head calling, Gloria?

    1. Hi Jonathan, I’m sorry, but you’ve come to the wrong place for that. We don’t have contact nor have we ever claimed to be in contact with any extraterrestrials here. Thanks

      Also, please use your first and last name when commenting here.

      NOTE: I also wanted to add that we are not associated with James Fox, the filmmaker. However, if you are sincerely looking for genuine credible evidence, it is waiting to be found in the massive collection of photos, videos, metal and sound samples, corroborated prophecies & predictions and the thousands of pages of contact reports between Billy Meier and our Plejaren friends from Erra.

      For further info, please check out:

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