Gullible Americans Fund TTSA UFO Fraud

Over $500,000 and they can’t find the Billy Meier UFO contacts?

To see all the information at TTSA, you’d think that the most amazing thing on earth and in the skies is about to happen…with your financial help. Having already raised over one-half million dollars, these experts from the intelligence and military communities tell us they are going to help reveal all the truth about UFOs, etc.

So, what happens when they’re asked about the Billy Meier UFO contacts? Here’s the response Adrian Martinez received when he wrote and inquired if they knew about, and had researched, the Meier contacts:

“From: General Inquiries <>
Date: Tue, Oct 24, 2017 at 4:28 PM
Subject: Re: To The Stars: Adrian Martinez

Hello Adrian,
Sorry, I don’t have any information to provide about this case for you. You will have to check out our website in the future for updates and news and hopefully you will be able to find the answers you are looking for in time.

Thank you,
To The Stars… Academy of Arts & Science”

Really, more than $500,000 later and they haven’t found the singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO contacts? Even though their mouthpiece, Tom DeLonge, has also been sent the information several times over the past year?


Here is a Billy Meier UFO photo that Tom DeLonge used in his Instagram page – without credit to Meier – while TTSA says that they “don’t have any information to provide about this case for you”:

See also Greg Dougall’s link also showing my comment from more than a year ago!

Gullible Americans

Yes, Americans often lead the way in being gullible and falling for every scam, hoax, and snake oil salesman who comes along. But when faced with the singular truth, what do they do, other than run from it and pursue more…entertainment?

We get what we deserve and, apparently, we’re getting prepared for something quite other than what the TTSA seems to be offering. Some people think that, worst case, it’s a set up for a fake ET attack.

But feel free to send your hard-earned money to these so-called “former” intelligence operatives so they can invite you into their inner circle, as they did Tom Delonge, and bamboozle you as well.

I just sent my third email to them:

“Dear TTSA,

Mr. Martinez forwarded to me your response to his inquiry about the Billy Meier UFO contacts. While I haven’t received any responses to my two inquiries, I am providing the information below* to you…in advance of my blog about the apparent ineptness of your organization to find what’s not only freely offered but right under its nose. I’ll be glad to apologize for calling TTSA out as a fraud, should it be truly – publicly – responsive to the information about the Meier contacts.


I included a comprehensive introduction to the information, documentation and evidence, along with a number of Meier’s still irreproducible UFO photos.

Do you think they will write back and say thank you very much for informing us about the Billy Meier UFO contacts, telling us that they’re suspending all further fund-raising in order to dedicate all their time, energy and resources to researching and investigating all of the (FREE) information, etc.? Do you think they’re going to say that, somehow miraculously, they didn’t know about it and now are even going to help to let the world know about it? Or are they going to continue to ignore it and make more cartoons, fancy press releases and other nonsense, cynically aware that the public has the intelligence and attention span of fleas?

But of course, what does it matter, so many people want to run and seek things outside themselves to distract themselves from their aimless, pointless, consumer-oriented, entertainment-seeking lives.

La Palma Warning!

As Billy Meier first warned – in 1975things are pointing towards the inevitable eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano in the Canary Islands. Scientists are monitoring the situation closely. Ptaah explicitly explained how to know when a volcano is going to erupt. The people were warned…and did they listen?

Episode 3 Next Week!

The next episode of Michael Horn Live is on Tuesday, October 31. For more information see these links:

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Future Self

We know that “the” future is uncertain…but yours doesn’t have to be. Create your future the way you want it to be now, with Future Self.

Thanks to Dave Holmes for the La Palma update.

65 Replies to “Gullible Americans Fund TTSA UFO Fraud”

  1. I would go as far as to say that the TTSA site is yet another government supported brain washing UFO site…don’t look behind the curtain will you, you might just see the guys turning the cogs and flashing lights.



    1. From all indications, it’s exactly that, as many here are finding out.

      They’re pretending that they can’t – and don’t – forward the inquiries to the con-artists-in-chief.

      1. I find it humorous and disgusting at the same time. They know that the masses will eat-up their garbage and never question the narrative. Our group scares the bejesus out of those in the know, but they don’t think we have enough power to make a difference. However, they should never underestimate the power of the collective human consciousness!

  2. I can’t find anywhere else to appropriately place this … but I’ve been reviewing sections of this blog, and came across ‘Here is just a sample of what the media is saying about Michael Horn’ … where one can read: “I enjoyed visiting with you on the air very much and the audience enjoyed it as well judging by the amount of positive e-mail. We should do this again some time and I look forward to meeting you in person out there where the weather is so much nicer!”
    – John B. Wells – Coast to Coast AM
    I happen to know from earlier times after he severed from C2Cam, that when I specifically contacted Wells to ask if he has a ‘belief system’ he abides by, a ‘religion’ . He actually answered, “yes, I’m a Christian, why do you ask?” I did offer an answer to which he scolded me up one side and down the other. Maybe he figured that being a past host of a popular online / radio broadcast, and now the ‘Caravan To Midnight’ show, that there’s an authority behind his scolding. Whatever he thought, I took no offence. Could it be that there’s no further need to have his ‘approval’ of Michael Horn showing on this blog?

    1. I’ve simply posted various comments/endorsements from different shows I’ve been on. And of course there are differences of opinion about any number of things that, should i seriously consider them, might result in my removing the pertinent part of their commentaries.

      This last one may not be there:

      “Michael Horn is the world’s leading authority on UFOs.”
      George Noory, Coast to Coast AM

      1. I could have mentioned Noory as well for a couple reasons, but I’m unaware as to any particular system of belief he might harbour. The “quote” you mention is there. I haven’t listened to his show for close to a decade.

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