And They Still Don’t Listen

As Billy Meier’s 1975 warnings about La Palma volcano loom

There are new reports of seismic activity on La Palma. Not surprisingly for those who’ve actually paid attention to the information from Billy Meier, it presages the huge, cataclysmic event Meier warned about…32 years ago. How soon, and how large, the actual event may be is not yet known. That the volcano will erupt, and cause much damage, is a certainty.

Evacuation Plans for East Coast?

The warning and advice from the Plejaren to grade down the western facing side of the volcano was ignored, of course. Now, based on the possibility of a worse-case scenario, inhabitants of all coastal areas that could be affected should be warned and have contingency plans.

Depending on the severity of the eruption, when it occurs, damage could be anywhere from moderate to unprecedented.

Cause and Effect

The coming earthquakes, seaquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, etc., the already upon us and long warned of fires and firestorms, will doubtlessly now occur, along with the terrorism, geo-political upheaval, wars, famines, etc.

Equally doubtlessly, the so-called “experts”, the media, phony leaders, politicians, pundits and bought-off scientists, the skeptical clowns and know-it-alls, will ignore and continue to suppress any mention, or recognition, of this vast body of specific, unerringly, prophetically accurate information, which fulfills because of human ignorance.

The abysmally religiously deluded, as well as the politically, terminally hypnotized, hamster wheel mentality folk, all suffering from and perpetuating exactly the kind of dead-end, illogical, emotionalized, fearful and defiantly stubborn, arrogant thinking, denial and behavior that has created the majority of humanity’s problems – and complete lack of willingness to learn, adapt and correct these tendencies – would literally rather die than face the truth.

Be careful what you wish for, as the saying goes.

The prophecies, like the immutable Law of Cause and Effect upon which they are based…cannot be fooled, cheated, or prayed away to imaginary, non-existent deities and saviors. Suffer if you like with the realization that, contrary to reality, had any God existed, it would have been the willful source of all these scourges and pleading, before or after the fact, for “mercy” to any sadist is a rather futile endeavor. Logic and belief mix as well as oil and water.

It Doesn’t Matter

For those who’ve come to the realization that the only real answers now are to be found in the study and application of the spiritual teaching, we know that we will do our best, in every way and circumstance, to be of assistance to ourselves and others. We also know that, despite still trying to reach others who may be ready to really wake up, in a sense…it doesn’t matter.

Those now who truly want to know the way to live need only choose to do so, in order to find it. Some may be among the survivors of our extremely, and still unimaginably huge and costly, mistakes.

And to them it may matter, greatly .


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38 Replies to “And They Still Don’t Listen”

  1. Michael,
    I’m extremely dismayed at the current state of affairs in this world and we’ve known about these coming times and have been preparing ourselves the best we can, but it’s not something you can entirely prepare for when the time arrives. Like many on this blog, I’ve turned inside myself to find peace in a non-peaceful world. However, I know that many do not have the proper tools to find their inner peace and solitude. It’s as if the masses have completely lost their ability to analyze, reason, and comprehend. They are truly standing on the edge of the abyss and they don’t even know it.

    I look forward to the new show and hope we can lead more folks to the truth.

    1. Very well said, Melissa. There exists this ‘global thoughtform’ which has maintained a stranglehold on the human psyche … all based on judgement which created a ‘false perception’ of our surrounding environment. A judgement which falsely perceives everything as separate from the whole. Yes, humans require ego to navigate through the operating systems of day to day existence, but I see the ego as something that became split by way of fear. It’s like an altered ego that points its finger at things perceived as separate. Good to read that you have a channel to “find peace”! Do keep the “hope”. For what it’s worth to you, a balanced perception has been my focus … very related to your turning inside your Self. In reading Michael’s reply to you, I’m with him! ((-;)

  2. Many years ago the fires and firestorms or fire tornadoes in California were prophesied by our Swiss friend Billy. He is a remarkable man that is very modest and wise with incredible information. I think it is because they are so used to being lied too they do not know the truth when it is spoken.

    We have had 3500 home burned to the ground in Oct. 2017 in an instant. And folks who were aware and there observing saw blue sparks and dead calm (no wind) yet the newspaper claims they are at the Mercy of the Wind which was created due to the heat of the fire (hot enough to melt aluminum 1200 degrees F) and the cold 46 degrees F at 2AM in the morning caused a tremendous wind.

    I was wondering if this was a connection to this volcanic area which these fires occurred entitled: The Sonoma Volcanics which may have vented some gases (like methane with burns with an invisible yet very hot flame) to the fire?

    It is funny the way science works here on early barbarian earth: the so called scientists espouse this and that making themselves appear wise by quoting oft regurgitated tales of what we “know” to be true, then being remarkably quiet when something other than the old tales parroted again and again are announced yet, never really using their own logical or reasonable mind to decipher the actual evidence into the true wisdom of the times, Billy, I think does ineed speak true-ly about this.

    It will take a long time, well it HAS been a long time since Billy was born almost 81 years and to be fair: 67 years since Billy’s first letter in 1951 to the world about how ozone will continue with his lifetime to allow radiation from the sun to make sunlight more harmful to our skin and our environment.

    The fires in N. California ( a short blip in the horrible terrors that occur with regularity as of late on our overpopulated planet) are a prime example of these terrors written about by our Swiss friend. Using the information from Billy in that 1941 article and how the methane is more important than the carbon. A carbon tax these pseudo scientists “parrot” to others to mimic wisdom but forgetting they breath out carbon dioxide which the plants change back to oxygen. They regulate the oxygen. The plants transpire the water back to the hydrologic cycle (water cycle) more effectively than the oceans which, in our area are too cool to evaporate enough water to keep up with the needs of the many transplants who recently moved here. Companies like Nestle/Disney/Disani take from our water supply, one hundred and twenty five thousand gallons a day!!! to bottled water which from here goes to who-knows-where leaving the natural hydrologic cycle: never to return in our lifetime anyway. It took millions and millions of years to create the ground water we enjoy as precipitation on any given year. Overpopulation and oil companies takes the rest and the trees are cut down or die used for wood and burn in fires due to the lack of water thus taking away any oxygen and the water it makes and excess hydrogen reacts and becomes carbon monoxide and methane which destroys the ozone layer as it has since our Swiss friend wrote about it in 1951 and 1958 here is one such letter: Like reading a newspaper… no?

    The folks do not see the forest for the trees, and… until the last tree falls will they wonder where all the water and oxygen has gone!


    Be greeted in peace and wisdom.

  3. Here are two more articles I found on the c2c in the news 1. Yellowstone Supervocano Could Erupt Sooner Than Expected by Sannon Hall October 10,2017 from The New Yrk Times 2. Early Warning System for Meteorites Tested by Reuters Staff October 12,2017 Reuters

  4. Todays people in fb only consider reading topics with more likes and comments … which is absent related to BM’s articles ……. so i think maybe a good network among us in fb will awake people and make people curious and then maybe atleast people will start believing in billy meier after seeing the followers …. Let’s gather …. Let’s start for a good cause …. in the name of Truth …..

  5. Here is an artical frio that you need to be aware of: Censorship in the Digital Age by Jason Hirthler for Friday October 20th, 2017

  6. I just heard on the news about a couple in Florida being spied on during a vaction in a hotel. If you listen to the news and read the above artical you will notice we are ALL being spied on and watched not just in the US,UK,Germany but EVERYWHERE! “This is George Owell`s 1984 on steroids!!!” ” We are being cesord to death even on the internet too!!!” “If these Deep State and Ellite Shills think they can have their cake and eat it too i.e. get away with all theuir Shadow friends then they can expect a rousing backfire and very very soon!!!” has a mter that you can buy to check all this out not just in hotels but also in your every own home too.

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