Pentagon Spent $110M to Not Find Billy Meier UFO Case

Phony “UFO disclosure” sets up gullible masses for more manipulation

The headlines recently erupted with news about the Pentagon’s $110 million UFO project, which history will record as most noteworthy for their failure to find the, freely available, Billy Meier UFO contact case, still ongoing in Switzerland for over 75 years.

This latest charade, the government’s version of “UFO disclosure”, follows hot on the heels of the Tom DeLonge fiasco. The UFO community certainly isn’t short on its own conmen, as a  Fox chickened out when confronted about his phony $100,000 “reward” for UFO evidence.

Lie to Me

Cleverly, the government used two tried and true elements, certain to get the public salivating…being lied to and entertained at the same time. For a hint at where that will probably lead to, see numbers 40. and 127. here. Even the UFO enthusiasts apparently haven’t thought about why they now believe a government that admits it’s been lying to them all along.

Speaking of being lied to (again), there’s also this information from Meier regarding the truth about the death of Osama bin Ladin.

Billy Meier Right Again, Human Beings Suicidal, Stupid

We’re also told, in a nice matter of fact way, that making lethal viruses is now an okay and cool thing to do, and that “such work can now proceed”, confirming what Meier was told last October (and also 20 years earlier) about the latest runaway, degenerate, genocidal, suicidal, stupid, military madness.

Ignorant of the immutable, universal law of cause and effect, the lunatics rush to pound nails in everyone’s coffins, including ours – and their own – as long foretold:

187. Due to the fault of scientists, enormous power will be seized by the power-hungry and their military, their warriors and terrorists, and power will be seized as well through laser weapons of many types, but also via atomic, chemical and biological weapons.

188. Even when the North American continent will be stricken by the most terrible catastrophe* which has ever been recorded, evil military powers will wreak havoc with computerised and nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, whereby it will also happen that computerised weapons become independent and cannot be controlled any longer by human beings.

189. Not only nuclear, biological and chemical weapons will be used en masse, but also enormously deadly systems of computer-controlled weapons that are only in the beginning stages of development today, or will be invented and constructed during the third millennium.

Pretty “entertaining” stuff, right?

The people were warned…and did they listen?


REAL News from 1948 to…2025!

As the Time Fulfills in Italy

Please also support Texas Jane’s UFO channel. She’s working hard to bring the Meier case info to her audience too.


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  1. Raj Kum.. Please, you can read CR 39 (Ptaah ,line 207 to 2015….) about the underground realm of Agharta. Go at the bottom of the CR. there are two(2) lines 207… the first one is for Semyase’s CR.

  2. Hi Symon, I look all over fro CR39 line 207 Ptaah 2015 about Agatha underground base but could not finde or even locate line 207 in CR 39. Could you please send me the link. Thanks Salome in Peace Terry

    1. @Terry:
      (Btw, @Symon, I can also only see 1 line 207 only Ptaah(?))

      207. In general, it is still erroneously called Agharti.
      210. Unfortunately, I can’t give you exhaustive information in an open form because certain things still have to remain confidential.
      211. However, this much may be said, that in the vicinity of Shigatse and Shampulla is the underground realm of Agharta, the capital and center of distant descendants of extraterrestrials on Earth.
      212. This is the center of the actual secrets that hold a gigantic power in themselves.
      213. This city is controlled by the race of the Sons of the Sun.
      214. But unfortunately, a tendency toward earthly world domination also prevails with this race, just like with certain earthly religions and secret societies.
      215. I may not explain anything else about it openly.

      1. I mean, do you know where I can get/read these, I only read the Ptaah one I guess (i.e. the translation on the futureofmankind site)

  3. Hi Arnoud, Hope I spelled your name corrcetly. I found the article and I understand the secrecy behind this godhood because I found out why there is an extraterrestrial race that lft earth a few years ago who once resided inside Mt,Shasta in Northern California. I also remember asking MH who is Adama who I thought was from the DAL Universe but later discovered that he is not from theDAL Universe but from Agartha. These Agarthans are part of the Siyrius star cluster and they believe in God and religions such as the son of the sun the all powerful,etc,but I forgot the name of that race who left Mt, Shasta and went back into the pleiades due to the coming 2 civil wars and WW4(WW3). I think this is what the secret is all about but I don`t know,I might be wrong here so don`t take my word for it because this is just my guess,etc?

    1. Terry if you say they believe in a god then it cannot be true for Ptaah to have contacted them, the Plejaren only have contacts with Billy Eduard Albert Meier because only Billy has a consciousness that is compatible with their heads here on Earth.

  4. Sorry MH this was years ago before I had a computer back around the very ealy 2000nds. The Prophecies and Predictions have stated that there will be 2 civil wars and WW4 but Billy won`t give specific time and date. I read all this in books long before my first computer in the early 2000-2003 when I had that awful Windows 98 and my first computer was donat4d to me from wespac Foundation back then. At that time I was reading UFO books and the Sedona Journal magazine which is niothing more than channeled material during the late 1990s early 2000nds. I was trying to find the ETs from the Pleiades back th(en and later on I found out that the Pleiadeins are really the Plejarens. Sorry:(

    1. Terry I have a friend who gets drunk on alcohol and he likes to visit me drunk, meanwhile I am the sober one and believe me, every time he knocks on my door I send him away because our heads are not compatible.

  5. Hi MH It`s the Teloisians who left Mt, Shasta in northern California and Brazil back to the Pleidades that I read a year or so on the web but I can`t recal the souce. Darcy, I hardley ever drink wine only ocationally when I`m feeling down and upset but that is rarely especially when things are bad and very negative such as the news,weather. I try to stay positive where ever possible.

  6. Hi Terry … You are awesome …. Did you time travel from the past to the present …… Thats why technology seems new to you ….

    And after reading & posting here … Do you travel back to the past …

    One advise stop reading crappy websites , they are all filled with fake news , they hype and create everything …

    Read the real information in theyfly , futureofmankind , creationaltruth or Figu ….

    Now don’t tell me how to Google

    And one more thing WW3/4 is mostly not going to take place as Hillary lost ….

    Trust in Putin he wants peace …. And Trump doesn’t hate Putin unlike Hillary ……..

    1. Raj Kum….. Thank you. You are right. Billy Meier CRs are unique . Any earth human being must read them. I have read all Billy Meier CRs translated in english. It’s also good to watch TV “History Channel 2”. Most the aliens’ documentaries of this channel are a kind of copy from Billy Meier CRs.

    2. Raj you are so cool and Awesome!:))) Thankyou for all that info. Funny I forgot about creationaltruth. No I didn`t travel back in time but this was all before I got a computer so alot of my information was back in the late 1990s and very early 2000nds before I got my first computer. Any infoi I read on the internet was and or is at least a few years ago so my memory of those websites are at least a few years ago at least one year ago or more. “Thank goodness for the internet,how would we all learn and get all the information we are reading and learning now? Isn`t that what the internet is all about besides knowledge is power!”

  7. Hi Michael, hope the new year has greeted you kindly!
    I was curious about the YouTube shows and whether or not you’re still going to do them. I assume the holidays were the reason for the break.
    I could have emailed you about this, but I figured that others may be curious as well. Sorry if you already covered this somewhere else, but my work has kept me busy the last couple of weeks.

  8. I am suspicious of the amount of views on yoir youtube channel Mike. I think there are a lot more people watching your vids.

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