Pi in the Sky

It’s time for scientists to come down to Earth to prevent unprecedented disaster

If you received this link from me or another interested person, it’s because you’re involved in some way, as a scientist, journalist, concerned citizen, etc., working on, writing or worrying about, the very underestimated dangers of incoming NEO (Near Earth Objects) and specifically asteroid Apophis.

Recently, mathematician Harry Lear claimed that he had corrected Pi and that, among many things, utilizing its true value is essential in order for any attempted deflection of such NEO as Apophis to be successful.

I am providing some comments from Harry below, which echo what Galileo had asked of the Church long ago, to paraphrase: Please just look through the telescope…and then let’s talk.

“You would be surprised how many emails I have received from math professors and physicists from around the world, some supporting my results and others vehemently arguing against me. Some individuals send 100-page, complex math proofs and want me to try to disprove them.

I have pointed out errors for some but I simply don’t have time to delve into the math mistakes of others. Nor is this my goal. It’s not so much for me to prove they are wrong but rather for them to replicate my lab experiment (so easy to do) to try to find out if I am correct.

As of recently, I am telling most readers that I don’t have time to talk to them until they have done the physical measurement of the Pi circumference of a 1 unit diameter circle. Why? Because after they see for themselves what true Pi is and how the Old Pi is wrong, they can start reviewing where they went wrong in the first place, and then log onto my web site and look at my 5 – 10 umpteen ways in which I show them the results on 1 page with the steps listed and also outlined in my videos.”

Now that You Know

As you will learn when you read the provided links in Harry’s article, we have been forwarding the original warnings – from 1981 – about the Red Meteor, aka Apophis, for 12 years.

We even illustrated it – in seven languages – well before the first trendy T-shirt was being hawked by superficial celebrity seekers. For years, we have reached out to a multitude of “scientific experts”, astronomers, physicists, and others concerned about preventing NEO strikes, etc., etc.

Because our information comes from an “unusual” source, the various know-it-alls have behaved as predictably as the devastation from an asteroid strike.

There are those who would say that we haven’t figured out how to approach the vaunted, so-called “experts”, many of whom were themselves also just…students, sitting in classrooms, trying to earn their degrees, worrying about repaying their loans, etc., not too long ago. Perhaps concerns about tenure, funding, ridicule, loss of status and/or celebrity have now become more important to some than the pursuit of science that initially motivated them.

For any who still have concerns about the credibility and authenticity of Billy Meier, the original source of the warnings about this possibly, and literally, world-shattering event, you can now consider this article by an independent expert military investigator.

Just like Harry Lear’s experiment, it’s clear and logical enough that anyone, even a scientist, can understand, apply and draw the same conclusion.

Now that you know…what will you do?

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  1. Hi MH I just read your Pi article and the Red Meteor article. Here is my idea: Why not tell these goons that the Pi is not just from Billy but from the real an authentic ET Ptaah,that way these self serving scientist will finally get the “REAL” truth and stop blaming Billy and the “REAL ETs” for not telling the truth. If these so-called know-it-alls think they are smarted than Ptaah then go to bat and give these know-it-alls the real hard evidence then maybe these goons will finally believe Billy and Ptaah!

  2. Scientists always want to be the authority, this one time they should lay aside ego and just learn something. Oh wait learning is a lost art. Lol

  3. Those that are in-the-know, most likely, already know of Harry’s discovery. However, to get the collective of the scientific guilds, particularly the public ones, to even test, let alone support, will be difficult.

    This is a very important discovery for mankind, but, like many other great things, it will require great courage, strength and perseverance to solidify its importance.

    The harder the path, the greater the victory.

  4. This is all wrong.
    The prophecies from 1976 onward talk about a ‘comet’, not an asteroid.
    Apophis is an asteroid, not a comet, and will not hit the Earth.
    However, e.g. Oumuamua is an interstellar comet, and there are more to come.

    Also, the approximation of Pi given by Harry is disproven just be the Archimedean method of exhaustion.

    These sort of errors could be deadly.
    The comet could strike in 2028, perhaps 2037, but 2028 quite likely.
    And when calculating its trajectory, you may want to stick with 3.1415..

      1. “Ein Meteor aus dem Raum – kometengleich,”
        “A meteor from space – comet-like.”
        – 31 January 1976 at 01:05, Prophetien und Voraussagen p. 55.
        Also says “im Jahre des Dreiwerts”,
        “in the year of the three-value”,
        so must be e.g. 2028 or 2037.

        “55) Wachsam ist der Weise, er deutet das Zeichen der Zeit,
        da der Komet die Erde trifft, der Wasser und Feste erbebt.”
        “55) Vigilant is the wise; he interprets the sign of the time,
        as the comet hits the Earth, which shakes water and land.”
        – 29 January 1976 at 01:05, Prophetien und Voraussagen p. 52.

        As for the Pi thing, one does not need to perform an engineering experiment to know that he is wrong, as it is contradicted by the bounds of Pi given by the method of exhaustion.

        1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%CA%BBOumuamua

          “ʻOumuamua (/oʊˈmuːəˈmuːə/ (About this sound listen)) is the first known interstellar object to pass through the Solar System. Formally designated 1I/2017 U1, it was discovered by Robert Weryk using the Pan-STARRS telescope at Haleakala Observatory, Hawaii, on 19 October 2017, 40 days after it passed its closest point to the Sun. When first seen, it was about 33,000,000 km (21,000,000 mi; 0.22 AU) from Earth (about 85 times as far away as the Moon), and already heading away from the Sun. Initially assumed to be a comet, it was reclassified as an asteroid a week later, and finally (6 November 2017) as the first of the new class of interstellar object.

          ʻOumuamua is a small object, estimated to be about 230 by 35 meters (800 ft × 100 ft) in size. It has a dark red color, similar to objects in the outer Solar System. ʻOumuamua showed no signs of a comet tail despite its close approach to the Sun, and has significant elongation and rotation rate, so it is thought to be a metal-rich rock with a relatively high density. ʻOumuamua is tumbling rather than smoothly rotating, and it is moving so fast relative to the Sun that there is no chance it originated in the Solar System. It also means that ʻOumuamua cannot be captured into a solar orbit, so it will eventually leave the Solar System and resume traveling in interstellar space. ʻOumuamua’s system of origin and the amount of time it has spent traveling amongst the stars are unknown.”

          “An interstellar object is a body other than a star or substar located in interstellar space, and not gravitationally bound to a star. They may include asteroids or comets (or exocomets).[1][2] Besides known comets within the Solar System, or known extrasolar comets,[3][4][5] at present, an interstellar comet can only be detected if it passes through the Solar System, and could be distinguished from an Oort cloud comet by its strongly hyperbolic trajectory (indicating that it is not gravitationally bound to the Sun).[2][6]Until 2017, the most eccentric known object, C/1980 E1, only had an eccentricity of 1.057,[7] far less eccentric than an interstellar comet would be expected to be.

          The first discovered and only known interstellar object to date is ʻOumuamua (previously C/2017 U1 and A/2017 U1). The object has an eccentricity of about 1.20. It was initially named C/2017 U1 because it was assumed to be a comet, but was renamed to A/2017 U1 after no cometary activity was found.[8][9] After its interstellar nature was confirmed, it was renamed to 1I/ʻOumuamua – 1 because it is the first such object to be discovered, I for interstellar, and ‘Oumuamua’ is a Hawaiian word meaning “a messenger from afar arriving first”.”


          1. One reason maybe that Billy does this is so it is not too obvious
            that he in fact predicted something ‘unpredictable’ in 1976.
            That would compel belief.
            So he throws out disinfo in order to obscure just how damningly accurate his prophecies are.
            He’s afraid of people becoming like the Christians, Muslims, etc.

            And no, the Harry Pi Guy thing is not like the church and Galileo.
            Galileo proved the Earth moves, the church was just afraid
            of having to admit that they, the infallible ones, were wrong,
            even though they knew he was right themselves.
            That also was science, we are talking here about mathematics,
            which anyone can prove for themselves with a piece of paper
            or Mathematica.

            1. Obviously, whatever the heck you’ve been doing in regards to Billy Meier and his vast amount of material, you’re completely unaware also of his unwavering consistency, honesty and adherence to principle and the fulfillment of the mission, which doesn’t include such machinations which, for whatever reasons, appear to you in place of what is real and true.

              So no, he doesn’t throw “out disinfo in order to obscure just how damningly accurate his prophecies are.”

              No, he isn’t “afraid of people becoming like the Christians, Muslims, etc.”

              Whatever you’re doing inside your head, it isn’t real thinking. It’s convoluted, concocted, imaginary, fabricated, incorrect, unfounded utter nonsense.

              As for “the Harry Pi Guy thing”, I guess you’re the only one who also doesn’t know you’re having a meltdown.

        2. Kinda like the Church and Galileo.

          I guess you have to go back to your room until you can, you know…demonstrate that you’re right and he’s wrong.

        3. Matthew, I understand why you say the math has all been decided by the “method of exhaustion” or “reduction de absurdio” (excuse my attempt at Latin, never studied it). I cannot fault the calculations there either and I don’t know anyone who can; but what about the equation Pi = 4/√Phi? We know this is accurate too and it comes out to 3.144605511029693144… As you know Phi is the Golden Ratio which is surprising pushed aside by many scientists who state quite inaccurately that there is, for example no evidence of it in Da Vinci’s work before he illustrated the famed almanac in 1495 ( I think it was). Only an artistically blind scientist could make such an absurd assertion. But back to the point of this reply, 3.1446… relates pi purely to the Golden Ratio which, to me and countless others, expresses the creative principle of life, or perhaps creational energies in everything created, albeit, of course, not fractally. Life is too organic for that. In short, it looks very much like 3.2446… expresses the creational aspect and relationship to Pi, which is far more significant than relating it to polygons with thousands of sides. I am also wondering whether √Phi (1.27201964949…) relates to the speed of light. To get to time travel we are going to upgrade from polygons to something far more transcendental (pun intended). Anyway, I am not a mathematician, so I would appreciate your comments on Pi = 4/√Phi = 3.144605511029693144… I have read unsubstantiated claims that this is in error after about the third decimal place, but no evidence or calculations were provided, and any calculator shows that 4/√Phi certainly is exactly 3.144605511029693144…

          1. The reasons why Traditional Pi 3.141592653589793 is…

            NOTE: Dear Liddz,

            I have asked you multiple times to conform to the rules, i.e. use your first and last name.

            Your comments aren’t posted because you have ignored the requests.

    1. I think they mean Apophis is a comet like meteor because it is a stranger from outside our SOL system in contrast to regular comets. Apophis has been trapped into a pinball like orbit in the asteroid zone of the inner SOL system which makes Apophis officially an asteroid. The odds of Apophis actually flying through Earth’s gravitation keyhole is astronomical and so 2036 should be ruled out entirely if we do nothing to deflect Apophis in 2029.

  5. What you should be doing is sending out letters telling them to monitor the sky resp. space for interstellar comets.

  6. France has 58 nuclear reactors. When Apophis strikes in 2029 or 2036 has anyone thought what would happen to those? Did’nt the plejaren had metorites striking out a lot of nuclear plants in their past, which led them to stop using nuclear energy? Something to have nightmares about from now on.

    1. Swen, Not only that I heard yesterday that there is a volcano in Japan spewing ash and lava and this has been going on for more than a day which worries me because this volcano could also cause another spumoni as has happened six years ago which caused the Fukishima nuclear power plant to explode all 4 of Japan`s nuclear power with radiation. If this happens again there won`t be ANY Japan left. There is a saying if Japan goes so will the rest of Earth which leads me to wonder why we even use nuclear power. What will happen to all those nuclear power plants in Europe if Apothis hits the Black sea between Europe,Russia and the Middle East? Does ANY scientist in NASA and even the US and Europe,etc, in their own right mind would even bother to think about all that radiation coming out of all those nuclear rectors being hit by Apothis by 2029 and 2036?

  7. The thing the know it alls miss – edward and the plejaren have never been wrong in over 60 years. If they predicted it, it happened- Every time.

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