Paris Burning as Billy Meier Predicted in 1981

The ceaseless fulfillment of Meier’s prophecies and predictions continues

1981: “Paris will be destroyed from within and burnt down.”


You can expect the usual cynicism and skepticism, such as, “Well it hasn’t really burned down completely yet.”

Don’t argue with them. Just be grateful that fools are willing to identify themselves so you can avoid them.

Paris May Day riots see far-left anarchists smash windows and loot a McDonalds as thousands of mask-wearing protesters bring chaos to the French capital


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Al Jedd

It looks like Paris and other cities are burning again; due to a new law making it a criminal offense photographing the police.
Also the use of extreme violence used by the police….. Sounds familiar.

The protests were organized in many large French cities, including Paris, Marseilles, Lyon, Brest and Nice, with thousands participating despite Covid-19 concerns. The main event is happening in the Place de la République in the capital.


France riots.jpg