Billy Meier Warned about “Disease X” Bird Flu – in 2005

Humankind now faces centuries of self-imposed hardship

It’s been 10 years since Billy Meier pointed out that his previous prophecies and predictions, dating back to 1951, have ceaselessly fulfilled, mainly due to human irresponsibility. While there are still some catastrophic  events that could be averted, humankind now faces centuries of self-imposed hardship.

New Bird Flu in China

Recent reports of a new bird flu in China, with a mortality rate of almost 40%, that threatens to become a worldwide pandemic, reminds us that Billy Meier specifically warned about this possibility…in 2005.

We Were Warned in 1976

There is concern that the recent eruptions of Kilauea in Hawaii may have been triggered by a geothermal plant, an/or fracking. Some people may remember that Billy Meier specifically stated that deep geothermal energy was the best possible solution to most of our energy needs for a very long time to come.

So how can that be?

Deep Geothermal

The answer, as also explained by Meier in our 2012 film, as the time fulfillsis that we must use the correct kind of geothermal doesn’t inject water into the earth. The Plejaren advised Meier that shafts for geothermal energy must extend very deep, even several miles into the earth, so that the heat can rise and turn turbines, etc. (as illustrated in this German article).

As Meier was warned in 1976, the extraction of oil and gas (including fracking), as well as mining, building dams and large cities, etc., leads to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and…”the Earth collapses from within.”

Also, Dutchsinse’s videos have shown unimaginably widespread fracking, with hundreds and perhaps thousands of these dangerous operations across the country, where earthquake activity is already being reported. As Meier recently told me, the toxic, chemical-laden water used in fracking often ends up in the ground water, drinking water supplies, etc., and, he said, is responsible for many illnesses and deaths.

Yes, the people were warned…

Don’t Go Along with That

Michael Horn’s new release, Don’t Go Along with Thatwas actually written in 1995, with a new verse that he added in 2018.

This social commentary/protest song, carried along in a lilting country blues melody, describes how we’ve let power-hungry men take more and more of our freedoms, then exhorts us to not give away our liberty…nor fight their wars.

Protest songs were an important part of the 60s era, inspiring and accompanying movements of great social change. Since then, apathy has spread and now given rise to confusion and growing partisanship, polarization and civil unrest, fueled as Horn says, by “avaricious men”.

While not politically partisan, Horn sees the tyranny threatening the country as something that must be rejected and resisted by freedom loving people.

The urgent call to action of Don’t Go Along with That is complimented by the romantic and hopeful, For the Love of Love, also by Michael Horn on CD Baby.

Read the lyrics and listen free here.

Thanks to Christian Frehner for the information about deep geothermal energy.


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  1. Hi Mary…

    One of the primary responsibilities of the human being is to take the best care one possibly can of first: his/her body (our flesh and blood) and secondly: his/her Psyche. Billy describes this beautifully in his book “The Way to Live” – which is available for purchase in the They Fly store.


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