The Latest Pseudoscientific Scam from SETI

Fake news from the phonies and frauds who will be the last to know the truth  

SETI is in the news again, explaining that their “revision of Rio (Rio 2.0) aims to quickly calibrate the public expectations of a reported signal and to educate them as to how SETI scientists evaluate a signal, etc.” That’s right, SETI is the self-appointed arbiter and educator of the public in all things UFO and extraterrestrial.

Here’s another example of the condescension from the quacks at SETI:

“The SETI scientists are hoping their revamped parameters can help the public better distinguish genuine reports of extraterrestrial activity from false claims and so-called fake news.” Such sauce was served up by none other than Jill Tarter, the co-founder of the SETI Institute.

It’s not surprising since we were treated to this bloviating bilge a few years ago by another pompous know-nothing from SETI:

“If some day we receive an information-rich signal from another star, no one expects it to be written in English, Chinese, or Swahili. Instead, researchers engaged in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) often suggest that mutual comprehension will come through the language of math.”

Since SETI itself can’t “distinguish” what’s real from what’s fake, the one thing that’s guaranteed is that they will be among the last to know the truth…or at least to dare to reveal it and gore their own cash cow. Since they’ve proved themselves incompetent, corrupt and unworthyof the contact they pretend to search for, they’ll go down as yet another fraudulent scheme whose main and real purpose seemed to be to collect paychecks…in the great American tradition of profit uber alles.

Oh, how the future survivors of these times will grieve, not only for themselves, but for the masses of people on this planet who were deceived and exploited to the point of near extinction…for the proverbial fistful of dollars.

Glyphosate Greed Kills as Extraterrestrials Told to Billy Meier

Speaking of which, the recent jury finding against Monsanto and its glyphosate weed killer, Roundup, – as linked to at CNN because, in this case, they had no choice but to publish real news – of course corroborates what many suspected and that the Plejaren told Billy Meier some years ago.

As recently as January 24, 2018, SLATE ran an article that drew the following conclusion:

“In this case because of the absence of evidence against glyphosate, we should be aware of the potential for hazard, but the chemical should be considered noncarcinogenic. Otherwise, the purpose of science itself, which will always entail some degree of uncertainty, is utterly undermined.”

In the past, SLATE was one of the numerous publications that I sent many of Billy Meier’s specific examples of prophetically accurate scientific information to.

The extreme efforts that greedy corporations, pseudoscientists – the fake news media and others with vested interests* – will go to try to wring the last dollar and drop of blood from human beings, while destroying any and all other lifeforms on the planet itself, is evidenced in the predictably defiant denial by Monsanto:

“We will appeal this decision and continue to vigorously defend this product, which has a 40-year history of safe use and continues to be a vital, effective and safe tool for farmers and others,” Monsanto Vice President Scott Partridge said.

Yet another example of denial and dishonesty, motivated purely by the worship of, and concern for, the real god of America…profit.

More Greed

Believe it or not, the scams and lies even extend such things as views and likes on YouTube.

Back to Work

And with that cheery interlude, in keeping with the overall theme, we go back to our project focusing on the questionable ethics and antics of our little self-described “extraordinary pearl” and the band of merry mollusks at A&AE.

*From 1948:

304. Speakers, journalists, missionaries, recruiters and public media and lecturers will appear and publicly spread mendacious stories and slander about true truths to kill them off and lead the peoples into the unreal and away from truth through thought up mendacious facts.

Thanks to Keith Davidson for the Monsanto link.

Fortunately, here are some toxic things that we still can protect ourselves from. Please look into this and use the discount code when you are ordering.

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  1. Mainly because I dont have alot of money, a good job or whatever is considered to be a success not a single person will listen to what I have to say. I have tried but nothing will shake their blind belief in religion.
    I see it all happening just like I read that when you discover the truth , all is revealed. My heart is broken for all the walking dead that really think they are the know it alls!

      1. Hail Hornington, purveyor of Blogington

        I think Jill Tarter should save her “sauce” for the “bigger fish to fry” that exist in plain sight, while she and her co workers are waiting on perpetual hold and listening to the cosmic blower for an answer to a math problem. 😎

        NOTE: Welcome to the blog. Also, please use your first and last name when commenting.

        Moderator: Melissa Osaki

  2. The “bloviating bilge” above in which SETI deems to rely on math for interstellar communication reveals their foolishness. Maybe they are still watching the movie “Contact.” If they had read Billy Meier on his interstellar math talk with Ptaah — and if they’d just thought about it logically — they would know that relying on math is no better than relying on written language, because math is just another written language that will obviously vary in expression throughout the cosmos — just like any other written language. We are just as unlikely to understand another star system’s math as their written language. Aren’t these guys aware of even the most basic principles of semiotics? Their entire enterprise is just a criminal waste of money given the many answers around that they blatantly ignore.

  3. The reactions to this post seem to have disappeared, but what I wanted to add to the remarks of @Chris: The Plejaren explained, that, as you remarked, the earth math differs from other ‘math systems’ across the universe, but that the underlying (creational) principles are the same.

  4. Yes, great article Michael…but let’s also add the fact that the religionists are in on the fake news and cover-ups as recently reported about the missionary from A.B.W.E., who for years sexually exploited children. Bringing the “truth” to the public is hard for them to swallow at times……but how much longer will they cover their ears and their eyes? We who stand for the “Truth” must be steadfast and never waver as well as look for opportunities to bring the “Truth” to others. I am presently in the midst of an 11 week presentation on the Billy Meier story with a group and will be giving a overview presentation on ufology and Billy Meier at Hackley Library in Muskegon, Mich.. on 8/14 and again at the library in Greenville, Mich. on 8/21 if you are able to attend. Sometimes the going gets challenging, but we must move forward with the “Truth.”

  5. Great stuff, Michael. Always to the point, no sugar-coating the truth around here.

    The corporate-bought scientists and journalists downplaying glyphosate by saying it hasn’t been proven within a shadow of a doubt that it causes cancer in humans reminds me of the old silver-mercury amalgam fillings (50% mercury, 35% silver) that similarly bought scientists and journalists insist are inert in the amalgam-state in one’s teeth and that the highly toxic mercury doesn’t ever so slowly but surely seep into one’s organs, glands and brain over the years causing a whole host of unpleasant, health-damaging and life-altering ailments.

    1. Hi Bruce, and all…

      On that theme Bruce, lets also remember the warning from our friends about ‘micro fibres’ being as dangerous as aspestos… Think about that when you next get hold of that micro fibre cloth to clean your glasses, screens, and car… I’m fairly confident that the scientists are aware about it, but have been paid off…
      Also along similar lines, There was a warning from Billy about the dangers of humidifiers (ones around circa mid seventies) – now jump forward and think about the new ‘Vaping’ craze… and guess what, the so called docters are promoting that and giving them away… Further, I suspect (under the guises of saving money for hospitals, and a pseudo caring about the public – I would not be at all suprised to find out that ‘certain elements’ are are not only aware about that too, but have also been paid for thier silence…

  6. MH’s radio interview on Paranormal Code really drove home a good point about the phonies. Corey Goode, David Wilcock, Michael Salla, COBRA, Steven Bassett, Tom DeLiar, all the channelers, Sheldon Nidle, all the 5D lightbody crystal blue persuasions- you could almost write their next email/update/blog, and it goes something like this,

    “Hey folks! Big changes are coming! I’ve been really busy doing interviews and gathering new “intel”. There’s lots of secret stuff, but I can’t tell you about it yet because it is so sensitive. I’ve also been undergoing what I think are physical/ psychological/ energetical “attacks” on me, but I can’t prove it. That’s right, the bad guys are trying to stop me from getting all the “truth” out. But I promise it’ll all be in my next book, or my next lecture on such and such a date. Don’t worry, lots of changes are happening! The good guys are winning! But I can’t tell you what they are because I am a total phony shill. What I do isn’t easy, so if you want to donate, please make lots of contributions to me, so I can continue what I’ve been doing for the past several decades, which is bilking suckers like you. Stay tuned for more of the same go nowhere nonsense! Yours truly, the card carrying member of the disclosure fraud of the month club.”

  7. As you may have noticed, comments aren’t getting through. Please bear with us while we work out some issues on the backend.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Belinda, as much as we appreciate useful information, that site is a major disinformation site. They have attacked the Meier case on numerous occasions and then have the nerve to sell Billy’s photographs. They are a terrible source of information and we do not recommend them to folks. In short, they are out to harm the truth.

      Thanks and Salome.

    2. Are you unable to study and understand and analyse and think deeply about ANYTHING and prefer to be entertained by anything, by any chance, Belinda?

    3. Don’t you mean “Closed Minds Concoction”? Still chasing MIC lights in the sky I see. “Oh look there’s another light but we are stupid and think it’s actually a contact.” Do you mean that type of drivel Belinda?

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