It’s Only a Matter of…Time

People should prepare as unstoppable, long foretold events unfold 

Below, are some recent news headlines followed by links to prophetic warnings from Billy Meier, dating as far back as …70 years ago:

Italy earthquake sparks fears Mount Vesuvius could ERUPT as people FLEE homes

Meier: Wednesday,  September 1, 1948


223. But also in the south of Europe, the all-transforming consequences will be enormous when the volcanoes of Mount Etna, Vesuvius and Stromboli as well as the submarine largest active volcano of Europe, Mount Marsili off the coast of Italy, together with about two dozen further submarine volcanoes in the Mediterranean, begin to erupt.

229. In the new millennium, greater activity will also take place in Vesuvius in Italy, as well as great volcanic activity on the south-west coast of South America, and especially on Sumatra and other areas in Indonesia.

In the news on August 17. 2018:

Iranian-Backed ‘Sleeper Cell’ Militants Hibernating in U.S., Positioned for Attack

Meier: These Are the Real Numbers

More from Billy Meier’s 1958 Warning to All the Governments of Europe:

83.) And it will be that fanatical Islamists carry out bloody revenge on the distant descendants of the Christians, for the earlier crusades when they accomplish their deadly and destructive acts through irrepressible terror all over the world.

82.)The murdering and destroying fanatics of religions and sects will, in their death-bringing fiery beliefs, speak of justice in the name of god, and thereby spread misery, need, death and corruption.

85.) Organized murder and terror commandoes will live secretly in cities worldwide and plan and carry out deadly attacks in order to kill thousands of people and produce unimagined destruction.

Following this recent news headline, there is more documentation about the specific warnings pertaining to the coming San Francisco earthquake:

As San Francisco grows, so does earthquake risk

Meier: The City on the Trench Will Be Totally Buried

As much as we may like them:

Bacteria spread through dog saliva linked to death of Wisconsin woman

Meier: Contact Report, 251 February 3rd, 1995

“It is very important to realize, too, that many negative events will occur in the near future regarding diseases and epidemics on Earth. For this reason all humans must become very meticulous about their personal hygiene and must avoid physical contact with people of questionable health status. There should be paid great attention for harmless disesases and infections, because in future times these can turn into much graver and even incurable illness. The same will hold true also for physical contact with animals, including touching of any type. An additional concern will be the intake of animal-origin food products, absorption of viruses, bacteria, etc., of animal substances such as feces, saliva, blood, hair and so forth, which can cause also fatal diseases and epidemics. For this reason alone, creatures of every type should not be kept within the confines of human residences, indeed, they must not be tolerated therein even briefly.”

And now the latest from India, regarding that “saintly” woman, aka child trafficker and abuser Mother Teresa:

All Mother Teresa homes inspected amid baby-selling scandal

Billy Meier Right about Mother Theresa, Stolen Children and More

Feeling the heat:

More than 100 large wildfires in US as new blazes erupt

Meier: Of Fires, Fears and Freedom

Here’s the newest warning regarding the dangers of toxic drinking water:

Calls for action on toxics White House called “PR nightmare”.

…about which I’ve previously been warning in articles like:

Why I’ve Been Concerned about Drinking Water for 40 Years


Nathanael Mallow reads from The Way to Live 

The Way to Live

Humankind doesn’t have the faintest idea regarding what life’s all about and how to live it. Consider this your personal sanity and survival system.

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Here’s an informative article with an overview of various  nutritional supplements.

Don’t Go Along with That

(The Patriot’s Song)

(Also a version of Michael Horn)

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Thanks to Greg D and Greg O’B for information.






3 Replies to “It’s Only a Matter of…Time”

  1. Billy’s predictions continue to pile up. What will it take for people to wake up and realize that this man is telling the truth? When will the peddlers of alien and UFO hoopla stop being so greedy and start telling the truth?

    To the skeptics, the hoopla peddlers and the sleepy masses who may be reading this…time IS running out. How many more confirmations do you need before you see the impossibility of this case being a hoax? Consider the implications of it being true and how dangerous a miscalculation would be. There is no more time for this hem hawing around. Let’s get to work and change the future.

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