These Are the Real Numbers

The harsh reality about how many terrorists are already within the US

I recently asked Billy Meier several questions. When we met a couple of days later, he explained that he had  prepared  the answers to them the night before, based on information from Ptaah.

While we were provided with warnings from Meier about just how unimaginably dangerous to all of civilization the IS is, and information about the number of IS “sleepers” in Europe, first in 2016 and then again in 2017, no one had posed the question regarding the numbers here in the US.

It isn’t only Europe that has been invaded by hordes of terrorists, criminals and extremists. The truth about the numbers of those who are hostile to us now present in the US is staggering:

Q: How many IS “sleepers” and/or terrorists are there in the US?

A: What Florena has brought me regarding information from Ptaah, is the following, namely, that on December 31, 2016 the Plejaren had accurate knowledge that in the United States 1,407 IS “sleepers” were present, while further Plejaren information regarding potential terrorists of other domestic and foreign groups, who do not belong to the Islamist State, were calculated to be well over 171,000, in which case these others were usually terroristicly indoctrinated lone perpetrators, as however also of a psychopathic and psychically confused nature.

The Years to Come

Because religious and partisan political thinking causes the brain to atrophy and reason, logic, common sense and genuine consideration for the good of others to also fade, humanity – and the west in particular – will pay the price for centuries of misdirection and confused thinking, as well as for neglecting to protect its own borders and country due to greedy, power-hungry and traitorous politicians, etc.

Acts of violence, depravity and degeneration are increasing and there is little doubt that this will continue. It is also quite shameful when media personalities behave in vile, despicable and disrespectful ways towards anyone, including the president and his family. The trend towards using terrorism as entertainment only adds to the overall ugliness of these actions and dangerously diminishes our ability to comprehend and respond to them.

The warnings about all these events now date back almost 70 years. For those who have eyes to see, ears to hear and minds with which to reason, this is the time to be planning for the safety and future survival of all concerned.

This requires that we correct our thinking. This book is essential reading and will be an indispensable companion in the years to come: The Might of the Thoughts


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41 Replies to “These Are the Real Numbers”

  1. Here is an article from that will REALLY scare you all for Tuseday June 6th 2017 London Terror Attack: It`s to Confront Wahhabism and Saudi Arabia by John Wight As I’ve heard and said in the past Wahhabi is far more and much more dangerous than ISIS and Wahhabi and Saudi Arabia are using their very very dangerous and lethal lecherous influences not just in London but all around the planet too!!!

  2. I just heard on the news that Paris was attacked again this time inside the Notre Dame Cathedral and possibly the Arch Trumpet intersection in Paris too. That`s all I heard. You may want to check out CNN and MSN on TV or the internet etc, etc The U.S.A maybe next. Things art starting to get very dicey right now. I hope Billy and the Ps are keeping a close watch on this barbarous savage world called Earth!!! Salome,Peace in Wisdom, Terry

  3. Might be out of topic…but I read the Canadian Figu site Billy Meier’s personal contacts page… There are two new names that Billy recently met: Joganda and Yanarara. Yet, I couldn’t find any contact report about this.

    MH do you know what this is about?

  4. Thanks Michael, its handy to have exact numbers when speaking with people out of the loop. The task of bringing the contacts of Mr Meier to strangers is monumental but we must try .

      1. Thanks Darcy, sadly the majority of the world feeds on negative propaganda and are in a trance , bound to the constant bombardment of misdirection.

  5. “I couln`t agree more with you Darcy! You took the words right out of my mouth! There is NO such thing as a good politician anymore! These scums think they are gods and they think they own this world and Mars too so they can twist this world inside out and do whatever they want with us and these scums don`t give a damn plus they don`t want us to be smart ether if you can believe this too. I heard this on c2c the other night that these political scums don`t want us to be smart so these scum politicians can get away with murder!!! How about that for these stupid shills?

  6. Save the saveable, the ones who are not open, I don’t waste time on anymore. The world is plunging fast straight for the abyss.

    1. Barry I don’t want to be a savior. There are too many irrational and irresponsible people already.

    2. Tell me about that one, the world is plunging fast straight for the abyss, you got it,I hope we don’t wind up dying like what happened to the Akart from Proxima Centauri.

  7. do you mind if I go off topic. how is billy? how do you rate his overall health? never met him but im genuinely concerned of him specially now he’s almost at the end of his rope.

    1. Billy is doing fine. He’s 80 years-old, has had numerous health challenges and still does his work, writing, etc., without complaint. He’s in the process of writing two new books.

      1. That’s wonderful to hear, Michael! I hope you told him some jokes and made him laugh. I love to see him do a good belly laugh. It warms my heart.

  8. “December 31, 2016 the Plejaren had accurate knowledge that in the United States 1,407”
    With that kind of information,they would know names.. address? maybe stop it before the worst happens?

    Majority of the world does not listen because they simple dont believe,in Billy Meier because of the lies and deceptions in the ufo field.

    Im sure if the patah took their ships and showed up around the world,on the main news,that they are would wake eveyone up .Maybe thats whats really needed.


    1. It’s not up to them to do that. They’ve given all the help we could want.

      While the world at large does’t know about it…those who suppress it do. And many of those people are the ones who get voted into office, or attain power behind the scenes, etc.

      So, for those who do know, maybe it’s time to get busy warning others, posting links on various blogs, forums, etc., and not just on this one.

  9. Good idea MH Maybe if we spread the out on TV and radio and make a movie about Billy and the Ps we might get somwhere not just on social media etc, there are some people around the world that don`t have access to the internet,nespapers,TV radio etc who we need to get all this information out to those people who don`t have any means to get the world out otherwise you`ll get these stupid falls UFO laser beam brainwashed make believe light show UFOs to try to get control of the rest of humanity here on earth to start WW4, WW5 and beoynd etc,etc,etc!!!

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