The Deadly Folly of Terrorism as Entertainment

Taunting one’s enemies begs humiliation and worse

The desperate need to be the trendiest of TV shows has taken a regrettable turn. Just how regrettable it may turn out to be is quite worrisome.

There are now at least four major TV shows whose central theme revolves around primarily Islamist terrorism directed at the US government, with emphasis on all sorts of gore and torture also being visited upon American families and children, etc.

This may also be a deliberate part of the programming to influence, polarize and incite people via a threat that comes across their screens, as Billy Meier discussed in 2011, also long before the release of WikiLeaks’ Vault 7.

But with the overconfidence associated with the so-called Rambo mentality, along with the trivializing and sensationalizing of terrorism for entertainment’s sake, there’s a great risk that a very demoralizing effect subsequent to such an actual attack in America would occur. And the humiliation and despair, along with all sorts of saber-rattling, could result in a large increase of prejudice and the kinds of attacks against Muslims and others by far-right groups, as Meier was specifically warned about by Sfath…in 1946.

Along with the already developing polarization in the country, this could be a contributing factor to a breakdown in governmental authority, civil wars, etc.

Cause and Effect

While the origins of the current terrorism have their roots centuries ago, retribution for decades and centuries of imperialism and exploitation by countries such as England, France, Germany and the US, etc., accords with the immutable, universal law of cause and effect. But it doesn’t mean that the citizens of these countries – most of whom living today had nothing to do with these policies and actions – should willingly succumb to terrorism.

Considering the specific warnings from the Henoch Prophecies as to what would befall America – and why – this is a time for extreme caution:

217. Far in the West, it will be different; the United States of America will be a country of total destruction.

218. The cause for this will be manifold.

219. With its global conflicts which are continuously instigated by it and which will continue far into the future, America is creating enormous hatred against itself, worldwide, in many countries.

220. As a result, America will experience enormous catastrophes which will reach proportions barely imaginable to people of Earth.

221. The destruction of the WTC, i.e., the World Trade Center, by terrorists will only be the beginning.

Hopefully there will be a growing interest in a new way of thinking, and becoming part of a new kind of people.

Stiff Upper Brit

The British media also indulges in the kind of bravado that may have been more appropriate during WW II, when there was an identifiable enemy, in a particular country, to target and defend against (or attack). However, the British intelligence services can’t yet crack the encryption for an app that allows the terrorists to plan and communicate but, as in the US, they’ve spent a lot of resources monitoring and spying on their own citizens for some time. Misplaced priorities?

Unfortunately, the unwillingness of countries like the US, France, Great Britain, etc., to partner with Russia (which, like England, was just struck by terrorism) to eliminate the IS shows that they either vastly underestimate the worldwide threat that could send us back to the Dark Ages, or that finding ways to profit from the misery is more important.

We should realize that it’s a deadly folly to view terrorism as entertainment and that taunting one’s enemies begs humiliation and worse.


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20 Replies to “The Deadly Folly of Terrorism as Entertainment”

  1. Al you need to do is just watch the news and see what is now happening. look what happend in St. petersburg Russia. 11 people were killed on a train coming from Moscow to St. Petersburg. It could have been alot worse since these criminals planned to bomb another train but that second bomb was defused. Funny I was going to watch pbs last night on Masterpiece Clasic but that program got so violent I had to turn it off but the second Classic on Cromwell wasn`t very violent. MY point is that violence can incite wars and who need more wars. We need to educate this world about love,peace,freedom, harmony,logic and reasoning skills if we want to stop allthe violence from starting in the first place which can jjst start a war.

    1. Also if history is anything from far in the past as I`ve read back in the 20th century that this planet earth was once a prison planet for felons,criminals, etc,etc, etc, Maybe it`s time for planet earth to have renovations and upgrades. Mabye these future UOFs from earth are trying to warn us that if we don`t take their advise,we will ALL DIE in a nuclear blast and there will be NO MORE EARTH!!! Personally I think even in this day and age,there are just too many criminals try very very hard to destroy us all due to religions,politicits corporations, militarisms, etc,etc,etc. If the Ps and if there are other more advanced federations than the Ps who are far more spiritual technological,etc,then maby ewe need to listen to these people and try to fix this planet up so there will be no more of these very very dark sinister elements that are trying so very hard to destoy us and planet Earth. Personally I just wish these good benevolent helpful ETs would come directly to fix this world up so we can all live very very long happy lives without all this animosity and worry,etc.

      1. There are too many crooks and criminals try to destroy earth. Maybe we needto get help from these good human ETs and future earths to do away with these barbaric criminals and crooks and fix this world up so we can join the Plejaren Federation,etc,et,etc. This explains why this world was once a prison planet and still is.

    1. Thanks, I was going to comment on that, tentatively titled:

      Mindless Masses Rush to Become Slaves
      As foretold by Billy Meier in 1958

  2. Hi MH and Jessy, here is an article i just found from c2c In Thew News for 4/4/17: Cyborgs at work Employers get implanted with microchips AP April 3,2017 5:13pm from Associated Press I only read the first paragraph due to the fact that this is in Sweden but this could also happen in the U.S. if we don`t take some action soon to stop the biochipping of human beings in the U.S. workforece. Kathryn Albech has a children`s book which could also appy to adults too called “I Won`t Take The Mark” even thoyugh like Alex Jones she is very religious but this book is well worth the bother if we want to avoid being chipped. If you want to you can check out her website and radio show as well.

  3. cannon fodder

    1. soldiers, especially infantrymen, who run the greatest risk of being wounded or killed in warfare.

  4. As Billy said recently; democracy is dead in England.

    All UK media is coming to heel and howling with Westminster against Russia, but, none have the intelligence to check if the nerve agent actually exists:

    The EU and the Police will make sure that returning Islamic terrorists are given a warm bed, welfare and free passes to 1000’s of our white girls though:

    Free speech also died this week in the UK:

    Come to Britain for an instantly better quality of life than I’ve got working and paying taxes as a native all these years and because I chose not to overpopulate or make money my raison d’être. Small Britain may get a SURA-prize and have some real weather to talk about if they keep falsely accusing Russia and when it’s obvious the secret government’s dirty paws are all over these recent events. Search “Scotland” for the related prophecy:

    1. Billy called it partial-democracy, he meant Englands pretty good attempt at partial-democracy still is not gone as far as real-democracy despite what they hoped it was or something, democracy in the UK consists of journalism and paying tax. The Plejaren said so he didn’t have to, about race mixing in the UK and anywhere else that happens, democracy with a mixture of cultures and races is not possible for quite some time, usually thousands of years. So if Billy said democracy is dead in England he meant its been overrun by individuals who have no heritage English identity, none of the values that have built up over a thousand years ie whatever was is now dead. According to Billy and Plejaren Earth has not had real-democracy since our records began, anytime during the current globalisation, and the best shade has been partial-democracy ie let them do whatever they want and we’ll take their money for war and fine them for succeeding.

      1. The good English treatment of the terrorists, be careful with that Matt, Nokodemions teachings indicate that England’s premium quality treatment of the terrorists is the way it’s meant to be done ie 80,000 spend on a terrorist, nothing spent on an upstanding hard working tax payer and the hospitality and good warm bed treatment and no vengeance and retribution no hostility these are all spiritual teaching recommendations, to turn your back on the poor of your own nation in favour of spending it instead on the foreign terrorists who hit at the capital so must be inside the inner circle. Friends close sure, but enemies the closest so the OM indicates.

          1. No this one was especially correct Michael. If you check England is the nation most aligned to the spiritual teaching than any other, it’s the whole idea of a mission and our short length of life which is the problem, many often mis-understand the spirit teaching including you Michael, and most in the SSSC from what I saw.

            1. NOTE: I am posting this same reply to two of Daniel’s comments:


              Here’s how it will be from here on. Neither you, nor anyone else, will have comments approved that claim to be in accordance with the mission information, i.e. the Meier contacts, spiritual teaching, etc., unless you submit links to mission information that corroborates it.

              No conspiratorial comments, likewise not associated with, and referencing their corollaries in, the mission material will be posted.

              For example, regarding your comment about England being “most aligned to the spiritual teaching than any other”, it’s pretty clear that nothing could be farther from the truth. The Henoch Prophecies made it clear as well, regarding countries like yours and ours:

              225. According to the prophecies of Henoch, the truth about industrialised countries is that they only seem to appear to be true civilisations, but in fact they are not; because more and more, at the end of the 20th century and at the beginning of the third millennium, they will disregard all true love, true freedom and true wisdom as well as true peace along with all values of humaneness and all values of men’s and women’s true being.

              Here’s how it will be from here on. Neither you, nor anyone else, will have comments approved that claim to be in accordance with the mission information, i.e. the Meier contacts, spiritual teaching, etc., unless you submit links to that information.

              Regarding the future of England, it’s hardly as a leader of anything:

              February 7, 1976:

              The crown falls and breaks, it is all over,

              the House of the Windsors has broken apart.

              Shaking is the island kingdom;

              bones are brittle now and pale;

              the kingdom – it has fallen;

              only legends of it will be told.

              And again from the HP:

              176. Everything in the West will be destroyed; England will be conquered and thrown down to the lowest level of misery.

              240. Conditions similar to civil war will be in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and claim many lives.

              267. At the same time, as a civil war rages in Germany, an enormously bloody revolution will break out in England which will claim more lives than will be claimed by the civil war in Germany.

              And Meier’s recent predictions ( indicate what England, along with NATO countries will be up to.

              That being said, everyone can express their opinions within the guidelines. From here on, if your comments don’t appear, go back and compare them to the guidelines for the reasons why.

          2. Daniel,

            It was in a recent CR that Billy said democracy was dead (not partially dead) in a number of countries in Europe, including England, but, could not find the link now.

            The spiritual teaching about how to treat terrorists is clear: Banishment from society by gender to a place where they can survive, grow food, have access to books and basic tools to learn, but, not have access to society or its luxuries.

            It’s clear these returning terrorists are supported and given a warm bed, not out of English politeness, but because they’re military assets showing up at their paymasters door for their reward. England is corrupt and I want to leave, but, don;t currently have the means. The irony is they’re all trying to get in but I want to get out, but, “prophecy” won’t qualify me for refuge.

  5. I can’t remember exactly where I read this information but I’m certain it was in one of Delores Cannons investigations and her work with UFO through quantum mechanics stating that the best thing we can do in regards to wars and terrorism is to NOT watch TV at all for the collective consciousness to stay positive

    1. Hi,

      I would recommend reading the contact reports and starting from the beginning. It’s okay to watch TV in small amounts and the best thing we can do to stop the hatred and wars is to start living by the creational natural laws and recommendations. Studying the Spiritual Teaching and applying it to everyday life is the only thing that will change our current situation on Earth. Salome

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