A New People Will Arise

As the polarization increases, a call to those who want to survive the coming times

Human irrationality has taken on a life of its own. Every day brings reports of new as well as continuing conflicts and polarization between people. Resolving differences peacefully and peaceably is hardly a priority. Perceived political, racial, religious, economic and cultural characteristics become synonymous with irreconcilable differences.

Those who can reason clearly understand that promises of some kind of “divine intervention” never have and never will occur. In fact, the same religions that promote such irresponsible, delusional escapism are greatly responsible for creating and promoting the conflicts. So things move too quickly towards the breaking point and what they will ultimately break into is, at least formerly was, unthinkable.

Civil Wars

The very notion of new civil wars in America was laughable…until now. Suddenly, we see and hear the warnings and concern from political commentators, news people and various pundits, all unknowingly echoing what Billy Meier clearly predicted in 1981 and 1987.

What’s missing from all of them, of course, is not only the understanding of the causes but also the…solutions. The solutions won’t be found in meeting force with force, revolution and anarchy. They won’t be found in all the endlessly polarizing rants and raves of various online conspiracy theorists, hysterics and pill pushers. While many of them have also long been provided with Meier’s prophecies, so far not a one has demonstrated the insight, courage, integrity and character to even mention them. When push comes to shove, they’re all afraid of losing their audiences and their income. In that way they are no better than those that they blame, scream and point their fingers at.

And they won’t be spared the consequences of their own greed and cowardice.

A New Spiritual Teaching People

Among the many people who do want answers and solutions, there is all too often the demand for an illusory quick fix to these very long-standing and ever-increasing problems. So when they are shown the real answer it frustrates and even angers them that it isn’t the quick fix, dramatic, here-comes-the-cavalry-to-the-rescue one they hoped for.

The solution to these problems is presented in the spiritual teaching, i.e. the non-religious, belief-free ‘teaching of the truth, teaching of the spirit, teaching of the life’. Those who respond to the call, those who find they resonate with the teaching, are what the Plejaren call “a new ‘spiritual teaching people‘” As clearly stated it’s not any kind of regional or local organization, nor a religion, cult, etc.

Any and everyone who studies, practices and embodies the teaching is thereby a free member, interconnected with all others. Ultimately everyone – those who survive the destruction born of irrationality, power-hunger and greed – will become part of this silent revolution of truth and so a new people will arise…a new spiritual teaching people.

New Three-Part Interview

I discuss some of these things in a new, three-part interview on the GNN channel, which apparently has a fairly large number of very religious viewers who obviously loved my comments:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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104 Replies to “A New People Will Arise”

  1. Hello Darcy,

    Since Tyler Rutland said “we are both right”, and “neither one of us is wrong” I would consider this some words of wisdom, furthermore I propose that we call a truce out of respect for one another. I would like to have a conversation with you about the topic of this great blog (the new people that will emerge) since we are both (hopefully) a future part of this new people, but before we initiate a blog conversation that is friendly, and courteous, I would like to ask you 5 questions so I can see where you are in your studies (note: I did not bring up the “Goblet of the Truth” in my questions):

    1) Can you tell me the names of the two pure-spirit sub-levels of the Arahat Athersata pure-spirit-level that are responsible for the creation of cause and effect in the material plane, and which page number of which German book this answer is given?

    2) Can you tell me what OM 32:1676 states in bilingual contents (German, and English)?

    3) Can you list all 5 components of the consciousness-block?

    4) Have you read the pure-spirit-level Petale’s prophecies that are inside the book “Prophetien” that were translated into English by Gaiaguys (colleagues of/with Michael Horn) over 10 years ago, there is one in particular I would like to ask you about?

    5) Have you read lines 156-191 of contact 115 with an emphasis on lines 174/175 and 188? If you have read them, can we discuss your thoughts on them (humanely)?

    1. It’s just a call to look at what Sfath wrote -_-

      Like, seriously look at it. If you guys can’t both figure out today, why you both wrote something close to the money without all this nonsense, then if I were a religious person still I would say that phrase “God have mercy on your souls” because your really dumb.

      It’s so obvious what he is saying and you just have to use your intellect and reason for like … TWO seconds to figure it out. Don’t even care about feeling embarassed because it doesn’t matter and guess what, we all made that mistake of being a know-it-all so your not alone.

      Your not either one of you antagonists of the truth, your just stuborn and don’t want to even admit to yourself when you overreacted.

      Guess what, we’ve all been there. Your not alone

      1. Hi Darcy,

        In an effort to aid theyflyblog.com, please refrain from entering any text in the website handle if you do not have a website.

        When Google crawlers find false-lead links, they will de-rank the site from SEO optimization because Google’s AI determines the site as ‘junk’, leading to less folks finding it naturally.

    2. Corey, I see you provided the OM reference, OM 32:1676: Umsonst ist der Tod nicht, denn er bringt ein neues Leben. OM 32:1676 The death is not for nothing, he (it) then brings a new lifetime, rather than just asking out of the blue for it. I think it means you get a new start from death which is of course inextricably connected to life. We, at this stage of our evolution cannot know where we are headed exactly, so death provides a way to keep us learning anew without falling into a rut concerning our tendency to relax when we’ve done somethings right. Death provides a sort of a “reboot” till we evolve enough to not need bodies and therefore do not have to die since the spirit is a forceable forcelessness that is not what one would consider: alive. What do you think about it?


  2. Darcy, one more quick thing, my 5 questions are not a test, in an effort to call a truce: it’s a conversation starter (so let’s discuss, some of the people on here have no study group for a deeper conversation, they can join in also).

    1. Where can I find the Prophetien? I’ve heard it mentioned before, but I don’t recall having any luck finding it. I’d like to get a discussion going as well. Thanks

      1. Hi Evelyn, thanks, I found it this morning. What you said will work most of the time, but with Billy’s info, I find that not to be the case as often. I’m grateful for the people who put the work in and translate the material. It will prove to be the most extensive and valuable collection in the history of our planet.

      2. Hi Evelyn, of course it would only be a minority if we are talking about the current population of humanity, but I was referring to very far in the future when the consciousness of folks are very much evolved. The people or folks of today are too bogged down with religious dogma and they lack critical thinking skills. The most important information you can find is right under our noses and only a very small minority knows about it. The fact that this case has been so thoroughly kept hidden in the open is tantamount to how valuable the message. I try not to get into wishful thinking and look at the facts as they present themselves because we know that wishful or solely positive thinking is just as detrimental as negative or pessimistic thinking. Although, I am guilty of being more optimistic, I try to keep a balance or neutral positive position.
        Not that I really want to get in the middle of it, but I can safely say that Sheila meant she knew humanity’s future—if we don’t wake up and take heed to the warnings of Billy, the Plejaren, the Petale level and many others involved in the case. Let’s be realistic here.

    2. Hi Evelyn,

      In an effort to aid theyflyblog.com, please refrain from entering any text in the website handle if you do not have a website.

      When Google crawlers find false-lead links, they will de-rank the site from SEO optimization because Google’s AI determines the site as ‘junk’, leading to less folks finding it naturally.

    3. Dear Corey,

      Please decide for yourself or offer your own translation of the things you seek. It is a wise person that can learn from another.


  3. Hi Melissa, the book is available in German from FIGU Switzerland (I had personally ordered it from there) under the name “Prophetien” (the books entire title is = “Prophetien und Voraussagen” which translates into “Prophecies and Predictions”). The book is a mixture of contact reports excerpts that contain P & P’s, as well as, scattered all throughout the book are Prophecies transmitted telepathically to from Petale to BEAM in the 70’s. Petale’s Prophecies are a mixture of sweet & sour meaning there is negative information (death and destruction from WW3), but then there is beneficial information, such as since billions are prophecied to perish, when survivors meet each other after the war, there will be much joy to see another person alive.

    There are also poems, such as a poem about a shepard boy in Switzerland, and some future destruction that will take place there.

    Mankind did not alter course since the Petale Prophecies came out in the 70’s, and WW3 seems to look probable at this time (on most days).

    As for finding a translation of this, Gaiaguys used to have this on their site, and I think for awhile it was on a CD-ROM of Gaiaguys translations MH used to sell. Every once in awhile (on Facebook) Valdemar Reis posts 12 of the Gaiaguys Prophetien translations to his group “Teaching of the Prophets Ban Srut last Prophet line of Nokodemion”. I saw them there last week. Or one could order the German book and translate themselves, I personally like the details of them, very poetic, and of course if they come true, all of Earth humankind will be sorry.

    1. I found a partial translation of the Prophetien und Voraussagen online. I think it’s the first 218 pages translated by Dyson Devine. It’s definitely enough to get started. I would like to have the actual book or cd if it’s still available. I’m looking forward to reading the information from the Petale level—the poems and the other information about the course of our future are very interesting and just the thought of the wisdom hidden in there blows me away.
      Thanks, Corey! I’m going to indulge in some reading this afternoon and I’ll get back to you.

  4. The Peace meditation is one way to allow yourself effectual participation (for those that can participate), even if you don’t get the chance to read every prophecy, or read every single German word Billy writes, the Peace meditation will always be there as long as Billy is still alive. Take care.

  5. One final thought before I disappear into my studies for some time. No one asked me about my 3rd point.

    OM 32:1676: Umsonst ist der Tod nicht, denn er bringt ein neues Leben.
    OM 32:1676 The death is not for nothing, he (it) then brings a new lifetime.
    Copyright FIGU-BEAM

    Note: In Billy’s books, he often refers to death as masculine “he”, and calls it “Gevatter Tod”/”the grim reaper”, but I did not want to confuse anyone with using “he” for “er”, without explaining that Billy doesn’t mean anything literal by using “he”, and my brain is telling me to use “it” for “er”, but this may change the original meaning. * Even though one should not die foolishly, so one can fulfill their obligation to evolve their consciousness, one should work to absolve their fear of death, by either spending time thinking about your future death as a natural process that is inevitable as part of the life-cycle (material incarnation of the lifetime/cycle of rebirth), and coming to terms with the fact that one day you will die, and accepting this fact of life (thus gaining you a feeling of inner peace about death), or one can always perform death meditations about the “Death-life” (Todesleben) that can program to the memory bank of the consciousness-block impulses that can assist you in the next life with your new consciousness-block. (See “Meditation über den Tod ist wichtig”/”mediation about the death is important” that was translated by Bruce Lulla on his fantastic blog).

    Kind regards

      1. Both of what you’re saying has its validity. Everyone is at different points of evolution. Take what you can handle.

        Though this part is questionable.

        “spirituality or the riddled rhymes or poems or uncouthed song or encrypted deciphering poetry…”

        Spirituality is a religious term.
        What riddled rhymes and encrypted poetry?
        Everything is pretty straight-forward. You just have to meditate on it (focus, concentrate, study etc.)

        PS: People should really refrain from entering in the website field (IE: ‘na’ etc) if they do not have any. It’s de-ranking the site with bounce-bank links.

        1. I like the poetry aspect. I learned that one of the 7 mights of forming the psyche is poetry. To me it helps to build a richer feeling-world and connects me to the past traditions that I forgot.
          The knowledge of the spirit and other “mechanical” aspects is useful, too, since it can help to construct a logical basis for understanding, but then the poetic aspects help to deepen everything in our hearts and flow into the aspect of true Menschsein that is based on simplicity and earnesty, like how in the Goblet, we learn a new way with words that are very rich and so deepen our life sense a whole lot.
          It’s not something to neglect, in my opinion. And the poems or novels are great for times when we can’t study the other books, like at work on our break.

        2. Oh yeah, I know what that means. That means that it doesn’t show up as much in search engines, since the machines at Google and stuff think that it’s a junk web site because some of its clickable links lead to nowhere. Good catch

        3. Exactly Tyler.

          So guys, please do Michael, theyfly (and the mission for that matter, really) a favor and stop entering text in the website field if you do not have a website. Google crawlers will automatically de-rank the site if it has false leads, leading to less SEO, which means less likelihood of others naturally finding it through natural means.

          1. Thanks Jedaiah, I didn’t know that either. Please also feel free to point it out specifically, so that people who don’t understand realize it.

      2. The person I was replying to, their comments were deleted. I am not replying to Corey’s comments, just to clarify. Corey has some pretty awesome translations.

  6. With a ‘new’ people arising, perhaps there are those who wish to join in the Munds Park meetings who are also thinking of relocating to that area.

    Being retired, and lots of creative time on my hands, I invite any of similar mindset to contact me and combine assets or friendship to write.


    1. Thomas I might consider yer offer if you help me dig a bomb shelter that is nuke proof and donate to the ‘future of mankind’ website.

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