As the Prophecies Fulfill in Paris

Trump tries to prevent the same fate for America   

Reports of rioting and fires in Paris show that the pandering, impotent leaders in France, and in other countries, are effectively complicit in the destruction of their own countries, having also failed to heed the prophetic warnings from Billy Meier.

As Meier wrote in 1981:

“Italy and France will be shaken, due to Sansculottes, who murderously and by arson destroy every order: Paris will be destroyed from within and burnt down. The inhabitants themselves are those, who lay Paris into rubble and ashes via murder, arson and revolution, while Italy also falls due to massacres;”

…and further clarified in 1987:

“258. However, the main objective of the aggressors will be to bring all of Europe under their military control, and for that purpose France will be selected to be the headquarters. France will not only be invaded by the aggressors from the outside, but will also be conquered from within as a result of collaborative forces and other forces.

259. This can be envisioned as being the many foreigners of a different religion living in France at that time, and specifically Islam, which will be this force working from within.”

Overall, the number of criminal immigrants now in Europe, according to the Plejaren, is staggering – a veritable anonymous, largely untraceable army*.

The Law of the Pendulum

Whatever one may think of President Trump, or Alex Jones, they’re right in their caution and concern for the safety of the country, along with terror expert, Philip Hayne, who explains how the government has hidden the reality about terrorism from the American people.

While Trump may not have read the Henoch Prophecies (HP), he seems to be trying to help avert what is foretold:

217. Far in the West, it will be different; the United States of America will be a country of total destruction.

218. The cause for this will be manifold.

219. With its global conflicts which are continuously instigated by it and which will continue far into the future, America is creating enormous hatred against itself, worldwide, in many countries.

220. As a result, America will experience enormous catastrophes which will reach proportions barely imaginable to people of Earth.

221. The destruction of the WTC, i.e., the World Trade Center, by terrorists will only be the beginning.

The critical causative factors – originating with covert and overt US policies from decades ago – are still in play and the law of cause and effect, the law of the pendulum, can’t be cheated. Certain things can still be mitigated; prophecies are warnings of negative things that will occur if people don’t change to a positive course.

In 1958, Billy Meier clearly foretold the worldwide danger of radical Islamist terrorism and pointed out its ancient origins in revenge against Christianity and the Crusades:

83.) And it will be that fanatical Islamists carry out bloody revenge on the distant descendants of the Christians, for their earlier crusades when they accomplish their deadly and destructive acts through irrepressible terror all over the world.

Even so, we must not irrationally target, scapegoat and hate all Muslims who, as Meier also points out, are absolutely not to be confused with the degenerate radical Islamists. As he also states – and we can already see this developing – such unjust thinking and demonization of all Muslims will only cause terrorism to arise from people and groups who allow themselves to be inflamed and stirred up by hate, fear, prejudice, etc. Decades ago, Meier specifically warned of those extremists who would “indiscriminately attack innocent people”. The seeds for this kind of open extremism and backlash are being sown by radicals on the left through their violence and anarchy.

The polarization in this country is already well underway and, if we’re to have any chance of preventing the forewarned coming US civil wars, each of us must regain our own calm and reasonableness.

If we fail to do so, the ultimate result from those wars is the country being broken up into five territories and, according to the HP, “it cannot be prevented that sectarian fanatics will play a dictatorial role.” The violence from the left increases the likelihood that extremists on the right will enter the fray. Cause and effect. Because of various factors pertaining to militias, etc., these territories would probably end up under right-wing Christian control, unless of course the country is so insane as to allow radical Islam, with its barbaric, falsified version** of Sharia law to gain a strong foothold.

This brutal doctrine of radical Islamists heavily abuses and suppresses women, among other things, and is now trendy with dopey American women on the left who have nothing better to do than voluntarily embrace its subjugating, dehumanizing dictates.


The fervor with which naive, uninformed do-gooders dispense with all reasonable caution is exemplified by their uncritically embracing illegal immigration as some kind of noble cause, tacitly assuming that everyone who comes into the country illegally is just a “nice”, economically disadvantaged person who, therefore, is entitled to trample the laws of the land…and be rewarded for doing so.

How quickly would they reconsider if “a new law” was mandated that supporters of illegal immigration must take the lawbreakers…into their own homes, regardless of their own living conditions, size of family and living space, etc.? That would include housing any additional family members, or friends, the new tenants want to have join them, as is now actually the case for the country. The costs of housing, feeding and caring for their new…roommates would strictly be borne by them. And we know how long their enthusiasm would last for taking this responsibility.***

The Numbers Game

The futility of immigration as a means to “help people” is shown in this brilliant, reality-based presentation, by Roy Beck, which is so simple and clear that even a radical leftist university professor could understand it. While it illustrates the illogic, futility and self-destructive nature of our immigration policies, it simultaneously shows that the problem is rooted in overpopulation, though there’s no mention of that in the presentation.

Billy Meier also pointed out that when people who are big proponents of these falsely humane policies become the victims of the criminal element, of which the numbers are large, they will also be the ones blaming law enforcement authorities for failing to protect them.

Quiet Before the Storm?

With Trump having trouble with the travel ban, my guess is that the terrorism from “sleepers” in the US will be quiet for a time…while more criminals also get into the country. That way Trump also looks foolish to have been concerned, in addition to being mischaracterized as a racist, Nazi, etc..

This woman, however, has seen the difference firsthand between someone who’s a fanatical dictator and someone who has prioritized protecting his country, as he was charged to do by those who elected him.

What is now being said about Trump “adopting more conventional positions” also confirms what the Plejaren foretold about Trump, in June 2016, when they spoke of his positions being “relativized” after the election. So, while Trump may be the “catastrophic human being”**** the Plejaren characterize him, they also say that he is “otherwise well-meaning and not bad, also in regard to Russia and Putin, with whom he, in an honest wise, wants to strive for a peaceful political, military and economical agreement.”

To Be Determined

It remains to be seen if the American people will recognize and support the best in Trump, or go the way of much of the rest of the world and succumb to suicidal, misguided policies that are, in the final analysis, engineered and promoted by the powerful ones who seek only to exploit, enslave and control the populace…or whatever remains of it after all the destruction that they seek to bring about.

* Sweden recorded a 1472 % increase in rapes and a 300 % increase in violent criminality since it introduced multiculturalism.

** From Meier:

“In the case of the Islamistic terrorists, murder and destruction is carried out in the name of Allah, as well as in the name of the “šari’a” (Shari’ah) which is basically wrongly interpreted by the terrorists and is, so to speak, explained as God’s punishment or God’s judgement, and so forth.

The word namely means something else, because it actually, in no way, relates to a punishment
or punishment regulation, rather, in a completely unspectacular way, a path which leads to the
source is meant thereby.

Briefly explained, the “šari’a” is, truly and principally, based on an extensive Islamic system of law, which essentially is directed towards finding a correct answer to the question of how the human being should live in order to be pleasing to God.

This is to do with this: that the administration of law (huda) which Allah is supposed to have given the human being, indeed through the Qur’an and the example of the prophet Mohammed, should be so orientated that life is made fruitful and that the Islamic believers shall be protected from false steps.

In no way do terror, murder, torture, death and destruction belong to that, nor can they be found in the Qur’an or in some other Islamic religious texts.”

***It seems that some people have already made a similar suggestion to wealthy British author, J.K. Rowling. Perhaps it will be revealed that J.K. stands for, Just Kidding.

****According to Matthew Deagle:

“Billy called him a ‘Katastrophenmensch’, which is incorrectly translated as ‘catastrophic human being’. It means something more like ‘fire and brimstone preacher’ or ‘wannabe action hero’.”

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  1. Still did not get any link to any specific document that would provide definite proof on any detailed predictions that came true. The reply you provided below is a cop-out, as I asked for a reputable independent source such as newspaper, magazine, web page, that is not related to an individual or entity pushing the Billy Meirer story.

    Anytime someone tries to avoid or divert from a simple, direct question it raises a big red flag. This is what I see going on here so once again, if you have it, provide the evidence I am asking for or admit this all a hoax. I’m betting I will not get the evidence I am requesting as it does not exist.

    “The “some texts” you refer to are in actual books (covers and copyright pages are shown) that firmly establish publication dates (which were always even a bit later in book form because of the realities of book publishing, as opposed to digital formats).”

    1. Why did someone add the last paragraph below to my last post? If this is a reply by some unknown individual it once again is avoiding my request for some definitive proof.

      “The “some texts” you refer to are in actual books (covers and copyright pages are shown) that firmly establish publication dates (which were always even a bit later in book form because of the realities of book publishing, as opposed to digital formats).”

      1. Mike,

        I just sent you the actual email as received with your comment, unaltered, unedited, etc.

        It shows that, for whatever reason, you included that paragraph with quotes. My guess is that you copied it to refer to it but forgot to delete it when you sent the email.

        I’m glad you’re enthusiastic and interested but I don’t alter people’s comments UNLESS I put a note into the comment saying “NOTE:… MH”

        1. Yes, you are correct on that one so I will admit my error. However, I have not seen any independent, third party evidence I requested that can verify any specific and detailed predictions in regards to the Billy Meier’s case. I am not asking for references to UFO photos, videos, etc. just to the predictions.

          So far, the responses I am getting are no different than the type and tactics used by Christian fundamentalists who believe they also have overwhelming evidence on their side to prove the Jesus Christ story. And let’s face it. There are a lot more of them than you that think they have the proof and any non-believer just needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

          They have been able to buy into an perpetrate an elaborate 2000 plus year old hoax so it’s already been proven humans are very susceptible and quite fallible in what they believe. I am only looking for one hard piece of evidence using prior predictions to change my opinion. It either exists or it doesn’t and diverting me to look at something other that what I want is not going to work.

          So, one last time. Is there a verifiable newpaper, magazine, web page that lists a detailed prediction that came true or not? There should be but if you can not supply me with a reference than this is the end of the road.

          1. With all due respect Mike, it seems that you actually haven’t bothered to research the information provided to you, nor did you respond to one specific example of corroborated information. Since you’ve mentioned religion, allow me to point out that this is precisely how…religious people often attempt to deal with the Meier material. It’s as if the best evidence is equal to…no evidence at all.

            Let’s return to one specific example, since it was noteworthy enough that skeptics sequestered themselves in the Marriott Library at the University of Utah for several days trying to debunk it.

            You’ll also note that they used these scientific databases:

            JSTOR (Science journal)
            LexisNexis Academic (major newspapers and magazines)
            ProQuest (New York Times Historical archive)
            EBSCO (others)

            You’ll also note that they researched documents such as:

            Aviation Week, 12 March 1979 [AW1]
            New York Times, 1 April 1979 [NYT11]
            New York Times, 12 July 1979 [NYT12]
            New York Times, 31 July 1979 [NYT13]
            Science, 23 November 1979 [Sci3]

            Now, if you understand that copyrights are the internationally recognized LEGAL standard for proof of first/prior publication, and you do your homework, you’ll be (repeatedly) confronted with what constitutes proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Meier has established that he was the first person to publish specific, prophetically accurate information, such as in this example and about 200 other examples.

            I am unable to hold people’s hands through every example, which is why I have this link:


            …with over 100 specific examples.

            But, since you seem to have extraordinary difficulty in grasping just how this works, I’ll include a couple more, randomly chosen from that page:

            Official Contact Report 215, Saturday, February 28, 1987

            Quetzal: …Unlike today’s sloths that live in trees and that are very slow and ponderous, the Megatherium was too immense and too heavy to be able to climb trees, like also the giant rodent that was the size of a modern cow, which lived 6 to 10 million years ago…


            Buffalo-sized guinea pig revealed, September, 2003

            “The full magnitude of the world’s largest ever rodent has been revealed- the now-extinct monster was the size of a cow. The creature weighed in at 700 kilograms and lived 8 million years ago, roaming the lush banks of the ancient Orinoco delta in northwestern Venezuela.”

            Now you should notice a couple of interesting items but I’ll point them out for you anyway:

            Meier published that the largest rodent that ever lived existed 6 to 10 million years ago. He said that it was the size of a cow.

            New Scientist said that it lived 8 million years ago. They also said it was the size of a…cow. Kinda like the exact same word/creature used to describe the rodent that Meier used.

            Of course Meier published it 16 years BEFORE our scientists. I think you would consider New Science to be a “third party”, right?

            Now let’s give you another one, which is also interesting because it deals with a phenomenon that Meier personally observed, thanks to the Plejaren:

            Official Contact Report 219, Tuesday, June 16, 1987

            Billy: And how does it stand with the storms on Mars; will these also be investigated then, and will it also be discovered that there are something like flashes of lightning up there? And since we’re already at it: through the powerful flashes of lightning on the good old Earth, which shoot vertically into the air at around 100 kilometers per second, radio waves arise with such high frequencies that through these, the very sparsely settled air molecules are brought to radiating illumination. Is this a specific feature that only appears on Earth, or does this phenomenon also occur on other planets?

            Quetzal: This likewise applies to other worlds, both those that are of the same nature as the Earth and those that are of a different nature.


            First direct evidence of lightning on Mars detected, June 17, 2009

            “In 2006, using theoretical modeling, laboratory experiments and field studies on Earth, a group of planetary scientists suggested that there was no direct evidence that lightning occurred on Mars. This new research refutes those findings…For the first time, direct evidence of lightning has been detected on Mars, say University of Michigan researchers who found signs of electrical discharges during dust storms on the Red Planet.”

            You’ll find the independent scientific corroboration at this – “third party” – site:


            And you’ll notice that in this instance, Meier scooped our scientists by…22 years.

            You may also want to read – and understand – this:

            Official Contact Report 150, Saturday, October 10, 1981

            Billy: …But say again, you told me at that time, during my great journey, about a serious illness that should be revealed in connection with space flight. You then said something about the fact that the people of the Earth would, very soon through their space flight experiments, find out that they could not pursue this primitive kind of space flight that is pursued by them without taking severe damage. If I remember correctly, you then told me that through this primitive earthly kind of space flight, the danger of an incurable illness exists for the would-be astronauts and that all those who had flown in space capsules over the Earth’s ozone layer were already infected. You then explained that something will happen with the brains of these people.

            Quetzal: …Radiations, vibrations, and the like, unprotected missiles and similar protective suits, as well as the weightlessness of interstellar space lead to health damages in the brain and in the bones of humans and many other life forms..The first reaction of severe brain injury that I mentioned, for example, leads to barely detectable brain swelling in very slight cases, which will, after some time, lead to thought and action uncertainty and then inevitably result in reaction loss, such as, for example, the sudden loss of control of a vehicle or aircraft or the appearance of total errors against all reason. However, if a human or any other life form lingers for a very long time, such as many months or years, unprotected in weightlessness in space, then the initially developing brain swelling of an inflamed form will suddenly develop in reverse sequence, by which brain atrophy then develops, as with weak-thinking and elderly people. Even the brain substance itself suffers a loss; thus, the entire brain mass passes through this phenomenon of a pathological nature. The illness originating from these factors ignites the brain substances and the brain organs themselves, after which a new, short-termed illness factor arises, which expresses itself as a decrease of brain activity, through a kind of cerebral palsy substance, which then leads to the general shrinkage of total brain mass, which can no longer be stopped by human and medical and other similar means. If the person lingers long enough unprotected and weightlessly in space, then the brain contraction ultimately leads to the point where the person loses absolute control over himself, his thinking, and actions and life. The ultimate end, then, is insanity and death.


            Houston, We Have Another Problem, December, 2012

            “As if space travel was not already filled with enough dangers, a new study out today in the journal PLOS ONE shows that cosmic radiation – which would bombard astronauts on deep space missions to places like Mars – could accelerate the onset of Alzheimer’s disease…The study out today for the first time examines the potential impact of space radiation on neurodegeneration, in particular, the biological processes in the brain that contribute to the development of Alzheimer’s disease.”

            …where Meier beat our scientists by 31 years, as reported by another “third party”.

            One of the more recent corroborations is here:


            …and there are many, many more.

            So, it’s not that you “have not seen any independent, third party evidence I requested that can verify any specific and detailed predictions in regards to the Billy Meier’s case.” It’s that so far you’ve simply failed to recognize it or, very likely, didn’t take the time to look at it, click on all the links and references, etc. As I suggested, you may have your own religious preconceptions, conditioning, etc., that prevent you from perceiving the rather large body of factual, prophetically accurate information. If you can get past that, it should be quite an eye-opening experience.

            And allow me to say that all of that information was put together by other people and me over about 30 years of research.

          2. P.S. This is one of the most blatant, obvious, clearest, specific examples:


            I think the Pentagon also qualifies as a “third party” and the following is another spectacular example of very SPECIFIC information being corroborated many years after Meier first published it:


            There really are so many examples…

          3. I’ve read your replies to my last post and again you did not supply valid proof of what I requested.

            You can rant all day how obvious and overwhelming the proof is but it’s just not there. Once anyone gets a total picture it becomes clear this is just one giant hoax and I’ll admit, a good one at that.

            Unfortunately, there are too many breaks in the dam, from UFO photos and videos that have been easily duplicated, the bogus space gun, photos supposedly aboard a space craft going back in time, female ET photos taken from a TV show off a TV screen, the completely nonsensical story of Jmmanuel, and the list goes on and on. If anyone just focuses on this stuff, they could not help but realize this is a complete hoax. But keep on spewing how the evidence proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that all this is the truth and nothing but the truth. I for one and not buying one second of it.

            I will end by saying I am leaving this site no more informed than when I entered, other than being convinced there is nothing here worth viewing. It’s a good story, one nearly equaling the bogus stuff you will find in the bible but with a more modern twist to it and aliens instead of gods.

            I am also not sure whether you are just naïve and totally delusional or know the real story and are going along for the ride making a few bucks during the journey. In either case, I’ve seen enough and will get back to reality and investigate those things that seem stranger than fiction that might actually be true. Over and out.

            1. If, in the service of the truth and as a generous parting gesture, you do want to provide credible evidence of a “hoax”, if you want to show how these scientific experts ( and many others were fooled by a man without technological, financial or collaborative resources, how all of this singularly spectacular – and still irreproducible – physical and informational evidence was created, etc., please do so.

              I will say that, over the years, we’ve been visited by more than a few people who, like you, were absolutely unable to reconcile their own beliefs with the solidly irrefutable, contradictory evidence. Characteristically, they like you failed to address specifics with specifics and resorted instead to broad brush dismissals. If one reflects on that for a moment, it becomes obvious as to why this particular phase of the mission itself has already spanned over 75 years, as the majority of the inhabitants of the Earth are terminally stubborn, arrogant, fearful and in denial of the truth.

              And it’s also why the prophecies most likely will continue to ceaselessly fulfill, brought about by the accumulated suicidally foolish thinking, feelings and actions of human beings over the many preceding centuries…in accordance with the law of cause and effect.

              I’m sure we all wish you well.

              ka – ขอ – ให้ – คุณ – โชค – ดี ครับ / ค่ะ

    2. How Real Life Works

      Hi Mike,

      I appreciate that you want to find the truth about the Meier case. However, while there is an abundance of ironclad evidence in the case, real life doesn’t always conform to the demands that people arbitrarily decide for themselves are the actual criteria by which things are to be judged.

      I’m sure, if you give it a moment’s reflection, you’ll understand that when supporters of the Meier case cite various independent sources that authenticate, validate and/or corroborate the case it’s absolutely legitimate to do so. Unfortunately, your attempt to dismiss or rule out such citations shows a prejudicial state of mind and implies that those who recognize the authenticity of the case actually SHOULDN’T cite any and all other credible substantiating information about it!

      I provided you with a copy of a report in a credible newspaper that, at the very least, corroborates the existence, in 1964, not only of Meier’s UFO photos from India and the cross-in-the-sky photo but also establishes that Meier’s information about this period of time, his actual resources, etc., are as he stated they were.

      Further, if you trouble yourself to watch The Silent Revolution of Truth (, you’ll find that one of the main eyewitnesses at the time – now a retired ambassador to the UN – corroborates his story AND is assessed as being truthful by an independent expert we brought in to evaluate her and Meier…without him knowing what either was actually saying.

      You do appear to be not only selective in what you’ll accept as evidence but determined to ignore the abundance of long substantiated, corroborated and authenticated evidence in the case. By doing so, you effectively turn Meier not into a “hoaxer” but a…superman, something he isn’t.

      Perhaps you are relatively new to the case, as some others here are also. However, among independent investigators there’s well over…100 years of research and investigation. Not a one has found ANY evidence of a hoax. So I’ll respond to your requests in “installments”, inviting others to do so as well. And I’ll invite you to credibly address something that has great validity in investigating a situation, a crime, i.e. means, motive and opportunity (MMO).

      Since you want specifics, as well you should, I require that you provide the same should you be asserting a conclusion that the case is some kind of a hoax, rather than merely saying you don’t accept the evidence and conclusions drawn from it. For instance, here is the link to the 74-page analysis of the WCUFO:

      Now I don’t know if you’re one of the younger generation who is quite familiar with all of today’s technology, or perhaps someone older. But since you’ve taken a firm position that there’s a hoax involved, one of my demands of you will be to explain how the WCUFO photos, taken with a 35mm film camera, were “hoaxed” when this independent analysis shows otherwise. I’ll point out that the expertise of the person who did the analysis is…irrelevant. That’s because they provided all the information about the protocols and technologies that were used, which means that – in accordance with the scientific method – you can perform the same analysis and tests that they did. And while you’re doing that you can perhaps figure out exactly how Meier, superman that he must be, figured out how to conceal all of the environment in this photo:

      …so that it would only become visible when 21st century technology, which hadn’t yet been invented in 1981, would be used. As I’m found of pointing out, a 10-year-old child can do this test on their computer using PhotoShop.

      Now, while you prepare yourself to perform those analyses, which you’re surely obligated to do since you’re disparaging the character, integrity and honesty of the man who took these photos, as well as 1,200 other clear, still irreproducible UFO photos, films and video, here are some answers to your question in the form of information previously published by Meier and subsequently corroborated by our scientists…as published in those reputable publications you refer to:

      Comet Swift-Tuttle, dinosaur-killer asteroid, Toutatis asteroid & other: Existentes Leben im Universum (pages 180-183, 1978/1993)

      Billy: …a comet with the name “Swift Tuttle” …should come into a collision course with Earth during the years 2125-2128 and threaten the Earth during this time period. The exact year and month for this event unfortunately have not been mentioned by the Plejaren, yet these figures might be calculated quite well by Earth scientists when they, as predicted, will discover the comets at the start of the 90s.

      The first comet of this system was several times larger in diameter measuring 11,300 meters, as declared by the Plejarans. It follows that around 66 million years ago, the giant entered into the direct orbit of Earth and plunged down into it, specifically in the still young and shallow Atlantic. The impact tore a crater around 200 kilometers in diameter and about 1,500 meters deep in the ocean floor …reason the dinosaurs died out on the Earth… The planetary temperature rise and subsequent temperature plunge was not the only aftermath of this catastrophe. The masses of steam and the dust and soot particles, which circulated in the atmosphere, grossly reduced the solar radiation and effected a global, incessant night and darkness lasting 342 years. These spoken of events were the reason the dinosaurs died out on the Earth as well as all animal life that weighed more than 36 Kilos (75 lbs.).

      It..might enter into the Earth’s region around the month of September, 2004, whereby a definite threat will be present that must be taken seriously, because, as the Plejaren state, the likelihood of a collision course exists… the end of the 80s or in the beginning of the 90s, it should become discovered, after which it will receive the name of “Toutatis” by Earth people, in all probability, as the Plejaren state.


      Extraterrestrial Cause for the Cretaceous-Tertiary Extinction, 1980

      “Four different independent estimates of the diameter of the asteroid give values that lie in the range 10 ± 4 kilometers. Grieve also estimates that the diameter of the crater formed by the impact of a 10-km asteroid would be about 200 km.”

      Dinosaur-Killer asteroid may have hit near Mexico, 1990

      “Scientists think they found the smoking gun to show that asteroids wiped out the dinosaurs: a 110-mile wide crater (~177 kms) in Mexico possibly gouged by a mountain-size rock smashing to Earth.”

      Collision in year 2126, October, 1992

      “It’s a snowball’s chance, but a newly sighted comet named Swift-Tuttle could collide with Earth on August 14, 2126, according to a circular issued by the International Astronomical Union (IAU).”

      Radar photos provide look at near-Earth asteroid, 1993

      “The radar pictures show Toutatis comprises two big chunks of rock, probably held in contact by gravity..It’s the most irregularly shaped object we’ve yet seen in the solar system.”

      Dark days doomed dinosaurs, say Purdue scientists, 2004

      “This is the first time anyone has found a fossil record indicating the Earth cooled significantly at that time… It is likely that the object that struck the Earth hurled huge quantities of sulfate aerosols high into the atmosphere, which darkened and cooled the planet’s surface for several years afterward.”

      A Theory Set in Stone: An Asteroid Killed the Dinosaurs, After All, 2010

      “Other possible causes, such as volcanism and smaller, multiple asteroid strikes, never actually went away, and over the years researchers raised important points that did not fully jibe with a history-changing celestial impact near the Yucatan peninsula one awful day some 65.5 million years ago. A group of 41 researchers have pored over the evidence and decided that—in accordance with the original postulate put forth 30 years ago by a team led by father and son researchers Luis and Walter Alvarez—it was, indeed, a massive asteroid that slammed into Earth, creating Chicxulub Crater on Mexico’s Gulf Coast, that killed off many of the species on the planet, including the non-avian dinosaurs. …The final crater that formed after the initial impact was about 180 kilometers across and 2 kilometers deep…”

      Asteroid 4179 Toutatis

      “Asteroid 4179 Toutatis (formerly 1989 AC) was discovered by C. Pollas on January 4, 1989, at Caussols, France…The September 29, 2004, approach is the closest in this century of any known asteroid at least as large as Toutatis.”

      Official Contact Report 213, Tuesday, December 2, 1986

      Quetzal: “It will be in the years after 1995, when Switzerland will be confronted with old events of World War II, which will then also carry into the third millennium. A security guard by the name of Christoph Meili will find old data papers in a bank, which will be destined for the shredder and which will show account details of the Jewish people from the last World War. The security guard will steal these papers…will flee to America….Swiss government and banks…will be attacked several times for financial reasons of lawyers, especially by a lawyer Fagan of American origin, who will be out for money and fame”


      Christoph Meili (

      Official Contact Report 69, Friday, December 10, 1976

      Billy: …how does such a galaxial center form itself? Such a central sun, I mean, from which a galaxy is generated.

      Semjase: This is very easy, namely by unmeasurable lots of accumulations of the driving everywhere in the universe gas-atoms, which grow to heaps, alternate and change themselves, and this way heat one another in the run of time and condense, and finally be propelled by the heat to the coldness of space,where they begin to rotate and condense still more.

      Official Contact Report 218, Saturday, May 30, 1987

      Quetzal: …In every galaxy, a black hole exists at its center …this compressed matter, of course, also generates a powerful gravitational field, by which tremendous masses of matter are attracted and drawn into the “black hole,” i.e. into the compression-body, by what means this slowly but steadily grows and becomes larger. This growing, of course, also means that the gravitational field continues to become stronger and further-reaching. In your galaxy, which you call the Milky Way, the gravitational field extends far beyond 100,000 light-years in diameter. From this, it can also be recognized that a galaxy first emerges from an existing “black hole”. Through its gravitational field, it draws, i.e. tears, very far-off nebulae, gases, dust particles, suns, and planets, as well as meteors, comets, and asteroids, etc. into its spell, and then, everything within many light-years of distance begins to rotate around this “black hole,” from which a galaxy is ultimately formed, whose entire mass rotates at tremendous speed – in a bar-shaped, spiral-shaped, or any other form – around the center, even around the “black hole”..

      Official Contact Report 236, Thursday, April 26, 1990

      Billy: …black holes draw in all kinds of matter that are attainable for them, along with tremendous amounts of information. Nevertheless, all the matter and information can’t be completely imprisoned in a black hole but will be partially ejected again, from which new stars, etc. then develop. And if I remember correctly, black holes eventually explode again, from which then – through the tremendous forces, energies, and masses of matter – new galaxies originate. You also said, when I asked about it once, that other dimensions couldn’t be penetrated and time traveling couldn’t be carried out through black holes. Is this right as such?

      Ptaah: Yes, your explanation is correct.


      Black Holes found at the center of all galaxies, July, 1987

      “The discoveries, based on observations from the 200-inch telescope at the Palomar Observatory in California and on complex computer calculations, strongly suggest that such supermassive black holes collapsed stars may be ubiquitous, forming the hearts of virtually all galaxies.”

      Black holes may not be so rare, 1997

      “An international team of astronomers that conducted the black hole search said the findings suggest these results: Supermassive black holes are common, dwelling in the center of nearly every large galaxy, including the Milky Way. The mass of a black hole is proportional to the host galaxy. The larger the galaxy, the more massive black hole.”

      Good News From Big Bad Black Holes, January, 2005

      “Astronomers have discovered how ominous black holes can create life in the form of new stars, proving that jet-induced star formation may have played an important role in the formation of galaxies in the early universe.”

      Black holes grew up before galaxies, January, 2009

      “Four galaxies in the early universe have been found that violate a previously observed relationship between the mass of a galaxy and that of the colossal black hole at its centre. The find suggests that supermassive black holes may have matured long before the galaxies that surround them instead of growing in lockstep with each other.”

      Black Hole Caught Zapping Galaxy Into Existence?, November, 2009

      “Which come first, the supermassive black holes that frantically devour matter or the enormous galaxies where they reside? A brand new scenario has emerged from a recent set of outstanding observations of a black hole without a home: black holes may be “building” their own host galaxy. This could be the long-sought missing link to understanding why the masses of black holes are larger in galaxies that contain more stars.”

      Hole’s on First?: New Evidence Shows Black Hole Growth Preceding Galactic Formation, 2011

      “The co-evolution of black holes, almost unfathomable in their bulk, and the even more massive galaxies that host them remains poorly understood—a kind of chicken-and-egg problem on mammoth scales. Do black holes, such as the lunker in our own Milky Way Galaxy, which contains the mass of four million suns (that’s about eight undecillion, or 8 x 10^36 kilograms), drive the evolution of galaxies around them; or do galaxies naturally nurture the gravitational gobblers at their centers; or perhaps do they come into being together, as a matched pair? A serendipitous discovery in a relatively close-by dwarf galaxy may help answer that question.”

      Regarding Apophis and NASA:

      There are tons more at:

      …and throughout this blog.

      I do think you’ll have to upgrade your researching skills if you’re going to actually determine the truth of the matter. For instance, there are over 125 eyewitnesses (of which I am also one). And there are five other photographers as well. Of course there were also 236 radar sightings of UFOs in the area that Meier lives (

      You’ll have to also answer just how Meier preempted NASA/JPL on the most important discovery of the Voyager mission (, as well as on the information pertaining to Venus, Mercury (, etc. Pertaining to the Jupiter information, you’ll notice that the skeptics indeed did cite numerous independent publications to show that the information Meier published actually PRECEDED ALL OF THEM. Do try to grasp this, as it already answered your challenge.

      As a refresher, here are a few of the corroborated items from that information:

      Official Contact Report 115, Thursday, October 19, 1978

      Billy: …you also told me that the moon, which I designated as an enormous chicken egg, is only about 200 kilometers in length. I think it was the next moon of Jupiter, whose name I no longer remember..

      Semjase: …The moon, which you’ve just mentioned, is called “Amalthea” among you. The moon Io, of which you said something, is, by the way, the most volcanically active planetary body in the solar system.

      Billy: …If I am right, you explained that the volcanic eruptions there occurred by elemental power and resembled enormous explosions that hurl out their ejection material like atomic bomb mushrooms, whereby some would reach heights of up to 180 kilometers..In addition, you said that the greatest part of all ejection material falls back to the moon, as I already mentioned just now. The rest, so you explained, becomes pushed out into space, where a portion is then attracted by Jupiter and very slowly condenses itself in its ring system into a heavy formation of sulfur ions.


      Ring around Jupiter super-hot, electrified, March 3, 1979

      “The Voyager 1 spacecraft, a continuing source of surprises as it speeds toward Jupiter, has startled scientists again by revealing that the enormous planet is ringed by super-hot electrified sulfur particles.”

      Voyager passes Jupiter, March 3, 1979

      “Voyager 1 snapped the first closeup picture of the tiny Jupiter satellite Amalthea Sunday and sped toward its morning rendezvous today with the giant planet and a tour of its four biggest moons. Amalthea, previously estimated to be 75 to 150 miles in diameter, appeared to be shaped more like and egg than a sphere.”

      Volcanic Explosion on Io, March 4, 1979

      “One of the most surprising discoveries of the Voyager 1 mission were the violent volcanoes of Jupiter’s moon Io. ‘This was really beyond our imagination,’ recalls Dr. Ed Stone, Voyager project scientist. It was the first time active volcanoes had been seen on another body in the solar system.”

      When people only make demands and are completely unresponsive to the information provided, then it’s a clear sign that they have strong preconceptions and, whatever their reasoning capacities may actually be, they have some kind of a vested interest in ignoring the facts.

      So, while I’m glad to do my my best to provide you with the information, evidence, etc., to evaluate in order to make your own determination, I also require the utmost in…self-honesty if I’m to voluntarily do so and to voluntarily point out everything that has, so far, been sufficient for people who have troubled themselves to delve into this abundant and freely available information using critical thinking and logic to determine the truth.

      P.S. Should object to any of the specified items above, or any at the page referred to, please point out your specific objections and, if you claim that Meier didn’t really publish it, etc., provide actual evidence to support…you claims.

      1. MH, I don’t waste my time with unintelligent people that cannot do simple research that only needs logic. They are sheep imo.

        1. Well Ian, we all learned about the case at some point and certainly many people had their doubts, questions, etc.

          If someone’s sincere in wanting to ferret out the truth, then I’ll do what I can to assist. In the case of my responses to Mike, I’ve given him links to where all sorts of research results can be found, as well as checked and confirmed through his own efforts. Like most people here, he probably doesn’t have a lot of experience in throughly researching such a complex and detailed body of information.

          At a certain point, intelligent people realize that not only is the content in this case vast, diverse, accurate, etc., etc., it boggles the mind to even try to conceive of how to “hoax” something like this, especially when all of the known circumstances of Meier’s life, his resources, the eyewitnesses, the other photographers, etc., also support its authenticity and genuineness.

          It’s also mainly religious people, people who have very strong beliefs and preconceptions, etc., who get all tripped up with this.

          1. Considering that I have a hard time finding my own ass with both hands at times, I consider it no small miracle that I managed to find the strangest tipping point when I first started investigating Billy’s story. Michael, I completely agree with your understanding of how people brought up in a religious household may have a difficult time separating themselves from their preconceived “beliefs” in order to grasp the nature of this case. While on one hand it is incredibly simplistic, on the other it is quite amazingly complicated at the same time. While I was reading every contact report I could, sometimes a dozen times I would revisit them simply to be as certain as I could be that I understood what I was reading. Some of the information was far beyond my ability to fully understand, such as the way that Billy determined mathematical equations, but other things were seemingly very benign. It was one of those seemingly benign conversations that was the tipping point for me. I do not have the contact report number on hand, but I seem to recall this conversation took place between Quetzal and Billy in 1987. Billy was having a hard time with money to publish some of his written work when Quetzal offered to show Billy where he could find a very old golden cauldron that was used by the Celts to offer blood sacrifice to their “god of the weather” on their alter on the shores of Lake Chiemsee in Bavaria. The conversation was very descriptive regarding the location, and description of the ornate object. I simply performed a search through the archives of news stories in Der Spiegel magazine and found an article called “The Mystery of the Nazi Holy Grail”, and behold, the article explained who found, where it was found, and what they described that was found to be as close as an exact match for what details Quetzal gave to Billy, right down to the ornate inscriptions on the object. The article was published April 23rd 2007, I had found this contact report and story in Der Spiegel in August of that same year, although the artifact was found in 2001. While I’m certain everyone who has accepted Billy’s story as truth came to that point through different revelations, It was this innocuous conversation about funding that put me over the top as far as understanding how this one man has the answers that I had been hoping to find since my fourth grade teacher read “Chariots of the Gods” to our class during lunch time back in 1973. I don’t know if this will help Mike, but I certainly know he is truly on the precipice of opening the door that will change his life forever.

      2. Michael,

        You’ve really done a solid work in trying to open his eyes and that is commendable, yet once more, you can only show the door. It’s completely up to them to walk through it. The amount of information and accuracy on Meier’s case is staggering, and to be blunt, it doesn’t even take that much thought or deep critical thinking to see this case is very serious and very, very real.

        Religious-minded people tend to think that only Christianity etc. means religious thoughts, while it is equally viable to Atheism as well. Perhaps he will find the answers *he’s specifically looking for* or he might find the truth. That’s honestly up to him.

        Gives more weight to Semjase’s words that were about true peace throughout the world can only be attained through individual realizations within of truth.

      3. Michael:

        Whew! You blew my mind with all this information to check. You must really have a lot of patience. As I am reading all the posts on this blog, I am noticing that there is nothinig from Mike since you have written it. Interesting, but after the time and effort you put into responding to him – nothing. Well maybe he is busy somewhere researching all of this. I hope so for his sake. Kind of like the old saying ‘you can lead a horse to water, but can’t make it drink’. You really tried.


      4. Omg Michael, he really pushed you’re buttons there my man, I respect the efforts that you make but I have learnt that if you pressure individuals into it, like the British for example, they pushed the world into civilisation they are still even to this day not ready for, done them no favours, it leads to trouble, but we have good company in billy meiers at least who is a good friend indeed in need and we will try to do our thing until our bodies pack up.

          1. I mean no disrespect at all I fully support you, I put that out there immediately. Buttons, I mean only that you are passionate and that is a good thing. It is a very complicated elaborate truth that billy meier speaks, and you Michael have been successful in understanding and estimating it correctly, so if someone anyone were to weave their way into its complexity and speak about it wrong you are right with them there and can see their shortcoming. I must admit my buttons are pushed too when individuals limit their scope and become adamant they have discovered something when they have only conveniently limited themselves. You do well Michael I would shake your hand if we met.

            1. I took no offense, Pradesh, I didn’t understand what you meant.If you think that I may have understood Meier correctly, then that means that you feel that you have also. Of course I have found that my understanding changes and grows more and more with my continued study.

    3. Many many years ago I read about Ebola Virus in the Contact reports …. and I didn’t believe it first but years later I read the news that a new virus has arrived and its named as “Ebola Virus ” ….. That blew me away …. and from then on I started believing in BM’s Contact reports and took it seriously …..

      Your ego is making you childish Mike…..

      Watch the movie ” sixth sense ” completely then only you can tell how good is the movie …. If you watch it in bits and pieces …. Then no wonder you won’t find anything extraordinary ….

      Read the Contact Reports completely then you will see everything were already told and also you will be amazed to see the events happening right in front of you which you have read in the contact reports …..

      1. I’m honestly confused about the Muslim Brotherhood. On the one hand, they are religious conservatives/fundamentalists who have been linked to nefarious activities, but on the other hand, like the article says, perhaps going after them will result in blow-back by creating more terrorists than it prevents. As for the Guantanamo Bay article, I’m adamant in my view that it needs to be shut down and serves only to undermine any moral authority the US thinks it might possess. The torture stories emanating from there are horrific and contrary to human rights.

  2. Guantanamo Bay is still active. Trump wants to keep it that way. Here’s a good article about the pitfalls of this view:

    “Today, 41 detainees remain at Guantanamo. Ten are scheduled to go on trial in military commissions, including the self-proclaimed mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. The rest are being held without charge. President Trump has vowed to stop releases.”

        1. Just because someone that was tortured might take revenge for being tortured, doesn’t give you the right to keep torturing them.

          1. Matthew, I’m not the one torturing them. You might want to take that up with those that are though. Just showing you the likely outcome of what You Want because no one likes to look at the results of what all those years of torture can do to a person, thinking that somehow they can come out of it normalized.

          2. Sheila, I apologize if you thought I meant “you” as in “you personally”. And yes, you stated the point I was originally trying to make: the effect (revenge, increased terrorism) of the cause (the original torture), is called blow-back…therefore, shut down Guantanamo, give fair trials to the detainees and place those found guilty in legal prisons on US soil.

  3. MH If Trump insist on keeping Guantanamo Bay going then I wonder if there will be more blowback from that too as well as the Muslim Brotherhood? I think there will be even more protest on keeping Guantanamo Bay open but then what will happen if and when Trump decides to do something about ISIS jihadist being put into Guantanamo Bay,wont that spark WW4 etc?

  4. Sheila, I don`t see how anyone can come out normalized afer all those years at Guantanamo. If anything they will come out so screwed up,messed up and even more determined to kill even more so and Trump thinks waterboarding is fine! Hiow can anybody in there own right sane mind think waterboarding is normal? You tell me!

  5. Mike wasn’t the first and he likely won’t be the last person to claim a photograph of a television set is how the picture of Asket was made. Maybe I just don’t know how to use a 35MM film camera, but I took photography classes in high school and took many screen shots at a t.v. and could never get those shots to look anything like a real photo of a person or object. So I guess I would like to see evidence that this can actually be done.

    1. Mike simply doesn’t understand…a lot of things. You’re correct, as also pointed out here:

      Of course the silly skeptics don’t do any homework, or logical thinking. Have they actually determined that Meier had such a TV at the time, that the Dean Martin show was broadcast (in English to the German speaking audience) at that time, verifiably available to Meier, who would have to position himself very precisely to even attempt to take such a photo. So the missing dots form the cathode ray tube are not the only things that are missing, along with sufficient reasoning skills on the part of the skeptics.

      As also stated in the article:

      “Meier already back in 1976 states in his contact notes that his space-trip photos can’t be trusted! In the contact notes of the 68th contact on November 12, 1976 it is mentioned that space-trip pictures have been severely tampered with, and substitutions made in some cases and the photos not returned in other cases, during the photo processing.

      Another important point they fail to mention is the fact that it is mentioned in contact #39 in 1975 that Asket and Nera had doubles, or look-likes, in America.”

      And of course the photos don’t even match. But hey, if people freak out when presented with such information and evidence, they’re clearly not ready for the truth and most likely must cling to some belief system or another in order to not be overwhelmed, hence 75 years of patience from the Plejaren and Meier.

    2. My 2-cents. Here’s what we know:

      > Meier’s explanation is that most if not all space trip photos were hijacked by the MiB.
      > This explanation is supported by the original investigation. Wendelle Stevens verified external tampering of Meier’s film rolls.

      1) From UFO Contact From The Pleiades: A Preliminary Investigation Report:

      “We checked the exposed film through its processing routing stages and verified the processing logs, which showed that every roll of film received from Meier and his friends was developed and returned, mostly by mail. We were told, and witnesses supported this, that much of the exposed film, over 30% of it, never came back from processing. Our investigation showed that the disappearance must have taken place in the mail system— an unusually high loss rate for any public service, which in itself raises many questions.”

      2) From “LETTER FROM A SECURITY AGENT”, UFO Contact From The Pleiades:

      “In the other book on Billy there was a big deal about the films, and having them tested. In one specific incident the film tested was believed to be a copy, and not the original negative as Billy thought. Sorry about that. The way we got copies of Billy’s pictures was by paying off the man who handled the film processing for Billy. The man simply ordered a second set of pictures for us, and a second copy of the negatives, at an attractive profit, and the man often had copies made for himself. In a couple of cases we took the original copy of the negative, for the type of lab checks that you wanted to make.

      We also sent some garbage film through to the same processing company by the same store, under Billy’s name, to keep the boys doing the film processing honest. We did establish that there was a little hankey pankey going on at the processing plant, and/or in the mail some place. Someone else was getting off with the first copy of the negatives most of the time. Several times, according to the experts, our copy of the negative would be about the fifth one.

      All intelligence communities are well aware that vast volumes of bull shit comes and goes in the UFO contactee game, as part of turf (dekke) but pictures make strong evidence, which is almost impossible to fake. Because pictures are the quickest way to find who in fact is telling the truth, they often get stolen. Or, why screw around with the bullshit, when the proof is in the film. The Intelligence gathering people are also aware of how to intercept mail, and bribe (bestikke) store owners. When the bribe was set up we did not know how agreeable Billy was going to be about passing out samples.”

      > All Meier’s space trip photos are blurry. Considerably more blurry than his hundreds of pristine UFO images. This is significant for at least two reasons:

      1) It introduces a critical question: Why would Meier deliberately supply images that can eventually be uncovered while providing irreproducible UFO evidence?
      2) Blurry images are more difficult to distinguish between the memory of photo opportunities and fakes planted to resemble original prints never seen by the photographer.

      > All people in his space trip images are unrecognizable with the exception of DellaFave(“Asket”).
      > Meier’s explanation for the resemblance between Asket and DellaFave is plausible(look-a-likes are commonplace).
      > There is evidence for two tapings of that particular Dean Martin episode. Meier’s #109, #110, #111 were taken from one of two broadcasts(U.S. & Europe, according to Golddiggers Super Site).
      > Acceptable 35mm photos taken from television sets of that era were notoriously difficult to capture.

      The most likely explanation is that Meier was deliberately set up to reveal planted images by a person or persons making a considerable effort to capture suitable images from a 1971 television broadcast.

      1. Well said Taro.

        Another painfully obvious question skeptics are unable to even formulate, less answer, is, “Which Dean Martin show could [an aspect of] Meier’s Asket & Nera photographs have reasonably come from?” as that is the skeptics’ foremost charge.

        Focusing only on those parts of Meier’s photos that look as if they came from a Dean Martin show, are there ANY frames in any specific Dean Martin show, that look like they could have been used as source material? Having identified, watched and studied the whole Dean Martin episode in question, frame-by-frame, there is NOT ONE specific frame, in any televised Dean Martin episode that could have been directly used as source image for any Meier’s Asket and Nera photos.

        Mahesh’s site and no other self-styled “skeptic” has been able to identify that source image, either – only, show resemblances. If not one single frame from the televised DM episode could have been used, where did Meier get these exclusive photos of Dean Martin and the singers from? Reasoning further, is it likely that these photos were taken during rehearsals of an episode of a Dean Martin episode? Did anyone establish if there was a photographer at the rehearsals for the show?

        The argument could be made that Meier did not know there would be repercussions from his US intelligence/media connections sending him photos, but, then, why is he not loaded and promoted worldwide by those same allies, with the clear resources to do so? If Meier knows people that can help him produce real UFO photos that can pass all tests, why, the sloppy, rushed job on the Asket and Nera photos when there was no pressing, external, need for this oversight [except if Meier is telling the truth]?

        More info here:

        1. A Dean Martin episode IS the most likely source for images #109, #110, #111. However, this is merely evidence that SOMEONE captured images from a broadcast. If in fact the MiB were involved they may very well have had the technology to glean the images directly from the broadcast signal rather than a CRT screen or had a display-monitor far superior to what was commercially available at that time. Another possibility was they recorded the broadcast and captured specific frames at their leisure. In any case, as already pointed out there are too many unresolved, critical questions to implicate Meier as guilty of hoax.

          The evidence for at least a 2nd taping of episode #170 of the Dean Martin show exists in the one currently available:

          2:51 framing closest to that of #109 and #111(L-R: Michelle DellaFave, Susan Lund, Wanda Bailey)
          3:36 framing closest to that of #110(L-R: Michelle DellaFave, Wanda Bailey)
          4:54 framing closest to that of #109(Dean Martin)
          6:58 Michelle DellaFave with a 3rd hair adjustment and seating change
          7:00 Susan Lund with hair adjustment and seating change
          7:08 Dean Martin with costume change(red sweater with white collared shirt as seen in #109), Wanda Bailey with hair behind shoulders as seen in #109, #110 and #111

          According to “The Golddiggers Super Site” the Dean Martin episode containing the “concert medley finale” was broadcast twice, Jan 28, 1971 and again on Feb 25, 1971. They provided DellaFave with the screencap she passed on to Bartholomaus:

          This screencap also shows the performers’ hair and seating matching that of Meier’s originals and was taken from a video tape of the January broadcast(the YouTube video is from the February broadcast). The January video tape is from a 3rd party and unfortunately, Golddiggers Super Site has not responded to a request from me to pass along a message to the owners for a copy. I was hoping to attempt to duplicate #109, #110 and #111 with an old CRT TV and an old school 35mm film camera. Just a note, the overlapping images in #109 match that of a crossfade seen in the Feb (YouTube) episode. I’ve duplicated this image overlap using a digital camera and an old CRT which is another reason I’m confident there were two very similar tapings of the same episode segment.

          In any case, Meier’s space trip photos, including the “Asket” photos are a dead-end when all evidence is considered objectively. It reveals more about the researcher citing it as evidence than it does about Meier himself.

          1. You People will be arguing about this still in the same format in 300 years time. It’s been specially engineered to loop, works better for learning that way.

          2. Those shows you refer to do not provide the source material to produce the chin, nose and left (our right) eye as seen in Meier’s photo. Doubt the first broadcast does either as although you could not get a copy to verify this – sense tells us that the skeptics would have found this and produced the evidence.

            No dead-end then, as inconvenient that may be to and “You People” may just figure this all out in 300 years Pradesh whilst you take time chasing others apparently chasing their tails to you.

          3. Michael Horn is a sharp knife. You can’t argue with Michael.

            The whole ‘Dean Martin’ thing and the rest of the dubious skepticisms are however a total insignificance which only serves to demonstrate the stupidity of the ‘skeptics’. They are hopeless pathological liars and should be banned rather than argued with. They will always deny, even if a beamship lands on their lawn. They are living in a fantasy.

          4. The episode in question is currently unavailable(to me, anyway). However, judging from the evidence I’ve pointed to, it IS the most probable source:

            > All three female performers’ hairstyles in the image DellaFave/Supersite supplied match what is seen in Meier’s #109, #110, #111.
            > Martin’s clothes seen in the end credits of the available episode match #109.
            > When I tested the double image in #109 using the available episode, Martin’s face overlaps Lund’s as it does in #109.
            > The stage set behind all performers in the available episode matches that of #109, #110, #111.

            Everything points to multiple tapings of the same performance with hair and costume changes. Is this really surprising, though? It’s a dead-end for those who wish to use it as reasoned proof of hoax. Even if the source images can be proven to have come from a Dean Martin episode, it does not prove Meier is responsible for them when there is clear evidence his film rolls were intercepted. Film rolls that disappear in the mail can re-appear with planted images.

            The Asket photo affair is often used as a distraction from Meier’s hundreds of clear UFO images. And there are many people who choose to look no further if the subject is not presented properly. Also, I’m not one to pretend something does not exist. As Pradesh alluded to(at least I think he did), the controversy was deliberate. I personally think this one slipped through and was unintentional. However, the debate does stimulate thinking.

            Yes, some “skeptics” are clearly pathological liars. And there are many feeble minds who accept their lies without question. I’d like to think of myself as the antidote.

  6. PUBLISHED: Feb 14, 2017:;
    (See main blog above): “France will be shaken, due to Sansculottes, who murderously and by arson destroy every order: Paris will be destroyed from within and burnt down.”

    sansculotte or sans-culotte
    1. An extreme radical republican during the French Revolution. 2. A radical or revolutionary.

    PUBLISHED: Feb 28, 2020: “Reports suggest the fire was started by a group of protesters voicing their opposition to a concert by Congolese singer Fally Ipupa. Twitter users have described seeing protesters burning scooters close to the station.

    Others on Twitter suggested demonstrators had prevented firefighters from accessing the blaze.”

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