UPDATE: It should also be pointed out that Billy Meier’s prophetic information about the now very evident alliance between Russia and China (see: Russia and China Unite…Now when and where Did We Hear that Before?) that he first published in 1976, is also to be found in the Prophetien document from 1982, referred to below.


It’s funny how something can at first not seem relevant and then produces a big “ah ha!” moment. Recently, Ruben Dari asked me if there was a book with the 1958 Letter in it. I told him that there wasn’t but that there was a book that actually had some of the same prophecies that are in the Henoch Prophecies (HP). Then I had that moment of realization that the existence of many of those same prophecies were then covered by an even earlier, verifiable copyright date than the HP which, while first written down by Billy Meier in 1987, were only officially published in German in 2002.

I have mentioned before that, in 1986, I first saw the book of prophecies that was called the Prophetien and later called  Prophecies from ‘Talmud Jmmanuel’ . As a matter of fact, I referred to this earlier version of the HP back in 2011 and I recently mentioned this document again. I recalled that the copyright date of 1981 for information pertaining to America having two future civil wars jumped out at me. I’ve often said that I laughed when first reading it because it seemed so improbable.

All of this was quite memorable because it was at Randy Winters’ home that I first saw the document, shortly after he and I had met and before we had produced The Pleiadian Connection videotape, a year or so later.

While I distincly remembered that information, I didn’t have the original book that Randy did. However, several years back I obtained a more recent version of it, with the copyright information showing 1982/1996. That would confirm the inclusion of information copyrighted in 1981. Fortunately, however, Mahesh, an independent investigator into the Meier case actually does own an original copy of the Prophetien with the 1982 copyright, as you will aslo see below, and who we want to thank for encouraging this investigation. So the ironclad date of 1981 for prior publication of of Meier’s specific, prophetic information referred to in this article is also in the hands of an indepenedent investigator, who most certainly is also aware of, and can attest to, it .

Concealment vs. Lies

Now, as many people know, both Meier and the Plejaren often withhold certain information until they feel the time is right for it to be published, or if publishing it would result in deadly attacks on Meier, etc. Theirs is a policy of concealment, as opposed to lies. This tact was used in relation to the Apollo 11 moon landing hoax which, while Meier foretold it in his 1958 Letter, wasn’t revealed in detail until after the event and also until after the controversy about the event was already in public discussion.

In the HP from 1987, Meier foretells the attack on the WTC, among other things. But this isn’t officially published until after that event, in 2002…as is the case with the Ebola epidemic. However, in the 1981 document, there are numerous things that are foretold that correlate exactly with what’s in the HP, as you will see in the excerpts below. These include information about Russia, its coming attacks on Scandinavia, America and Canada involved in a war with Russia (“Bolshevism”, “the red storm flood”, which may also ultimately include China), Paris being destroyed from within by its inhabitants, its fall to the Russians, the two coming American civil wars, etc., etc., etc.


We now have proof positive that Meier published much of the same information that was in the HP, from 1987, as early as…1981. When we take into account all of the previously done research that shows consistent, congruent, interlinking relationships between Meier’s prophetic information from 1951 to the HP, such as is discussed here, and we now add this missing piece, we can logically deduce that not only did Meier verifiably publish much of the same information effectively 21 years before the otherwise best date of 2002, but that the evidence supports the complete authenticity of the subsequent HP, including those items not previously included. Any argument against such deductions and conclusions must of necessity – provide substantiated evidence to the contrary, not theories, as well show where there is any evidence of Meier’s falsifaction of any information, etc. (Attacks that are meant to essentially question, or destroy, Meier’s reputation must be thoroughly substantiated with credible, verifable, documented information.)

This means that such world-changing events as the WTC attack were indeed known to Meier years before they occurred. Cerrtainly the overall implications – for those who have the capacity to reason – should be very clear. This one man has correctly and truthfully been warning humanity, for decades, of the very specific events, the results, consequences that will befall us should we not liberate ourselves from our self-induced ignorance and arrogance, from the mind-enslaving religions, from dead-end political charades and maniupulations – from the deliberate disinformation of the UFOCI – and certainly begin to understand that the immutable law of cause and effect is just that, immutable. 

The Spiritual Teaching

Nonetheless, while cause and effect is an immutable law, the spiritual teaching, especially the Might of the Thoughts, gives us clear, detailed guidance as to how how to think, how to correct our thinking, our thoughts, feelings and the actions that they lead to. The prophecies and predictions, ironclad in their authenticity and accuracy – and which independent investigators both posses and can attest to – are the foundation of information that reasonable people can use to measure the credibility of the source, the same source that brings us the spiritual teaching, the actual intended destination.


Prophetien 1


The second edition of the Prophetien/Prophecies of the 'Talmud Jmmanuel'
The second edition of the Prophetien/Prophecies of the ‘Talmud Jmmanuel’


The second edition of the Prophetien/Prophecies of the 'Talmud Jmmanuel', showing copyright 1982/1986
The second edition of the Prophetien/Prophecies of the ‘Talmud Jmmanuel’, showing copyright 1982/1996


NOTE: The following are pertinent excerpts of an even larger body of information, which can be compared to their correlates in the HP. I have bolded a few of the specific items referred to above:

Friday, November 20, 1981, 18:38 P.M.

Africa and Arabia etc. will be captured to ease the conquering of Europe.

The Balkan States will fare badly, after they have been captured by the red storm floods.

For the most part, Italy will be destroyed, and millions of people will be homeless.

The religious leaders will, for the most part, find a brutal death, while the Pope himself will flee across the waters of the Atlantic.

Through Hungary, Austria, Switzerland and Italy rolls the red storm flood from the East to France, to be conquered by the hammer-carriers-carriers. The American weapons arsenals, located in France, at that point in time, will fall into the hands of the red storm flood, whereafter Bolshevism will rule there for a longer period of time, in order to wage war from there against England, Spain and Scandinavia.

This war will be terrible for the entire world, but especially for France and the rest of Europe. Epidemics unknown heretofore and diseases will occur rampantly, which often will be traced back to bacterial and ray-type murder weapons. Especially young people will be afflicted with blindness of the eyes, go insane and fall victim to a total destruction of the body. Germany suffers an attack from the East – from the DDR (East Germany), whereby a fraternal war breaks out, in which Germans fight against Germans.

However, Germany will be freed again, as well as Poland and other nations.

The red storm flood and according to their order France also, fall into Norway and Sweden, while Finland will also be attacked and suppressed. Goeteborg will become French-red, and the two kingdoms are totally defeated in this war. They will have to relinquish their northern provinces to the red storm flood from the East.

All nations, bordering the North Sea, and the British Island will be destroyed by a horrible stormflood, on the one hand, due to the dropping of a stormflood bomb and, on the other hand, due to a stormflood caused by a typhoon. Cities and villages will sink and drown into the ocean as well as a part of Scotland.

England’s great power position will be forever destroyed when, due to the red storm flood from the East, a revolution will be brought about in England, which surpasses the German civil war (East-West) manifold in bloodiness. South Wales will be crushed by rebellions and deadly bloodshed, while Ireland also bleeds to death during a murderous war.

America will, due to political entanglements with Canada, be thrown into another war, and a massive attack of the red storm floods from the East of America results in the largest part of the U.S.-troops having to fight in their own country and, therefore, cannot help the hard-pressed Europe. However, a hurrying to help would be senseless as well as impossible because, due to the use of the newest weaponry, America will be destroyed to a large part. Due to elementary-weapons (nature-catastrophe-weapons), the existence of which, up to the year 1981, only few people had knowledge, terrible and horrible hurricanes will be released on the American continent, which will crush and destroy everything that comes into their range. These hurricanes, however, work in conjunction with horrendous giant-fire-cylinders, which race across the land and level everything to rubble and ashes, by which all life dies. But one of these giant-hurricanes, the largest one of all, devastates and destroys everything, and what it does not destroy, mercilessly falls to the screaming inferno of the fire-cylinder following it. This hurricane races northward, across the American continent, and then suddenly changes its course to a northeastern direction. Sweeping across the continent and destroying everything, it then races out across to the Atlantic and, in a screaming storm tears up a floodwave of such gigantic size, that to observers it appears to be a high mountain, and destructively races toward Europe – always following the hurricane also racing toward Europe. As far as mankind can remember, nothing comparing to this disaster has ever been seen – and also will not be experienced in all the time following. The flood races forth across England and across the North European nations, to destroy everything, to sink cities, villages, Man, animals and islands, while the hurricane itself stubbornly follows its northeastern course, however, part of it branches out and races toward Spain and the Mediterranean, to devastatingly destroy everything left and right and amidst the ocean what falls into its path, to then lose itself somewhere in the East.

Two thirds of mankind, due to this world-inferno, fall victim to death, and that will be billions.

In future times, America falls yet into two civil wars, which will politically divide the country into four or five parts.

Should the already threatening and quite closely approaching third world-fire be ended after its incomparable destructions, without the entire world being destroyed, it could only occur due to a compromise, reached by the power-greedy ones of the great powers of the world, otherwise all life would be extinguished on planet Earth…

Monday, November 23, 1981 13:42 PM 

On the mountains lies snow, yet it is not white, but yellow. A deadly color at that time, because the yellow harbors death and ruin for all life. At this time, the weather will be overcast and rainy, while many deaths float in the atmosphere. The survivors freeze and will be snatched away by known and unknown deaths, which result from new diseases, epidemics and poisonings.

But at the same time, a severe quake rolls across the nations, to which many people fall victim.

Italy and France will be shaken, due to Sansculottes*, who murderously and by arson destroy every order: Paris will be destroyed from within and burnt down. The inhabitants themselves are those, who lay Paris into rubble and ashes via murder, arson and revolution, while Italy also falls due to massacres; the red battalions of the nation massacre the mighty ones of the church and their adherents, while the cowardice of the Pope will be spoken of by everyone, when he disguises himself and unrecognized flees across the Great Waters, however, leaving behind his loyal ones and adherents, to abandon them to death – in exchange for his own useless life.

Further from the South, red, yellow and brown storm floods approach, and on their way they already have drenched immeasurable areas of the land with human blood. They march to the Alpland which, however, also will be attacked from the North. The nation of peace will be destroyed and the metropolis of conferences will be extinguished. Not one stone remains on the other, and life expires in great masses.

*Revolutionaries, as is further specified and explained in the HP:

“France will not only be invaded by the aggressors from the outside, but will also be conquered from within as a result of collaborative forces and other forces. This can be envisioned as being the many foreigners of a different religion living in France at that time, and specifically Islam, which will be this force working from within.”

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  1. Hi,
    I have the printed book “Prophetien” which I purchased from FIGU in the early 90’s. Mahesh has a scanned version which I gave to him months ago. I had portions of the book translated, but I don’t believe those translations were completely accurate. I do recall reading about the death of John Lennon and other significant events.

  2. “America will, due to political entanglements with Canada, be thrown into another war, and a massive attack of the red storm floods”.

    The disastrous trade deal canada just signed with China put the U.S. at risk and any country that has a trade deal with Canada as well. And the intense right wing nature of our current canadian government sure wreaks badly of this kind of “cause” which would “effect” such madness.

    1. I really doubt the intense left wing would be any different. You do remember Justin Trudeau’s daddy the Prime Minister doing cocaine at the Bilderberg meeting right?

      1. It’s been clear in the notes for quite some time now that the right wing has been in every case responsible for the many possible WW3’s of late, like with your GW Bush’s, Reagan’s, Sarah Palins and so on and that with the more liberal party’s in power, there is less tendency for that. This goes for our tiny constituency as well up in northern Canada. Not to say that they are perfect but they certainly are a lot better at averting these major wars and disasters and not pandering to religious nutters and being more interested in green technology and less in oil. Sorry, but the facts and the contact notes are overwhelmingly clear on this subject.

  3. Mr. Horn, when it comes to Randy Winters, sir, do you like him? or do you dislike him? I’ve heard tell nasty things about him. You know, like he might be a delusional person. In it for the money. Making up stories. A fraud. Is he a bad person? Is he even still alive? Are you in contact with him? What’s up with Mr. Winters? Every time I do a youtube search for Meier material, I always see Randy Winters pop up at the top of the search results.


    Did you ever talk to Shirley MacLaine about her experiences with Mr. Meier?

    1. Hi Rina,

      I haven’t seen Randy for a very long time but I always liked him. Like/dislike are fluctuating states and ultimately not very important. However, I didn’t like how he was altering the information in the Meier case, which is what prompted me to begin to do my own presentations in the late 1980s. And it must be said that Randy supported my new venture and gave me a set of slides to use, etc.

      Shirley MacLaine interviewed me for her radio show years ago. I’d met her in person once in L.A. but we’ve had no communications since then.

    1. Hi Erik, why don’t you just do your own investigation of the Meier case instead of waiting for all the answers to come to you?

      1. Hi Sheila,
        im studying the meier case for years now.
        what kind of cocky answer is that you give me?
        Get of your high horse and reply to the question if you got the answer !
        and if you dont have the answer then take a hike

      2. Hi Sheila,
        you are amazing !
        Do you know me?
        Do you know how long im reading into to the BEAM material?
        Never heard a more stuppid reply then you just gave me.
        All the answers come to me ,she says,lolol
        I have a feeling that you need some serious loving

        1. Hi Erik, do you honestly think the Meier case is all about asking a question and getting an answer? Do your own research, man. If a few years of studying hasn’t taught you that, what has it taught you? Since you think I said “all the answers will come to me” I have a hard time believing you can read at all. When you say “you folks” that tells me that you aren’t a part of “you folks” and that you hold yourself in a different category than the rest of us.

    2. Erik,

      Seeing that you are seeking opinion, I’d say war between US and Russia started not long before Putin delivered the speech that was mentioned in Billys SB (Special Bulletin). I don’t remember the # off hand….

      1. Thank you Rob,
        that was what i was thinking also.
        It realy makes me sad to see that its probebly to late to avoid this terible times ,
        As for you sheila,i never asked questions here and i dont think meier case is about asking questions !
        You my dear Sheila are not fair and its strange that you atack me for asking one simple opinion or question,BRAVO !!
        I asked a question on figu a few years ago and got the same cocky and arogant answer as you just gave me also.
        The problem with people like you is that you think your so much smarter then others and maybe thats true,but believe me when i tell you ! this reply is making you very dumb and shows your character.
        If i say,You folks it means the people and readers here ! dont try to be so smart Sheila!
        your one bad person if you ask me and i wil leave you with a quote of Jiddu Krishnamurti a man that can teach you a few things about life and thinking !

        “Real learning comes about when the competitive spirit has ceased.”
        ― Jiddu Krishnamurti

        1. Eric, since you got the same answer on FIGU that you got from me, maybe it is you who should take that cocky answer and do something about it? I didn’t realize you felt we were in a competition, so maybe you should take Jiddu Krishnamurti advice yourself? Seems like you can dish it out, but can’t take it. A very wise old man once told me, suck it up buttercup, that’s been my inspiration ever since. And I would advise you to do the same.

          1. First of all lets stay on the topic SHEILA !
            if you look back to how this started then you or anybody else can see that you are patronising !
            So you get an answer back,who do you think you are in petronising people that ask a question.
            Rob understood my question/opinion and you my dear Sheila …… ohh well
            what can i say.
            I wish you all the best and luck

  4. Hi Mike,
    When were talking about these massive hurricanes and fire twisters, do these have anything to do with HAARP or is this nature attacking the planet?

  5. Everything is written, now who doesn’t believe in the Prophet, because believe by the facts, the worst is that many will keep the House going back because not even seeing will believe to be Prophecies, will say as they always say, always so this was, but just talk to elderly people and noted that certain things never happened like this, until certain things just happened in the formation of the Planet how many kilometres per hour winds that have made in hurricanes and typhoons, etc.

    And the worst is coming along the way.


  6. 230th contact] the moon landings being faked are discussed, finally The current preferred disinformation heir apparent is being allowed to this information that the footage was fake, and the what was done the astronauts had a life long effect on them. Although having to listen to 9 minutes of this video will test just how bad you want to know the truth. Go to the 3 minute an 30 seconds time stamp so as not to have to endure to much.
    Peace to all
    Billy Wilson

    1. It seems to be quite at odds with teh Meier info. Also, at 1:05, he seems to be claiming “direct contact with ETs”. Greer refused the Meier case, perhaps because it would interfere with all these wonderful, high cost, aliens-on-demand excursions he sells.

      1. Michael, thanks for you causing me to listen almost all of SETI professors lectures, the people with him my just be test subjects. The configuration being used under the title quantum beam signaling is almost identical the electron beam used in a television picture tube. Very portable, only requires 4 of the Allen array dishes to generate the signal. Think about how the old big screen TV.s worked 3 beams reflected off a mirror in the field of view, already theme parks have tigers walking over visitors heads. We have been stuck in the industrial age for ever, Now put on a big show, we were wrong they come to help, and then start flooding the market with advanced tech that has been around for ever., The people would not revolt but run to buy. But our poor planet my hit back first. Why else would so many government high tech divisions become public contractors. I always thought it was just away around the freedom of information act, must learn to think bigger.
        Peace to all

  7. Hi Michael,
    Did Mahesh remove the book links to Prophetien from your site? I see it also appears to be one of the only ebooks related to Meier on his website that he has not provided a download link to.

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