More Filmmakers Join Against Marie Adler Scam

How we conduct ourselves throughout our ordeals contributes to our character development. 

Since this is more of a personal matter, than directly related to what I usually discuss on this blog, I’ll post my updates here.



Despite the renewed efforts of Marie Adler and her accomplices to use every unethical means to suppress my free speech – and the public’s right to know about their nefarious activities – not only have I re-posted my film on this small platform  but it will also soon be available on others and, most likely, back on Youtube.

Additionally, more filmmakers from the US – and at least five other countries – have now contacted me regarding assistance with their own claims of being victimized by Adler.

I will be updating you on these developments…in due time.

As I previously said, Adler’s attempts to suppress the truth is all the more  desperate and, ultimately…futile.

Plus, it’s rousing others to stand up for themselves too. So, while I said this was more of a personal matter, in truth we all face many kinds of difficult situations in life and it’s how we deal with them that is most important. We may win or lose in a given situation but it’s how we conduct ourselves throughout our ordeals, large and small, that reflects on, and contributes to, our character development.

As I recently discussed, here and here, we must perceive and recognize the reality of situations – and the commonality and equality of our “foes” – in the ongoing process, and drama, of life and our evolution.

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15 Replies to “More Filmmakers Join Against Marie Adler Scam”

  1. Michael,

    I’m very happy to hear more film makers coming forward to hold Adler accountable!

    Soon, they will have to answer to their regulatory board and will have no more desperate measures they can take against their victims.

    Doing the right thing is something I have consistently seen you do Michael but this will be a crucial lesson Adler will soon have to learn.

    Times like these require the right neutral positive thinking to keep us objectively on the right path.

    Congratulations on this great development in the Awful Adler Saga.

    -Bill Ter Burgh

  2. Here is hoping more and more people will join you in putting Adler here where belongs back where she came from because Adler is areal BAD person who a cold heartless uncaring FRAUD who dosn`t care about the good people here who are trying to save humanity from fruitless gutless endless wars the might just annihilate us all here on earth! You deserve better. Keep on fighting the good fight! We all need you and Billy. May you get your films returned so we can all watch them on cable TV. Keep on fighting her with all you got and let her know just what you think of her because she belongs in prison for doing what she did to you! Adler doesn’t`t deserve good people like you and Billy Also before I forget if you do lose don`t forget to appeal your case with a layer you can trust to get you what you want etc. should you want and need to go further to “fend Adler off to get your films back “WITHOUT” being censored!” Salome

    1. Yikes! Hi Terry, I appreciate that you want to see justice done, as do I, but while Adler’s doing things I very strongly disagree with, etc., she isn’t Hitler, nor responsible for our wars, earthquakes, or the flu.

      Difficult as these situations may be, I do try to remember, and live by, what I expressed in my blog and video about…Don’t Demonize Your Foes. We must be…reasonable if we’re to combat unreasonableness.

  3. Is there anything in the Talmud jmmanuel or the contact notes that equates to the bible verse that says “the love of money is the root of all evil”? Haven’t been able to buy that one yet but it’s on my list.

  4. I remember Ptaah saying that this is the ONLY world that prides itself on money,politics,relgion,corprations,mlitarisms, etc,etc,etc, in ALL the many places in the many many worlds and univreses that Ptaah has ever been to so why are we STILL living on such a world where all these evil ideas plus wars will never never ever go away to say nothing of the pillaging of the environment,flora,fauna and food to make life here on earth more livable such as doing something to help make this world peaceful,harmonious,free, using alternative lie sustaining with fresh healthy organic foods, clean green energies, ustainible homes and lifstyles and living in peaceful tranquil spiritual loving life as the Plejaens are doing on Erra,Timars, Askal, Sona, Druan and so on instead of all these horrible hurtful hateful shameful ideas that will just drive us all into our graves sooner than later? “This world earth is STILL a very young world that is why just cleaning up our own mess will be just next to impossible with the spiritual teachings and not just getting help from the Plejarens but also growing up with a helping hand with the Plejarens(family) and joining their federation because who on this primitive savage world would want to stop these wars not only here on earth but also in space too? We can`t just clean up our own mess and create MORE of a mess with these sinister nefarious dark forces such as the Deep State, HARP, etc trying to do all they can to seed the earth with unhealthy foods, dirty fossile fuels, nuclear bombs and what not if we don`t join and become a member of the Plejaren Federation!!! The people of Earth NEED to take the next step in our evolution if we are to learn and grow and learn like young children learning to grow ,walk and talk and behave like civilize consenting sentient human beings and learn to behave like the grownup worlds like Erra,Timars, Sona, Askal, Druans and so on!!! If we`re the younsters than its high time weloeaarn to grow up and evolve not just technically, scientifically medically but also spiritually too as well if we want to live a long healthy peaceful loving kind friendly helpful life otherwise the unfriendly evil ETs will just TRY to get their FILTHY DIRTY hands on us if we keep doing what we are doing now and that also includes NO military wars in space above earth too! We NEED to take that next step otherwise we WON`T survive!!!”

    1. Hi Terry, we will have to find a way to do it ourselves and it will take a very long time to clean up our planet and change for the better. The Plejaren have given us all the help their directives allow and are not going to save us from ourselves. Salome

  5. Hi Melissa, Here lon planet Earth life is so very short…

    Note: as interesting as this may be, Terry, please post this comment in an appropriate blog. We need to stay on topic. Salome

    Melissa Osaki

  6. Sorry Melissa since the website changed ;last spring or summer I wasn`t sure where to post my point. I think MH better bring those rules back too even though the website changed but MH is tide up with this Adler thing? I didn`t want to put pressure or bother him for awhile.. When if when MH gets through this Adler mess then if we can ask MH to revive those rules and let us know just where to post in the correct topic of the blog since the blog change alittle. Sorry about that.

    1. Terry, I hope I can make this easier for you. When you make a comment, your comment should relate to the information in the blog article that you’re commenting on. If you’re talking about Marie Adler, Michael’s video, Deception on Demand, and the other filmmakers joining him, then you’re in the right place. The other stuff you like to talk about should go under a different blog article. There are many different topics you can comment on. I’m glad you understand. Thanks & Salome

  7. I hope this is resolved quickly for you Michael, it seems either ill timed or well timed depending on your point of view considering the approaching events in the USA.

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