Another UFPhony Bites the Dust

Why the topic of UFOs has been marginalized and made ripe for spreading disinformation

I’m following up on this recent blog where, among other things, I mentioned a website very aptly named TTD, i.e. The Truth Denied, where they do indeed deny the truth. While some people may think I’m a masochist to bother with such ignoramuses, I’ve continued to approach people seemingly interested in the real truth about UFOs, extraterrestrials, etc., with some optimism. Clearly, it’s again misplaced.

The genius who’s all hung up on his 1973 “UFO sighting”, Jim Kerr, indicated that he was going to look into the information and evidence I sent to him regarding the Meier contacts. To understand one of the main reasons that America’s fate is sealed, you can read through Kerr’s response to the voluminous content I sent him, clearly revealing that he actually delved into none of it:


Billy Meier is, without a doubt, a hoaxter. I reviewed Meier’s claims years ago, and again over the last several days. I took a look at everything you provided along with recent information. I looked at Dr. Bruce Maccabee’s investigation, along with every other investigation on the internet, and Meier’s is a hoaxter looking to make money.

With all the recent news regarding UFO’s, I can understand why Meier is again promoting his fake UFO sightings and prophesies, but I’m not buying it. Plus, there is a new UFO generation of future cult members Meier can solicit, and bring into the fold, which is sad. Right now, because of recent ufology news, every faker and their brother is trying to make a name for themselves by passing off fake UFO sightings.

I expose hoaxes for “The Black Vault.” I have investigated many reported UFO sightings, films, and photos. The majority are misidentifications or hoaxes. If there were an award for the best UFO hoaxers, Meier would surely win the trophy. The jury is in on Meier’s. He’s a fraud, and I would only be wasting my time if I interviewed you and published a story to “The Truth Denied,” and “The Black Vault.”


Jim Kerr

Among many things, I provided Kerr with Joe Tysk’s definitive analysis and skeptical-challenge-ending article which, of course, he couldn’t rebut, nor even comment on. But what should I expect from a religiously deluded, so-called investigator who believes in “demonic, fallen angels, or malevolent dimensional beings” and disinformation specialists like To The Stars Academy, Tom DeLonge , and Luis Elizondo?

To appreciate (if that’s the right word) how and why this poor imbecile regurgitates such false, unsubstantiated, skeptical nonsense, you may consider that he “contributes” to not only TTD but also toThe Black Vault, another disinformation organ fronted by John Greenwald who, when I first encountered him years ago, was a young UFO enthusiast just ripe for spreading UFO disinformation*, which it appears he was successfully recruited to do. Then again, maybe he did it all on his own and gravitated to the b.s. naturally.

Greenwald is among the many wannabes who get infuriated by my representing that Meier’s contacts with the Plejaren are singularly authentic. And I have a funny feeling that Kerr’s mere mention of Meier and me made him feel wonderfully warm and fuzzy all over.

There are reasons why the topic of UFOs has been marginalized and made ripe for spreading disinformation that furthers the agenda of the various darker forces on Earth. It’s the perfect vehicle (no pun intended) to gather the attention of bible thumpers, conspiracy theorists, sci-fi enthusiasts and other, unaffiliated and fearful types.

The field of UFOlogy itself has zero scientific standards, and allows and encourages know-nothing wannabes and charlatans, like the above-mentioned poseurs, to peddle their drivel to many equally unqualified, non-thinking people looking for entertainment, etc.

It would all be harmless enough if it wasn’t actually a major tool in keeping the people of the world in ignorance and effectively oblivious to the various, now unstoppable, environmental, geophysical and financial events that are descending upon us.

*On EP 36, I’ll explain why I use the term “UFO disinformation” so frequently pertaining to so-called “UFO researchers/experts, etc.”

Michael Horn Live, EP 36

Thursday, June 20, 2019

7:00 PM Pacific Time

16 Replies to “Another UFPhony Bites the Dust”

  1. Jim Kerr seems to be motivated by “Other” reasons than the truth. How many generations before people finally take control of personal responsibility.

  2. There’s clearly an agenda behind Mr. Kerr’s adamancy of the Meier case being a hoax. No one who truly investigates this case could ever come to that conclusion without an ulterior motive or the complete inability to use logic and deduction. It’s impossible.

    1. Well said Melissa, if a dumb barbarian like me can understand what is being presented, all the so-called ufo enthusiastic folks have no excuse. No other person has evidence in EVERY category.

      1. Thanks Barry, these people reveal themselves for the frauds that they are when they speak about Billy being a hoaxer.

  3. Well MH I guess you can and add this fraud Jim Kerr to the list of all the other psychopathic nerdy frauds who can`t face the REAL truth! It seems to me this list of UFO fraud lists is just getting longer and longer since these UFO huskers can`t get their heads out of the sandbox etc. So much for all those religious and political frauds!

  4. All you have to do with belief oriented people like this is just say; “prove it”. Prove what you believe about the Meier Case being a “hoax”. How did he do it? Prove how he’s “making money”.

    If they have any blinded fight in them, they will trot out the many long refuted claims against this case (that they believe without question), get upset that you can prove the case authentic with evidence, logic and reason, then they’ll resort to attacking Meier personally because they have no other recourse.

    For as much as they believe they can, there is no way to make a valid claim that the physical evidence is actually a hoax so their brain synapses misfire and they engage in cheap, irrelevant personal attacks against you once you’ve proven Meier’s personal attacks wrong.

    At this point, they have nothing but erroneous beliefs so they just stew in their false narratives.

    It’s fun to watch them squirm. While that may not be the wisest spiritual way but I find it pretty funny. I was able to take down the answer someone gave on Quora who tried to say the case was a hoax. He had at least 10 answers that were also just as accurate and insightful to other questions so those were reported and taken down as well.

  5. Some people are of low intellect, focused on money, fame, etc. If any reasonable person looked at the Meier material in depth on their own, there’s only one conclusion, real deal. Evidence in Every category, not lights in the night sky. Predictions, netals, sounds, 100 witnesses, laser holes, the postage stamp shot, the consciousness forces demonstration, etc. The guy didn’t read all the witness statements for sure. Sad. His loss.

  6. Well once I see “demonic fallen angels” the mystery of his thinking or non thinking is solved. Kerr’s one tiny little light in the sky photo is clearly better than Meiers films, photos printed predictions, and physical evidence.

    Even more laughable is the “Meier wants to make money claim”. One trip to Hinterschmideuti, which is not exactly a megalopolis, and the money motive goes right out the window.

    1. Yes, Mr. 1973 folded completely when I challenged him to back up his defamatory claims in a debate. He’s a coward like the rest of them.

      1. Yep he has his head firmly stuck in the sand. Just spent a few days walking around San Francisco with my wife and daughter. I was thinking whilst walking about whet Meier would have seen when him and Quetzal were here in the future earthquake. The trans American building etc, all those houses in ruins quite sobering.

  7. Hi MH I just saw EP 36 but the video quality was not good. I had trouble following the video? Is there any way you could fix the video quality? This is the first video where the video quality was terrible. Sorry for the comment. All your past videos had good qualities where I could see and here what you said but EP 36 was terrible because I could not see and hear what you said so I had to listen and hear what you said very carefully since EP 36 was jumbled? Sorry about that. Salome

    1. Hi Terry, it’s only mumbled in the beginning for a short time and then a couple times in other places. It was live streamed so it had a few hiccups with the focus and audio, but for the most part it was fine. Try again and see how it looks after about 3 1/2 minutes. Salome

  8. Hi Melissa, I finally got EP 36 with the close caption which helped alot even though technically EP 36 was not the best video due to the jumbled stop and go film itself which is kind of strange for Youtube videos? Thee are parts of EP 36 where every now and then it just stop and go etc? Sorry but thanks. Salome

  9. I did and I finallyunderstood what MH was talking about thanks to the close caption which helped. Thanks Melissa. Salome

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