The Now Unstoppable Environmental Destruction

Only the most stubborn and willfully ignorant won’t acknowledge the crisis

We recently learned that July was the hottest month ever recorded.The unprecedented warming has also resulted in the first ever reductions in water for Arizona, Nevada and Mexico. And some people who took a closer look at the undeniably melting glaciers got a bit more than they bargained for.

While there still are climate deniers, many of whom simply don’t want the inescapable truth to impinge upon their comfort or careers, only the most stubborn and willfully ignorant won’t acknowledge the crisis of the now unstoppable climate destruction.

The People Were Warned

Instead of heeding the very specific warnings that Billy Meier began to publish in 1951, it appears that humankind decided to play a losing game of chicken with the environmental juggernaut, as it ceaselessly rolls over everything in its way.

And, it appears that…nothing may stand in its way for long.

While CO2 is widely discussed, most people don’t know about the deadly effects of the increasing methane gas, which is also being released by the melting permafrost. Nor do they know about the consequences of the never-ending extraction of petroleum and gas and the absolutely insane, poisonous fracking, as Meier warned in 1976.

Add to this the connection of atomic testing and nuclear power to the destruction of the ozone layer, the danger of a complete atmospheric collapse, the breakdown of the ocean conveyor belt, and things like the BP disaster and Fukushima and you should have no doubt about the reality of the unnatural, manmade climate and environmental destruction. 

Even the various environmental groups – many of whom showboat, tug on your heartstrings and ceaselessly beg for money – have absolutely no idea of the real extent of the environmental destruction…nor do they realize that their feel-good approaches can’t stop the damage.

And they too don’t ever talk about the real underlying and politically unmentionable cause of it all, i.e.  overpopulation. While Meier has long implored people to not senselessly overbreed, for the sake of our own future survival, and offered reasonable means of reducing the population, he warned that there are those who have a dark and different perspective on how to remedy the situation.

The people were warned…and did they listen?

Needed Now More than Ever

To learn how to think, to direct and live our own lives in accordance  with Creation’s universal laws and recommendations, while the now unstoppable external events fulfill as they must, because of the unreasonableness of humankind for far too long.

The Might of the Thoughts

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About Michael Horn

Michael Horn has been involved in environmental issues since 1968, when he wrote and illustrated “Captan Tim”, an animated project warning about air pollution. In 1969, he produced a song by the same name for A&M records. In 1970, he wrote an award-winning song, “Brother River”.

Michael has over 40 years of experience as a research scientist. Because of his concerns about the critical problems of water pollution, he helped to develop two water purification companies and pioneered commercial water purification applications for many companies, like Starbucks, Wolfgang Puck and numerous restaurants and international hotels.

In 1979, Michael found previously unknown warnings about manmade climate change and global warming, also foretelling increased frequency and intensity of all forms of storms, blizzards, tsunamis, etc. The warnings were originally published, beginning in 1951, by a Swiss man named Billy Meier, who also first warned about the damage to the ozone layer from A-bomb explosions, and about the connection between the extraction of petroleum and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, all of which were subsequently scientifically corroborated.

In 2004, after 25 years of research into Meier’s information and the evidence substantiating his claims, Michael also became the voluntary Authorized American Media Representative for the Billy Meier Contacts. Michael gives national and international multi-media presentations, university lectures, interviews, etc., and makes frequent media appearances representing the Meier contacts.

Thanks also to the eight-month long investigation by the formerly skeptical USAF OSI investigator/supervisor, Joe Tysk, the Meier contacts have now been proved to be absolutely authentic.


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  1. We didn’t have kids. Beyond that, i talk about overpopulation and Billy’s idea of birth cessation to people, but nobody seems to be concerned. There are to many people. You can go to just about any national park that has trails with 2000ft drop offs, and there will be a waiting line.

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