Pentagon and US Navy Officially Confirm UFOs

According to Christopher Mellon, former United States Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence at the Pentagon, UFOs of extraterrestrial origin definitely exist.

The US Navy has also just gone on record unequivocally stating that they have proof that the UFOs are real.

Definitive Corroboration of UFO Contact

Billy Meier’s pre-digital era photographic and other UFO evidence has been analyzed and authenticated by independent experts using state-of-the-art technologies:

The Billy Meier UFO contacts were recently featured on the #1 podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience:

World’s Leading Authority on UFOs

The Silent Revolution of Truth, was produced by the world’s leading authority on UFOs, research scientist Michael Horn. Michael is a frequent international media guest who’s consulted about matters pertaining to UFOs and extraterrestrials:

Most importantly – and as some media now recognize – it’s the scientific information from the Plejaren that often contains critical warnings about events that threaten our future survival:


Interviews and Presentations

To schedule media interviews, multi-media presentations and lectures on the singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO contacts, by Michael Horn, please contact:

“Michael Horn is the world’s leading authority on UFOs.” 
George Noory, Coast to Coast AM (after Horn’s 20th appearance on C2C)

NOTE: The newest Gallup Poll shows two-thirds of Americans also believe the UFO phenomenon is real.

See also: Billy Meier’s Environmental Warnings



  1. In attempting to catch up on a few queries I’ve [put down on paper] … who can I, or anyone, sit down with to obtain absolute verification that Joe Tysk conducted an eight month investigation into the Billy Meier UFO contacts? I’ve attempted to email Joe Tysk, with no response. Where are Tysk’s definitive conclusions logged / located for anyone to read? With respect to this blog, the first notice I ever read was dated January 2018. Fair question[s]?

    1. Joe Tysk is indeed a real person and a former top USAF OSI investigator/supervisor. He provided his credentials to me in August, 2017, and asked me to delete them afterwards.

      He’s also smart enough to know, and advise, that ANYONE who follows the protocols he laid out in the article will be able to determine for themselves that the Meier contacts are authentic.

      That’s the beauty of real expertise, it doesn’t rely on any one person, personality, credentials, etc., but can be applied by anyone, which is also a nasty little secret that so many so-called “experts” would prefer that “ordinary” people don’t learn.

      It’s analogous to:

      And it’s also why someone went to the Express to influence them to change their reference to me to “conspiracy theorist”, in the second article. The plain fact is that it’s BECAUSE I began to research the scientific information in the transcripts, rather than focus on the UFOs, that we determined that there was a “higher standard of proof” than even the absolutely authentic UFO photos, films, video, etc.

      And of course I showed the unarguable evidence provided by COPYRIGHTS that confirmed Meier’s first publication of the information we cited. Why didn’t some fancy credentialed astronomers, astrophysicists, “UFO experts”, etc., “discover” – or attempt to debunk – that?

      Because they were obviously either not interested, or not smart, enough to do so.

      Self-responsibility, one of the core elements in the spiritual teaching.

      1. I can get behind your reply, Michael, and it’s not that I need to have the validity of the ‘authenticated’ physical evidence override the validity of the spiritual teachings … and it’s not that I have any reason to doubt your publishing Tysk’s evaluation. It would seem that [anyone discovering your blog for the first time] and reading what IS published [would also need to possess a reason to have faith in your word] and confidence / faith in someone who represents the OSI. I simply see the need to emphasize, that when such a claim is published, that there could / should be some irrefutable documentation given to the public, provided by Tysk himself, to coincide with the technical analysis made by the Stevens / Elders team investigation, which was released to the public. Fair point?

        1. John,

          No “faith” is ever required in terms of evaluating evidence. Again, all that’s necessary is for the researcher to follow Tysk’s explanations and protocols. His analysis and thinking is clear, precise and doesn’t really allow for “what if”, “faith”, etc. If the skeptic, or objective researcher, can’t explain where Meier got his 80 UFO photos, seen and described in the 1964 newspaper article and sufficient numbers of them still available, the skepticism is dismissed and the conclusion is that the photos are authentic.

          1. Michael, with the [English that we have at our disposal] to communicate truth, you are certainly [very well demonstrative and very clear.] Personally, I have nothing but confidence, and I posit, and easily accept, that such confidence doesn’t have to be important to you. For me, the teachings are what I find most valuable. btw, seeing as how I missed the Oct. 13th deadline to receive a download of ‘The Meier Contacts – The Key To Our Survival’, may I place an order via your ? Lastly, I will type a “thanks” to whoever A11A111 is, but I can’t align with [his?] words, “So serving up some “one-stop-shop” source as proof of the case is at best silly and at worst irresponsible.” I CAN align with [his?] “the case is for the individual to sort through, think about and test to determine what is real. “

          2. Hi John,

            I am a he and you are me and we are all together….

            Certainly you are welcome to agree with MH about Tysk, but personally I think he is a trap. I think MH and Christian are making a mistake giving this source SO MUCH credibiltiy. I mean no matter where you turn MH is throwing up his Tysk link to prove once and for all that the case is 100% real. Only Meier knows that this is 100% real or not; the rest of us have to use are best senses, research, meditation, finding examples, etc. to determine if it real or not. And even then it would be irresponsible for an outsider to think that his/her research is so complete that a definitive answer can be given. We can only strive for relative perfection. Personally I am about 85% sure that the case is a real ET case and about 10% that this is a secret Swiss (western) terrestrial thing. And then 4% that these are models and like 1% that the Devil is involved;o)

            1. While John will give his own response, once AGAIN you make the incorrect assumption that this is about Tysk, “making a mistake giving this source SO MUCH credibiltiy”(sic) and NOT the methodology.

              This painfully illogical idea is akin to saying that one shouldn’t value ANY teaching, methodology, etc., that’s authored – or reiterated – by any human being. OBVIOUSLY, the point is that we’ve been presented by a basic methodology that ISN’T the creation of any one person but rather one that is accepted by police, military, legal investigators, etc., etc.

              Seeing as Mr. A11, etc., is having such trouble with the basics, perhaps before they draw ANY conclusions, they should learn how evidence is evaluated and it seems that our friend, Mr. Tysk, has given us a perfectly clear and valid instruction on how to do that.

    2. Hi John,

      I too see holes with MH using Tysk as some definitive source proving the Meier case real. And yes, since this source can not be verified outside of MH, it gives little credibility. We have to take MH’s word for it that he has genuine credentials? And as if credentials prove anything? Certainly Tysk’s logic is solid with his application of Means, Motive and Opportunity when it comes to certain Meier photographs. But what about all the many “dinosaur” and other questionable photos that can be shown to be possibly out of books, TV shows, etc.? And then there are the missing negatives. ALL are missing out of 1000s? What about the M, M and O for Meier not having any photo negatives to test? The problem with the photos is that although some seem and test genuine, there are a few that seem flawed and bring question to the case. So then we have to trust MIB stories and such. Many often argue that Meier may have taken some real photos, but at some point faked others. I am sure you have heard the axiom, “one bad apple spoils the entire cart?” How about applying M, M and O to these “dinosaur” pictures? The photos only make sense when you consider the physical evidence AND the information. The information, story, etc. demonstrates Meier’s trustworthiness, not his photos. And it often takes years of intense research for folks to find value in the information that seems to break so many norms folks believe to be true. So serving up some “one-stop-shop” source as proof of the case is at best silly and at worst irresponsible.

      IMO, the Meier case is a puzzle to be solved. It is not easily verifiable with one simple read or source; and no one should be taking anybody’s word for it. Rather the case is for the individual to sort through, think about and test to determine what is real. This is the real value of the Meier case.

      1. One more time. It ISN’T the person Tysk who is the issue, it’s the inability for people to think and for people to mistake their INTEREST in the case/UFO topic with EXPERTISE, let alone COMPETENCE.

        The space photo issue was explained – in the 1970s. And this isn’t the Billy Meier Dinosaur case, it’s the Billy Meier UFO case.

        It was long ago explained how many of the negatives WERE tested.

        Contrary to the “apple” analogy it is…Tysk himself who clearly and patiently explains to all the people who don’t know how to think that it’s actually the…OPPOSITE. Read his article again where he uses the murder analogy.

        Tysk wasn’t dealing with a lot of information, prophecies, etc. He was approaching the main – and actually most historically significant – claim, that of a man being in contact with extraterrestrials, and doing so both as a skeptic and an EXPERT military investigator.

        Maybe before the writer throws around tears like “silly” and “irresponsible”, he’ll learn how to think and follow Tysk’s instructions. And if anyone doubt’s Tysk’s existence, they can contact Christian Frehner at FIGU, who is and has been in touch with Tysk for quite some time.

        1. So I guess I’m not banned from this blog….

          So you are saying that Tysk teaches folks how to think? I thought that was the point of the spiritual teaching? Does Tysk write the spiritual teaching then;)

          The saying “one bad apple spoils the entire cart” is NOT the same thing as having a solid alibi against seemingly overwhelming evidence to the contrary. A spoiled apple spoils the meal, it does not stop it.

          And as far as I understand it, NO negative were tested because it it claimed they were all stolen. Perhaps you can provide info on the negatives being tested that I am unaware of?

          1. Obviously, there are many kinds of instructions for learning to think, logic, etc. A military, or police, investigator learns how to think in terms of doing investigations, examining evidence, etc. There may be many thousands of such investigators who know how to apply the protocols, yet they may know very little, if anything about the spiritual teaching.

            The implication of the bad apple analogy was that it called into question the authenticity of the photographic and other evidence in the Meier contacts. That is clearly not the case and the analogy doesn’t apply. It is, as Tysk clearly demonstrated, the exact opposite.

            See also:

          2. of course you are welcome to keep holding on to your Tysk apple; as he does make a valid police investigation with sound logic. But you are missing my point. The case is MORE than UFO pictures or one point in history. My contention is that the case is NOT easily proven a real ET case by Tysk’s read. In my opinion the case is a puzzle comprised of the physical evidence, the story, the mistakes, the problems, the contact notes, books, booklets, bulletins, blog entries, newsletters, etc. It takes an enormous amount of research and thinking; and it is wrong to scold folks for not thinking that this case is real or that they do not know how to think, or otherwise berate them for having a different opinion to your own.

            My contention is that I do NOT blame folks for not having the opinion that this is a real ET case. I can see how some folks think that the whole thing is a hoax with models; I can see how some folks think some of the photos are real, but Meier made some up. I can see how some folks think that these are NOT ET craft but rather secret terrestrial. I can see how some folks think that there were ETs, but now Meier is making things up. I can see how some folks think that Meier is the Devil. Do you see where I am going here; or are you going to continue to insist that you know better?

            1. Once again, Tysk gives us the protocols and methodologies to clearly determine that ht photos are authentic, not manipulated and show objects of non-terrestrial origin/manufacture, i.e. of extraterrestrial origin.

              Tysk’s goes on to draw further conclusions, such as about the UFO films and the fact that it would be incorrect and illogical to presume that Meier’s later UFO photos – of even greater clarity and complexity, i.e. with 3 -4 of UFOs in a photo, etc. – are also genuine.

              So, yes, Tysk establishes, through logic, that Meier is having extraterrestrial contacts:

              “To reason this out, we can conclude that the only way Billy Meier could have taken the photos and made the films that he did, was if he had prior knowledge of when and where the UFOs were going to appear. It would have been literally impossible for him to just coincidentally be at the right place and right time to have collected all the UFO photos and films he did over the years.

              Somehow, Billy Meier had to have been contacted in advance about when and where to be, and the only ones that could have provided him with that information were the ones aboard or controlling the UFOs. Rather than trying to elaborate on this, I will leave it to the reader to see if there are enough dots to connect here, as I think there are.”

              So, there are the conclusions that Billy Meier is in contact with those who are/were “aboard or controlling the UFOs”, establishing a historically unprecedented occurrence.

              As for the rest of the points/questions raised, I for one often say, “according to the information in the case”, “since I haven’t proved or disproved such and such yet, I consider that speculative”, etc. So, the FACT that the authenticity of the contacts is established obviously doesn’t mean that I/we can say that everything presented in the body of the INFORMATION is true.

              As for seeing “how some folks think” this or that, sure, because some still think the earth is flat, or that there’s a Sky Daddy, a Devil, etc. While we can understand THAT “some folks think” something it in no way reflects upon the evidence, nor do many of us at this time think that it’s at all necessary to cater to such “thinking”.

              So, based on the two choices that you offer, yes, I – and many of us – DO “know better”. And, unless you’ve got something that refutes the facts that establish the authenticity of the UFO contacts, please don’t bother to repeat the same failed arguments.

          3. why do you have to serve up such a long reply? Tysk can’t prove ET. This is ridiculous. All Tysk demonstrated is that Meier could not have faked UFO pictures back in 1964 while on the road in India. He can’t prove these craft were ET. It is just as plausible that these craft could have originated on Earth and the occupants posing as ETs and fooling Meier or he could even be in on it. All Tysk do is narrow down the possibility that models were used or some other trickery. All Tysk can say with strong certainty is that these could not have been models but real craft of some king. Period.

            1. Try another blog if you don’t like how this one works.

              And thanks for making it abundantly clear why Joe Tysk was a top investigator/supervisor for the USAF OSI and you…weren’t, aren’t and won’t ever be.

          4. This is how you win a discussion? All I am trying to do is provide food for thought and good discussion.

            And yes I have found a better blog, PSI. Why don’t you join? I would love to see how you would fare…

            1. This isn’t good discussion. It’s the same old tired and illogical arguments.

              The credibility goes to the scientific method.

              Enjoy your new blog.

          5. Hi A2A3,


            It sounds like you have unresolved problems growing up with other people on an over populated planet. I’ve seen tons of criticism on the way everyone else seems to handle the Meier material so I’m willing to listen to your Tedx Talks or presentation on the Meier case and see the maestro at work.

  2. For what it’s worth A11A111, in response to some of your verbiage above, I do not “see holes” …and it looks as if you’ve visited facebook to find me, but I won’t write that in stone. To continue I place no validity to a “devil” … and if you’re “about 85% sure that the case is a real ET case and about 10% that this is a secret Swiss (western) terrestrial thing. And then 4% that these are models” … I will have to leave it with ya.

  3. … the easiest interpretation I can offer, in a ‘neutral sense’, is that two humans are merely stuck in an forum of semantics. When I witness the expressive dynamics, and all the hand motions, etc., I’m left with the rediculous desire that we could accomplish precise communication by being telepathic! So I type with all respect, there’s too much time to waste.

    1. IF there’s a follow up exchange between Jedi and MH, I would like to hear of it. I went back to the lengthy segment of the Jedi vs MH exchange where things became more heated. I always notice general body posture in people I interact with, and sometimes, I become aware of my own posture as I interact. I feel Michael was on the correct intuitive side of ‘reasonable-ness’, and obviously, Jedi [disciplined in sociology / psychiatry?] does require much more time to sort through his thinking process. Allow me to have some fun here … I see examples of body language such as, arms crossed over the chest. This can indicate that a person is being defensive. It can also demonstrate that an individual with crossed arms disagrees with the opinions or actions of other individuals with whom they are communicating. Then there’s touching the nose, which can signify a signal of disbelief or rejection, or it can also demonstrate that an individual is being untruthful about what they are saying. I’m sure I saw him placing the tips of his fingers together. we know this as steepling, or placing the tips of them together, as a demonstration of control and authority. This type of body language can be used by bosses or authority figures to subtly demonstrate that they are running things.

  4. Mr Horn, have you ever tried using twitter to reach the President or other public officials regarding Billy Meiers information / warnings? Do you think Mr Tysk is a reliable person when he states the Billy Meier contacts are real?

    1. Hi Todd,

      No, I think may be pointless, since people in high public office have others who first see, or screen, all their social media.

      In terms of what Mr. Tysk said himself, his assessment and definitive conclusions that the Meier contacts are authentic are simply based on applying the means, motive and opportunity (MMO) protocol, as I’ve also said for years myself ( That makes it something that anyone can do.

      And in posing the challenge to the skeptics to credibly address the facts, he effectively shut down any serious skeptical challenges. Of course, most people aren’t great thinkers and those who define themselves as skeptics have usually made up their minds, so they don’t let little things like facts and objective standards for evidence, etc., get in the way of their prejudices.

  5. Pointless, it’s be would a mockery and falseness and illogic. The honest and true desire people should in neutrality share is a world wide birth ban and equal birth control. 9 billion human population isn’t a joke.

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