Corona Virus Epidemic Predicted in 1995…by Billy Meier

Now will people listen and heed the warnings…while there’s still time?

As clearly and unambiguously as possible, the following was stated by Billy Meier in 1995:

A lung disease will also break out in humans through the guilt of China, where bioweapons are being researched and a carelessness is releasing pathogens.

As previously stated, the UFO cover-up is over. It has always and only been about keeping this invaluable, life-saving information from the American people and the world at large.




The Billy Meier UFO Contacts – The Key To Our Future Survival


Thanks to Subhabrata Mukhuti for finding this definitive corroboration.




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Diane Grebe


I am so glad you were finally given some recognition and on main stream TV! I hope this opens up other interviews for you and that more and more people can become aware of Billy’s teachings. This was great !!!

Diane Grebe

kevin pigford

I hadn’t read this contact report but, it was my belief that it is the case that the virus was released, either mistakenly or intentionally.

Bruce Lulla

Nothing to see here. Move right on along.

Meier circa 1995: ” “A lung disease will also break out in the human beings, and this is due to the fault of China, where biological weapons are being researched and pathogens are released as a result of carelessness.”


Where is the link to the original article that was posted on 1995 in relation to the Coronavirus by Billy Meier?

Melissa Osaki

You can find more information and the contact report link here:

Also, please include your last name when commenting. Thanks.

Wayno Sunter-Smith

Oh No no nonono …!!! DEAN KOONTS …author of THE EYES OF DARKNESS Scoops Billy and the Plejaren by 13 years …Publication date 10th May 1981
ISBN 0-671 -82784-7 ….
312 PAGES .
Here is a few lines from about 4 pages of graphic detail and exact dates ….even numbering the year 2020. And naming scientists by name
They call the stuff WUHAN-400
BECAUSE it was developed at their RDNA labs outside of the city of Wuhan and it was the 400th viable strain of manmade microorganisms created at that research centre………. “It goes on and on and on “

Melissa Osaki

Not even close to scooping Billy or the Plejaren.