The Latest UFO Disclosure-Fake ET Attack Scam

More double-talk from Department of Disinformation plays to escapist, entertainment-addicted population 

Stop the presses! Here’s the latest huffin’ an’ puffin’ in the Senate about UFOs. First, whatever the government, Pentagon, etc., is babbling about will not ever contain the actual, real truth about UFOs, i.e. that the Billy Meier UFO contacts, still ongoing for almost 80 years, contain the key to our future survival, which is even more important in light of the no longer controllable COVID-19 pandemic.

The Ruse

Here are a few excerpts followed by my Translation and Interpretation:

“any links they have to adversarial foreign governments, and the threat they pose to U.S. military assets and installations”

T & I: Focus on the key words: adversarial, threat, U.S. military assets and installations. As Billy Meier confirmed to me some years ago, the possibility of a fake ET attack still exists. By this is meant an event that is actually conducted by some elements of the intelligence/secret military/government to simulate an attack by the dreaded “aliens”, which would be used to enact martial law, etc. It would  probably include secret military craft, hi-tech effects, etc.

“Former Pentagon and legislative officials confirmed Tuesday to the publication The Debrief that the package begins the clock on UFO disclosures,”

T & I: This one’s just loaded with goodies. The information was “confirmed” to The Debrief, a UFO disinformation operation, and authors Ryan Sprague and Tim McMillan are among those included in my video about How UFOlogy Helped to Spread COVID-19.

Chris Mellon, former deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence, told The Debrief “…the nation will at long last have an objective basis for assessing the validity of the issue and its national security implications.”

T & I: Here you have one of the “Former Pentagon and legislative officials” in the person of Chistopher Mellon,  whose background is just loaded with the kind of stuff that makes you want to trust him in matters concerning the truth about UFOs. Of course, Mellon also used “national security implications” as one of his concerns.

The Benefits

But why would Mellon provide information to The Debrief, which is fronted by Sprague, McMillan, Hanks and Banias, wannabes with insignificant experience or information pertaining to UFOs?

Perhaps it’s because these supposed “UFO experts” can be relied upon to never speak about anything connected to Meier.  And dopes like Hanks, Sprague, McMillan, Banias and DeLonge get to feel like they’re “playing with the big boys”. They get to feel…important. While that may be enough incentive to do the bidding of the dark forces of suppression, it’s possible they also get financial help and benefits from the spooks that have infected the UFOlogy topic, groups, etc.

AND They don’t want you to know about this

So, when Meier is mentioned, these dealers-in-denial-and-deceit maintain a dismissive, nothing-to-see-here mode, focusing on their wet dreams of attaining celebrity and significance. They don’t care that it’s their betrayal of the truth, and possibly assisting attempts at the enslavement of the population, for which they will be known.

Why Fake ET Attack?

There could be any number of factors that would make such an event possible…and very appealing to people in the banking, financial and other industries, like Christopher Mellon. Certainly, the coming global financial collapse, long foretold – and now made more likely by the pandemic – would lead to massive civil unrest and threaten the established order these factions need to maintain power and control. Those who follow Meier’s information  aren’t the only ones who know that humankind missed the opportunity to contain and control the spread of the disease and also…stave off a financial collapse.

Lights, Camera, Inaction!

So, putting on a show in Washington for the dummies follows the line of least resistance; it’s the ringing bell the Pavlovian pooches reflexively salivate and respond to.

And you have to love this statement about noted spook, Luis Elizondo:

“Elizondo resigned from the DoD, citing what he felt was a lack of serious attention being placed on the UAP issue. Elizondo would subsequently go to work for the To the Stars Academy, a UFO-centric organization founded by musician Tom DeLonge.”

Sure, a major intelligence official “resigned” in order to work with a know-nothing musician to put some “serious attention” on UFOs. Aren’t Meier’s hundreds of still irreproducible UFO photos, films and other evidence, including hundreds of specific examples of prophetically accurate scientific information…”serious” enough?

The Invisible & the Imaginary

The United States of America is considered a relatively young country. While the floundering fathers may have had some good ideas and ideals, the version we live in is a monstrous corporate entity based on nefarious, institutionalized policies of aggression, violence, exploitation, etc. We created enemies who, for the most part were too small, remote and ill-equipped to pose any real threat to us. We’re bordered on the east and west by two vast oceans, and our neighbors to the north and south have yet to attempt an invasion.

The real life terrorists now spread throughout the world – largely created by our own policies – are far harder to “attack” and/or defend against, with even so-called advanced weapons. Ironically, just like the equally invisible but imaginary aliens, we can’t “kill” the Coronavirus with any of these weapons either.

The Obscene

Those good ol’ boys that our wannabe “UFO investigators” are cozying up to are long connected to the military and weapons interests, with their obscene budgets and agendas. They find having – and creating – enemies to be very profitable. And with UFOs they’ve found a new and fertile field in which to sow the seeds of even more fear-of-others-for-fun-and-profit.

Their concerns about things “that could potentially pose a threat to U.S. national security,” are a watered down, modern day War of the Worlds sci-fi scenario. It doesn’t matter that there are no known “aliens” hell bent on destroying us; our escapist, entertainment-addicted population eats this stuff up.

The Outcome Is Scorched & Muddy

The current crop of shortsighted, power-hungry people don’t care that their runaway ambition for world domination, convoluted and concocted, phony, non-existent “threats”, etc., don’t bode well for long term survival. They are unlikely to heed the warning from the prophet Jeremia, when he foretold what will become of this might, this conqueror, this young country…of ours:

“And there will be new and big mights across the big ocean, and from one of them new legions of barbaric hordes under the command of mightful ones who have got very badly out of the control of the good human nature will set out in order to carry out wars and conquer the world and to get hold of the countries’ mineral resources. However, on the other side of the big ocean, the walls of cities and villages of the conquerors wanting to seize the might over the world will collapse, and the might will then only be destroyed and be a scorched land and only be muddy water.”

The real threat to our future survival is from those who corrupt the truth and those ambitious wannabes who dutifully serve them and their disinformation.

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Sheila Clark

I was watching a recent live feed of Martin “what you talkin’ bout Willis” where he had a guest called Thomas Wortman – mufon tard. He admitted crop circles could be made by microwaves. Then tried to say the UFO was not a drone because no one has them. Someone in chat said everyone has drones, even your local police department. It was the dumbest interview I’ve watched in awhile, I couldn’t finish it because it was so pathetic and boring.
In older news, now fired and debriefed former pantygone chief Mark Esper admitted in September 2020 that the USA has DEW which is laser, microwave and particle beam weapons. They could definitely use these for their stupid “fake UFO attack”:

Terry Carch

Sheila I just heard last night about drones even flying at night too. Even Pizza Hut , Amazon and Barnes&Noble are flying drones too.

Gregory Dougall

Tonight is the night many millions of people around the world will gather in large groups to spread holiday cheer and…. SARS-COV-2 disease. Stay safe everyone. This weekend is a Salome peace meditation weekend. There are quite a few Americans and American groups as well as international groups who meet online to discuss the Meier information and spiritual teaching. Take a look at this list I compiled: If you would like to meet other like minded people online, we are waiting. 🙂 Happy New Year.

Ned Duke

Very well stated blog Mike. It goes to show the willingness of our government to entertain this UFO circus show when the ground reality should suggest other priorities. The only shape shifting will be the Senate hearing which will present the opportunity to shape shift their own arguments.

Timothy Allen Anderson

It seems that the lack of evidence of any off planet visitor causing death and destruction has no significance in the deranged and disease infected minds of the purveyors of poppycock. I guess this is more evidence to show how thousands of years accepting lies for truth and refusing to think for ourselves has made mental disorders seem far more common place.