How Nazi War Criminal Helped US Develop the A-bomb

Billy Meier learned truth about fate of Hans Kammler, in 1946

The authors referred to in this new article theorize about the actual fate of Nazi war criminal Hans Kammler. But they need only read the transcript of Billy Meier’s 1946 conversation with Sfath, to learn the full truth about how the US secretly assisted – and militarily benefitted from – this psychopath.

Impeccable Prophetic Accuracy

As is the case with all of the prophecies and predictions from Meier, so many dramatic ones from 1958 catch the eye, like the foretelling of the two US-Iraq Gulf Wars, the rise of fundamentalist Islamist terrorism, the bio-chipping, AIDS, etc., which are already history or now upon us. At first, one might have glossed over things that would seem inconceivable to civilized people but are frequently making headlines, like the family-related murders, infanticide, patricide, etc., now ubiquitous even in so-called civilized countries: [...]  READ MORE

Today’s News Yesterday

More evidence that we were warned but didn’t listen

As we’ve tried to point out many times over the years, the dramatic news stories making today’s headlines…aren’t really news to those of us who’ve read the prophetic writings of Billy Meier. Sad and troubling as these things are in themselves, they’re even more alarming for those who know we’ve been warned but failed to listen.

Some of us hoped that the original documents Meier wrote and published still existed, like the 1951 and 1958 Letters and the Henoch Prophecies. We figured that being able to provide incontrovertible proof of Meier’s foreknowledge of such things as the two US-Iraq Gulf Wars, AIDS, the destruction of the WTC on 9/11, even the internet, etc., would be so dramatic and compelling that humanity would have to stop its headlong plunge into oblivion and gratefully accept the freely offered advice and recommendations also contained within the spiritual teaching intended to help us assure our own future survival. [...]  READ MORE

Cut Down Rainforests…Drink Dirt

In the study of the spiritual teaching we learn about one of the immutable laws of Creation, familiar as well to all real scientists, the law of cause and effect, aka the law of causality. Sometimes people may think that there’s an abstract quality to the spiritual teaching and such things as cause and effect.

In terms of prophecies and predictions, these are examples of how projections are made about the likely – and in some cases certain – effects of known causes. Often we view these things as “doom and gloom”, largely because human beings have been so thoroughly conditioned to believe that not only are they not responsible for what happens in their lives and in the collective life of humanity, etc., but that they are powerless to effect positive changes even when amply forewarned of the otherwise certain, negative consequences of their actions. [...]  READ MORE

New Corroboration of Billy Meier’s Prophetically Accurate Scientific Information

A new article in NewScientist, titled Massive ‘ocean’ discovered towards Earth’s core, reports that a “reservoir of water three times the volume of all the oceans has been discovered deep beneath the Earth’s surface.”

This “new discovery” apparently wasn’t so new to the Plejaren, as Ptaah mentions “enormous masses of water also located in the interior of the earth” in his discussion about numerous terrestrial matters with Billy Meier in the 540th Contact, on May 19, 2012…two years before this “new discovery”. [...]  READ MORE

The Billy Meier UFO Case: No Reasonable Doubt

In my recent article I explained why I think that Billy Meier’s prophetic information about the Ebola epidemic, in the Henoch Prophecies, is evidence of the authenticity of those prophecies and one of several pieces of evidence which, independently and collectively authenticate the entirety of the case.

While there are skeptics who don’t agree it seems to me that they demonstrate the inability to think comprehensively, realistically, logically and deductively. It’s common for them to overtly or implicitly accuse Meier of backdating or retrodicting his information. They cite the lack of some original, verifiable texts as sufficient evidence in itself to dismiss the claims that the texts were indeed published when Meier said that they were. [...]  READ MORE

Billy Meier’s Ebola Epidemic Prediction

There are issues about my support for the Henoch Prophecies (HP) and for stating that things like the Ebola information constitute actual, substantial evidence that would prove their authenticity. In order to explain this, a number of factors will be discussed.

The Ebola information doesn’t exist as an isolated piece of information. It exists in a large body of very unambiguous, specific information. And, as Subhabrata has shown, the HP didn’t foretell the existence of Ebola, it specifically foretold the Ebola epidemic. And of course that’s preceded by, “Not only AIDS will occur worldwide in the 1990s, but also epidemics such as the so-called ‘mad cow disease’, i.e., BSE, out of which different strains of Creutzfeldt–Jakob syndrome will develop, lasting well into the new millennium.” That is extremely specific information. [...]  READ MORE


As the weekend arrives, here are some updates.

Regarding concerns about the dreadful Ebola situation, Billy Meier also clearly, specifically warned about it, many many other things, in the Henoch Prophecies 1987:

Quetzal: “You are untiring; so I will point out a few more important facts of the prophecies. As of now, new epidemics have spread among the people of Earth; however, as Henoch prophesied, quite a number of further epidemics will follow. Not only AIDS will occur worldwide in the 1990s, but also epidemics such as the so-called “mad cow disease”, i.e., BSE, out of which different strains of Creutzfeldt–Jakob syndrome will develop, lasting well into the new millennium. Also, an epidemic known as Ebola will cause many deaths, as well as other unknown epidemics and diseases which will sporadically arise in epidemic proportions and will be new to the human being, causing great concern.” [...]  READ MORE