Do We Have the Wit, Wisdom & Will to Survive COVID-19?

How to contain and control the disease, including implementing hermetically sealed quarantines, freely published months ago


A crisis at a hospital in OrangeCounty, California, draws attention to the overburdened conditions at an ever-increasing number of medical facilities, due to the inadequate space, equipment and personnel available.

All of this, however, is the inescapable fault of failed, incompetent government and medical officials, bureaucrats, etc. – as well as a public that fails to hold them accountable. [...]  READ MORE

New Online COVID Test Gets Thumbs Up from Prominent NY Doctor

Three-minute test reveals Swiss source provided most accurate information since November 2019, always before CDC, WHO


Prominent New York doctor, Charles Rothberg, MD, a past President of the Medical Society of the State of New York, recently Tweeted, “What we believed about the relative harmlessness of COVID-19 among younger adults has simply not been borne out by emerging data,” referring to a New York Times article, citing research showing that young adults are dying from the disease at historic rates. [...]  READ MORE

COVID Spreading in Europe Precisely As Predicted

Humanity paying the dreadful, ever-rising price for electing incompetent, power-hungry, incapable leaders worldwide

In case you didn’t already know how abysmally stupid the leaders and “authorities” around the world are, here’s a refresher course in WE TOLD YOU SO moments.

COVID-19 Increase in Europe

Let’s look at another “new” report on how Europe is being increasingly ravaged by the Coronavirus disease.

Very interesting but it isn’t “new” to those who follow the information from Billy Meier and the Plejaren, as we’ve previously pointed out:

Excerpt from the 739th contact of Friday, 22nd May 2020

“It’s exactly as Ptaah foretold, first on May 22nd:

‘That will certainly be possible with the mentioned persons, while on the contrary, due to the irrationality of the unteachable ones, in the coming time further harm will not be avoidable, although a rational action and behaviour will be necessary because the rampantly spreading corona disease is not ending quickly; rather, although for the time being it is indeed somewhat diminished in Europe, it will however flare up again, as our calculations show.’ [...]  READ MORE

The Coming Weeks Bring Worldwide Suffering

Failures of leadership, inadequate lockdowns and unintelligent people will bring a very precarious situation and much misfortune

760th Contact
Saturday, 12th December 2020, 22:36 hrs
This is an authorised but unofficial DeepL preliminary English translation an excerpt of the contacts and most probably contains errors. Please note that all errors and mistakes etc. will continuously be corrected, depending on the available time of the involved persons (as contracted with Billy/FIGU).

Billy: Ah, it’s you, Ptaah. Good, you can come right in as soon as …
 [...]  READ MORE

A Glimmer of Light As One Doctor Gets It

Perhaps now people will realize that it doesn’t matter if the source is “controversial”, only that it’s uniquely, impeccably accurate

There was this Tweet today by Dr. Rothberg, pertaining to the real facts about young adults and COVID-19:

A Glimmer of Light As One Doctor Gets It

To which I posted this response:

A Glimmer of Light As One Doctor Gets It

Imagine my surprise when he actually read and comprehended it:

A Glimmer of Light As One Doctor Gets It

So I called attention to some of the other information for all to see:

A Glimmer of Light As One Doctor Gets It

Perhaps these doctors, and others, have already seen enough suffering and will realize that it doesn’t matter if the source is “controversial”, only that it’s uniquely, impeccably accurate. No theories, revisions, corrections, retractions. Just absolutely accurate, life-saving information, always published before all the “official sources”. [...]  READ MORE

UFOlogy: Silent Treatment for the Billy Meier UFO Contacts

To know the truth and remain silent just to make a buck is…traitorous.

The field of UFOlogy and its supporters are unique in a number of ways, the most glaring of which is their vigorous, undisguised contempt for irrefutable, independently authenticated evidence of the very thing the entire field is dedicated to discovering, i.e. the confirmed existence of intelligent space traveling life forms.

Unlike practitioners of any true science, the self-styled “UFO experts, researchers and investigators” eschew scientific standards, vigorous debate and accountability. So, instead of any response or pushback to information and evidence I provide about the singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO contacts,  they simply remain…silent[...]  READ MORE