New Online COVID Test Gets Thumbs Up from Prominent NY Doctor

Three-minute test reveals Swiss source provided most accurate information since November 2019, always before CDC, WHO


Prominent New York doctor, Charles Rothberg, MD, a past President of the Medical Society of the State of New York, recently Tweeted, “What we believed about the relative harmlessness of COVID-19 among younger adults has simply not been borne out by emerging data,” referring to a New York Times article, citing research showing that young adults are dying from the disease at historic rates.

Clever and Accurate

Dr. Rothberg received a prompt response from science researcher, Michael Horn, with links to two of the 90 articles he’s published on the rampantly spreading disease. One was a three-minute, New Online COVID-19 Test, to which Rothberg responded, “Ur test is quite clever!”

“As Dr. Rothberg found out, as early as November of 2019, our Swiss source forewarned of the pandemic, the then unknown effects of the disease on infants and children, and that all ages would ultimately be affected. That’s exactly what we’re seeing now. In the online test and other article I sent Dr. Rothberg, anyone can confirm that we always publish the most accurate COVID-19 information before the CDC, WHO, etc.”

Long Haulers, Vaccines and Quarantines

Horn said the symptoms long haulers report were also specifically forewarned of – months ago – when his source explained that the virus always remains in the body, making a full recovery often impossible.

“They also pointed out a number of factors contributing to the dangers of vaccines that I haven’t seen discussed anywhere else, and now we’re already learning about adverse vaccine reactions,” said Horn.

“On February 23, they were the first to recommend self-isolation and lockdown. They advised that actual incubation times can run up to three months, and that hermetically sealed quarantines were necessary to contain and control the spread of the disease, as echoed by this doctor during an Al Jazeera world news interview. These quarantines should still be implemented.”

Time to Act

Horn expects that Dr. Rothberg and other medical professionals will have questions but, he says, “The most important thing now is to learn from, and apply, the recommendations to avoid further delays in the containment and control of the disease. Any doubts can be quickly dispelled by taking the three-minute online test.

“When I first began publishing the information, 10 months ago, there were 57 cases – in the entire country. Now, with over 17.6 million cases and 317,000 deaths, experts must thoroughly investigate and act upon the Swiss information, so that we don’t see another unnecessary 17.6 million cases and 317,000 deaths. I do hope that Dr. Rothberg will be among those leading the way in this investigation.”

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New Online COVID Test Gets Thumbs Up from Prominent NY DoctorThey Fly Productions

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Kris Johnson

Micheal or Melissa, A few days ago in one of the contact reports, Billy mentioned that he was having trouble seeing and that something is wrong with eyes. He said that he may have an operation. Can you tell me what may be the problem? I wish him the best, and hope that something can be done about it. I also wish you the best. Thanks for everything, and keep up the great work. Kris

Melissa Osaki

Hi Kris,

I don’t have any further information regarding Billy’s eyesight.

Eric Foster

anyone remember the CR where they talked about a treatment tested in Cuba for corona symptoms?
I can not find it anymore.

Terry Carch

Hi Erik, Georg Noory will have Michael J. Seifer on c2c for the first two hours on Tezla Technology. One
of Seifer`s topics will be on the fact that ozone may help kill the COVID 19 virus or make it milder,slow it down etc? You may want to listen to the first two hours or listen in your own leisure on the c2c Coast radio etc if your intersteasted. This is just one of many ideas on how to kill viruses including copper, silver and most any other metal that might kill off the COVID 19 and or any other virus that may help too especially copper. So far this is what I heard a month or two ago.

Eric Foster

Thanks Terry, I will look into that.
Finally found it, it was actually way back from CR 238

Here is the main information and how it relates to corona virus

The Corona Virus and Gamma Interferon


Terry Carch

Hi Eric, I just finished reading all of the articles you sent me. Thankyou so very much. there was a lot to read though and well worth the effort. All this is so very valuable information to keep in mind considering that Ptaah said we could have nip this awful thing in the bud last spring 2020 but nobody bothered to take this dangerous virus very seriously. ” We need to get rid of all those irresponsible criminal marginations such as religions, corporations, politics, militarisms, etc. I only wish people would take Ptaah and Billy more seriously and fianlly learn the laws of Creation more seriously etc. Its high time we earthwiorms learn to grow up and evolve if we are ever going join with our Plejaern friends and take the next logical step and shave off a million years and join as members of the Plejaren Federation instead of what I just read from Sfaath Ptaahs father`s predictions. Again thankyou sovery much. Salome

Melissa Osaki


Let’s keep these important Corona articles on topic and move this discussion somewhere more appropriate.

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